Age Limit Petition: Asking for a Court Judgement (20.06.2018)

Opinion: You know your Constitutional Amendment Sucks, when the Presidential Guards need to be your safety afterwards!

You know that the repercussions of the activity from last year is now in full affect. When the Members of Parliament, the staunch supporters and ones who was the mega-phones for the will of the President. Needs the added security because they are afraid of their lives. They know that the people are not in favour of a President for life. That is why they are now encircled with the Presidential Guards.

“According to sources, the MPs and government officials’ security was enhanced last Friday. They each got additional soldiers from the Special Forces Command, an elite presidential protection unit. The beneficiaries include; Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa, State minister for Privatization Evelyn Anite, MPs; Raphael Magyezi (Igara West), Jacob Oboth-Oboth (West Budama South), Grace Balyeku (Jinja West), Simeo Nsubuga (Kassanda South), Peter Ogwang (Usuk) and Doreen Amule (Amolator)” (Namuloki, 2018).

Clearly, the Movement MPs are feeling the hatred and the local dismay over the decision to make the President for Life. They have tarnished the Constitution in favour of one man and his lifestyle. They have given the NRM regime the life-line by a thread and is now afraid of meeting the people. That is what this is all about. All of them knew what they we’re up to in the end of 2017, when they we’re ushering this and their legacy will be remembered for this. They cannot run away from the status quo they have created.

The Movement are fixated and doing the bidding of the President, the most loyal now needs the Presidential Guards to shield them from the people. A real sign of the state of affairs, how they are not the people’s candidates and their flag-bearers, but instead the King’s Men. They are the loyal servants of the President and is part of his court. That is the reality and they cannot run away from that.

The Movement MPs have to responsible for their actions, they have to able to go to the Constituents and answer for what they did. They are in charge and threw behind their names in the name of abolishing age limit for the Presidency, and that is why they have to answer for that as well. Therefore, they should man-up and set it straight.

This is the aftermath and this MPs are afraid of their own community, that says more about their behaviour, than the community itself. The Community are just addressing their disbelief that the so-called representatives are opposing what the people want. That is why they are angry and displeased when they meet. Clearly, this is now addressed.

That is why they are hiding behind the Presidential Guards, since he sends them that as a token of their loyalty to him. Peace.


Namuloki, Josephine – ‘Age-Limit MPs get more SFC guards’ 20.06.2018 link:

The NRM Celebration in Kiboga only affirm one thing: They are all loyal minions to Museveni and his agenda!

If you believed the Age Limit fight and votes of 2017 was for the betterment of the Republic. Sorry brother, your so wrong, the celebration in Kigoba today is made for the 317 Members of Parliament, who voted for the Raphael Magyezi Bill. They are celebrating the life president of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. This happens the same week the ruling party sacked dozens of staff. They can afford a grand party and start a second referendum for the President. They are now planning to change the constitution again, this time to add the Presidential Terms from 5 years to 7 years.

Therefore, the party is in the constituency of the Deputy Cheif Whip Ruth Nankabirwa, who led the removal of the article 102(b). Now she will led the change of the article 105(1). The National Resistance Movement, should just be honest, that all of them just serve one purpose. Working for the master and the President by all means. Not for democracy or for principals. Because Museveni has broken all his promises and pledges. This party proves that the NRM are broke this week, but can afford to slaughter 25 cows and pay buses for the MPs there.

They are now wishing Museveni Non-Stop and preparing for a new referendum, that fits the paradigm of the President again. Instead of age of the President, it is now the length of his term. They cannot put this on the age or the decisions, they are now countering it because they gave themselves longer terms. The 317 Members of Parliament has now a term lasting 7 years, instead of 5 years. Which should be long enough to be able to make a difference. However, they need longer time to be corrupted and work under Museveni.

So this party, is “Align and Arrive” campaign are yet another way of extending Museveni, just like they did themselves. It follows protocol that they work for him and not for the Republic. You know there is local problems in Kiboga Sub County NRM Chairman Stephen Matovu has asked for the president to buy a motorcycle for him. While the LC 3 Chairman of Kiboga Hajji Sulaiman Ssekiwunga has asked for a new house and car, after that has been torched. Therefore, the NRM and the State House maybe has to cover for their poltical affiliations has cost in the region.

