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Opinion: The Resistance Movement are throwing out Rebels, how endearing of them!

This Age Limit saga, if you may, are the point of time and at the crossroads, where the real life actions and beneficiary of the Presidency comes too light in this process. Nothing is left for granted, no amount of funds and neither is the other agencies at work. To secure that the process is giving way for more terms and life presidency of the founder and creator of all, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The one that took the Republic and now holding it hostage. The beneficiaries of this hostage situation wants to make sure their cut spread properly before the voting and the consultations done within reason. Therefore reading this make you laugh, but also wonder what is wrong with this party!

“Rebel NRM MPs are likely to be chased out of the meeting of NRM parliamentary caucus scheduled at the Office of the Prime Minister today. Speaking to the NRM chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa said that they can not tolerate fellow NRM MPs who are against the majority decision of amending act 102b of lifting the presidential age limit to attend their meeting. Among the considered rebels include, Kasanda North’s Patrick Nsamba, workers Mp, Sam Lyomoki, Lwemiyaga county Mp Theodore Sekikubo, Kumi woman Mp Monica Amoding, Buyaga west’s Banarbas Tinkasimire. Others are; Manjiya county’s John Baptist Nambeshe, kasambya county’s Gaffa Mbwatekamwa, Felix Okot Ogongo, and Alex Ruhunda of Fort Portal municipality” (91.2 Crooze FM, 13.10.2017).

It is now revealed that the order of expelling the MPs came from above and from the President himself, which shows that he wants to reaffirm himself. Not resist anyone or anything, and no one is allowed to resist him or his position as the Grand Wizard of Uganda.

The NRM Caucus cannot have people who resists the party line; the party of resistance cannot have people who resist. Do you know how stupid that sounds? A party come from rebellion and resistance to the former government structure can now not accept other people resisting. It is beneath me, but also in spectrum of nonsense that the President currently operates within and is apparently proud of it all. There are nothing to bothered or spared as the consultations and the Legal and Parliamentary Committee is working on the nuts and bolts of the Constitutional Amendment.

We can just wonder if the NRM are thinking how stupid and rare it sounds like, that rebels from a party forged from rebellion are not allowed to participate and talk. It is amazingly stupid and foolish. It is out of character, but also show how little values that is within the NRM party, that is a one-man show and a sole candidate party. The structures and organizations are more a front for his will, than a working party with different functions. If the NRM Caucus within the Parliament cannot accept outsider, who can?

That the men of Resistance cannot accept people who resist, who can? NRM name is pointless and the whole rebellion was used to forge so that one man could rule republic, instead of the other men he brought down. Now he wants to seal it for life and his party has to become the National Reaffirm Museveni (NRM) Party.

So when rebels and people who are resisting is not allowed within the Resistance Party, you know the party has become a reaffirming party of the one man that lead them to victory. Since then the causes has dwindled and his personal affairs has become the key operation of the state. Because of that, the NRM are reaffirming their commitment to cement the life operation of Museveni. Nothing else and nothing else matters. Peace.


Opinion: When it comes to lifting the Age Limit, the Republic apparently has a fountain of cash!

MPs to get 29 million shillings for age limit consultations” (NTV Uganda, 2017).

It is a miracle the state that borrows for possibly retain back some parts of it in the Oil exploration. Clearly has to empty the Consolidation Fund or some other public funds hidden inside the State House. Because this is the government that has to postpone salaries for their civil servants. Teachers and Police Officers has to wait for their salaries, while the Members of Parliament will get extra funds to support and “consult” their constituencies. The same MPs that has said they are afraid of meeting their constituencies. It is ironic and weird.

That a broke state has funds, that a broken Parliament, a Parliament, which is shooting itself in its foot. Is trying to run to for the in plea and prospect of positive re-enforcement. That the government can afford this amount is staggering, that the MPs can accept this sort of affair. But hey, they want to be loyal to their master and spare nothing to show it. If we combine the numbers it is 29 million times 450 MPs, which means the total sum of Uganda Shillings is estimated around 13,050 million or 13 billion and 50 million shillings or 13,05 billion shillings. If you convert it into United States Dollars or USD it is the $ 3,596,073 or 3,5m USD. For one single bill is an amazing amount of monies spent on it. Even when it is as unpopular as it is.

That the National Resistance Movement, the President and his whole regime is hellbent on it. That they can afford to spend this all of a sudden, but uses years for getting the Cobalt Machine to Mulago. Are lacking medicines in the hospitals, are having schools without roofs and equipment. Teachers without salaries, nurses without the same and so on. There is clear lack of understanding what is important. The citizens and their needs is second hand or even left over contraband. While the Presidents own life and will are the most important.

That President Museveni is so God-Damn important is beneath me, but at this point it is natural. That his vision and his lifestyle is more important than anything else. Therefore, making sure he gets life presidency, seems like the most important. That is nothing else matter. President Museveni proves it, when he can spend 13 billion shillings or 3,5 USD in one big blow. He has no problem blowing the bank or bankrupting the economy. If it fits his lifestyle and his paradigm. If this will create inflation or making the currency lose value. So be it, he is still the king and stays king. Nakasero Hill, Entebbe and all the other estates are still his. He will still be the Executive and Commander-in-Chief, even if his state is in shambles. Seems like he will risk it all to get the last dime and get the last breath in office.

