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Opinion: Ramaphosa better save his energy…

We call on all South Africans to use electricity sparingly as we work towards ending load shedding and getting more energy on the grid” (Address by President Cyril Ramaphosa on actions to address the electricity crisis, Union Buildings, Tshwane, 25.07.2022).

Today the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa held a speech on the load-shedding crisis in the Republic. This has been an on-going crisis and the black-outs are a re-occurring feature of life. That’s why Ramaphosa speaks about it. However, the parts of the speech that is interesting. Shows, that the African National Congress (ANC) and the President thinks they can trick themselves out of it again.

The South African Police Service has set up a special law enforcement team to help Eskom in confronting crime and corruption. A number people have been arrested in recent days and several others are already being prosecuted for corruption and fraud involving Eskom contracts” (Address by President Cyril Ramaphosa on actions to address the electricity crisis, Union Buildings, Tshwane, 25.07.2022).

The ANC and the President is begging the people to save electricity and use less intially. He does it at-least twice. That is really compelling as his making a statement of the plans of the state. Nevertheless, it is fatiguing when you know how the State Capture and the ANC have destroyed Eskom. It has been big business to sell bad tenders to state affiliated associates and get deals, which again earns fortunes for the high ranking officials. Therefore, the talks of fighting corruption within the government company and such seems far fetched these days. It is a systemic practice and it doesn’t change overnight.

As he continued with other aspects like these ones…

All the people I have spoken to have said this is the time when the country must unite to address this challenge. The set of additional actions I am announcing this evening:

Firstly, are aimed at improving the performance Eskom’s existing fleet of power stations;

Secondly, will accelerate the procurement of new generation capacity;

Thirdly, are intended to massively increase private investment in generation capacity;

Fourthly, are designed to enable businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar; and,

Finally, are directed at fundamentally transforming the electricity sector and positioning it for future sustainability” (Address by President Cyril Ramaphosa on actions to address the electricity crisis, Union Buildings, Tshwane, 25.07.2022).

What the most recent load shedding has made clear, however, is that the actions we have taken and continue to take are not enough. We are therefore implementing additional measures to achieve long-term energy security and end load shedding for good” (Address by President Cyril Ramaphosa on actions to address the electricity crisis, Union Buildings, Tshwane, 25.07.2022).

When you read these words… they are fine in themselves, but will the ANC and the President really do it? Are they capable and willing? That’s what I am wondering about. The ANC is already struggling with their reputation and people are tired of their empty promises. It has been generations without any significant changes for others than the middle class. The citizens themselves see little to nothing changing.

Ramaphosa speaks the rights words, but also in his pleas shows how the government is failing. Instead of having a clear plan and such. It is a long speech that could have been a press release. Because very few, if any believes that he will achieve or do these things.

Ramaphosa can come with all the rights citations and whatnot. However, his track-record and what he has done in office doesn’t amount to much. That’s why I don’t believe he will be able or make a difference in concern to Eskom. The way things are operating is profitable for some and the ones in high ranking offices. Therefore, he will not undermine that… I don’t believe that and only time will prove if I was wrong. Peace

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