Ethiopia: Joint Oromo CSOs letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – Re: Dire Situation of Prisoners of Conscience on Hunger Strike in Ethiopia (24.02.2021)

Ethiopia: Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team – Kaliti Prison Administration Prohibited Mr. Bekele Gerba’s Eye Treatment For The Second Time (24.02.2021)

Mr. Bekele Gerba has been prevented from receiving his scheduled eye treatment again today. It’s well known that he has been treated by an eye specialist for the last several months on regular bases. He used to be treated at WAGGA private eye clinic since his arrest.
Accordingly, he was scheduled to receive laser treatment last Wednesday. However, the prison administration refused to take him, as a result it was rescheduled for today.
After the prison administration told him they will take him to his appointment this morning, it was later learned that they could not take him due to a superior order from above. Doctors have warned him missing his regular treatment will result in permanent loss of his left eyesight.
The prison admnistration is well aware of this, but continues to prevent Mr. Bekele from getting his eye treatment. Refusing medical treatment has become common after Oromo political prisoners started the hunger strike.

Ethiopia: Tigray is not all accessible for humanitarian organizations

The Office of the Prime Minster Ahmed Ali Abiy published today a statement, which it did refute the idea that humanitarian agencies lack of access in the Tigray Region. A region where there been 4 months of conflict since 4th November 2020. All of this time, there been hot-minutes of entries, but not a fully operational of humanitarian operations there.

The Law Enforcement Operation have made things volatile and a huge humanitarian crisis of such proportions that we cannot have idea about. This because several of parties have been involved in the warfare there. This being the Ethiopian Army, Eritrean Army and Amhara Para-Military troops (FANO). These three allies are going after the outlawed and now deemed “terrorist” organization Tigray People’s Libeartion Front (TPLF). The TPLF have their own milita and its known as Samri. Therefore, the additional damage done and made by the warfare is still unknown.

There been little report. The media has had an blackout. The internet blockade was lasting super-long. The telephone lines was jammed. The journalists and aid agencies was not allowed to enter. The stories we got was from the 60,000 refugees seeking asylum in Sudan. Where camps was set-up and aid agencies got help them inside Sudan. Therefore, the Ethiopian government know very well what they have done to its citizens and civilians in Tigray.

Yes, OCHA have now dropped a map that is revealing, as the state wants to brush over the fact of lack of control and also places the aid agencies can go. Even if they now allows them full access. That is now impossible…

The snap-shot map of Tigray says it all. No matter what the PM says in his statement. The United Nations doesn’t have a reason to lie about this, but Abiy does… as he needs a better image of himself and his actions in office. His soon having a fake-election where most of his opposition is either behind bars, detained, killed or blocked from participating. That is the natural beauty of this postponed enterprise.

In this manner… Abiy and the Prosperity Party needs some flair to light up this fiasco. As the warfare in Tigray have backfired. His looking like a warlord. The PM is killing his own citizens. Using soldiers to participate in atrocities and war-crimes in the region. The Federal Government will blame and lie its TPLF fault. But how long can they be able to sell that story? As they are doing what they can to peddle the lies and try to deceive the international community.

The PP and Addis Ababa government wants the world to believe and smell roses. They wants it all to fine and dandy. While people are suffering. The army and allies are destroying a region, because they defied and didn’t follow the command of Abiy. That is why we are here and the constitutional dispute has become a giant worm that is destroying itself.

That is why Abiy needs the lies. Abiy needs the goodwill and look like a gentlemen. He don’t want to look like a warlord, even if his acts states so. That is why he needs … International Community to back his efforts and his government. Therefore, the picturesque catastrophe he has created in Tigray will haunt him. All the lives, massacres, rapes and other human rights violations will follow him. Just as aid agents and journalists have been killed there. But remember… these deaths will always be blamed on either the victim or TPLF. That is the game the state plays and how it will end.

Prime Minister Abiy and his office can promise and say they want all Tigray to get humanitarian access. However, the truth is far from it. The state doesn’t even have access or safe areas for it. That is because the warfare and the enemy they have created by going to war in early November. A war they had prepared in Amhara region and flown in troops to Eritrea to attack the region from two sides. While blaming TPLF for attacking the Northern Command, which was just the latest straw, but we are supposed to forget the troops movement, mechanical brigade and airlifting troops from Ethiopia to Eritrea in advance. Because that happens in no time. It takes time to move massive amounts of troops. Therefore, the Ethiopian-Eritrean war in Tigray was planned in advance and wasn’t an last attempt. Even if the state will claim so.. it doesn’t add up.

A warlord wants to be saved and get glory. A warlord wants to be legendary. His battles and the heads of his enemies as his trophies. He clearly aim at them all to be supreme in the election. That is all that’s into it. If he had nothing to hide. He wouldn’t have it like this and acted with such acts. However, he has and now he got to save face. Even though that will not work. When the truth differs from his reality. He wants the PR shots and Pressers. The PM wants the showers of praise and glory, but he will not take responsibility for all the lives his taken and going to take, just to prove a point in Tigray. Peace.

