Zimbabwe: Government Press Release (12.07.2019)

Zimbabwe: The New Dispensation are just new wine in old wineskins!

“We are a committed leadership that will give Zanu PF headaches and [Amos] Chibaya was not lying or joking about the war and fight we are going to take to the doorsteps of Emmerson Mnangagwa. We are going to overthrow him before 2023 that is not a joke”Job Sikhala

“If Mnangagwa walks in the same smelly shoes as Robert Mugabe, us as the young people are ready to surrender ourselves before we surrender the democratic agenda.”Gift Ostallos Siziba

There is no difference between the New Dispensation and the old in the Second Republic. The ZANU-PF and its authorities cracks down on dissidents the same old way. Today, there are two leaders of Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-A) in the Courts, as they have answer for their speech during the last weekend.

Job Sikhala MP have to answer for his Treason Charge in Court in Bikita, Masvingo after being abducted yesterday, while his legal representation couldn’t find him or know his whereabouts yesterday. Certainly, a level of intimidation, the old guard of PF would be proud off.

Today, the MDC Youth leader Gift Ostallos Siziba have to answer for his speech at Mbare Magistrate Court. The current news of the verdict there is that he has to be moved to Rotten Row, because the Mbare cannot answer to the charges because of the codes the MDC leader has violated. Therefore, this case will be moved and will follow the man for while. His charges is incitement to commit public violence.

Both these cases shows what the PF is missing. An understanding of their role as government and as just society. They are clear to raise their opinion, to question the powers and wish for a change. This being by impeachments, by an election or even by an overthrow of government, ala the coup of November 2017, which the ZANU-PF had no trouble with ushering the violent military takeover of power post-Mugabe.

That is why the ZANU-PF should be a bit more careful about their methods and their charges of treason. Because, this gives even more reason to arrest, detain and charge the ones who are in power right now. The ones who used the ZDF and force to evict the G-40 part of ZANU-PF to install the Lacoste fraction of the party. They can laugh and giggle about it on their international travels, but the reality is there.

This is showing mediocre and weakness of the PF, instead of showing they are open for business. They are showing, they are open for police brutality and misuse power. Surely, that will only salvage donations and possible transaction with more despots. Because, who can trust a government, who detain their own over speeches and wishful thinking of a more fair governance, justice and rule of law. Which the PF is not serving the public.

The MDC-A is just supposed to exist and not be a viable alternative for the ZANU-PF. That is what the PF is acting like. Maybe, that is why they are arresting the MDC leaders. Peace.

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Opinion: ZANU-PF isn’t a party of self-awareness…

In the recent week, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) has addressed the remarks made by a Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance MP, who said the MDC-A is treasonous for their call to overthrow a legitimate government.

What is very special for the Second Republic is that its like this. Like Gen. Constantino Chiwenga, the VP and former ZDF Commander, who took to the streets and took the commando in Harare in the middle of November 2017. They combined with the efforts done, the tiredness with the Mugabe regime and fear for a Grace Mugabe government. The ZANU-PF combined with the military leadership in ZDF overthrow Robert Mugabe and his government, so that Emmerson Mnangagwa could become the President. The Lacoste fraction got into power and ditched the G-40 of Grace.

That is why its very unique, that the ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe Government of our day, says it treasonous to think off and speaking of a violent overthrow of their government. The ZANU-PF in July 2019 are the ones who used the military to take power and control all parts of the government. They are a military junta, not a government filled with civilians. It has packed itself with the ZDF commanders, which helped it into power post-Mugabe.

That is really why, the ironies of the acts of ZANU-PF spokesperson and Government spokesperson. Both of them is using the same words about what the MDC-A and how these rants are breaking with the New Dispensation. It could only be new, if the army intervened and overthrow the former dispensation, which it did.

That is why this is all foolish and ignorant. When the ZANU-PF talks of Constitutional breach and total anarchy, when they themselves ushered these sort acts on themselves in November 2017. They have since then gotten elected into office through a shambolic election and with post-election violence to show the world, that there is no difference between the new and the old. Just more of the same, but with a scarf.

Therefore, the PF should be a bit more humble and maybe even understand why people believe in a peaceful transition and of an uprising bringing it down. However, by all means, a military government of its kind will answer with bullets and bloodshed. Still, with that, we should expect some more sombre views that it might happen again and the coup, that wasn’t coup, was actually a coup d’etat.

