A look into the Motlanthe Report on the 1st August 2018!

Today, Kgalema Motlanthe Commission who was appointed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to investigate the 1st August Post-Election Violence in Harare have released the Report on the Investigation today. However, what is vital before reading this report, is that the President has recently promoted the Commander behind the violence, this being Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe, who has gone from being a Brigadier-General to Major General in the Presidential Guard. Therefore, don’t expect much pain to befall the ones who did the crimes. As they are already vindicated.

With that in mind, lets take the gist from the report:

The demonstrations which became riotous and caused extensive damage to property and injury had been incited, pre-planned and well organised by the MDC Alliance” (…) “Six (6) people died and thirty-five (35) were injured as a result of actions by the Military and the Police” (…) “The demonstrations started peacefully in the morning in front of Harvest House, MDC Alliance headquarters, and degenerated into violent protests as the demonstrators split and moved to HICC, ZEC Headquarters and ZANU PF headquarters (western side of the CBD) and ZANU PF Provincial Offices (eastern side of CBD) as the day progressed” (…) “The fact that the Police were severely depleted because of duties at polling stations throughout the country and that they were ill- equipped did not help the situation. As the demonstrations degenerated into a riot, the Police were overwhelmed” (…) “The deployment could only have been avoided if the Police were adequately experienced, better equipped, sufficient in numbers and more suitably organised. While recognising that in the circumstances, the deployment was unavoidable, the Commission considers that it would have been preferable if the Police had been able to deal with the situation on their own” (…) “However, the use of live ammunition directed at people especially when they were fleeing was clearly unjustified and disproportionate” (…) “The use of sjamboks, baton sticks and rifle butts to assault members of the public indiscriminately was also disproportionate” (…) “The Military should conduct an immediate and full audit of its standing orders and procedures for engagement in law and order enforcement operations, including riot control, in order to identify in an appropriate public report the lessons learnt and the tailored safeguards and targeted training to be undertaken to prevent any ill-discipline that could lead to loss of life and injury in the future on the part of its forces in highly politicised, tense, and stressful situations of crowd control. This would include the firing of warning shots not in accordance with its standing operational procedures” (…) “Those particular members of the Military and the Police found to have been in breach of their professional duties and discipline on the 1st of August 2018 should be identified as soon as possible for internal investigations and appropriate sanction, which should include hearing from the victims and their families for impact assessment and to provide the necessary compensation” (Mothlanthe Commission, 2018).

This is what I see as vital information from the Report. It really says the gist. This is the parts that says what is needed to know. It is the basic basis of what happen on the 1st August 2018. As there was violence and acts from authorities.

What I found striking was this:

The whole demonstrations started peaceful, but when the police got worried about the situation, they called in the Police and Army got into it. Than, the stirring of the pot and the violence got into play. The Police is ill-disciplined and the Army wasn’t following protocol concerning use of warning shots or live-bullets. They we’re acts who was disproportionate, they acted violently against the civilians who was not armed. That is the reality. The Commission has found the army and police acting vile. They we’re attempting to quell the demonstrations, but they seemed also to amplified it. That is how you can look into the report and understand it.

What is also special about the Commission is the blame on the MDC and the speeches there, but they didn’t say anything about the President or what he had done until the polls. Only that both parties had direct inflammatory speech. It wasn’t only Chamisa who spoke, it was also Mnangagwa too. That is if you follow the campaign, you could see it too. The hostility wasn’t a one-way street, there was to parties fueling this, but the Commission was ONE-SIDED on this manner. As they pledges in the beginning that the President is on the journey to inclusive and reconciliation of the Republic in general.

Nevertheless, the Report is saying something important that the Police and Military needs to investigate the ones behind the violence and harmed the public. That is hard to believe it will happen, as the Commander gotten higher ranks recently. This is a gift of pleasure, as the President offers a favor for favor. The President wants loyalty and therefore, giving him a higher position. That is the reality and why I don’t trust the Army to look into itself. Unless, the Operation Restore Legacy starts to work backwards and shots the Vice-President in his leg. But that will not happen. We all know that, only the naive believing that Mnangagwa do something after promoting the Commander behind the violence.