Ethiopia: Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) – Updates on Tigray Region (24.02.2021)

Eritrea: Government using a Twitter Campaign to clear its name…

The government of Eritrea and one of their Foreign Envoys are spreading a Twitter Campaign to clear its name. That is a deliberate act to clear its name and make Eritrea look better. They wouldn’t do this… if they didn’t have anything to hide. These sort of campaigns are done to get a favourable view of a Republic or a government.

That Eritrea … needs to do this. The Eritrean National Committee in Germany is the one that is leaked online. Showing their two day plan. Which was from 22nd February to 24th February. That means the end of the campaign is today. Which is all focused on the #StopScapegoatingEritrea and focused on directing the outrage at the European Union Representatives. It is easily to see the amount of public following this. As, if you either search for #Ethiopia or #Tigray on Twitter. You find several of similar posts with the same message and its happening at a large scale.

Therefore, the Eritrean diaspora is following this one. They are following the direction of the Asmara government. The Eritrean National Committee in Germany made a circular, where people could copy the tweets and make them their own. That is how far the government is willing to do. Surely, other Envoys would do the same. It is to do same propaganda for them.

It is not like the Eritrean government is an open and democratic sphere of the world. I cannot remember an election. Neither remember a release of a national budget or accountability of the government in general. Only remember citizens forced to work for the government and year long conscriptions in such a scale… that people are fleeing and seeking refuge elsewhere. The state might want another vision about it, but that all depends on the decrees and orders from President Isias Afwerki. Afwerki is the leader for this fiefdom and his a guy you should not challenge.

That is why this sort of propaganda campaigns fits well as a mission to sway public opinion and get another perspective of Eritrea. The Ethiopian government did for a long time say the “Eritrean Army” wasn’t involved in the conflict in Tigray. However, with time they had to admit it and the reports of their activity is horrific. Still, the Eritreans doesn’t want to take accountability and blame TPLF for everything. That is what both does government does… blame TPLF and move-on to another atrocity.

This Twitter Campaign only proves they are trying to shield the reality of the Tigray conflict and the damage they have done. If they need to do this to get their points across. You know something is deeply disturbing and wrong. If Ambassadors or Envoy in Europe is sending this to asylum-seekers and refugees from Eritrea. It says a lot what they are willing to do and what they want from the diaspora.

Eritrea is participating in the civil-war and should be held accountable for that. Maybe, Asmara wants to skate off to paradise and not answer for anything. However, in the real world that isn’t happening when you bring in guns and part-take in warfare. Eritrea, just as all the other participants needs to be held to account. That isn’t only about Asmara, but everyone from TPLF, Fano, Ethiopian government and Eritrean government too. All of them has to answer for their ills and destructive behaviour. Not just one party…

So, this campaign only shows that they are guilty and trying to shield themselves from it all. That is not how its working… Peace.

Ethiopia-Eritrea: British Eritrean Communities and Organisations (BECON) – National Committe UK (NCUK) letter to the European Union (EU) – (21.02.2021)

Ethiopia: Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) – rgent Request to Take the Necessary Immediate Action Against the Forcible Return of Peacekeepers of Tigrayan origin in the UNISFA, UNMISS, and AMISOM (22.02.2021)

Sudan: Thousands of Ethiopians seek asylum in Sudan’s Blue Nile State (23.02.2021)

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Babar Baloch – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today’s press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

23 February 2021

Several thousand people fleeing escalating violence in Ethiopia’s Benishangul Gumuz region have sought safety in Sudan’s Blue Nile State over the last month.

Tensions have been high in the Metekel Zone since 2019 with several reports of inter-communal attacks in the region. The situation has rapidly escalated in the past three months. The federal Government of Ethiopia declared a state of emergency in the area on 21 January 2021.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is working closely with Sudanese authorities and partners to assess the situation and respond to the humanitarian needs of the newly arrived, many of whom have arrived in hard-to-reach locations along the border.

Benishangul Gumuz is in western Ethiopia. The current displacement is not directly related to conflict in the country’s northern Tigray region which have pushed more than 61,000 to seek safety in Sudan in recent months.

Out of the 7,000 people estimated to have arrived in Blue Nile State, nearly 3,000 have been registered. This number is expected to increase as the verification exercise continues in all the locations where refugees are being hosted.

In the past weeks, UNHCR and partners have already provided humanitarian assistance to nearly 1,000 refugees in Yabatcher, on Sudan-Ethiopia border. Refugees have received food, access to health, water and sanitation facilities, and aid supplies.

The majority of these asylum-seekers are living among the Sudanese host community who continue to welcome people seeking safety. UNHCR and partners will continue to ramp up the response to support the government in its response.

Ethiopia: Statement by Macha Tulama-USA Board of Directors on the Alarming Situation of Oromo Political Prisoners Who Are on a Hunger Strike (18.02.2021)

Ethiopia: A Response from Volunteer Medical Team Regarding Ambassador Fitsum Arga’s letter written on Feb. 20, 2021 (22.02.2021)