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MISA Zimbabwe: Police Question Journalist Over Documentary (17.09.2018)


Zimbabwe: Opening Remarks by His excellency the President, Comrade E.D. Mnangagwa, to the Inaugural Cabinet Meeting of the Second Republic (17.09.2018)

Zimbabwe: Harare suburbs rocked by “double punch” of cholera and typhoid (14.09.2018)

Red Cross volunteers are providing water treatment, tracking and referral services, and are going door-to-door to provide families in high risk areas with information about cholera prevention.

HARARE, Zimbabwe, September 14, 2018 – More than 1,000 Red Cross volunteers are fanning out through the suburbs of Zimbabwe’s capital in a bid to contain a deadly cholera outbreak.

The outbreak, which started on 5 September, has killed 25 people in the Harare suburbs of Budiriro and Glenview. About 3,000 cases have been reported, and the Zimbabwe Red Cross is concerned that the outbreak could spread quickly to other parts of the country. Indeed, sporadic cases have already been reported in four other provinces.

Maxwell Phiri, Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Red Cross, said:

“The situation is incredibly complex. Most of the areas affected have already been dealing with an outbreak of typhoid. So, this is a double punch for them, and it shows the weakness of water systems even here in the capital.

“There is also a lot of movement of people between Harare and rural areas, and we’re very worried this could drive a very rapid spread of the disease.”

Red Cross volunteers are providing water treatment, tracking and referral services, and are going door-to-door to provide families in high risk areas with information about cholera prevention. A further 500 volunteers in Midlands, Manicaland, Masvingo and Mashonaland Central provinces have been activated in an effort to halt the spread.

“Cholera remains a major issue across Africa – yet, it is completely preventable,” says Dr Fatoumata Nafo-Traoré, Regional Director for the International Federation of the Red Cross. “Providing access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation and ensuring communities have the tools and information to prevent its spread will be critical to saving countless more lives.”

This is the second major cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe within a decade. In 2008, one of the worst cholera outbreaks to hit the country infected more than 100,000 people and claimed more than 4,000 lives.

Press Statement by the Zimbabwe Republic Police on the Declaration of Cholera Outbreak in Harare as a State of Emergency (13.09.2018)

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa’s Appointment of Cabinet Ministers (07.09.2018)

NotBreakingNews: President Mnangagwa won in the Constitutional Court!

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is today officially the President, as the Constitutional Court has verified the Harmonized Elections of 30th July 2018. That means his election and can prepare for his inauguration, as his first elected term as President. This is the continuation of Robert Mugabe, the legacy of Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). They might try to change the perception, but the reality is that the regime is acting like Mugabe, but without him. The Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga promised to continue the Operation Restore Legacy until Mnangagwa was elected. He now is, so the coup d’etat in November 2017 have just changed the heads, but their actions are the same.

The Constitutional Court has upheld President Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 harmonised elections and dismissed, with costs, an application by MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa to have the election results nullified. Sitting with eight other judges, Chief Justice Luke Malaba said: “The application is dismissed with costs. In terms of Section 93, subsection 4 subparagraph (a) of the Constitution Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is duly declared the winner of the presidential elections held on the 30th of July 2018.” (The Herald – ‘BREAKING: ED win upheld’ 24.08.2018).

We know that the results was ready for, as even during the SADC Summit, the President said he had already won and therefore, asked the SADC to stop the sanctions towards the Republic. We know that the ZANU-PF was prepared for this result, as they have already started to prepare the stadium for the inauguration and the swearing-in ceremony of Mnangagwa.

We now know that as long as the result is in favor of the ZANU-PF, the institutions will be in favor of them. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission couldn’t do any wrong in a way, even if they changed a bit the results, the changes of voter-rolls and the marginal changes during the court case even. Therefore, it is rare that this sort of misconduct and lack of transparent activity is accepted. That only happens if the Mnangagwa worked one more level for more legitimacy at the cost of the truth.