Pretty please, lets Pimpin’ Curly talk the business, because everyone else knows how this goes. ZANU-PF will not target itselt. They are only targeting the opposition and the men who stands in their way. Peace.



My honest letter to Nelson Chamisa: They were not stupid, they were supporting you!

Oslo, 15th November 2018

It was very stupid even for those people who demonstrated to demonstrate for the result to be released. It was stupid because they then opened themselves for attacks and manipulation and that’s my view. I’m not insulting them, but it was premature and they opened themselves to manipulation and violence,” – Nelson Chamisa (15.11.2018).

Dear Nelson Chamisa.

I am writing to you because you have forgotten your role as a leader, as a shepard and the ones people are looking up to, as a beacon of hope even. Especially, it was like that in the days in and around the Harmonized Elections. As you proclaimed the victor, even before the announced results where there and the ZANU-PF rule has persisted since.

Chamisa, let me be clear. I saw some hope and some vision in you. As you seemed like the youthful successor to continue the legacy and hard work of Morgan Tsvangirai. However, today you have shown your true character. As you was subpoenaed yesterday to meet with the Commission of the 1st August 2018 Post-Election Inquiry.

Seems that this has hurt you and made wounded. However, you we’re not touched as so many of your peers. There was plenty within the MDC-Alliance that spent time behind bars, six people lost their lives on the streets of Harare and dozens ill in the hospital with wounds. Wounds that they are healing today or even scarred for life. Because they had faith in you, Mr. Chamisa. They looked up to you. They saw hope and potential for a New Zimbabwe.

Today, when calling them stupid. You betrayed their cause. You betrayed yourself. You gave up on the cause and the vision. You left them astray, like cold coffee. They taste bad and isn’t fresh like hot coffee. Clearly, that is what you see now in November.

They walked on the streets for the MDC Alliance and YOU. They marched and protested because they looked up to you and wanted to show that. They voiced their concerns and sparked the protest as a proof of their loyalty to the cause. The cause of toppling the junta, the regime of ZANU-PF.

However, you have deemed them now, as the inquiry is coming, as irresponsible, as stupid and in contempt with wisdom. Instead of supporting their will of securing their ballots, their votes and their election. You have given that totally up and now even calling them names.

Chamisa, I thought you were better, but I was wrong. Terribly wrong. They demonstrated for you and your cause. Instead, you are saying they was manipulated. Was they by your team and the parts of your team that was behind bars in August? That is what I wondering about after your statement. Because you proclaimed victory and so did Tendai Biti. That is maybe even the manipulation you was serving these people. The people you called stupid.

That is distasteful and disgraceful to the ones who run out on the streets fighting for the ones who voted for you. Because that was the people who went out there. This wasn’t Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters, they was yours.

Best Regards

Writer of Minbane


Justin Manyenyere – ‘August 1 demonstrators stupid: Chamisa’ 15.11.2018 link: https://www.theindependent.co.zw/2018/11/15/august-1-demonstrators-stupid-chamisa/

Zimbabwe: ZIMTA – Press Release – Demand for Salaries in Foreign Currency (19.10.2018)

Zimbabwe: Finance Minister Ncube appointed Acie Lumumba as his mouth-piece!

The strongly spoken personality and active political operative Acie Mutumanje Lumumba was today appointed by Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube as the Chair of Communication Taskforce. Clearly, the controversial and former VIVA Zimbabwe have now gone back to the fold. He will now be the mouth-piece of the Finance Ministry. As they are in the midst of deadlock with levied taxes and lack of foreign exchange, lack of imports and long fuel ques. Clearly, these financial times will be hardship to explain the needs and be a voice of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

The Pfee will get a loyalist, even as he has just jumped back. Even when he was out, he was usually vocal of goodwill for the ruling regime. Therefore, he has been known on the outside of the Republic. Not only for the good news, but because of his attitude. That is why this is a proof that Acie is hungry and he needs to eat.