Hope the bribes, the congratulations and the praise of themselves, to make sure Museveni can be for life. President Museveni are bashing and letting them praise it, because this is all making it seem like the party celebrates itself and accomplishment. Instead, it makes them look like they are catering even more to him. Because the NRM wouldn’t be there and have this event if it wasn’t for Museveni. The whole thing is that they won a “victory” for Museveni and used all means to do so.

The Victory Bash, is really just showing how the minions are working all for Museveni and his agenda. Not for making the republic better or give it better governance. That comes second or third. What comes first is Museveni and his needs. To say otherwise, is the second reason for this bash. It is to make sure he get 4 more years, not the change they did in 2017 to the Constitution. So they plan to alter it again, so he can become president for even longer. There no other reason for the event.

So just as these NRM MPs was getting bribes for their votes, get praise for the changes, they are now expected to move further the agenda for Museveni. To extend it even more, they are aligned to show allegiance and ready to arrive another step further for the life presidency. Because that is the goal, that the president will take his last breath as President. They want the same results as with Mugabe, that he clocked out, when he was over 90 years old. Because that is the values of the NRM, which want to be like ZANU-PF.

So do yourself a favor, stop talking about democracy and building a better Uganda. Your only serving Museveni and his agenda. Which is himself and no-one else. They are just useful props for his purpose. They are needed votes and cronies, which he can pay when needed be. The Constitution has to be altered for his narrative and not for the betterment of the republic. Therefore, the ones celebrating today, is complicit in the theft, in the taking and the total control in favor of Museveni. They are all tools who are getting used by him. So he can rule with impunity and with disgrace. Peace.

ULS Statement on Constitutional Petition No. 3 of 2018 (15.01.2018)

Age Limit: No honor among thieves – “27 NRM ‘Rebel’ MP’s needs to apologize to Mzee”

Last year, the Raphael Magyezi Private Bill and Life Presidency for Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was through Parliament and the final nail in the coffin. Was when the Parliament voted for it after a hectic second reading and adding longer terms for current MPs and beyond. The reality is that some Members of Parliament, even in the National Resistance Movement. The almighty NRM voted against the Life Presidency act, which would be its proper name. Instead of the ugly duckling of ‘Constitutional Amendment Bill’.

Because 27 NRM MPs didn’t follow orders from the State House. They didn’t honor the almighty President and his will. The party and the NRM Parliamentary Caucus has to sanction these individuals, even if they followed the public of their constituencies and their electorate. Because their real electorate is the old man with the hat. Nothing else matters in the state of affairs. They should have known this, but apparently, they didn’t get the memo.

Here is some outtakes:

The Leadership of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus has advised the 27 NRM rebel legislators who voted against the Controversial constitutional amendment bill 2017 to apologize to the country or else face the disciplinary committee. The Vice Chairperson of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus Solomon Silwany says the decision made by the 27 NRM rebel legislators was uncalled for and failure to apologize they will face the disciplinary committee of the Caucus” (NBS TV, 09.01.2018).

However, the Vice Chairperson of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus, Solomon Silwany says the decision made by the 27 NRM rebel legislators was uncalled for and failure to apologise will face the disciplinary committee of caucus. Following the resumption of the work of the August house after the Christmas and end of year recess, Silwany said the increasing indiscipline amongst members of the caucus will not be tolerated. He urged those who voted against the Magyezi bill to apologise to the party leadership before facing the wrath of the party caucus. Silwanyi told the Nile Post that the party parliamentary caucus leadership is set to meet this week to the decide the fate of these ‘rebel’ legislators” (Mugabi, 2018).

Now the party founded on rebellion against the previous leadership. Is now casting stones against the ones rebelling against itself. It is neat and also foolish. But that is how it is, when you have to blindly follow a leader or a President who has no agenda, other than his own belly. The NRM is blindly following Museveni until their own graves and hoping they will buried with dozens of shillings. That is why they are contemplating sanctions and taking action against the ones voting against the Life Presidency bill.

