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President Mnangagwa speaks of Unity, but continues to blame MDC for Harare Violence!

In Harare on the 1st August 2018 as the demonstrations was happening, the Zimbabwe Defense Force went into total mayhem. They killed 6 civilians and hurt a dozens more. That was the result after the army was called in quell the demonstrations. This happen as the Police was looking at the situation and not interfering in the army use of live bullets against unarmed civilians. No one should say, that when using guns, there wouldn’t be casualties… the fatal killings was on orders by the higher power. If that was Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga or President Emmerson Mnangagwa. However, he and the authorities are under control of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), who clearly did this to send the message.

Therefore, today two weeks after, the President continues to blame the biggest opposition party, as he ordered or his fellow brothers ordered soldiers to the streets on that day. Still, he blames Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC Alliance). Because, why not? It is easy to blame the unarmed civilians, but not the soldiers aiming into the crowds with live bullets. That is how foolish Mnangagwa is, it is insane, but that is Mugabe Swagger. The swagger of blood and tears of others, that gives him and junta strength.

Extract of Mnangagwa’s speech:

These were held in a peaceful environment where citizens were able to exercise their democratic rights without fear or intimidation. Allow me, to extend my sincere appreciation to the whole nation for observing peace, before, during, and after these harmonized elections. This has made us proud as a nation. I am however deeply concerned with the incidents of violence that rocked the streets of Harare at the instigation of some members of the MDC Alliance leadership, which subsequently resulted in the regrettable loss of lives, injury to persons and damage to property. On behalf of Government, and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved families and relatives of the victims of the politically motivated violence. We strongly condemn these barbaric acts of violence. Let me once again state that violence and intolerance have no place in the new Zimbabwe, in our Second Republic. We continue to call for restraint, peace and more peace throughout the country. The new dispensation has opened up the country’s democratic and economic space and demonstrated that Zimbabwe’s democracy has matured. This, however, should never be abused. Let us bury our political differences and focus on rebuilding a prosperous Zimbabwe as one family” (Emmerson Mnangagwa – ‘Full Text: President Mnangagwa Defence Forces Day Speech’ 14.08.2018, Onesimo, link: https://news.pindula.co.zw/2018/08/14/full-text-president-mnangagwa-defence-forces-day-speech/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare).

We can see that Mnangagwa are blaming the MDC Alliance, but not taking responsibility for the havoc and killings done. That is all on the opposition who is under investigation. That he talks of abuse of democracy, but sending soldiers against civilians is cool?

Good to know what he stands for and what is level of justice. Because that demonstrators are in the streets is a big problem. Than, there isn’t much for democracy, more a militant government ready, to aim and shoot at them. If they don’t follow the President and the Generals orders.

It is hard to see it has matured, as the silence and allowed movement was in the days before the polls, but the system and institutions was all under control. There wasn’t a free and fair elections, it was ready make him and ZANU-PF the winners. That is why there been double counting of polling stations and not shown the proper voter-roll and even the tenders of the ballots. There haven’t been a trustful process from Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). This knows Mnangagwa, but he tries to make this Harmonized Elections as wonderful as possible, but the ones who has followed it. Knows it fell short of certain vital aspects to be a credible election.

He can call for restraint of the Republic. Maybe, first not order the soldiers to kill civilians. That would really help. How can you be united, when you are calling the other party criminal, as you are blaming them for your orders. That is how to disenfranchise parts of the population, while not taking responsibility for own actions.

Mnangagwa should take responsibility, it would different for him. He has usually blamed everyone else. From Joshua Nkomo, Morgan Tsvangirai and now Nelson Chamisa. It would be healthy for him to show some courtesy… but that isn’t in him. The true colors of Mugabisms is all in the open.

Enough for now. Peace.


Mnangagwa is ready to use the law as to tool to oppress the public: Prime Example now exiled Tendai Biti!