If there had been fairness, the reality would be to annul it, but the Constitutional Court and the ZANU-PF wouldn’t postpone or even try to re-run. As they have all the powers and there is no need to play again. They have already settled the score, they have played this election and tried to show a little more openness. However, the state machinery was made for Mnangagwa and his cronies.

Mnangagwa might be the President and will be sworn-in quickly, some people expect within 48 hours. That means by the end of the weekend. However, the reality is that there was no celebration of the first announced results on the 2nd August 2018. I doubt that there will be many in streets celebrating him today. The contested and heated election, which without a doubt will be questioned for the times to come. As there maladministration and the lack of protocol up to the election. Can be questioned and deserves so, the appointed judges of ZANU-PF, was not surprising that they we’re delivering for ZANU-PF.

Pfee, MDC-Alliance never had a chance, the game was rigged for Mnangagwa. That we knew, but the reality is that everyone will blame MDC for not bringing the game to the Courts. However, this one was fixed. Just like the match was fixed before the polls. That is why we haven’t seen Mnangagwa sweet or be stressed by the matter. But just being cool and collected, while blaming the opposition now and then. Peace.

Citizens’ Manifesto: Citizens’ Statement on the 2018 Elections and the Current Situation in Zimbabwe (21.08.2018)

Zimbabwe: The Authorities are really paranoid about the up-coming Con-Court Trial!

Yesterday, the Zimbabwe Republic Police was informing that the major parts of the Central Business District in Harare will be closed off the two days the Constitutional Court on the 22nd and 23rd August 2018. As the petitions against the Harmonized Elections on the 30th July 2018. The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) must really be afraid of the truth or even ordinary broadcast, even demonstrations near the venue, as there is only limited broadcasting of the trial, as the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Company (ZBC), the state TV channel, which is loyal to the President. Is the ones who will have the feed. The Social Media and other channels have been dismissed by the judges. Therefore, there is already limited views and perspectives coming from the Courts.

This is the newest now:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to inform the nation that people who will be attending the Constitutional Court on 22 – 23 August 2018, will not be allowed to carry electronic gadgets like cell phones, laptops, cameras or other recording devices. To avoid unnecessary delays please leave these items elsewhere. Only accredited individuals will be allowed access to the Constitutional Court premises. We kindly request for co – operation with law enforcement agents in that regard” (Zimbabwe Republic Police, 21.08.2018).

We can wonder what the Con-Court is afraid of, that the public will release a cuzz-word or something. That the judges will slip-up and say “futseke” to the lawyers of Chamisa. Because, the state and the judiciary are really preparing for the worst. They are thinking this is Armageddon. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has already at SADC Summit said he has won this case. Therefore, we are not hearing from the Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga. It is like they are afraid of the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC Alliance) Nelson Chamisa, who has the right to question this election and how it was conducted. There was many shortfalls in the announcing of the results as well as the voter-rolls and tallying in general.

We can wonder as the barricades of the CBD in Harare, will the army be out too and fortify the Con-Court? Since this is the final nail in the coffin to secure the Operation Restore Legacy. Will the Zimbabwe Defence Force show-up and show loyalty to the Lacoste party aka ZANU-PF. The ruling regime and the ones in control. Will they be ordered out and possibly silence the public as they did after the polls?

The ZRP is really afraid of the Social Media and mentioned that yesterday in the statement. As they are telling the public, that the ZBC will tell the truth and broadcast that. Nothing else matters, we just have to await the drop of the Court Documents. As the state will muffle with it and maybe even co-sign the needed verdict in favor of the state. This is really looking like the ZANU-PF and the authorities are afraid of the people’s opinions or even media freedom. As they are just opening for their favored station and also afraid of anyone else leaking the verdict. Is that what the Con-Court is afraid of?

Are Mnangagwa and Chiwenga so paranoid and know they stole the elections, so they have to block anyone to leak the verdict and the trail, as they are afraid of being humiliated in public?