In this way, the ZANU-PF should have shown some wisdom and some strength. Nobody want to be overthrown. However, as they overthrew themselves, they should maybe understand why people might want to overthrow them at one point in time. By both legal means, and by a similar coup like in November 2017.

Because, is it only the ones who is in power and who overthrow themselves that is allowed to break the law and use force to regain power? Is it only the ZANU-PF with the help of the army, that is allowed to break the laws and question the powers?

It seems so. It really seems so. That is not a good look. The government, the party and the army should look at itself and regain some sort of self-awareness. Not, that I anticipate it.  Because, when your high on power, you expect anyone else to be in on it. Until, it really ends and the world is awaiting your crash. That is what happen to Mugabe, Mnangagwa might end alike.

Since, the President who took power with an overthrow. Might be afraid that people want to overthrow him. Every dogs has his day, right now his jet-setting everywhere and doesn’t want to loose that lifestyle.

Well, who knows, if the state gets even more rotten, the public get tired of it and demonstrate so hard. That the power is dwindling, the lack of foreign currency and the state will either back-down or create bloodshed. Then, what would Mnangagwa do? Would he do it again? Just to regain a seat.

We don’t know, but what we don’t know. Is that that the ZANU-PF isn’t a party of self-awareness. Peace.

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Zimbabwe: Lack of trust is the key to everything…

Well, this last few days has been revealing, as the state have added more measures to try to wheel in the economy, but if it will stick boils down to one important factor. That important factor is if the public, the citizens and the stakeholders trust the government and their policies.

This is the key with relaunch of the ghost currency, the decade long missing Zimbabwe Dollar, the joining currency floated after Bond-Notes and RTGS Dollars. Which is supposed to save the economy and bring a new normal. In an economy where there are spiralling prices, lack of imports and also lack of trust in general; this is not directly strengthening that, but surely is a test.

If the Second Republic and the second regime under Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) is to stick around, they need to fix this. They cannot have another crash, have another big blow and weakening economy. There is already plenty of issues as is, last years taxes on mobile money and transactions took out lots of funds from the economy in direct taxations; these funds have been taken by the state and never returned to the market.

With this in mind, the state is in dire need of change, to build up self-esteem and hope for a better future. However, is the launch of the Zim Dollar, the right thing to do?

Is it about right to monopolize all buying of maize to the Grain Marketing Board, where the public is not allowed to sell or transport even a set amount of maize without licence or without authorities authorizing the transport of the maize?

Will these things make the economy stronger or will they have a negative effect like the RTGS taxes of last year?

I am thinking so, because there is very little evident of good hopes on the horizon, of possible unique changes or patterns, which the state will benefit in huge quotas from this. By all means the ZANU-PF will say it is making progress, that its all good, but not long ago there was fuel shortage and other things lacking because of lack of foreign exchange. The Reserve Bank and the other authorities better be prepared and have good advice for these changes. If they want to revive the currency, they better have a gold standard, a reach and not print money like there is no tomorrow. Since, it doesn’t take much to devalue a currency and also get hyper-inflation. Especially, when the society, the financial institutions and the whole market are sceptical about the whole deal.

The Zim Dollar and the GMB might be good ideas, might be brought to the market by good means, but will only bring more pain or suffering. As the farmers, the traders and the citizens will bear the costs, as the state is figuring out new ways to control and secure funding without adding investment or collateral for these investments. Certainly we can hope for otherwise, that the Finance Minister and everyone else involve has a well functioning plan.

However, do we really think so? Do the ZANU-PF deserve this trust and the good faith? Do they? Alternatively, are they just another military junta finding new ways of scheming for funds? Because, that wouldn’t shock anyone of us. If they are making new commissions or inquiry boards to settle old sins and hire cronies. That is what they do and not really making progress.

We can lie to ourselves and say it will all get better with these measures, but are we really certain? Do they really do all good? Does the ban of foreign currency really help? When the state functions are still taking US Dollars for functions and expecting foreigners to pay in US dollars. Do the RBZ and the Ministry really configure this or are they winging it?

There was one fella, who called the Zimbabwean economy an albatross; I think he was right, I really think he was right. By all accounts, there is little luck and little positive to find. We can joke around, mock and make a fuzz. However, the dire consequences are that teachers cannot food; the civil servants cannot pay for mortgages and so on. It is a dire need for change and for trust in the economy. Nevertheless, as long as the ZANU-PF is playing along, there will be questions. Many, unanswered, which is bringing no good. Even when the measure might have been made with grandest intent. Peace.

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