That the NRM has sunk this low. That the barrier of code of conduct is the meager, says it all by how the State House wants the Parliament and the NRM MPs to function. They are tin-soldiers or marionettes for the President to order around like headless chickens. Awaiting signals for when to cluck or to duck. They are awaiting their time to speak and their time to be silent. It is all on orders from the high and mighty at the State House. The El-President, the Mzee and “the man without a vision” President Museveni.

That they shouldn’t apologize, I mean that sincerely, the ones who should apologize is the ones that voted for the life presidency. They have given way for Museveni to rule two 7 year terms from 2022. That is appalling and insulting to a Republic of educated men and women. Clearly, there should be possible to muster someone in his place. Museveni doesn’t think so, but why should he? He has had total control since January 1986. Museveni clearly doesn’t give a damn about perceptions anymore.

The NRM MPs didn’t rebel when voting against the Magyezi bill. They did what they are allowed to do and should be able to do. It is in their rights as MPs, as lawmakers to either vote “yay” or “nay”. To either stand behind a law or to reject it. Just like any other Parliamentarian. That isn’t to hard to understand, even if the NRM Caucus leadership want blind foot-soldiers drumming to the beat of the weakling President. Who cannot muster courage to perform his own duties and therefore, uses the party to silence his own ‘rebels’.

Its a failure of the Party and of the Caucus to understand the August House, if these men has to apologize for their righteous act against a life presidency bill. It is a disgrace and disappointing affair if they are sanctioned or put on retainer for acting against the will of the State House. It shows the impunity and lack of tolerance. If the NRM cannot accept within their own party, that everyone isn’t blindly submitting their lives into the hands of Museveni. That is anticipated, but shouldn’t be protocol. Then the MPs should sign with blood their loyalty to the Don and promise never to break the codes.

This is just a mockery of the Parliament, but the same parliament was attacked by Strangers to save this law. So the NRM Caucus shows that the President and his will are above the LAW. The President and in his favor can do what ever he wants, and everyone else has to obey. They didn’t obey and didn’t vote in favor of the President. Therefore, they have to punished. It is insane and foolish.

There is no honor among thieves, clearly that is the case at the 10th Parliament of Uganda. Peace.


Mugabi, Sam Ibanda – ‘ NRM MPs who voted against lifting of age limit asked to apologise; or face action’ (10.01.2018) link:

Opinion: Mr. Life-President Museveni is apparently a little bit testy!

There is no shadow of a doubt that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a testy and a sour old man, who expects to praised and loved. Therefore, when people doesn’t show him love, he forces himself on you and the public in ways than none other he could. So when he was worried that no one was interested in his New Years Address to the Public. He used the Uganda Communication Commission to use licenses agreement to force the broadcasters on TV and Radio to show his speech. Everything else had to stop and his voice and wonderful poetic words of wisdom had to shared countrywide.

It is just daunting that this man is living in bubble, in a bubble of yes men and dozens of useless cronies. While several family members and clan people without knowledge or clue are running key institutions and businesses. That this President doesn’t see his mismanagement or are blind by his own EGO is not easy to say. But clearly, he is short-sighted. As during the General Elections of 2016, when he was planning more rigging. The President paid dozens of Pastors and Clergy a visit, he gave dozens of them cars and envelopes so they could spread the Yellow Steady Progress.

Now that he has signed himself recently into life presidency, as the terms are supposed not to end in 2021, but in 2023. Since the Private Bill of Raphael Magyezi got signed, the infamous and deception bill ‘Constitutional Amendment Bill No. 2. of 2017’. Is now enacted after the Parliament after shady dealings and “consultations fees”. Has pushed through and forced Museveni on them. While they returned the Presidential Limits, like they matter. They will be taken away, if Museveni still breathes by the end of the next coming two terms. We know it and they know it.

That is why it is interesting and sad, that the President and his fellow cronies cannot manage some questions from a Bishop. If you are so high and mighty, life president, why worry about what a some clergy men are saying in Church? Why are you so worried and why does Ofwono Opondo care? He liked it when the paid and gave SUVs to Pentecostal Pastors during the elections. Then they could have a summit with the President and pledge allegiance to their earthy king and get fed too!

