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Opinion: Trump’s IRS Tax Returns still shelved, but how many more steps till they are released?

It is amazing that we are in October 2019, three years in the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and this is still a recurring thing. The thing is that there are investigations going on, in association with the Trump Organization in the state of New York. Which the Attorney General for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) have subpoenaed the Marzars USA Limited, the accounting firm for the Trump Organization.

Today, the United States District Judge Victor Marreno dismissed the claim of uniqueness and said the SDNY Attorney General could get 8 years of IRS Tax Returns concerning Trump and his business. However, his team has since then filed an new briefing order and therefore ended up with an “stay order”. Where the case will be filed and will get new scheduled dates, as the subpoena is still not valid. Even if it was one once in the system.

This is really what the President is doing. Mr. Transparency, Mr I am not Corrupt. Mr. I am a stable genius. Sorry, brother, the filing of the judge was reasonable in his judgement. That no President preside over the law and that a president can be investigated. Just like Bill Clinton could be investigated, and Richard Nixon. Both of them was subpoenaed and had to deliver documentation of their impeachment hearings and so-on.

Still, Trump thinks his above that. Richard Nixon even stated: “He concedes that he, like every other citizen, is under a legal duty to produce relevant, non-privileged evidence when called upon to do so”. So, when one crooked President like Nixon could do it. Than, the current one should have the ability to do it also. Especially, since this is the tax-returns. This is not some nuclear codes, some sensitive secret protocol only seen by a few mystique people at area 51 in 1960s before Project Manhattan. No, this is the documentation that assess the financial structure and the possible assets, which the state and federal authorities are taxing President Trump. This isn’t an document of science-fiction nor Scientology. Therefore, the man should be able to release it. That is if, if he has nothing to cover. But by the day, it seems more and more likely his covering a lot.

We have been waiting for the IRS Tax Returns of this man since before he was the Republican Party Nominee and before he was sworn-in President. The candidates in that race put it out and got the scrutiny. The looked through and found investments, estates and questionable enterprises, if there was any. But the President and the one in-charge now. Has kept this to his chest.

First off, his must be really poor. Not only morally, but out of pocket. His bankrupt. That is why his spending all the days of his Presidency or most part of it, on his estates boosting his business. If not using foreign assets and foreign diplomacy to further his business with trademarks and opportunities while being in office. This doesn’t seem to be a business booming, when it has to this way.

Secondly, when he needed again to postpone it and stop the ruling today. It just shows, that his stalling out of time and hoping for another verdict in another court. In that regard, the judge today put it brilliantly: “A synthesis of Burr, Nixon, Fitzgerald, and Clinton suggest that the Supreme Court would reject interpretation and application of presidential powers and functions that would “sustain an absolute, unqualified Presidential privilege of immunity from judicial process under all circumstances”.

We know that Trump and his team thinks they are above the law. Even there is no specification or stipulation, or even a code, which says so. Therefore, what has been done today. Is just another injunction in the road of releasing it, eventually.

This just shows again. That his hiding something. If not, he would have released before even running for President. Apparently, there is a lot of skeletons in the closet and he don’t want those bogeymen to hit the streets. Peace.


Haiti: La MINUJUSTH prete a soutenir des solutions pacifiques, concues par les haitiens, pour resoudre la crise politique (06.10.2019)

Haiti: Mr. Unpopular Puppet President Jovenel Moise!

The people cannot make its demands heard, especially in the quartiers populaires. Even if there is a vote held today, those who are in control of the system will once again cheat and make whoever serves their interests the winner, to rob and pillage the country and leave the people in poverty.”– Wilner Villefranche, 69 years old, voting during the final round of elections on January 29, 2017

Well, its about that time, another President and another Republic, where the public is chanting in the streets and starting a revolution. Because, they are tired of being pawns on the big-men’s game. They want to be seen, have a government that actually care and actually governs.

In our time, there several types of rulers, Jovenel Moise is a special kind of ruler. The one whose elected with no legitimacy. The whole election had about 20% voter turnout and out that 20% he got barely enough to have 55%.

In combination that his the successor Michel Martelly hand-picked him and even used state funds to boast his agricultural business. Even granting development projects and infrastructure projects to fit the Agritrans SA. But there is little that has happen with these funds.

