Opinion: Mwonzora should just join ZANU-PF [and the game is over]

The supposed “opposition” leader Douglas Mwonzora of the Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangrai (MDC-T). Have now told his Members of Parliament to not challenge the President or ZANU-PF. Mwonzora is loyal to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Parliament itself. As the MDC-T is wing-clipping the MDC-Alliance as a token friend of the government.

Mwonzora is the perfect ally of Mnangagwa. A man that can be compromised and used. Douglas only usage is to weaken the MDC-Alliance. That is clearly working, as they are losing seats in the Parliament and going after the other perks of the MDC-Alliance. Therefore, Mwonzora is getting all the blessings of being allied with ZANU-PF.

Douglas is a supposed “opposition” leader, as he now says there should be no chants or dissent towards the President. Mwonzora is clearly aiming to please the President and his Court. The MDC-T leader is really showing his hand. He could just be another comrade of the ZANU-PF.

Mwonzora could just be another brother joining the ZANU-PF like Obert Gutu and James Makore. It would make sense and it would be fair. We know that Mwonzora and Khupe would enjoy to get more perks and allowances. They would surely accept new titles and wealth. It wouldn’t be shocking, if Mwonzora and Khupe suddenly became part of “new” Government of National Unity (GNU). Though, they wouldn’t challenge the government, but work loyally for it.

Thokozani Khupe will not challenge Mwonzora on these statements. Both of them would work directly for the President and be at his becking-call. Nobody should be shocked by this. They have both been serving allies and that is why they are used to dismantle the MDC-Alliance. Everything that is going to MDC-Alliance is given to the MDC-T.

What is the most tragic is that Mwonzora is flying under the banner of Morgan Tsvangirai. He is really selling out his legacy and misusing his name. The MDC-T could just be a named as a proxy party for the ZANU-PF. Especially, the way Douglas is acting this day.

It wouldn’t be a contrast with Khupe as the leader. She wouldn’t change a thing. These two would sing a long with Mnangagwa no matter what. The ruling regime must be giddy. They are getting so much for spending so little.

Mwonzora is now proving that his a loyal token friend. He should do us all a favour and become a comrade. Instead of acting as an “opposition”. Douglas is trying to fool the public, but in the end… his only fooling himself. We know what his up to and what his doing.

Douglas Mwonzora should just kiss the ring and stop playing. This act is over and the play is at your wits’ end. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Joint Statement by the MDC-T Chief Election Agents on the Extraordinary Congress (28.12.2020)

MDC-T: Mwonzora Versus Khupe chaos at the Extra-Ordinary Congress

Advocate Thabani Mpofu, Nelson Chamisa’s lawyer, says he got a call from MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe seeking “my assistance” on her party’s congress after mistaking him with his namesake Thabani Vusa Mpofu, who works in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office; a dead giveaway” (TheNewsHawks, 27.12.2020).

The Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T) are today holding MDC-T Congress. Which they have been allowed to do by the Courts. The MDC-T have been a useful tool for the ZANU-PF as a coordinated way of stifling the MDC-Alliance after the last election in the 2nd Republic. The MDC-T two leaders have been served kindly by the state. Today’s Congress was supposed to settle this.

The MDC-T has made some “special arrangements” with public transporter, ZUPCO to ferry delegates to its extraordinary congress in Harare this Sunday amid reports of some missing party funds” (My Gowke Media, 27.12.2020).

However, what it has showed that you cannot trust crooks. As they are busy rigging and scheming behind the scenes. The two main candidates and the ones in-charge. Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe are both using various of tactics to get total control of the party. They are even adding delegates and fighting over supplementary rolls. These two cannot even agree on who is leading the party and who is the deputy.

The skeleton of a party and a tool in the shed of the regime. Is clearly not seeing that they are pawns and thinking they are more vital than they really are. No matter who would win of Mwonzora or Khupe. These are both projects and supported by the regime. They are both eating on the plate of the state and will be meal-ticket politicians.

These two are just being used and their legacy will be thereafter. They might not think like that right now. As their egos and wish to be supreme. No matter if the party isn’t all that and only a pawn in the grand scheme of things. It has served its purpose to weaken the MDC-Alliance. However, these sort of games delivered today. Only shows the bleak reality and that these folks isn’t there to regain power or be a viable opposition.

No, they have just found their day-job and a way to eat. They need the titles and the possibility to rule in a party like that. So that they can answer to the ZANU-PF and the President. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Joint Communique on the Public Service Commission (PSC) Fraud and Salary Announcement (15.10.2020)

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Opinion: What’s up, Mnangagwa?

‘What other fasting do you want Mr Mnangagwa? Zimbabweans are fasting already, they are hungry” (…) ”BULAWAYO – A man appeared in court on Tuesday accused of “insulting the president” after posting a video WhatsApp status of a woman criticising a call by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to “pray and fast” for divine intervention against the coronavirus in June” (Sipho Mabuza – ‘Man in court over WhatsApp status blasting Mnangagwa call for fasting’ 13.10.2020, Zimlive.com).

The New Dispensation was just a charade, a false promise, dammit, it was even false hope. The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and Second Republic is the regime of the henchmen of Mugabe. The henchmen who was vindicated by the overthrow of Mugabe, but coming with brutal force against his own.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa shows why he never shown any remorse for the Gukurahundi genocide in 1980s. The man who was in the forefront of that and delivering retribution on behalf of the state. Now, his in-charge and showing the same mentality. Using force, being a tyrant and going against the ones who stands in his way.

Mnangagwa cannot even stomach a quote, a citation or a blunt comment on social media. That is how small of man he is. That he cannot bare the content on social media. This is why he has arrested a man for mocking him online.

A President and his cronies should manage some mocking, jokes and criticism. However, there is proof that plenty of leaders are shallow and beneath their office. They cannot manage words or arguments against them. That is why they arrest dissidents and the ones exposing them. Something, the ZANU-PF have done to journalists and activists.

The arrest over a WhatsApp status shows how little of a man Mnangagwa is. His the man of Command Agriculture, Command Health Care and Command Fasting. He might not say it, but that is the truth. He wants to steam-roll and wants to be the honoured commander-in-chief. The President wants to be respected and glorified. However, there is no proof that his worthy of that.

Instead, his a man of military precision and expect people to be behind him. They are supposed to follow his orders and be praising his noble kind. Nevertheless, with his track-record and what he has delivered. There isn’t much to sing psalms about, neither to write a haiku about either. Only sentences of mocking and ask for a divine intervention from this wholly that is bestowed on the public.

President Mnangagwa should care that the currency reforms are fucked. That the inflation is infamous and that the salaries is in a deep incapacitation of civil servants. This is what he has delivered in combination with lack of freedom, liberty and association with dissidents. The state is going after them and using forceful means to silence its opponents.

Mnangagwa is going as far as arresting and charging a man over a WhatsApp status. The President must be proud of his work. He can be jolly and eat in a feast. While he lets the peasants starve. This is why his eating and they are getting scraps.

How dare they mock him, when they should praise him. They should be singing songs of wonders, of his beauty and of his greatness. Alas, that would only happen, if he actually did something and was sincere. Nevertheless, that isn’t the kind of man Mnangagwa is. It is easier to arrest people, than to actually develop society and make a difference. Peace.

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