Today, on the 8th August 2018, just mere days before the inauguration, the President and his men have sided with using the law as a tool to oppress and create criminals. Instead of using the judiciary to catch criminals, they are now enforced to persecute the opposition. The first victim on the border to Zambia was Tendai Biti, the newly elected MDC Alliance MP and spokesperson, who has been charged with several counts as the soldiers, was killing civilians on the streets of Harare. Clearly, the authorities have handpicked the leadership; the army have even hounded the mother’s house of Biti in recent days. To really intimidate anyone who stands in their way.

“MDC Alliance principal Tendai Biti has been arrested at the Zimbabwe-Zambia border while trying to flee the country to seek asylum in neighbouring Zambia. Biti is in police custody and expected to be transported back to Harare to assist police with investigations into post-election violence which rocked Harare on August 1. On Monday, the Zimbabwe Republic Police said it was looking for nine senior MDC-Alliance officials, including Tendai Biti and Morgen Komichi, on allegations of inciting their supporters to embark on an illegal demonstration last Wednesday in Harare” (The Herald – ‘BREAKING NEWS: Fleeing Biti arrested’ 08.08.2018 link: https://www.herald.co.zw/breaking-news-fleeing-biti-arrested/).

This here is deliberate act of violence against the opposition, to secure the weakening of the MDC Alliance, they wouldn’t have picked another man for that reason. Neither the other leader named leaders, as they want to ensure the opposition get scattered and weak. They are using the law as a claw to destroy and silence it.

That is the sad reality of today, as Biti tried to escape, but didn’t, as the police and authorities catch up to him.

However, newer reports are that he is still on the way to Lusaka:

“This is what we know. Chirundu is a one-stop border post. Biti arrived with an asylum-related letter from the Zambian embassy. CID were in pursuit. He proceeded straight to Zambia immigration and passport stamped. Zim military intelligence then tries to detain him. Video doing rounds of “citizens arrest” is in fact Zimbabwe Military Intelligence officers in plain clothes. But because Biti was technically already in Zambia, Zambians had jurisdiction and after discussions with authorities, MI lost their catch and Biti allowed in. So Tendai Biti is in Zambia on his way to Lusaka where his asylum will be formalised. The Zambians have hosted many Zimbabweans since November coup, among them former President Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao” (ZimLive.Com, 08.08.2018).

This story is not over, as one of the key leaders of MDC Alliance is now in exile applying refuge. Clearly, the state is so vindictive, that he only see safety. That the law and the police are so harsh, that the only way out is exile. Says a lot about the affairs and what is going on. When one of the key leaders in the opposition and newly minted MP are fleeing, you just know that the policies and the methods used by ZANU-PF is wrong. That President Mnangagwa is using intimidation and the law to silence his opposition is striking. He is doing the same as in the past, but this time for his direct benefit and not for the Goblin.

Biti is a victim now, who wonder whose next up in line, but know that the authorities are hunting down the ones who standing in its way. Peace.

Mnangagwa is a bit too hostile to be a winner!

Swords can win territories but not hearts, forces can bend heads but not minds.”Mirza Tahir Ahmad

Emmerson Mnangagwa the announced winner of the Presidential Elections on the 2nd August 2018, which will be inaugurated on the 12th August 2018. However, if he was a real victor of the 30th July 2018 polls, then he wouldn’t need to crack-down on the opposition party Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance). If the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) was a real winner, they wouldn’t need the army to attack civilians and neither charge the MDC Alliance leadership for all sort of crimes.

This is just like the President likes the 1980s, when he was Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office. At that time Mnangagwa was charging the leadership in and around Joshua Nkomo. Now, he is doing the same to Nelson Chamisa, where the MDC Alliance leadership are getting charged and investigated. As he plans to set up a Commission to investigate the demonstrations, but that means he wants to wash his hands of the orders of sending soldiers with shoot-to-kill orders of civilians. While, the same soldiers have been trashing vendors in Harare and other places attacked people who voted for MDC. Clearly, this is not actions of a victor, but of loser on a vendetta.