Now, that he has signed the doomsday bill, the one bill made for his legacy, the one where he proved for the second time; that the Constitution has to be altered when it doesn’t fit. Just as before the 2006 elections, the same happen now before he turned 75 officially. Who knows how old Museveni really is, he could be older than Moses for all we know. The documentation we do have is shady and weak enough for any public official. He even tried to forge a birthday and age in 2016, without anybody believing the trick.

That is maybe why he is so defensive, he struggles with the fact. The fact that he is living on lie, the lie is that he is not popular, he is not elected by the people and he is not loved by the people. The people he serves despise him and dislike him. The ones near him who is not family or clan-members are only there to eat and couldn’t care less about him. The former friends are now bitter enemies and easily become targets. Therefore, it is very few he can trust.

President Museveni is clearly loosing edge and knows it. His aides knows it and the defenses are becoming so benign. The reality is that Age Limit Bill of 2017. Is now the ones sealing his final chapter. The chapter that dissolved the whole idea of liberation. He is now the Mobutu in the flesh, he is now despot for life. Nothing change him from his predecessors. The only thing is the name and the promise he had in the late 1980s and early 1990s. That train has left, there is no slow train coming of promising reforms. Only more shady deals, trying times of paying back gained debt and troubled waters of insecurity created by his vicious political games. We can just imagine what the outcome can be.

What we do know, is that NRM and Museveni is testy, they cannot mange to be question. Not even by a Bishop. Not by Clergy, then they cannot manage to be questioned by anyone. They are now walking on thin ice and wondering when they will fall through and drown. That is what Museveni and NRM fears. They will not say it, but they knew they spiked their own water when the President signed the bill.

We just have to await and see how long for the spiked water to have an affect and self-destroy. Peace.

Opinion: The Coup d’etat of 1986 continues to this day!

The Coup d’etat of 1986 where Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was sworn-in on the 29th January 1986. Since then he has never left. He went to civil war against Uganda People’s Congress and the Second Term of President Dr. Milton Obote. For reasons, which he himself embodies over the years. The rigged election of 1980 are similar to ones today. National Resistance Movment (NRM) are doing the same with his rigged Electoral Commission. Delivering the results he needs and not the will of the people.

We should have seen this day of his Life Presidency a long time ago, as he ended these words on the steps of the Parliament on the 26th January 1986:

To conclude, I am appealing to those people who are trying to resist us to come and join us because they will be integrated. They should not waste their time trying to fight us because they cannot defeat us. If they could not defeat us when there were just 27 of us with 27 guns, how can they defeat this army which you saw here? They cannot defeat us, first of all, because we have a correct line in politics which attracts everyone. Secondly, we have a correct line of organisation. Thirdly, our tactics are correct. We have never made a mistake either in strategy or tactical calculation. I am, therefore, appealing to these people not to spill more blood, especially of the young men who are being misled by older people who should know better” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 26.01.1986).

President Museveni said it back then and acts similar as the Constitutional Amendment Number 2, the Raphael Magyezi Private Bill that got voted in twice today. Will now be written into law. So President Museveni can stand again as President in the next election in 2023. He can stand for two more terms. That means he would have official 7 terms in office. Unofficially 9 terms, as nobody are counting the first decade of his rule.

We can question the moral judgment of the all the Members of Parliament who voted to lift the Age Limit. The Article 102(b) who was part of the Constitution to safeguard and to make sure the President wasn’t of advanced age and had the mental capacity to do the job and represent the people in all aspects. Clearly, it wasn’t about discrimination of the elderly. Then the same MPs has to change the laws for others Civil Servants and not let them retire so early. Since the President should be that special of a person.

It is incredible, that a Liberator, a so-called Revolutionary are going to this step to stay in power. That he goes to this length, pushes the buttons at this stage and amputate the Constitution in his favor. Pays the NRM MPs and also others in favor of it with 40 Million Shillings. That the President are doing this just for himself. Shows the disregard of all the citizens of the Republic. Only care for his own existence and his own power.