The republic is a tool for him and his life. Nothing else, the citizens needs is left to chance. There is noting at this point that proves that he cares. 29 million shillings to try to persuasive the constituents is a far-fetched plan. There is no project to offer and no promise that hasn’t been given by this administration. They have seen the winds, the rains and the droughts. They have seen the peace and the war. They have seen the inner-turmoil and the killings of leaders so that the NRM could live on. There isn’t anything they haven’t seen, there is nothing left to give. Since it hasn’t been given now and they have had 31 years to do so.

NRM and Museveni has had their time, but still trying to push blood out of a stone. They can keep knocking at the rock, but nothing will come out. If they say so, then they are either forging a miracle or lying out of their teeth. The same can be said about the whole Age-Limit scenario that they are creating for themselves. Peace.

Opinion: Sometimes its better to say nothing at all, MP Magyezi should have been silent!

Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool” Aesop, Aesop’s Fables

I don’t know what went through Raphael Magyezi’s mind when he spoke in Parliament to the Press today. If it was his arrogance, his little-Museveni spirit of intolerance and despotic self-service. It is hard to know, because the supposed Constitutional Amendment on the lifting of the age limit. MP Magyezi is far from honorable, as he wants to silence the ones who are openly opposing inside the Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs reviewed. It is insane, but fits how this bill has been delivered, since the ones opposing has already been suspended. Also taken out by Special Forces Command, under order of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura. Therefore, MP Magyezi just follows chain-of-command and the orders from above.

Raphael Magyezi speaks out:

If you say Hon Kafuuzi cannot be an active participant of the committee, then I have a right to express my reservation of those members who have come out in the public to oppose the bill. If these members continue to express their reservations on my bill openly, then they should withdraw from the committee or let the committee be reconstituted for the objectivity of the process,” Magyezi said. He added: “Fair hearing demands that the committee to which I am going to appear must portray its independence, neutrality and objectivity without bias”. Last week, Oboth announced that Kafuuzi will not be allowed to discuss and vote on the bill, on grounds that he was one of its seconders when Magyezi tabled it in parliament” (Eyotaru, 2017).

I know that the hut is burning and no-one wants to speak of the fire. The hut and the village just don’t want to look at it or caring about the family who lives there. Similar should people start to shun this man, the man who has stamped his legacy together with life-presidency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Raphael Magyezi will forever be connected with him and his unjust rule. That the same MP are now wanting to go further to disband legal procedures, shows his pure intent. He has no regard for the Parliament or the provisions that are within these chambers. The ones standing in his way could easily be sent packing. The President and his Master must be giddy by his powerful statements, while the people should be gloomy.

That someone like this is their representative, that someone like this can make laws and be a parliamentarian. Clearly, he only see his cases and his ego, so that he can serve the President. The will of serving him is blinding his vision and his mind. It must be a blurry visions and crossing over blurred lines. Since he cannot see what is outside his narrow mind. That he has all the rights and just behavior, that him lifting the age limit is the only thing the Committee is supposed to do. The Despotic act and directive proves the problematic arguments for changing the article 102(b).

MP Magyezi is himself very much partial and asking for an independent Committee is walking into dreamland, Narnia and Mordor if you may. Magyezi is asking only for people positive to his words and his bill. So they can stamp it through and show his loyalty to Museveni. There isn’t a magic formula, but just a mere reality that the MP are shallow and a fool. Not the brightest mind, but a serving servant of his President. There is nothing else to see than that.

It is ironic and stupid at the same time to do this: Your really impartial and biased, but asking the ones dealing with your case to be independent and without bias. Magyezi MP are using his bias to expect other to be unbiased. A real poetic and foolish act, but this coming from the man who tarnished his own persona with this bill. Therefore, he has to succeed because this is his life-work. Everything he can do, to prove that is worth something for Museveni. If he doesn’t he will be a failure, the man who couldn’t deliver him life presidency.

So don’t expect the brilliant mind behind that, will wish to have democratic values or even freedom of speech. He just want it passed, by any means possible. Peace.


Eyotaru, Olive – ‘Age limit: MP Magyezi wants Legal committee disbanded’ (11.10.2017) link: http://observer.ug/news/headlines/55391-age-limit-mp-magyezi-wants-legal-committee-disbanded.html

Opinion: The MP’s who support the removal of the Age Limit should fear their constituents!

Some Members of Parliament are in fear following the hostility in their constituents over supporting removal of Age Limit. “I was almost Embarrassed in some of the meetings as people accused me of taking money and trying to change the Constitution” (NBS Television, 10.10.2017).

There have been stories of Members of Parliament that has been chased away, they have been booed during speeches in their constituencies. This is the price they pay against an unfavorable bill, the consultation price with their already steady payment structure. Should worry anyone who cares. They are seeing the real emotions around the proposed change of law.

It isn’t a fairy-tale, it is more like the MPs actually see the real feelings of hardship and they are tired of the central government lies. They cannot stomach it anymore, they have seen it all before and heard it all before. Nothing is new, it is just yet another thing for one-man to rule. Like he is the only one. Certainly somewhere in the villages is a brilliant mind who can rule as well as him or have the mental capacity to get advice and reign. The Commander-in-Chief wasn’t made only for man, even if the National Resistance Movement speak of it like that. That is because President Museveni have learned them that and they comply.

The NRM MPs and the others who eats the 20 millions shillings for the consultation and spend the time discussing the law. Should know there will be answers from the public. Their name will be tarnished and their persona will be put in question. We will all know that they mind and heart is for trade, their soul has vanished into the pockets and guilds of Museveni. They have nothing left to share to planet earth, they are only useful twits for the President.