Since there is a fuel crisis and lack of fuel on the Island. The Republic is hit by this after stifling economic partners and imports from Venezuela. Which happens to be friends with previous president Martelly. Therefore, a lot of trouble is created, because of the choices of the President.

A president that had plans to generate more income himself by setting-up shell-companies to indulge money from the energy market. There is surely more behind closed doors, but who knows.

As well, as the United States backed President will not indulge the public, but not that he really needed it. Because, he won an election backed by Core Group of Ambassador and the Americans. If these people doesn’t get their man, they will ask the “Independent Electoral Commission” to re-issue an election, like they did in 2010.

The President should also get answers and relief for the public for all the ones hurt during demonstrations, all the arrested and so-on. Not to forget La Saline Massacre in November 2018, which there has no investigation, no commission and nothing done about. Just water under the bridge, as the citizens life doesn’t matter to this President and his administration.

Therefore, the issues of lack of proper governing, the lack of stopping embezzlement, corruption and so-on. Comes with having a man, who was corrupted by the one picking him. By also getting help to get elected by now drug-lord Guy Phillipe, who was helpful for the Republic in the past, but now is hustler who uses all tricks to get paid. If not, the DEA and US Courts wouldn’t sentence you to years in prison for your actions.

The Haitian elites are eating, while the international community verifies the elections and the charade continues. That is why the people of the republic is in the streets. As the Republic is getting poorer. The US and UN agencies are coming with development projects, but nothing gets developed. Only more eating of the elites and lack of transparent actions.

This administration is just busy switching heads in the Cabinet and whose the lucky one next to be the Prime Minister, as the President are awaiting his fourth PM since the inception of his Presidency.

The Haitians are going in circles and being played by outsiders, and insiders who wants to be used. Because, they can earn fortunes while the public are living in poverty. Peace.

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Opinion: What is Trump hiding in his IRS Tax Returns?

When your stonewalling into oblivion, there is only thing remaining, what is the person hiding? Especially if the guy is a public official, someone who represent the state for everyone else. Than, your supposed to be transparent without any connection to sources, which can stop you from serving the state. Alas, it is with this sense you can start to boggle, why the President of two years and campaign for longer time haven’t released his IRS Tax Returns.

This isn’t about vanity, that the Department of Justice and the Department of the Treasury, as neither the Attorney General William Barr or Secretary Steven Mnuchin are releasing it to the Congress. It is more secretive, than the nuclear codes or top secret intelligence that is shared with White House like nothing. This is how this administration operates, as there is no guidelines or need for protocol for the ones in close proximity of the President. However, to get the truth and the documentation the White House is supposed to abide the Committee’s of the Congress is nearly impossible.

Because of that, we have to wonder what the President is hiding. Is there some nuclear or criminal transactions his hiding? Is there questionable sources and fortunes hidden overseas, as the President is afraid of the public and the Capitol Hill knowing how earned his supposed fortune.

I am sure there are something so sinister, so dark and so damaging, that his paying his ex-wives to much in the settlements, that his foreign businesses aren’t profitable and the hotels only survives because he visits them everytime he can. Because, we only know the blown-up fantasy numbers and estimates he wants show the public. Not the real value of the properties and neither the profits. We don’t know if he even pay taxes. If he is capable of paying taxes and if the Trump Organization are able to pay their staff, maybe that is why he needs paperless workers at Mar-A-Lago in Miami to keep the golf-course a float.

He might be poorer than me, he might have a Kazakh Oil Csar that his owns so much money, that the Russians has to bail him out. We don’t know, because the President of the United States is afraid of being transparent and dropping the real deal. This shows his real intention of keeping people in the dark. He wants to Trump University the whole population. Give them all the shine and glory, but using unlicensed methods to trick the citizens. That is why he doesn’t deliver the IRS Tax Returns.

He doesn’t dare, doesn’t have the character or the posture to stand up and be brave. Because, he knows if the truth is released. His pretty fucked. His in such a hole, that even Ivanka smile cannot cover up the mess. Junior cannot even fake-grin or come up with lie that spins the news enough. This will not be locker-room talk or “on-both-sides”. No, this will be a burned bridge and no way to get back on land.

The President has such a secret, his willing to stonewall into oblivion. His secret is such a tragic mess, that even a Greek Tragedy cannot elope like this. His a fraud and fake, just like his tan. That is why the IRS Tax Returns are kept hidden and not released. He cannot unleash the dragon, than he will burn. Peace.

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