Zimbabwe Republic Police: Security Barricade of Certain Roads in Harare Central Business District Between 22nd and 23rd August 2018 (20.08.2018)

President Mnangagwa speaks of Unity, but continues to blame MDC for Harare Violence!

In Harare on the 1st August 2018 as the demonstrations was happening, the Zimbabwe Defense Force went into total mayhem. They killed 6 civilians and hurt a dozens more. That was the result after the army was called in quell the demonstrations. This happen as the Police was looking at the situation and not interfering in the army use of live bullets against unarmed civilians. No one should say, that when using guns, there wouldn’t be casualties… the fatal killings was on orders by the higher power. If that was Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga or President Emmerson Mnangagwa. However, he and the authorities are under control of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), who clearly did this to send the message.

Therefore, today two weeks after, the President continues to blame the biggest opposition party, as he ordered or his fellow brothers ordered soldiers to the streets on that day. Still, he blames Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC Alliance). Because, why not? It is easy to blame the unarmed civilians, but not the soldiers aiming into the crowds with live bullets. That is how foolish Mnangagwa is, it is insane, but that is Mugabe Swagger. The swagger of blood and tears of others, that gives him and junta strength.

Extract of Mnangagwa’s speech:

These were held in a peaceful environment where citizens were able to exercise their democratic rights without fear or intimidation. Allow me, to extend my sincere appreciation to the whole nation for observing peace, before, during, and after these harmonized elections. This has made us proud as a nation. I am however deeply concerned with the incidents of violence that rocked the streets of Harare at the instigation of some members of the MDC Alliance leadership, which subsequently resulted in the regrettable loss of lives, injury to persons and damage to property. On behalf of Government, and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved families and relatives of the victims of the politically motivated violence. We strongly condemn these barbaric acts of violence. Let me once again state that violence and intolerance have no place in the new Zimbabwe, in our Second Republic. We continue to call for restraint, peace and more peace throughout the country. The new dispensation has opened up the country’s democratic and economic space and demonstrated that Zimbabwe’s democracy has matured. This, however, should never be abused. Let us bury our political differences and focus on rebuilding a prosperous Zimbabwe as one family” (Emmerson Mnangagwa – ‘Full Text: President Mnangagwa Defence Forces Day Speech’ 14.08.2018, Onesimo, link: https://news.pindula.co.zw/2018/08/14/full-text-president-mnangagwa-defence-forces-day-speech/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare).

We can see that Mnangagwa are blaming the MDC Alliance, but not taking responsibility for the havoc and killings done. That is all on the opposition who is under investigation. That he talks of abuse of democracy, but sending soldiers against civilians is cool?

Good to know what he stands for and what is level of justice. Because that demonstrators are in the streets is a big problem. Than, there isn’t much for democracy, more a militant government ready, to aim and shoot at them. If they don’t follow the President and the Generals orders.

It is hard to see it has matured, as the silence and allowed movement was in the days before the polls, but the system and institutions was all under control. There wasn’t a free and fair elections, it was ready make him and ZANU-PF the winners. That is why there been double counting of polling stations and not shown the proper voter-roll and even the tenders of the ballots. There haven’t been a trustful process from Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). This knows Mnangagwa, but he tries to make this Harmonized Elections as wonderful as possible, but the ones who has followed it. Knows it fell short of certain vital aspects to be a credible election.

He can call for restraint of the Republic. Maybe, first not order the soldiers to kill civilians. That would really help. How can you be united, when you are calling the other party criminal, as you are blaming them for your orders. That is how to disenfranchise parts of the population, while not taking responsibility for own actions.

Mnangagwa should take responsibility, it would different for him. He has usually blamed everyone else. From Joshua Nkomo, Morgan Tsvangirai and now Nelson Chamisa. It would be healthy for him to show some courtesy… but that isn’t in him. The true colors of Mugabisms is all in the open.

Enough for now. Peace.

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