That is what we will know of the ones who eats the monies and who works favors of the President. They will not be respected, not be honorable, they will be useful props to the existence of Museveni. There will be nothing left of these suits, they are used and ready to be dumped. Just like the ones who abolished the term limit. The same will happen to these, they are just pawns on the table, while the king stays the king.

Will, these MPs actually represent their constituents or will they just represent one-man and his vision? Aye? What say you MPs of the August house on Parliament Avenue in Kampala? Peace.

Dumbfounded that President Museveni spoke about Tolerance and Democracy at the 55th Independence Speech in Bushenyi!

It’s shouldn’t be this hard to celebrate freedom and independence, but in Uganda at this very moment it is, because it is only the National Resistance Movement and the President’s Men who is free. They are rest are men and woman for hire, for their agenda and their usefulness is only when they are loyal to the state or the people who are public servants. This is the 55th Celebration of the Independence. All other than the Parade and Gathering in Bushenyi was banned. What sort of freedom is that? This happens days after the National Football Match at Nelson Mandela Namboole Stadium in Kampala. Between Uganda and Ghana. There all sort of attire wearing red got snatched by the Police Officers. They took caps with Airtel and Coca Cola, by all means all red-ribbons. That people wear to show their support of keeping the Age Limit of the Presidency in Constitution.

So when the President ends his speech like this today:

Finally, democracy is about the harmonious coexistence of contending views. A democrat is, therefore, a person who disagrees with a view but at the same time defends the right of someone to express the view he or she does not agree with. However, in the recent past, I have seen people who, for a long time, have claimed to be democrats attempt to violate the right of freedom of expression of the people they don’t agree with. This intolerance is not what we fought for and it will, therefore, be resisted in the strongest terms possible. I would like to conclude by saying that Uganda’s independence and democracy was bought with blood of our patriots. Therefore, nobody will be allowed to undermine it. I also wish to assure all Ugandans that the NRM Government will continue to maintain peace and stability in Uganda” (SPEECH BY PRESIDENT YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI PRESIDENT ON THE OCCASION TO MARK UGANDA`S 55th INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY, 09.10.2017).

That the President says the first marked sentence is rich, very wealthy coming from him. If he believed it he would haven’t threaten, intimidated and detained opposition. He wouldn’t send police and monitor the opposition parties. The Forum for Democratic Change, Democratic Party, Justice Forum and such are offices that could become a crime scene any moment. Especially if they are going against the views of the President and his party. So if someone disagrees with the NRM and President, they could fear and possibly end in jail. They could even get charged with treason if they push the case for freedom, liberty and rule of law. This is something the President knows, so it is hypocritical of the man to say those words in Bushenyi today.

The President of Uganda is intolerant and narrow-minded. If he had an open heart and common sense, as he speaks of, the FDC and other parties should bail out their members, activists and their leaders so often on bonds. The Police shouldn’t be a partial force within the NRM Government and acts as extra guards for them and then detain the ones who are not apart of the NRM. Its rare that you are talking what you fought for, when you are on the daily basis and ordinary circumstance going against this. But it fits the paradigm of independence and tolerance as ethical backbone. Still, the NRM government are far from living within these visions.

Than he continue and shows his more real sentiments, that he means with more reality of his will and power. Therefore, is someone undermine what he fought for, the sort-of-peace he created, therefore, if you push him. Then the blood of the patriots, the ones that he fought for, will turn on you. Because no one should be allowed to undermine him and his patriotism. Even if he undermines that on the daily basis.

I don’t believe what the President says about Democracy and values of tolerance, when the society and what his security organizations does to ones who dissent from him. He has proven time and time again, that the freedom and liberty of Ugandans is limited. Not in the cozy limited edition, but in the way that its either Frank Sinatra’s My Way of the President or the small narrow road of oppression. Peace.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine: “My Letter to Young Ugandans” (09.10.2017)

Dear young women and men of Uganda, today our country marks its 55th independence anniversary!

I feel the urgency to communicate to you on this day, and through this letter on three things; the state of our country, the prospects for the future, and what each one of us must do TODAY to better our destiny.

I know this letter is a bit long, but I beg all of us to read it. We should disapprove those who say that in order to hide something from an African you should put it in writing!


“…..We are that generation. The grandchildren of the independence generation and the grandparents of the future generations….. We must within ourselves find solutions, since our leaders don’t seem to care for the next generation but instead care for the next general-election…… We are the country, we are the future, we are the change we badly need. We are the youngest population in the world, we stand a chance. We are the leaders of the future and the future is today. If we only come together we can change our destiny.”

These are some of the lyrics from my song called ‘Uganda’ (ft. Nubian Li).

Firstly, I commend all of you for the zeal you show each day for a better country. Every day, wherever I go, whenever I read your social media engagements, whenever I tune into the radio and TV- I see a generation which is passionate about their country!

I see young men and women who are tired and fed up of a country which does not work for them and a system which is disconnected from their daily realties. The reason why I am writing to you today is because on an almost daily basis, these same young people, who unanimously agree that there is a problem, also ask me the question- “WHAT CAN WE DO?” The state giving up is real. Many have resigned to fate. Now, in 1962, exactly 55 years ago, the colonialists handed over this country to our grandparents. As we all know, as they left, they handed over a country which worked. Infrastructure was in place, having been built by the British- Mulago Hospital, Makerere University, roads, schools, power generating plants etc.

Institutions of government functioned- the public service, the police force, public transport, agriculture, etc. Merit was rewarded, mediocrity was shunned – if you worked hard you were rewarded.

