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Niger: Bazoum bowed his knees to the French…

Of all the countries which are committed to our side in the fight against terrorism, France is the country which makes the most sacrifices. 53 young French people died in Mali, I have heard people say that if the French are there and the problems are not resolved, it is they who are at the base. And if the French leave, you are sure that these armies, which have their duty today, will be able to face this situation. ? Non ! Me, I’m sure that the day the French pack their bags in Gao, it will be chaos ! Gao people know it anyway” – President Mohamed Bazoum (26.11.2021).

The French Military convoy that travelled across Western Africa recently have met a lot of local hostility. The French soldiers has answered with violence towards the citizens in Burkina Faso and in Niger. Where the French soldiers have hurt, injured and killed demonstrating civilians who blocked the convoy and their mission to go to Mali. That is very natural at this point of time, as the French has stationed missions and are following the operation of an extended Françafrique in the former colonies.

In the manner of which President Bazoum have answered the general public and begged the French forgiveness. It is like he has to be a loyal soldier for the Paris elite. The President who resides in Niamey should have first loyalty there and not hope for tickets to Paris Saint Germain (PSG). That’s how it seems here.

President Bazoum is now sounding like President Macky Sall. Who has also in the past praised the French and for everything they do. It is like these gentlemen thrives on the “white man’s burden” or the “saviour complex”. Since, the gentlemen should honour their citizens and the mandate as a President. Not let the French humble them and toy around with them.

The French are their for their interests. They only want pawns and family enterprises running the Republics. Therefore, the Niger President should be proud of his people and their resilience. Instead, he expect them to take the foreign soldiers and former colonizer with open arms. What sort of idea is that? How dumb is his population supposed to be?

Yes, the blockade and the stopping of convoy is hurting the pride of the French. However, they are not the owner of the territory and neither are they governing there. No, they are guests and there on the merits of the agreements between Niger and the French. The President should understand the sentiments, as the French are greedy and taking the valuable mineral resources for nothing. While they are continuing to live in poverty. The system created is to benefit Paris and not Niamey. That is very deliberate and time only shows that…

Bazoum bowed his knees for the French. It is a disgrace, but he wants to be a loyal subject to Paris. That is clear… and he wants all the favours he can get from there as well. This is why he is defending the French and not supporting the cause of his own citizens. That is really tragic here… and shows how the former colonizer still has conquered the elites mind. Peace.

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Opinion: The Françafrique countries should question it’s need for France

The last two weeks or recent days the French President Emmanuel Macron have proven how the elites of Paris is disregarding the former colonies, if it is Mali or Algeria. I am sure behind closed doors and within trusted associates the words could be even striking. Because, these words has been said in public and with no proper excuse.

In that regard, when the Head of State of France is saying that. The previous colonies should question the need to be bound by mechanisms and by agreements tied to Paris. Since Paris clearly don’t respect you or honour you.

Françafrique consist of Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad (Tchad), Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Comoros, Central African Republic, Djibouti, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Togo, and Tunisia. That is lot of counties and huge part of continent. The French are involved also in republics and nations, which they were the colonial power over. However, this here piece about them. Since they have still a significant place and plays a role for the power-balance in these countries.

About the “Colonies Francaises d’Afrique”:

The countries still bound by a monetary union and a common currency, which is Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo, These are all part of West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). The second monetary union of the CFA Franc are based on these countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. These countries are a part of the Central African Economic and Monetary Union (CAEMC).

The French and some of their allies tried to relaunch it as “Eco” in 2019 and that has gone nowhere. That should say a lot. I doubt that is only happening, because of regime changes. Nevertheless, I don’t expect any serious movement on this matter anytime soon.

We know Benin said it wanted to leave CFA Franc … that hasn’t happened either. Paris and the elites there has a way of keeping everyone under their control.

What would be healthy would be for all heads of state and parliaments, ministries and such evaluate the relations, agreements and ties with it’s former colonial master. Since, as an independent nation it is nothing saying that you should be there forever or have to be mocked on a irregular basis by Heads of State of France. Neither, should the French has trade advantage or mineral extraction agreement, which other nations companies couldn’t have. That could possibly make it more profitable and earn more tax-dollars to the state reserves in any given republic.

It is time for all of them to consider this. Everyone has some sort of ties and this is why they are still indirectly having influence. That is why everytime something happens or in regards to French interests. Things gets tense and you never know when things will pop-off. This is why the Republic’s need to oversee and have a proper oversight of it. It is like this has have never been done.

All mechanism and statutory bodies, which is connected needs also to be looked into. This here will take time and needs to be inquires. There is a need to directly investigate and also see what sort of affects it has had over the years. If there is a beneficial relations or one-sided. Since, there might be some good parts, but a lot of it is a way of the French to never let go.

After everything Macron has done. The Francophone Africa needs to react and not accept this sort of acts. Right now he does this to Algeria and Mali. Who knows when the “wrong” head of state get elected somewhere and he will use his power to stifle them. Even if that was the will of the people and not the will of Paris. That is what is striking here and that is why these republic’s needs to see over everything. We know the French will feel insulted and infuriated. Since they are entitled to it all. However, this wasn’t their to begin with. This isn’t Marseilles or Bordeaux, but it’s Yaounde and Lome. Peace.

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