The power corrupt and has made him into a Smeagol, who is keeping his “precious” power ring all to himself. We are wondering when the President will walk to Mount Doom and get his legacy into the burning fires of the volcano. The ring that he has forged himself on the Parliament steps of 1986. Is something he cannot be able to leave. Therefore, every time he is on his last term, he has fixed the Constitution to fit him. The same happen today, the ring is not ending. It continues and its eating him. He is becoming more addicted to ring and cannot let go.

President Museveni isn’t a victim, he is using the ring to extend his powers and his rule. His reign is continuing and not letting it go of it. He never will, he will change the laws until he stops breathing and looting the Republic.

Museveni thinks he has the ‘Correct Line’ but he is wrong. Dangerously wrong. There is no return from self-inflicted life presidency. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will go into history as the rebel who turned into the captor and hostage taker for decades upon end. The dictator and the despot who never ceased to give in and give up. Who had issues with killing in his own republic or using the national army as mercenaries in the bordering countries in the East African Community or the Horn of Africa.

That is the man, that was voted for and got all support from the Parliament today. On the 20th December 2017, it has been 11,648 days since he was first sworn-in as President, which is 31 Years 10 months and 10 days.

Clearly, he lives in the state of mind, that he cannot be defeated. What wounds he will collect and with destroying the legacy of his Constitution. The proof that it has no value was shown today for the whole world to see. It is now amended for the one who feels superior, who no one can beat and no one can take down. The one with the Correct Line.

However, that will not last forever, the NRM and Museveni has already lasted for this long. Nothing is written that it will last much more. But that depends on the react from Ugandans. From the people of the Republic. If they want to get rid of this man with his “precious” power.

The Smeagol, the Gollum and the addict of power. Museveni has his precious. How long that is his to keep. Is not up to him, but to the people of the Republic. So what say you, can he be defeated? Peace.

Opinion: The Age Limit is lifted, so the year of 2031 is now the end-game for Museveni!

The Members of Parliament (MPs) accepted the Second Reading, they have re-instated the Presidential Term Limits. The are now two terms. Its ironic, because that provision was taken away in 2005. So that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni could run in 2006. The 10th Parliament has gone back on that, but changed other parts too.

The House reinstates the presidential terms in the Constitution by passing clause 105 of the Bill. The clause states that, “A person shall not hold office as President for more than two terms”” (Parliament of Uganda, 20.12.2017).

They have from now changed their terms from 5 years to 7 years. That means the end of this term is 2021, but is 2023. The Members of Parliament in the republic, really has an issue with representation. If you cannot deliver within time of 5 years. Trust me, you never will. These characters would care or wouldn’t dare to deliver anything else then selfish agenda or paid by lip service of the President.

The two terms are just a mockery, because they also lifted the age limit. Meaning that if your of any age, you can become a Presidential Candidate. Even though, at this very moment, no one else will dare President Museveni. We know that this is nonsense.

We know that they have had three days of chaos and it ends in these acts of destruction. They did it with enough votes, even some from the opposition giving enough support for the majority.

317 voted in favour of the motion.

97 of the members voted against

2 members abstained” (Parliament Watch, 20.12.2017).

So the majority won and they voted on the provisions. That the MPs saw it fit to extend the terms of all parts of elected officials from the President to Local Councilors. Clearly, they are not seeing their ill attempt of hostile takeover, as they lifted the age limit today too. Even if they added the term limits again. Which doesn’t make sense?

Why have an issue with age? When you are stating the needs of terms?

Also, if I was a lawyer, I would really put in application that the man who has been in charge since 1986. Have already had his two terms after the Constitution. Meaning, he should step down immediately. He is in official 5th Term, since the world is counting from 1996 and not 1986. Which in itself is a disgrace for the decade he was running non-official after the coup d’etat. So unofficially he is on his 7th Term, already!

Therefore, with this in mind, that he is on his 5th term. Why should they let him be on the ballot on his sixth official in 2023? Why should he? He breaching the status of the Constitution and the newly adopted term limits. Or is this term not counting since it was put into law now, and therefore only will matter from the two next? Is that the stat of mind of the MPs and Museveni?