The ‘colonial’ government gave scholarships to intelligent young people to study here or sent them abroad to further their education and help build the nation upon return, without need to pay any bribe or to go through a ‘big father.’

Many of us have watched the short video titled ‘Africa’s largest Airport Opened’ in reference to Entebbe Airport when it was first opened. Professor Oloka-Onyango best describes what our country was like at the time in his book ‘Ghosts and the Law’- “The country was thus still in an age of innocence”. Newspapers of the time paint a picture of some kind of tropical paradise, of course with the nickname ‘Pearl of Africa’…… One could travel from Jinja to Kampala in one hour straight without meeting a pothole, and all traffic lights in Kampala- which were many more than they are today- worked. The railway network could take you virtually around the whole country. Cinemas existed not only in the capital but in major regional towns. Although education had not been universalized via UPE, a student from a rural school in Uganda could favorably compete with a student from the city.

It seemed like a time of order and tranquil governance; a time of social stability and economic prosperity.”

Those who got a copy of the Uganda Argus of October 9th 1962 (reproduced by the New Vision last week) must have read that Education took 27% of the national budget because the government at the time understood that quality education was a precursor to national development and improving the living standards of the people. They did all this, operating with a meagre budget, nothing compared to our present even when the value adjusted to the present.

Therefore, when our forefathers agitated for independence before and in 1962, their problem was not poor service delivery or a failed system. They were simply agitating for self-governance. They wanted to free themselves and their children from the indignity of being ruled over by the ‘white man.’

They understood that having good infrastructure, excellent service delivery and a functioning healthcare without political freedom meant nothing. To them, it was important to have both economic development while at the same time exercising their God-given right to self-determination! They wanted a black man or woman on the steering wheel of the country because they thought ‘Our own shall not betray us. Our own shall not enslave us. Our own shall be accountable to us.” Therefore, Independence Day was celebrated with pomp and flair.

For the new Uganda, some lyrics of the national anthem went like this; “United, free for liberty together we’ll always stand. Oh Uganda, the land of freedom, Our love and labor we give….In peace and friendship we’ll live.”

These lyrics echoed the kind of hope our forefathers had for this country. As they watched the Union Jack (British flag) go down and our Ugandan flag rise up- their hearts were filled with joy and anxiety. They visioned a better future for their children and their grandchildren- which is our generation.

They could never imagine that anyone- let alone their own black-man would ever step on and undermine the sweat, labor and in some cases blood, which they expended to create the nation of Uganda!

We all know what has happened to our country for the past 55 years. We have all witnessed the crushed promise- captured very well in the preamble to the 1995 Constitution, a history characterized by political and constitutional instability, tyranny, oppression and exploitation. The shattered hope!

In 2017, it is not yet Uhuru! True independence still eludes us. The good which the colonialists left has long been destroyed and the freedom which our forefathers struggled to give us only remains in song. It is shameful- a serious indictment on our leaders that many Africans, many Ugandans would rather have the colonialist rule over them than have one of their own who disrespects them in every way.

Yes, some progress has been made- but as if we live under a spell, there have always been people in these 55 years who are enemies of progress. They work so hard to destroy the little we have achieved and throughout our history, we have often times had to start afresh!

Mothers die in child birth, unemployment is everyone’s, the healthcare system is sick, corruption is the headline, the national debt has already placed a charge on our unborn children and grandchildren. The economic models are just irrelevant for the present times.

I watch with misery thousands of young Ugandans who struggle to get onto that plane to go and give their labor abroad- many times in great suffering. We have seen stories of young girls who go to find a job only to be turned into sex slaves and sometimes tortured to death.

We all know that doctor or nurse who had to leave Uganda for greener pastures; even in other African countries! Although they would love to remain here and serve their people who are in great need, the system doesn’t appreciate their services. Poverty is appalling. Only last month, Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), a government agency, announced that 10 million Ugandans now live in poverty, and the numbers have not been reducing but increasing. 3.4 million of our people have slipped into poverty since 2012! Our GDP growth stands at a mere 3.9%!

As the gun reigns supreme, those who hold it- our brothers and sisters in the forces are equally hit hard (and sometimes harder) by these same unfortunate conditions. 30 has become the new 18. Previously, young people were able to stand on their own at 18 years of age, today, majority can hardly find their feet until about 30 or more. Even then, most are glad to be underemployed, and only very few are able to find befitting employment.

The education system is dead. The curriculum is not relevant to the needs of this generation. Only last week, a World Bank development report (Published in the Daily Monitor) revealed that at least 80% of pupils in Primary Two in Uganda cannot perform a two-digit subtraction, and 61% cannot read a single word of a short sentence!

Uganda, according to the report, is the second country in the whole world with pupils who cannot count. Yet these children everyday sing – “We young women and men of Uganda, are marching along the path of education singing and dancing with joy together uniting for a better Uganda. We are the pillars of tomorrow’s Uganda…. Let us rise now embrace true knowledge yielding disciplined resourcefulness to rebuild a great, great Pearl!”…Empty words!

Many studying on a hungry stomach, under trees and in most cases being taught by equally hungry teachers! This is the country in which our children are born in! Apart from very few, many of us understand the struggles our parents or guardians have gone through to raise us in this country. And indeed, we each understand the struggles we go through every day to afford a decent life in mother Uganda. Individuals and families are working so hard but the returns are too low. The phrase ‘times are hard’ used to be seasonal but it is now a daily for most of our people- January to December, times are hard!

