Zimbabwe: Anti-Corruption Court for the Northern Region – Held at the Harare Magistrates Court – The State Vs. Job Sikhala – Accused Person’s Written Statement in Mitigation (02.05.2023)

Zimbabwe: Weep nation, weep… another political prisoner… Job Sikhala MP

“Job Sikhala has been found guilty of obstructing the course of justice on allegations that he videoed a statement that interfered with ZRP’s investigation into the murder of Moreblessing Ali in 2022. Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa said Sikhala’s alibi that he said that he was in Gutu on 25 May, was only an afterthought because it was never mentioned to the police to investigate. The Magistrate added that evidence clearly shows that Sikhala’s utterances led the police to follow new leads in the murder of Moreblessing” (263Chat.com, 03.05.2023).

After 323 days in prison without a trial, Job Sikhala MP was convicted and will serve even more time in jail. A man who is clearly a target and a man the ZANU-PF government wants of the streets. That is so obvious, because they are using yet again a non-existing law to convict another political leader.

This time it’s the popular MP and CCC legislator Job Sikhala. His now a victim and a man who only stood up for justice. Because he was brave enough to question the regime and their monopolized violence. He had to carry the burden and is now detained. Sikhala MP will be barred from the next elections and will not be able to retain his seat. That’s the other price he pays for this conviction.

He has already been behind bars for over 300 days and he will continue to be a felon. This is what “democracy” and change the 2nd Republic is offering. It is what President Mnangagwa is all about and he is proud of it too. He is silencing his critics by detaining and weaponizing the courts against them. That’s what he does, and it shows.

This should send cold chills down you spine. It is despicable and destructive. Just shows how blatant and how it disregards its dissidents. That the state is willing to do it and convict someone in this manner. They are willing to keep someone behind bars for close to a year before convicting them. It is just a political quagmire and planned efforts of stifling the opposition ahead of the polls. Taking out their leaders and making them criminals. Pinning crimes and making them stick.

Sikhala MP is a victim and a political prisoner. That is the legit the case here and ZANU-PF shows how vicious the regime is by doing this. They have targets and they ensure their demise. If you are vocal enough or dares to challenge it. They will bury you in the Courts and you will pay a hefty price. Peace.

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