Mnangagwa is repeating history and he does with the power, which was given him by the army in November 2017. Therefore, some part of this play is in the hands of General Constantino Chiwenga or Zimbabwe Defence Force (ZDF), who has ordered the soldiers into the streets and show the strength of the ZANU-PF. That is why the Herald is writing stories of the greatness of the party and saying none of the state sponsored violence is true. The killings of the civilians are blamed on hooligans. Vice-President Chiwenga surely has accepted all of this and all parts of the government are now trying to spin-it.

Mnangagwa we know this is the real you, your blaming everyone else, but part of the order and the machine of intimidation. Mnangagwa couldn’t have won a real election, he had to rig it. Therefore, he needs the army and the police to attack people into submission. That is what you are currently doing, with your activity. If your thinking this will open Zimbabwe for business, Mr. Mnangagwa your wrong, unless your only seeking loans from Beijing, because they don’t give a crap until your topped-up and they can take the resources you have. That is what China does, but by that time your dead and the next generation are repaying on the topped up debt.

Well, Mnangagwa, this is clearly showing that your character is to use force and not be gentle. Your not a gentleman and the stamp of Crocodile is for a reason. Your a seasoned man for violence and it is showing. Your speaking of peace, but using the sword. Peace.

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Opinion: I didn’t know the MDC could order the army? – ZANU-PF charges them for doing so!

The winners of the 30th July 2018 polls have been the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and also their incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa who also win another term. But like so many other sham elections, they have to go on assault on the opposition to legitimize their own existence.

Because now the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC Alliance) are under siege by the Zimbabwe Republican Police, who has put charges on 26 MDC Officials. This after the authorities ordered the army to quell demonstrations, which was fatal, the day after a shut-down of the streets and announcement of the Presidential Election. Finally, now mere days after making them criminal, as they are the arch enemy of the state for running against the ZANU-PF. Even as the Army had rifles and killed civilians demonstrating, still, they are roaming free; while the MDC is charged.

Police confirmed arresting 26 suspected MDC Alliance officials yesterday following the violent clashes in Harare on Wednesday which injured several people after the army used live ammunition to break the ugly demonstrations against alleged bias by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and delays in the release of Monday poll results. At the same time, police said it had obtained a warrant to search for grenades, firearms, ammunition and computers at the MDC headquarters” (Fungi Kwaramba & Jeffrey Muvundusi – ‘Crackdown on opposion MDC leaders’ 04.08.2018 link: http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/03/crackdown-on-opposion-mdc-leaders/).

If you feel the pain of innocent civilians dying and the opposition is being automatically put as suspects, even as the most easily seen suspects are the ones pulling out on the streets with guns. Which was the army and the soldiers, not the civilians demonstrating a sham election. However, to able to silence the population and also stops voices of reason; they have to charge the opposition and put them on trial.

That is what is happening and the formula isn’t new, this is a usual way of securing an illegitimate government. This is an ordinary post-election paradigm, especial after a fatal demonstrations, where the culprits is the ones sending the orders and being in charge, but putting the blame on the opposition instead. Who was unarmed and was just mere civilians. That is what is happening.

If the ZANU-PF thinks they are wise with this, they are not, they are playing themselves and making a mockery out of rule of law. Where they have the guns, where they have the power and where they are besieging the public space. The narrow space is freedom is disappearing and it happens fast. While the charges is going on the MDC Alliance offices has been raided and the proof of the idle ignorance of justice is appearing.

That ZANU-PF is illegitimate is in the acts of how they govern, if they were honest and truthful, they wouldn’t haven’t acted in this fashion. However, they appearance is more of Mugabeism’s than anything. Mnangagwa is filling his void and Operation Restore Legacy is to damage and destroy the opposition. Just like his master wanted too.

It isn’t beautiful, it is tragic and shows the disgraceful attempt of heist. Steal a republic and blame the other guy. That is what is happening, they are robbing the public and doing it by the barrel of the gun. If you think things better, you get wrong, the civil liberties will be violated and Mnangagwa will be the Supreme Overlord! Peace.

OSISA: “In Zimbabwe, our grant-making and advocacy work does not fund or promote violence: A response to the Herald and The Chronicle newspapers” (03.08.2018)

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