Constitutionalism and the rule of law remains an aspiration. We are constantly reminded that power originates from and is sustained through the gun! We, the people cannot express ourselves freely. We cannot assemble freely. Political leaders who oppose the status quo cannot move freely in their country. This is not yet Uhuru. This is not the freedom our fathers bestowed upon us.

I can go on and on but we must not just lament. I have delved into the history and the present to try and put things into context. But I know that we all understand what is at stake. I just want each one of us to ask the one fundamental question – “What went wrong?” We well know that many African countries started with Uganda, some starting on an even worse footing than us- but now more than double us in terms of GDP growth and their people live in tranquility, dignity and freedom. The answer and indeed the only difference between countries which have seen the fruits of independence and those which have not lies in only one word- LEADERSHIP.

How a country is governed determines if it will succeed. Patriotic, selfless, courageous and competent leaders who put their country first, made progress for their people. And the opposite is true. As Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the righteous reign, people rejoice. But when the wicked rule, people groan.”

My message to you young Ugandans is this, the responsibility to build or fail your country lies completely with you!

As Frantz Fanon says, “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.”

John F. Kennedy also said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Can we therefore stop lamenting only and think about what we can individually and collectively do to redeem this country and set it on a path to true independence? Can each one of us ask this noble question- “What kind of country do I want my child to grow in? What can I do to create that country?” As a generation, what shall we be remembered for? For looking on while our country went to the dogs or for standing up for what we believed was right?

Some of us continue to support a system and politicians who we know are not working for us. We align ourselves with leaders who only use us to get into positions of leadership only to forget us and return to us in the next election! All over the continent of Africa, we have seen wars and conflict spearheaded by young people. Who are they working for? Some greedy, power-hungry maniacs who are not bothered at all about them but about themselves and their own children!

Like the proverbial grasshoppers which fight amongst themselves in a bottle, we often forget what the real problem is and turn against each other for petty reasons. Even from debates on social media, you see forces in disarray- young Ugandans insulting each other because they belong to different tribes, religion or political parties etc… Yet these two young men or young women share the same challenges and problems every day. They are both unemployed, they both struggle to put food on the table; they both struggle to raise some little money to help parents or guardians who brought them up; and when they fall sick, both have to be admitted in some dilapidated hospital!

Rather than fight amongst ourselves and seek the attention and small favors from people whose cause we do not belong to; rather than continue to be used to fight other people’s wars, let us envision the kind of Uganda we want, and embark on building it.

We must never forget that about four decades ago, young people in Uganda faced similar dilemmas that we face today. They had a choice to make. They refused to sit down and fold their hands and watch as the country went to the dogs. We are once again at that point. Our generation does not have to resort to violence because as we have seen violence begets violence and the cycle never ends. But we can do something to refocus the direction of our country!

Young people ended apartheid, young people marched against slavery, and yes, young people fought for Africa’s independence. We should remember that there are some generations in this country which have been bypassed- which have not played any contribution to the development of this country.

If we do not make a conscious decision today, we may become one of them. The Obote, Kiwanuka generation fought for Independence, the Museveni generation fought against instability rising out of bad politics. There is a generation which came after- people who are presently in their late 40s and 50s. That generation did not play a decisive role. They are approaching the evening of their years, and those who I speak with, regret the missed opportunity to substantially contribute to this nation’s development. They were told that they were leaders of tomorrow. They waited for that tomorrow, and it never came!

Remember this- we shall not be young forever- not even much longer.

The statistics are clear. They are on our side! The median age of Uganda is 15. More than 77% of the people are below 30 years of age, and over 80% below 35 years of age!

The average age of our cabinet ministers is about 65 and the young people continue to be sidelined.

Rather than demand for and take their place in shaping their country, the majority continue to beg for handouts from the minority- turning themselves into subjects of patronage.

Out of the many intelligent, young Ugandans with great potential, it is the likes of Hon. Evelyn Anite and Hon. Ronald Kibuule who get appointed become ministers- to represent this generation!

This should and must bother us! It saddens me that our leaders are always on the plane visiting countries which with even fewer resources and less opportunities have been able to work for their people and make great strides. And yet, they return here to superintend over this mess!

Let me also speak to you, young people who live in some bit of comfort which has made you complacent. Some of us are luckier than the majority in this country. We are doctors, lawyers, musicians, bankers, insurers, IT specialists, economists, engineers,etc. We often feel comfortable and because we can afford some basics of life, we have become depoliticized. The temporary comfort has blinded us to the bigger picture and to the problems of our country.

Our silence in the face of injustice is loud. Our inaction is costly. Many of us do not even vote! By so doing we do not only betray our generation and country, but the effects of a badly run country will soon catch up with us. Assuming you were driving upcountry and you are involved in an accident and there is no ambulance or there is no blood in the nearby hospital (if there is one)- all of a sudden your disinterest becomes costly. If you’re a lawyer and the country’s Constitution is constantly undermined, sooner than later you may have no job.

Therefore the struggle for a better country must involve all of us- men and women, young and old, from rural and urban areas, educated and not educated, ALL OF US. Our country is endowed with enormous natural and human resources. There is no aspiration we cannot achieve, no height we cannot reach, no obstacle we cannot overcome. LET US UNITE, determine and purpose to take the long tiresome journey to make this country better.

We must build a country which works for everyone. Where merit is rewarded. Where if you work so hard you are 100% sure that you will succeed. Where all persons are equal before and under the law. Where freedom of expression and assembly are respected and protected. Where a national Constitution is indeed supreme, popular and durable. Where all persons are proud to be called UGANDANS.