That they have hired him as he was vocal against Mugabe, shows that the new Finance Minister are seeing him as a tool and useful person to co-operate his messages. As the Ministry own Taskforce has to activate and secure their message out to the public.

This is the man, that has been disregarded, called foul-mouthed and fishing for relevancy in 2016. In 2017 he said Mnangagwa was the right man for the Zanu-PF. Now in 2018, clearly the fishing expedition of Lumumba has paid-off.

We can see what he will do, but he has to follow the program. He cannot rant and be himself. Stick to the message of Pfee and the ones in-charge. He might be the chair of a taskforce, but he will not be the kingpin. That will be Ncube who orders and says what Lumumba will sell. If it is toxic or unreal, if the loans are not happening or if they finances are worse; than what the regime wants to tell the public.

Acie Lumumba will now not be the renegade, the vocal figure, but he was only doing that for his own gain. It is not like he generated a following or anyone jumping behind him. He was speaking out his mind and another perspective, but not something that changed the narrative. The ZANU-PF did what it did.

Now they captured him and he will be the voice that Ncube needs. Peace.

Zimbabwe: ZERA – Press Statement on Artificial Fuel Supply Shortage (18.10.2018)

Zimbabwe: Press Statement by the Hon. Minister of Energy and Power Development – Dr. J. Gumbo on the use of Containers in Buying Fuel (17.10.2018)

Zimbabwe: A messed up Gumbo, a possible need for an authorization to use jerrycans for fuel!

Those using tanks, drums and jerry cans all, those forms of containers should stop and we are sending out inspectors and the Zimbabwe Republic Police and if anybody is going to be found maybe overcharging or using drums might have their licences withdrawn. We are not going to allow that…” – The Minister for Energy and Power Development Joram Gumbo (Maveriq – ‘Govt To Ban Jerry Cans, Drums, Fuel Containers At Service Stations – Energy Minister’ 16.10.2018, link: https://news.pindula.co.zw/2018/10/16/govt-to-ban-jerry-cans-drums-fuel-containers-at-service-stations-energy-minister/).

I thought the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) and the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa would open the Republic for business. Mnangagwa is clearly out on the line. The government have issued new taxes and the costs of everything has gone up. As well as the lack of foreign exchange is now rampant.

Since the added taxes on Mobile Money was enacted, the lack of US dollars and the imports of products have gotten worse. Even shops are lacking stocks and people were stockpiling before the shops gotten empty. With this has also started a fuel crisis. Where people are waiting in line for hours for fuel.

As this is getting worse now. The Minister for Energy Gumbo has issued statements of intent of authorization of usage of jerry cans, where you need to be Authorised and stamped by Environmental Management Agency, the District Administrator and Police Regulating Authority. Where the person who is allowed to bring a jerry can, has to write which station in question and address, also drivers license information and even how many liters of fuel is allowed to fill.

The Zanu-PF is really now making life harder, as the people using motorcycles, cars and lorries have to ask permission to fill fuel into jerry cans. This is done in 2018. If you thought things was bad during Mugabe. The rising inflation and the economic crisis of 2008 might be repeated. As the state is going even further with using tactics to stall the issue.

If the state is really doing this, they will be in a special state. Where the citizens are running between the authorities to get authority to use the jerry cans before going to the Petroleum-Station to get a refill of fuel.

This is a sign of how serious the lack of fuel is and what extent the state does to stop the usage of fuel. They wouldn’t do it, if they didn’t have issues with importing it and having enough foreign currency to afford new imports.

This crisis is created by the Zanu-PF and the citizens are paying. And they are making the matters worse. Instead of repealing the taxes to stop inflation and making things run out. They are instead making it harder for the public to get fuel in their vehicle. Peace.

MISA Zimbabwe: Private Media barred from covering Commission of Inquiry Hearing (16.10.2018)

Zimbabwe: The statement as given by Hon Monica Mutsvangwa (15.10.2018)

The Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe: Statement on the Medicine Shortages and Price Distortions (12.10.2018)

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