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Opinion: The same obituaries written for Mugabe can be revised to fit Museveni!

I know the National Resistance Movement (NRM) will be shocked to their core, as they have been eating the propaganda and the spoils of the unfinished revolution of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Whose since the inception in the early 1980s of the NRA. Has spoiled his legacy, destroyed his victories and sealed his fate on this here earth.

The NRM won’t accept this, that is why the former freedom fighter, the liberation activists and current head-of-state. Will be remembered in the same fashion as Mugabe. They have both similarities, even as the Ugandan one has even more wars in the near area, than his counterpart.

They both have gone from being liberation heroes to become oppressors. They have both destroyed the legacy of positive change, because they lingered in power. They are both known for patronage and misuse of the army to control the population. Both men have rigged elections, silence the opposition, wrecked the economy and tried to act as big-men everywhere else.

President Museveni has also been involved in conflicts in and around the East African hemisphere. Even his soldiers have been hired as far away as the Equatorial Guinea. His been involved in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Museveni has supposedly helped and gotten rid of Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda, Mobutu Sese Seko of DRC, Laurent Kabila of the DRC and John Garang of South Sudan. Therefore, his legacy will live on, not because of the men stopped in the Republic, but also elsewhere.

Still, his actions in his own Republic will be calculated into the same fashion as Mugabe. As a man who had the Republic and had a promising start. Was loved by both the West and had the public behind him. Over time he lingered and gotten more and more sinister. His killing of allies, getting rid of generals and the acts of previous leadership. Shows, that the President didn’t really come with the promised change, but instead just changed the head.

When, big-men in and around the President dies. When kings and other noble men are in exile, when people are randomly kidnapped, tortured and killed. As the troubles of the past is coming back. The lawlessness and rampant injustice is ruling, because the patronage and the security outfits are loyal to the President, but not serving the public. This is why, the President will be remembered for that. For the deaths in Kasese, the assassinations, arbitrary arrests, the torture of opposition leaders and the usage of military to let the NRM stay in power.

These sort of things, make the similarities between him and Mugabe go away. That the same sort of story can be told. The same sort of obituaries can be written, just to Ugandan context with some more flex of power in the closer hinterland of Kampala.

Museveni will be seen as a former freedom fighter turned oppressor. Someone who went from having the promise and possible change the Republic needed. To become like so many others, be hooked on the greed, the power and the eternal faith that your the selected one to rule.

Yoweri went from being the humble servant to become the King, His Excellency and fountain of honour. The man who went from being the popular and promising executive, to become the self-styled President for life.

Mugabe ruled for 37 years, Museveni is at his 33 years. With so many similarities, that is why Mugabe was usually attending the inaugurations of him and likewise did Museveni visit Harare. That is just the way it is, they were brothers from different mothers. They chose this path.

Their intentions doesn’t matter now, what they used their time and their lives. Created lot of hurt, damaged a lot of peoples lives. They used it for personal gain on the cost of others. Others might salute them, but the victims, the ones who lost it all. Should be remembered, as they are not written in the sky. They will not have lavish burials or even a grave to go to. These people will die like and vanish like banana leafs, while these big-men will have ceremonies and tales written about them. While the people they made suffer, will not be heard or even have the ability to speak.

This is why, we know that the day of final destination is coming to Yoweri or Yosri. His last breath will come eventually. We don’t know when, but that is destined to come. We don’t know when, but Lord knows. Then, we will write in similar fashion and certainly not escape the truth of what Museveni did. Peace.

Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC): Mourning Robert Gabriel Mugabe – A mixed legacy (06.09.2019)

Opinion: Mugabe, a hero turned goblin!

Well, his final day was finally here. He turned 95 years old. He held office for over 37 years. Robert Gabriel Mugabe was special, was unique, but also very very brutal. He was conning, smart and knew what to say. What is even more striking about this man, he knew perfectly well, but still had the ability to destroy the good graces given to him.

The Republic of Zimbabwe, the Republic he liberated and made his own after the brutal and despotic rule of minority white rule under Ian Smith. The Rhodesia, which became Zimbabwe. That he fought from the outside. Went into exile, combined forces with other rebels and in the end signed a grand agreement at the Lancaster House. Which till to this is cherish and respected, because of that achievement.

What was to come, was someone who would use the colonial laws and expertise and use it on his population. Someone who had the breadbasket of the Southern African hemisphere. But destroyed it and now the state is importing needed food stuff. A country with a positive economy, functioning state institutions and so on. But no is questionable at best. That is shown by where he died. He didn’t die in one of the public hospitals in Harare. No his final days was in Singapore. Where he travelled to in the recent years for his medical and health care check-ups. That is sign of how mismanaged the Republic has been. As the head-of-state cannot trust his own civil service or the delivery of common health care.

President Mugabe will be remembered for 5th Brigade and its slaughter between 1983 to 1987. A brigade trained by the North Koreans to assault and kill the ones that betrayed and voted against the Presidency. The tribe that didn’t follow Uncle Bob. This was something he never said sorry for or ever addressed, as if it was a created myth, which wasn’t important.