I will repeat that this is achievable. And this won’t come from any politician. Not from any leader- not even me. We should not wait for another prophet. It all begins and ends with ‘WE THE PEOPLE”

Your friend and comrade,

*Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert- Bobi Wine*

President Museveni you wonder why the Ugandans are praying so much? Well, they are Praying for the end of your reign!

I hate to tell you this, but they are praying for your fall. They hope you fall hard. That your time as the Commander-in-Chief will end. They pray for a peaceful transition and an end to your three decades of rule. You have served your time and it’s been plenty. You have had your time in the sunshine and can now take it easy. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni nothing in the world or in Uganda, says you have right to rule. Especially this long, you are not a king or a monarch. You are not entitled to rule, even you in your narrow-mind believes so. That you wish to change the 1995 Constitution again, to fit your life and the change of times. So that your skin and beating heart can be on the throne. That is why people are praying.

President Yoweri Museveni has cautioned people against spending a lot of time praying and advised them to spend more time working and inventing ideas and solutions that would help them have dominion over all creatures because that’s their fundamental mission on earth. Mr Museveni says man’s fundamental mission, as stipulated by God in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, is dominion over nature. Mr Museveni said he hates the helpless approach of people spending days and nights “praying…praying and shouting as if God is deaf,” while ignoring the fundamental role of dominion over nature” (Daily Monitor, 2017).

I am sure many Christians in Uganda are praying and have overnight prayers for your downfall, for the day your reign will cease. They will not pray for your death, but for end as their President. You have served them long enough. You have played your part in History and its about time you become that. History, something you try to teach every time you write. You go historical and biblical. You lecture fellow politician. Like an older people do and your soon in advanced age. Time to brush of your shoulders and leave for one of your farms.

They are praying overnight, into the Morning Glories that you leave. They are praying:

Dear Lord, almighty father, we are praying for your wisdom and salvation. That you will free our country. That you will share your knowledge with our leaders, that they will serve and be humble as us. We are citizens of the eternal realm and this earth. We are living here on borrowed time. We have to live harmony and peace. We have to listen to you and follow the Divine Spirit into eternal life. That you guide us throw the valley of death, guide through the hardships and into salvation. We pray that the leadership and kings, that they follow your commands and wisdom, that they do know their place and know path. That you lead them on your path and don’t go astray. We pray holy father for the change, for a transition from the oppressors, from the benefactors of thieving, for the liars and false prophets. That you will give them the time of day. That their rule will end as you have envisioned. We pray that your mercy will be on the citizens on earth as it is in Heaven. That we pray, in the power and in glory, in the father, the son and holy spirit. Amen”.

That is how they could pray, how they could vision themselves, be in their hut in Amuru, house in Kabale, farm in Ibanda and in the mansion in Kampala. Where they all could pray for your end. That your time is done and you can tick-out.

Mr. President, it is not that they don’t want to enrich themselves, that they are lazy and don’t want to work. But for thirty years you have not created the possibilities or the growth for that to occur. You have had your time in the limelight. All sort of funding and schemes to make it happen, except you have become wealthy and people not. Hard to believe you will deliver now, with your track-record, aye?

That is why we pray for salvation, for hope of future without you as the executive, as the President and as the Commander-in-Chief, people are praying for a leader who lead and inspire. Not for a leader who eats and expire. There is so much to be desired. You leave nothing behind for the next generation, other than youth with jobs and poverty. That was the same when you entered as President too. That is another reason for the prayer, that God will intervene and make things possible, because with you. It don’t! You haven’t used your wisdom, your lectures or your experience to serve others than yourself. That is why people are praying, they are whispering, lightening candles and wearing red-ribbons.

They are praying for you end and counting your days. You have had yours. Time to step down and see the next leader take wheel. You are not the only one in the Republic with a vision.

God of power and might, wisdom and justice,

through you authority is rightly administered,

laws are enacted, and judgment is decreed.

Assist with your spirit of counsel and fortitude

the President and other government leaders of Uganda

May they always seek

the ways of righteousness, justice and mercy.

Grant that they may be enabled by your powerful protection

to lead our country with honesty and integrity.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

For God and For Country”



Daily Monitor – ‘Museveni asks Ugandans to spend more time working not praying’ (08.10.2017) link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Museveni-Ugandans-work-prayer-Parliament-Kadaga/688334-4130426-luje4dz/index.html

Age Limit: Matia Kasaija says “the Besigye Factor” is the reason behind lifting the age-limit, sorry Minister, that’s a big fat lie!

I am not amazed anymore, the expected reasoning for lifting the Age Limit for the President. So that the Presidential Candidate be older than 75 years old. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Members of Parliament (MP) are fighting to keep President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for life. That Finance Minister Matia Kasaija says what he says, tells a lot about how little ethics and how little laws are made for the betterment of the citizens. Its rules made for one person and not for whole of society. It should be a personal conflict for a ruling party, when the party making laws fitting their leader and not making progress, but that is not the issue for the financial implications, even if that is his job.

I should be amazed, but more a low sigh, and how dear he!