He is official 72 years old now in 2017 by 2031 he would be 86 years old. That as if it is his real age. Since he has changed that with time and records of his schooling has been missing. Also forged church records doesn’t help either. So not like Museveni himself is a trustworthy character in that sense.

Let me just be clear about this all. It is tragedy, a misery and total destruction of the Constitution. The 1995 Constitution has no value. The provisions of law is just a front. The National Resistance Movement, does what it needs to stay in power and uses all sorts of tricks to do so. They don’t care about the effects or the results of their acts. They just do it anyway.

The NRM and Museveni are really ruling on impunity and now doing it from the Parliament. The Parliament of 2017 are self-inflicting wounds in favor of the President. Museveni has his cronies, but should be aware. The state he is running can crack at any moment. This sort of acts is vicious and destructive. It is the second time it happens on his accord, when he needs it.

Mr. I Will Change the Constitution When I Need It!

Today is tragic day, depressing day, 2nd reading and the 3rd reading is on the way after certain changes of the law. The NRM and the Parliament has had no trouble putting Museveni in forefront of what is important for the country. Country comes second or third, but first Museveni. Also, they get a bargain, they get 7 years as electives and MPs. They are giving themselves more time rule with this contempt of their own people and their will. Not caring about the sentiments and the tiredness of Museveni’s rule.

At some point the water will run over from the glass. Waiting for the one drop to let flow over on the whole table. Just waiting for the public to rise against this oppression and despotic rule. Where laws and regulations only matters to the rest, but not his elite. The state is now in contempt of its own citizens and their will. There are some NRM MPs who “No” against the motion and against the provisions. But they we’re too few, especially considering that the bill also got opposition MPs who actually voted for it. That shows that some of them also got something promised by the President.

Before the Third Vote and the Second Vote of the Day. Many of the Opposition Members of Parliament, the many of them opposing the bill and provisions anyway. Fled the Chambers and left the place after the defeat. They didn’t care to stay and see the bill enacted by Parliament.

Know that the Constitution doesn’t matter for the ones voting for this bill. They don’t care about what they do and how it might inflict massive amounts of pain to their constituents. Since they are making sure they can be their representatives longer and their name is now associated with making Museveni president for life.

It is now sealed. There is no going back. The Changes of law is just to fit. Nothing else. Nothing else matters for him.

The MPs of all kind who has ushered this in. Shall be remembered. They did this and they made way for it. Even if it was the deal between them and him. Still, their votes and their arguments was for his intentions to never leave.

The two terms back is mockery of common sense. Then he should step down. Its insulting that they are extending their terms from 5 years to 7 years. All of this is foolish, it is in contempt of justice and rule of law.

I got no more to say. It was a terrible day, it has yet to end, but the end-game was expect, but still hurting knowing the consequences of these activities by these so-called representatives of the republic. They should be ashamed and be disgraced, but we know they will get monetary gains for their support of this. Peace.

Age Limit: 2nd Plenary Sitting on the 2nd Day with a long debate, but no resolution or vote!

The Second Reading has now taken two days. Soon the reported time of three days after delivery is actually within sanctioned time. Since the morning plenary reading was chaotic and was a disarray. After 2PM the Second Plenary Sitting and Session in the Chambers. The tone seems different and the Parliament went more like normal. It lasted for over 7 hours with debate. Also 73 Members of Parliament said their peace. Both Opposition Members and National Resistance Movement MPs. Clearly, the Opposition was most direct against it, not surprisingly, but the NRM loyalists really want to show their heart.

This Plenary Sitting hasn’t been fruitful, even with showing know progress or any result. At least the MPs and the Speaker Kadaga can rest assure, that the public saw some calm and clear minded representatives. Still, the factor remain. When and at what point will they finish the second reading and all the needed motions, so they can deliver this bill to the President.

They are expected to take a vote after debate tomorrow. So expect a long day with lots of arguments. Even if the NRM regime and MPs are relaxed. Since they got the majority and near the levels of legal binding votes to get the bill over the finish line. Then they can eat the consultation money and also the bribes payed for doing so. That is ordinary, it isn’t only the 30 million shillings, but talk of even more shillings for the vote.