Well, in consideration after that, he used his time in power to linger there. To destroy the nation he started to build Instead of leaving a legacy of greatness, of servitude and hope. He leaves behind many destroyed families, many families without answers, people abducted, people killed and activists scorned by them standing up his regime. There was a First Republic under Mugabe that was cherished.

He was so cherished at one point, that you could say, at one point in time. He was the Mandela of Zimbabwe. The unifier and the hope of the Republic. The one being honoured by the Queen of England. The one who was mentioned with good words. But that was only until he shown his true colours and what gave him power. He used methods of fear, the state to silence opposition and arrest them. Even aimed at killing them like he tried to do at least twice with Morgan Tsvangirai.

Just like Mugabe buried the remaining part of his former friend and ally turned opposition Ndabaningi Sithole Friday, who in December 1997 was charged with conspiracy to kill him at the tender age of 77. Clearly, a political imprisonment of someone who had the ability and the wording to challenge the President. This is the sort of acts, that will remember how a liberation hero turned oppressor.

Mugabe went from hero to a zero. By his own defaults, by his own measures, he had it, but spoilt it. By his greed, patronage and will to stay in power. Instead of letting go to next man by succession, he had to be overthrown in a coup, that wasn’t a coup in November 2017. Because, he couldn’t resign, when he was already at the stages of advanced age. He was supposed to be the biblical forever ruling Head-of-State. That was who he was or who he became.

He knew how to speak, he knew how to use words and show his brightness. No doubt about that. His speeches are colourful and shows his wit. No doubt about that, his quotes and wordings will be running past our life time. But, that wasn’t all.

Because, Mugabe was a lot, his tyranny went to a point, where people was arrested for calling him names. Being a foreigner supporting the wrong NGOs or whatever sorry excuse the state could find. This was more important than developing the nation or even trying to make it run on default. As the spiralling inflation, the deconstruction of its currency, the lack of foreign exchange and bountiful spending on the first family. The Mugabe’s was living lavish, while the ordinary man couldn’t afford bread. That is end-game of this family and this man.

A man that rose through the ranks of a righteous rebellion, who consolidated the power. Got the Republic, made it in his imaged and wrecked it. He could have passed it on, but decided to linger on. In the end dying in Singapore, because he hadn’t done his job at home. He did serve as the Head of State for over 3 decades, but still couldn’t get medical treatment at home. That shows his disgraceful governing right there. That is not strength, but weakness.

Mugabe, the one that freed Zimbabwe, was not the same man who was overthrown in a coup. Neither was he the same after he ordered and accepted the killings in Gukurahundi in the 1980s. His a man of many things, of many stories, countless ones actually. Even falling a sleep in the United Nations General Assembly. The man reading up the wrong speech at a rally. That is the sort of thing he did too.

Therefore, it isn’t one picture. Even though for me, he went from a hero to become a Goblin. A man who went from being respected for fighting for the righteous cause to destroy it all on his own. He could have been stature, a man of all seasons. Instead, he will be remembered by many for the hurt, the pain and suffering he ordered while being office. Peace.

Zanu-PF: Condolence Message by His Excellency the President Cde. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, following the Death of Founding President of Zimbabwe, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe, 6th September 2019 (06.09.2019)


When the Henchmen takes over from the Dictators: It doesn’t get better!

I’m just seeing with time that the fall of dictators, that its not enough. As long as the President and former Head of State has fallen, it supposed to be different. Apparently, it needs another push after that. These people who has been the Executive, the Commander-in-Chief has had the army behind them. The leaders have used huge patronage, bribery and tricks to stay in power. These gentlemen has used all sorts of pay-to-play to keep people at bay, they have misused the authority and also used the military to keep the fear in the population.

These men continues with that, they use all methods, there is nothing that stops them to stay there. They change laws, they uses the military to stop opposition, they get enemies into exile and if not assassinated. There is no extend to their powers, while in office. They eat the state funds and cripples the economy. Even though they do this, they have loyal bases and uses the various state sponsored armed forces against the population to make them fear them and not go against the dictator.

Even with all of this, the dictator has people around to follow his orders. This is generals, commanders and politicians whose all eating of his plate. They know how to operate and knows how to control the population. They will prolong the same structures and methods to keep power after the fall of dictator. We are now seeing this two places especially.

In Zimbabwe, it is still more of the same there as the previously dictator and President Robert Mugabe stepped down. After the coup that wasn’t a coup, but later it was actually a coup d’etat. The current leadership is doing more of the same. They are arresting civil society activists, NGOs are getting into trouble and the economy is tanking. The Economy filled with US Dollars and not even working with RTGS Dollars or the Mobile Money serviced. The ZANU-PF of today isn’t acting different than under Mugabe. Only adding scarfs and Mnangagwa as the head.

In Sudan, the former 30 years of Omar Al-Bashir is still continuing with the TMC. They are killing demonstrators in Darfur, they are killing people close to the sit-in Khartoum. It is not changing and the negotiations with Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration (FFCD), which the Sudanese Professional Association is a key organization off. Certainly, they are continuing to demonstrate, as they are fighting for a civilian rule. Something the TMC and the former henchmen of Bashir not accepting. Because that is not fitting their position and they don’t want to give way.