Besigye Factor:

Do you really see anyone in the NRM who can stand and win that Besigye? Not [Prime Minister Ruhakana] Rugunda, not Otafiire [Kahinda, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs]. I don’t even think Muhoozi [Kainerugaba, Museveni’s first son] can defeat him,” said a party official who is part of the group at the centre of calls to delete the age caps. “Do you even really think Museveni can go to Kololo and hand over to Besigye? That man is too angry. When you talk about Museveni in his presence he gets so quickly worked up he almost gets spasms. Why is he so angry at him? So for us, we’re with our Mzee for as long as he [Besigye] is around,” the official added. The Besigye factor appeared to be corroborated by Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija. Speaking on a popular nightly radio talk show on October 4, he said of President Museveni that the NRM “still sees value in him” (Kigambo, 2017).

This here is insulting, it is just so deep that the NRM and the cronies says this to the press. That they push their agenda this way. Just like Mwenda, said the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), should push forward the lifting of the age limit. Because if they do, then Besigye can continue to run for President. The same in another tune is used by Kasaija. It is both insane.

You wonder why people are tired and angry? Would Kasaija be angry if he was detained, arrested, house-arrested, charged on phony charges, harassed, tear-gassed and constantly monitored by the Police. Maybe then, the Finance Minister would have some consideration why the opposition are against Museveni and the NRM.

Besigye is angry at the oppression and away the freedom. The democracy is not there, when the state controls and oppress as it does. The Opposition MPs are suspended and arrested just for the Motion introduced and the first reading in Parliament. Not like the Opposition matters for NRM. They are not really in sync. This is well-known facts for the NRM, but the Finance Minister wants to blame Besigye.

Besigye is not the reason for the lifting of the age limit. That is Museveni himself and his agenda. The NRM is just another tool for his long term status. NRM Cronies will say elections is the safeguard, but how are they when the Electoral Commission doctor the ballots in a fashion that makes math-class unnecessary for the Electoral Commission Secretariat. The President needs this and they will do whatever to do his bidding.

Dr. Kizza Besigye is not the reason for the Age Limit, not within the NRM. That is a lie, a BIG FAT LIE! BIG FAT LIE. BFL, the whole nine yards. NRM MPs, NRM Cronies can spell out their venom and their poison, but doesn’t mean we don’t have the cure. The nonsense and bullshit has to stop.

Finance Minister Kasaija, do I look like smuck? Do you think the has tinier brain capacity than I do? Finance Minister, Honorable Kasaija, do you think we cannot see through lies?

It is easier to spot it, than a tomato-sauce stain on a white carpet! Get real and back-off. The Besigye factor is lie, a big fat lie. It is bigger than the usual crap that come out of the Ofwono Opondo or Andrew Mwenda. You have raised the bar! And you should go to the bar, take a drink and wonder why you turned into this sorry person. Who uses Besigye as motivation for life presidency of Museveni. Come-on. Give it rest pest. Peace.


Kigambo, Gaaki – ‘NRM says Besigye factor behind rush to pass Uganda’s age limit Bill’ (07.10.2017) link: http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/news/NRM-Besigye-Uganda-age-limit-Bill/2558-4128970-12va3g8/index.html

Opinion: President Museveni was clearly hurt by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine! [I don’t feel sorry for him though]

The recent days the statements done by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of Wakiso District and Sub-County Kyadondo East. The recent Age Limit fracas and chaos is created by the state and to benefit Yoweri Kaguta Museveni long life commitment to himself. The Age Limit debate has not been fair and not planned fair either. That is what Bobi Wine has addressed. Him and other in opposition of Museveni.

Therefore, the statement and article of Museveni for me doesn’t matter. He could write the best article of the world. The piece he wrote on the 1st October 2017 could have been masterpiece, the enlightenment of the world and told the stories that mattered. But it didn’t, the disregard of Robert Kyagulanyi MP is evident. Bobi Wine is a minor in his eye and that is why Museveni had to come with a history lesson.

That Bobi Wine hit a nerve is evident, because it was like his attacks on the opposition of old. Where they don’t want to deliver and he service delivers. He sprints with numbers and said there was nothing in Uganda when he took power in 1986. Because they are selling soaps and used T-Shirts on the Market in Kalerwe, Kampala. Since that is so much better than back-then, before he took everything and everyone in his hand.

Its seems like he has lost the plot and the importance of the lifting the age limit in the Constitution. Seemingly he had to end is writing to him like this: “The Age Limit Debate is starting. I will give my views at the right time. What is not acceptable, however, is intimidation and violence. Those are fascist methods. Let everybody speak his mind freely and without threats. We shall confront and defeat anybody who intimidates or threatens our peace” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘President Responds to Hon. kyagulanyi`s statement (s)’ 01.10.2017).

It’s foolish of him to talk about intimidation and violence, when he sends the Police Officers to arrest, detain and even wants to recall Bobi Wine. All the levels of fear spread to the suspended MPs, even using people to throw grenades at the houses. They have stopped them and blocked his convoy, he even used boda-boda to get a Plenary Session, while the Police Officers was following him. Clearly, when speaking about fear and intimidation, that is what the state does to their dissidents.

So what he actually says is that Bobi Wine threatens peace and someone Museveni will confront for his actions and words. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) have tried to silence the opposition debates and consultation meetings, even the demonstrations and public speakings on the Age Limit. That is because the NRM want to control the agenda in the views that Museveni has.

That is why he used time to address him and in this manner. You know that the state has issues with civil disobedience and demonstrations. When the state itself sends IGP Kale Kayihura to the Stadium at Namboole for the Football Match of the Uganda Cranes to get rid of red-ribbons at the stadium. This while the Military Police are wearing their red-berets. Clearly, the state struggles with opposition to the Age Limit.