We can see that the NRM are ready and just wants to show loyalty and support to Museveni. Therefore, their support and their words are pure cronyism. There is no soul or address, that shows the positive changes. They are all swallowing the Majority Report and uses the arguments from there. Non has their own independent mind, however, that is not the will of Museveni anyway. So many of them said the Constituencies and their people said to touch it. That is why they are there.

It is hard to believe so, when the big statistics and polls has shown the districts in general are up to about 80% who wants the Age Limit to stay. Clearly, the MPs must have bribed their constituency, if not they are lying through their teeth.

What we can wonder, since there is a vote tomorrow. Will they try to push the law in or accepted the motion for ending the second and third reading. So they can gear-up the speed for voting it in and making it law. That would be convenient for the President and for the NRM. So they are done before Christmas, the gift that some wanted to put a yellow ribbon and call it a day.

We can wonder if there will strangers tomorrow. If the streets will be littered with Military Police, Special Forces Command and Police Officers. Since the times when it has been needed by the state. They have sent their security officials before to hold the opposition members. Expect them to be taken if they vote against the will of the President. Even if it means that Museveni are implicating himself even more.

Well, the law is all about him and his needs. This law isn’t about discrimination or older people’s place in society. That is just a front, because of Museveni’s age. The age that no-one can be sure about. Because different pay, says different thing.

Tomorrow morning, the whole thing starts up again. We cannot know and have knowledge how many who will be debating then. We know that Kagada is gearing up for a vote and that means the gloves will be off. The NRM and the Parliament needs closure of this. Museveni needs his stick, so he can continue to rule. Without any consideration of the implications of doing so. He is just self-centered and wants to be king as long as he lives. Peace.

Age Limit: The Dawn of a New Day of Destruction, with Soldiers lurking within the Chambers!

Dr Sam Lyomoki: “since you have suspended the rule that governs debate on what rule should the debate proceed?”

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga: “just go on and debate”

We know that the 10th Parliament already has Uganda People’s Defence Force Members of Parliament, but these are generals and high-ranking officials elected there by some sort of function. Which is needed group to secure the National Resistance Movement will and overpower of the minority in the Parliament.

However, as it followed yesterday’s chaos. It has not been any better or faired any smoother in the chambers today. Again, it is not important what been discussed today or which laws that are amended. Even if it is talking about longer extensions of terms for Members of Parliament and by all means the President. This all about the will of the President, who wishes to rule for life. No matter how hectic, how foolish or ignorant of the laws he created in 1990s. There are no bounds to his self-inflicting wounds.

Today there are signs of unarmed police officers in the chambers and also de facto soldiers hanging around eating and enjoying themselves. All of that created massive chaos. So the discussions or debate got silenced. Even several of MPs tried to fight for the microphone. There has been mentioned that it was 300 soldiers within the chapel of the Parliament, fully equipped with arms. Clearly with intention of creating tension. They succeeded.

The Parliament for the second day in the morning was cancelled or adjourned until 2 PM! They do not like to do it the silent way. It has to be a mess, with suspensions and with soldiers. It is much at stake, which strangers has to be in the chambers and security officers of all kinds has to wander in the chambers of the parliament.

We can just wonder what is next. This battle for life presidency is not over and will take its toll and make people wounded. Either in spirit or in their hearts. Certainly, the National Resistance Movement and their President cannot be giddy. This is moving slowly and showing their ignorance of their own chambers, their own National Assembly, just so their master and leader can rule for life. Is that the price for his rule? Therefore, he can destroy the sanctity of the chambers. Make the assembly who creates laws into a place of heresy and make it ungodly? Is that the will of President Museveni?

There is very or little honor left in this men. If there was any, the NRM regime are ready to swallow all the venom, so Museveni can live and die as President. Not caring about the effect or the message, they are sending. The soldiers used the gates between the President’s Office and the Parliament to access the chambers. Clearly, in violation of the order from Speaker to seal of that way. If so, it might just been for the show and they knew all along that they planned to do it this way.

Let the ill-advised saga continue. Peace.

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