The ZANU-PF and the TMC will continue where Mugabe and Bashir left off. They are not changing society, they are not willingly to step-up and give the public another type of leadership. Because, that means their time is over. That means the army, the juntas are over. This means the state will have to operate differently and with other characters than off today. In the end, that means the state will have other type of leaders than right now.

The ZANU-PF haven’t reformed or really changed much since the fall of Mugabe. They are more of the same. The state is still acting as in the past. It isn’t doing nothing of constructive changes, only than making committees to hire cronies.

The TMC have had shorter time, but they have still the generals and war-lords of Bashir in the near proximity of power. The Janjaweed (Rapid Support Force) is attacking the dissidents and protesters. The TMC is not really making any fruitful dialogue with the FFCD or SPA. They are trying more to stall for time, while hoping the revolution dies off. As the TMC has gotten financial aide to continue their rule. These is the same men, that kept Bashir in Power.

As long as the henchmen of the dictators lingers in power. They will not reform the state, they will use the same force to stay. Peace.

African Union Chairperson Mahamat: Is he flipping a coin to see if a military coup is okay?

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”Thomas Paine

I don’t know, the former Chadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Moussa Faki Mahamat, whose the African Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union. However, he has a rare strike of confidence. Surely after today, he should explain himself. Not because I am directly against the man, but because his perspective on the military takeover, coup d’etat in Zimbabwe in 2017 and Sudan in 2019. Is strikingly similar, but his response is differing.

Both was actions done against 30 years of rule by one person in each republic. The African Union have supported their reign and never imposed anything on the member nations. However, today the revolution of Sudan is put in another pile, than what happen in Zimbabwe. We can see how the Chairperson of the AU is acting differently. In a manner, where his vision doesn’t coincide.

Just take a look!

The African Union recognizes that the Zimbabwean people have expressed their will that there should be a peaceful transfer of power in a manner that secures the democratic future of their country. President Mugabe’s decision to resign paves the way for a transition process, owned and led by the sovereign people of Zimbabwe” (African Union – ‘Statement of the Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union on the Situation in Zimbabwe’ 21.11.2017).

The Chairperson expresses the African Union conviction that the military take-over is not the appropriate response to the challenges facing Sudan and the aspirations of its people” (African Union – ‘Statement of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Situation in Sudan’ 11.04.2019).

I don’t know if there is deep grudges between Mahamat and General Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ihn Ouf of Sudan or there are was a friendly relationship between Mahamat and General Constantino Chiwenga of Zimbabwe.

Because, his tone is vastly different. Both these men did similar fashion to take power. The Coup that wasn’t Coup in Harare in November 2017. While the Coup, that is currently a State of Emergency in Sudan. They are viewed differently by the African Union and their Chairperson. That is showing with the use of words and the protocol that the AU is sending the Republic’s way.

The Zimbabwean new leadership got a friendlier tone, as they used the military and installed new transitional government in 2017. While the Sudanese are getting a more hostile tone for starting to have a Military Transitional Council for two years before elections. This is done in the same fashion and with use of power by the same party as of the deposed leaders in both Republics.

The Sudanese are getting rid of Al-Bashir and starts a transitional phase by the same leadership. While the Zimbabwean did the same in 2017 and had a transitional government until the elections of 2018. Alas, it was okay in Harare, the AU had no trouble with the military intervention or at disposal in Zimbabwe. But the same Union are not impressed by what Ahmed Ihn Ouf done in Khartoum today. Still, it was fine just mere two years ago?

I don’t like a bloodless coup, its good every time a dictator and a tyrant has fallen, but the whole system has to re-invented and also restructured for a civilian rule of some kind. Not a government run by the army. Then the votes, the ballots and the will of the people will not be respected. That is why the change in Khartoum right now is only skin-deep.

The same, which happen in Harare, where the same fashion of ZANU-PF continues to linger on. There was only a change of head, but not of their operations nor their way of expression power. The same is trying to appear in Khartoum. Surely, the NCP will not let go easily. Even if the public continues to demonstrate. They will do whatever it takes to prolong their rule.

That is why, the AU could have been a useful tool, but this is usually the Dictators Club in Addis Ababa. That is why, their statements is not believable. Nevertheless, in this regard, their statement can be questioned, because of how vastly different it was comparing similar efforts in two different countries. That from the same Mahamat, whose seen both things occur within his time in the chair.

There are contrasts and difference in how these two military coup d’etat have appeared, as they happen in realms, which is not to similar in fashion. Even if both was bolstered by the army and needed their blessing to rule. Still, the Mugabe and the Al-Bashir reign ended abruptly by the force of the soldiers, who kept them in power for so long.

Now, the dictator club of Addis lost one more member and surely, will soon get a new face. Wonder, if Mahamat is ready to explain, why he accept the incident in Harare, but questioned the one in Khartoum? Peace.