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Zimbabwe: A Message From President Mnangagwa (24.06.2018)


Zimbabwe: Police Update on Investigations in Connection with the bomb blast at White City Stadium on 23 June 2018 (24.06.2018)

Zimbabwe: An Assassination Attempt at President Emmerson Mnangagwa!

On Mugabe at White City Stadium: “He said no no I didn’t fire you, he even offered me residence in his house but I told him that the people surrounding him wanted me dead.” – President Emmerson Mnangagwa (23.06.2018)

At the White City Stadium in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) held a rally ahead of the July 30th Elections, as the President Emmerson Mnangagwa had addressed the public. There was a blast of bomb near the VIP Part of the Stage, the President was able to get whisked away. Some are even contending that people threw a grenade towards the President. The last part hasn’t been verified.

There been several politicians and officials who has gotten hurt. Including 2nd Vice President Kembo Mohadi, retired General Englebert Rugeje and others was hurt by the bombs and grenades. There has even been reports of gunshots immediately happening after the bomb. As Mnangagwa was whisked away, also that two of the Presidential Aides died in the blast. Clearly, someone had planned this and wanted to secure his fate.

However, he came unscratched from it and was whisked away, while others has been hit by the violence hitting the VIP Stage of the Stadium. The President has later visited the ones hurt by the bomb at the Hospital in Bulawayo. Therefore, the hurt is there after the plot to kill the President. This is only hurting the cause of a peaceful transition, as he has himself been victimized by the attack on him. It is terrible sign of the days and a month ahead of the elections.

We can wonder whose behind this and who thinks this is a good idea, the coup to bring down Mugabe wasn’t without bloodshed and a peaceful transition should be like that. Even as the ZANU-PF is infused and controlled partly by the army. Therefore, you can wonder who has the capacity to aim at the king in Zimbabwe. Who knew and could stage this bomb close to the President. This has been prepared the VIP stage. The group who did this, knew exactly where and at what time the bomb should go off. Even if it didn’t hit the President, close allies and aides gotten hurt.

Therefore, this is just sad for Zimbabwe. This is going back in time and assassination plots is never positive, it is deliberate action of retribution towards the ones the other party wants dead. This is either revenge or a plot for political change through a fatal outcome. That is not mere foul play, but high risk gamble for supremacy.

Whoever behind this should be afraid of what the ZANU-PF would cook-up, as this will not create a better political space in the days ahead. Unless, the President will be the bigger man and let the Security Organization handle investigations and find the culprits. However, this is a sad day for Zimbabwe.

Assassination plots is never good news, it is sad news. Nothing good has ever come out of assassinations, usually more bloodshed and death of innocent people. That is not needed or something that should be promoted. Peace.

Zimbabwe Peace Project: Setting the Record Straight (19.06.2018)

Zimbabwe: Chiwenga says “the Coup” is lasting until the polls are over!

VP Chiwenga says Operation Restore Legacy which started on Nov 17 ends with voting for Emmerson Mnangagwa & his team in Parliament & local authorities on July 30” (The Herald Zimbabwe, 17.06.2018).

Today, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga really proven his democratic will and show that the junta is fired up by the military, who brought down the presidency of Robert Mugabe in November 2017. That the VP is saying this a month ahead of the polls proves the Zimbabwean African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), real progression is the change of the name of the President, but their action is only the military intervention. This brought in the Presidency of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga is stating, that the military are continuing their efforts until the polls are done.

This means the army is planning to interfere in the elections in favor of the ZANU-PF. Mnangagwa and the Lacoste took over with the blessing of the army. The bloodless coup of November 2017 was to make sure the Mugabe era ended, also the end of the Mugabe Family looting of the Republic. They also did this because the relationship between the army and the Mnangagwa fraction of the ZANU-PF party, as the G-40 wanted Grace Mugabe as their VP and successor of Robert. That was all put down, when the military intervened. Now the VP and former chief of the military are saying the coup will continue until the future is sealed for Mnangagwa.

That Chiwenga claims Operation Restore Legacy are continuing, means that if things doesn’t go as the military favors it. They will intervene and secure the future of the ZANU-PF they needs. This means that if the people want something else, expect the military to intervene in favor of the Mnangagwa presidency.

The Lacoste fraction and the military part of the cabinet. Shows already their position in the new formed government. The importance of the military is really there, when Chiwenga has become the VP. This is all a proof, that the election are made to legitimize Mnangagwa and his new government. The election is there to secure the future and make validate the coup. Therefore, the ZANU-PF just want to continue and not change pattern.

If they wanted to change and wanted real democracy, the ZANU-PF and Chiwenga wouldn’t say that the Operation Restore Legacy are continuing until the polls. Because then the Coup is officially still on to serve the purpose of Lacoste. Not being an official election where the goal is for the people’s real choice, but securing the will of the army.