Museveni knows he struggles and trying to keep them all captive in his spell, but the blinds he kept over their eyes should evaporate, with all them lies told over three decades. Bobi Wine is just undressing his blatant aggression against him and his generation. That the older generation are trying to take them captive and by his security organization. This should no one accept, the public shouldn’t accept his life presidency project. Even if the President wants to force feed them with his presence. That is what he is trying to do.

That is why the President was such in a self-defense mode when addressing Bobi Wine, but it doesn’t save from the reality. Museveni wants to keep the citizens captive and be the hostage taker. Make the citizens hostage under his rule. Peace.

Opinion: President Museveni wants to go Total Recall!

OPINION POLL: Museveni asks voters to recall indisciplined MPs. Should indisciplined MPs be recalled?” (New Vision, 05.10.2017).

The man who always strive for power and control is at it again. As the days are soon numbered for any provisions stopping him for being the Executive, the President for life. It is soon numbered and gone with the wind. The basics and understandings of his office is soon thrown out the window, in the projections of life presidency. Why should he care about service delivery? When he get to stay in office no matter what he do, but he can put orders and get people worked-up over small things, like now he wants the suspended Opposition MPs recalled! What does that mean? Let me spell it out for you.

The Constitution of 1995, article 84 states this:

“(1)       Subject to the provisions of this article, the electorate of any constituency and of any interest group referred to in article 78 of this Constitution have the right to recall their member of Parliament before the expiry of the term of Parliament.

(2)       A member of Parliament may be recalled from that office on any of the following grounds—

(a)       physical or mental incapacity rendering that member incapable of performing the functions of the office; (b)       misconduct or misbehaviour likely to bring hatred, ridicule, contempt or disrepute to the office; or (c)       persistent deserting of the electorate without reasonable cause.

(3) The recall of a member of Parliament shall be initiated by a petition in writing setting out the grounds relied on and signed by at least two-thirds of the registered voters of the constituency or of the interest group referred to in clause (l) of this article, and shall be delivered to the Speaker.

(4)       On receipt of the petition referred to in clause (3) of this article, the Speaker shall, within seven days require the Electoral Commission to conduct a public inquiry into the matters alleged in the petition and the Electoral Commission shall expeditiously conduct the necessary inquiry and report its findings to the Speaker.

(5)       The Speaker shall—

(a)       declare the seat vacant, if the Electoral Commission reports that it is satisfied from the inquiry, with the genuineness of the petition; or (b) declare immediately that the petition was unjustified, if the commission reports that it is not satisfied with the genuineness of the petition.

(6)     Subject to the provisions of clauses (2), (3), (4) and (5) of this article, Parliament shall, by law prescribe the procedure to be followed for the recall of a member of Parliament” (The Constitution 1995).

That the President wants to use this legal gymnastics now shows his weakness and mind control. That he wants the locals to get rid of the Members of Parliament and subscribe new. To secure the whole Parliament for him, so that he can rig in favorable MPs who actually does his bidding. Clearly, he don’t want the MPs to go through the medical and mental capacity of the individual MPs. They will quickly be able to point back at him for his soon advanced age (learned that term from Botswana government, sue me).

The misbehavior that they did in Parliament has already been sanctioned, they have even served time in various correctional facilities, to pull this off, should be a feat, even for Museveni who has used all sort of tools and even taken away the people’s favorite in Kampala, the Lord Mayor in last term. Now he wants to do the same, but in larger scale. He wants the MPs recalled on the manner they acted in Parliament. Even if it was either self-defense after a breach of Parliamentary codes, to let strangers in clear the Plenary Session. Secondly, to sing the National Anthem in the National Assembly, that should not be crime, because what is a crime then. Third, if wearing red ribbons and red hats is such a big issue, maybe yellow suits also be illegal for disrespecting the world of fashion.

President Museveni must really rig this if he wants the Constituencies and citizens of the sub-counties and districts to register their dissatisfaction with the 25 suspended MPs, and the 35 MPs that was on Police Force list of misbehaviors of 28th September 2017. Clearly, he wants mobilization for his cause, by any means. Not only pay every MP 20 Million Shillings in Consultation Fees, but also spread the message. I will use the Constitution against you, if you do not let me change for my benefit.

That the Electoral Commission and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga will comply with the Petition and request is natural. Since the Electoral Commission is his favorite lap dog and Kadaga is the one who follows his orders, even speaks like him defending her recent actions. So if Museveni get a strong enough petition to recall a Member of Parliament. He will do it and the Electoral Commission and Kadaga will comply, the will declare the MP unfit for his role and dismiss the elections done in 2016 on these grounds.

He would be coward if he did this, but he does not have the grounds to use Article 84, unless he bribes all of the citizens in the sub-counties that they represent to get them to register a valid petition to get rid of them. They misconduct, if it really is that. Clearly, states not to the punishment. Because they have not shown contempt or disrepute of the office they have. Neither have them been deserting the role in Parliament. They have been there and been vocal. If that is illegal to sing the National Anthem, someone please show me that code in reference for future proceedings.

For now, the President wants to go TOTAL RECALL! Will the people of these sub-counties and districts do the same? Should the ones carry guns inside the chambers, also be recalled? The military MPs sending fellow MPs to the hospital, be recalled? Should, the other unruly and unjust MPs who call them drunk, be recalled? I am just asking, because many could fit the bill. Not the one singing during a Plenary Session, but they are not of the loyalist tribe that the President wants. Therefore, in his mind, he should silence them and for good. Peace.

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