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Zimbabwe: Ministry of Health and Child Care – COVID-19 Update (04.07.2020)

Opinion: Mwonzora wants to rule in two houses…

Douglas Mwonzora the Secretary General of the MDC-T wants to also run the MDC-Alliance. He wants to be the big-man both places just like his boss Thokozani Khupe. Mwonzora wants to have the ability to recall and change the leadership within the MDC-Alliance and the MDC-T. Playing to parties at the same time. While claiming to do it after the 2014 structures. Which by itself is ridiculous.

Not weird the state is sanctioning it and letting bygones be bygones, as they are getting a field day. Mwonzora get to be crowned king and spend time in the media. He looks the chief, the crowned mastermind and head honcho. Douglas make it seems so easy, but does he think the world is stupid?

We all know the government and the state wants to assault and silence the MDC-Alliance. That is why Khupe and Mwonzora are useful pawns. They are tools for destruction, their own self-destruction for a few pieces of silver. While they are causing havoc with the MDC-Alliance. It is double whammy and ZANU-PF can laugh to the bank. A bank they have robbed, skimmed from and left nothing behind for the public share.

Mwonzora wants to rule supreme in two houses. Unless he has an open relationship, if his a swinger and the wife allows him to bang other chicks on the side. It is unjustified to be like that. Think that he can run to two households and not be called out on it.

Who do you think you are? How foolish do you think the public is?

Maybe, the silver coins from ZANU-PF blinds your vision. Maybe, the flamboyant behaviour of late is facade. Douglas you cannot keep it up. The games are sooner or later over. You might look like a victor now. You maybe seem like a supreme leader in your mind. However, in reality you are still just a foot-soldier. Awaiting the trenches and the taste of blood.

The former lecturer of law at the University of Zimbabwe, the lawyer for the United Parties and former spokesperson for the MDC. Mwonzora knows the political game and what gamble he does know.

Douglas knows perfectly well the game he plays. He is maybe on the tip of the hill right now. Mwonzora is overlooking the valleys and feeling great. However, that will not be lasting. For one simple reason: You cannot rule in two houses. The MDC-T and MDC-Alliance isn’t the same thing. The parties are different for a reason, as the MDC-T is the rebellious faction who is retaliating against the victors post-Tsvangirai. It is really that easy, but they like to peasants used by Mnangagwa.

It must be nice to be used, later dropped and forgotten. These people of the MDC-T will be dropped as quick as their usage are over. They will be in the dustbin of history. All their hard work and dedication just forgotten.

Mwonzora is most likely thinking the enterprise is wise. That his so brilliant, but he cannot see how’s his fooling himself. Unless, his that stupid and thinks he can run both entities. While claiming the legitimacy. However, that is not how it works. He maybe think so and the PFee busy-bodies peddle that nonsense too. Still, that doesn’t make it a fact.

Douglas, hope you like being used and hope your bank-account is pregnant. Because, when this is all boiled over. Those envelopes got to carry you. We see you and saw what you did. This is who you are now. You have been arrested for insulting Mugabe, but at the moment your insulting your own intelligence. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Ministry of Health and Child Care – COVID-19 Update (02.07.2020)

Zimbabwe: Press Statement by Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement, Hon. Air Chief Marshal (rtd) P. Shiri on Downsizing of Farms which is being labelled to be targeting white farmers in the Zimbabwe Independent Newspaper Article on 26 June 2020 (02.07.2020)

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Zimbabwe: Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all Part II

Yesterday, the government unleashed a sudden new approach to the Mobile Money market. A market it has already overtaxed. The state is already struggling to launch a currency and keep the inflation down. The Financial Policies has been a train-wreck under President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

They have at one moment … banned foreign currencies and later opened for it. They have revised the Bond-Notes. They have made a own special currency through the Mobile Money Banking, the infamous RTGS Dollar. Relaunched Zimbabwe Dollars, both coins and banknotes. While opening up again for US Dollars in trading.

All policies has been a back-and-fourth pin-pong game with no winner. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe looks dumber by every minute. The Ministry of Finance doesn’t seem up to par and the whole Cabinet Decisions Matrix to fix it. The state is juggling ideas and hoping none of the balls will fall. However, their hands are shaky, their forehead filled with sweat and the legs are tired. That is why its just a matter of mental fatigue before the balls falls all tumbling to the ground.

The Financial Policies of the Republic has gone bonkers, they are bananas and ridiculous. Its like a den of thieves are supposed to be accountable for the gold reserves. They are just waiting for the moment people are preoccupied to empty the national treasures and get rich quick.

Every move made hasn’t made it better. Except made things worse. Things costs more, salaries are not following the cost of living and incapacitation of civil servants are rampant. It is just like the state trying to figure out new methods to trick the system and hoping it is a free-for-all heist. While hoping no-one figuring that out.

There is no trust, there is no balance of powers and the measures made is for selfish reasons. The ZANU-PF doesn’t come with accountability or transparency as their policies are happening over night. The banks, the operators and the forex’s are never prepared. They are just liquidated or consolidated. These are just caught off guard with no forewarning.

The shops and the citizens are bamboozled too. The state is just shifting between the measures so quickly and without reason. In hope that they suddenly will find the magical bullet to kill the beast. However, they got no chance to beat it. Since they are walking blindly around and hoping sooner or later one of their ideas will stick.

We can anticipate more havoc from the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Because they are clearly not trying, but guessing. Hoping and praying that they will find the secret way into Narnia. They cannot find the closet or configure how to use the door-handle to open it. It is a challenge for them and we have to wait and see. Peace.

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