That is what I understand when Chiwenga says Operation Restore Legacy is on and until the polls is done. That means the people’s will isn’t important. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Statement from ZAPU on Political Cooperation during and after 2018 Elections (15.06.2018)

Opinion: National Patriotic Front (NPF) is not ready to run in the upcoming elections!

I know that this should be surprising to anyone, as the National Patriotic Front (NPF), the G-40 and Robert Mugabe sponsored Opposition Party is far from ready to run in any elections. That is evident with the recent internal squabble and also news of recalling of their Interim President Ambrose Muthinhiri, while now the current president has become Eunice Sandi-Moyo. Jealousy Mawarire the spokesperson cannot flatter the situation or change the circumstances.

The NPF is not ready for this election, they are far from it, when they cannot decide direction. Not that I want a Goblin sponsored party to be associated in an alliance with Nelson Chamisa and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Still, the NPF are not strong or wise enough to pick the road forward to the polls in July 2018. Its only under 2 months to final destination and now they are going in circles, instead of moving forward.

This here is gold-jar for the President Emmerson Mnangagwa, if the MDC are accepting this and plays along for the cash-cow of Mugabe. They are really just being tools for their new found place in the political landscape. ZANU-PF can spoil this and say the MDC is for no change, if they are following and accepting the Goblin supported services. If they even adds Grace Mugabe on the ticket as VP. Than, they are adding here like the late reports of 2017. When Mnangagwa was sent into exile in South Africa and reports was ready for Grace to rise to power. Then, they are back to pre-coup time.

NPF is eating out of this, even if they have internal problems and showing different fractions. This not long after the launch and being registered in the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The Party is fresh and not established. Therefore, changing interim President of NPF is a sign of weakness. Not that I am sad about that, because the Goblin shouldn’t be involved in politics, neither Grace. Both of them should retire and be relaxing at the Blue Roof. They have done more than enough and shouldn’t play at this high stakes game.

The MDC should favor themselves away, still they haven’t done so. This is a gold-mine for the ZANU-PF. It is like Mnangagwa got a birthday gift and anniversary present, that no one could foresee.

Clearly, the NPF are possibly comic relief with a twist of a goblin. That is worrying, but the MDC hasn’t shown character, as they could possibly be friends with former enemies. All of that is just weird. The NPF is not ready. Not ready at all, as long as they have inside issues. They should not try to gain votes. The NPF needs to fix the shop before trying to sell a product. Peace.

Opinion: The MDC & Chamisa should distance themselves from the NPF endorsement!

If your sincere, you know that Robert Mugabe is a supposed veteran and also a relic on the blue-roof. He has supported and is still active behind the scenes. That is why he suddenly has created with his fraction a new Political Party called the National Patriotic Front. However, they have now endorsed the Movement for Democratic Change and Nelson Chamisa for President. Do the MDC and Chamisa want this?

Mugabe has been looting and destroying lives for 37 years. Yes, his cadres and close cronies has eaten in these years. But the histories of misery and the rotten state. Should make you vomit and wonder why Mugabe isn’t litigated or on trial. That is why I wonder, why the MDC isn’t reacting to this or distance themselves. They should. They should blaze guns and say: “We don’t need the endorsement of NPF”. Because then they are silently accepting the fate and the place of Mugabe in politics. Even after he stepped down and supposed to be in retirement. Then the long years of fighting him was futile. Since you still needs his kiss of death, even after he was kicked out of office.

The MDC and Chamisa. Step your game up. This is a slip-up, this is worse than anything. This is getting support from the man you celebrated in November 2017 was ended. That his time was over and time for a New Zimbabwe. If you believe in a new Zimbabwe, you cannot be associated with people who are jumping in bed Mugabe. What difference does that do?

Not that President Emmerson Mnangagwa or anyone of the ZANU-PF is any different from Mugabe at this point. But if your supposed to challenge the ruling regime and their ways. You need to be different. Not more of the same. Then there is no difference between the Crocodile and the newcomer Chamisa. You don’t want that. Then it is just a continuation of the 37 years. There will be nothing significantly different. Accept for the name on the billing and the supposed party structure.

Anyone with sense. Would distance themselves from the NPF endorsement. The Mugabe association should be distanced, they should call it out and say they don’t want this cold-coffee. They want the straight brew from someone legit.

Chamisa step-up if you care. No PR Stunt, No big play of words. Just say “Hell No, I don’t want to associated with Mugabe and his new party”. That is not hard, but very important. Peace.

Zimbabwe Council of Churches: Call for a non-violent and forward looking Election Campaign Period (04.06.2018)

ZHLR: Fresh Clampdown on Dissent as Zim Authorities Charge Man for Undermining Mnangagwa (28.05.2018)

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