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Ethiopia: Oromia Global Forum – Urgent press release condemning the illegal raid of the residence of Mr. Dawud Ibsa, chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – (04.05.2021)

We, members of Oromia Global Forum (OGF) – a global alliance of 45 Oromo civic, professional and religious Organizations – have learned that, on May 03, 2021, Ethiopia’s security forces raided the residence of the chairman of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Mr. Dawud Ibsa, illegally and without any court order.

Several print and media outlets reports confirm that, yesterday, May 3, 2021, Ethiopia’s security forces cordoned off areas surrounding Mr. Dawud Ibsa’s residence. They cut off all traffic in and out of the area and violently broke into the Chairman’s residence in Addis Ababa, at about 9:00pm, local time.

OGF’s local sources corroborated that the Ethiopian regime’s security forces cut off power supply to the property, and forcibly raided the residence, looted computers, communication equipment, electronic devices, other properties from the Chairman’s residence. They have beaten and removed the on duty security guards of the Chairman, his guests, relatives, and all employees that were present in the compound at the time of the brutal raid. The raiders reportedly looted valuable personal belongings and cash belonging to the residents and visitors. They destroyed furniture and other properties that they could not move/remove from the premises.

At the time of filing this press release, we have learned that unusually large congregation of government security and police forces are seen going in and out of the vicinity of Mr. Ibsa’s residence. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation in the area is restricted. People who ventured into the area unaware of the restrictions were arrested on the spot, and vehicular and pedestrian movements for the general public in the area remain prohibited.

The violent, illegal and inhumane treatment of the chairman, his security guards, family members, guests, visitors and the general public by the Ethiopian regime is heart-breaking.

By removing the security guards of the chairman, Mr. Dawud Ibsa, the Ethiopian government is exposing Mr. Ibsa to real, and present life threatening danger. The OGF believes that the safety and life of Mr. Ibsa is under huge risk, and Abiy Ahmed is the sole responsible entity, if anything happens to Mr. Ibsa.

We, members of Oromia Global Forum, condemn the cowardly and criminal acts of the government of Ethiopia, in the strongest possible terms.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to ask the heads of the governments of USA, UK, EU, AU, UNSC, the Secretary general of the United Nations, the UN Human Rights High commissioner, and other international Humanitarian and human rights organizations to immediately intervene and stop the government of Abiy Ahmed from acts of madness and lawlessness, ensuring the safety and life of Mr. Dawud Ibsa, all other persons and political prisoners in Ethiopia.


Oromia Global Forum

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Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – The Anti- Terrorism Bill Proposed by Ethiopian Council of Ministers is a Deliberate Move to Block Peaceful Process (03.05.2021)

The Ethiopian Council of Ministers’ Anti- Terrorism Law proposal issued on May 1, 2021 to categorize the TPLF & ‘’Shene’’ as terrorist organizations is a deliberate move to armed entities in the political Dialogue and to sabotage political dialogue in general. Although we do not understand how the word ‘Shene’ is used in the proposed bill, we guess they would mean ‘‘Shane’’ as they associate this word to any citizen of Oromia that does not support the Prosperity Party. However, the word ‘‘Shane’’ is a sacred word in Gada System and its administrative and cultural structures defining a wide concept of Oromo culture and traditions. Using this name for this evil purpose in “anti-terrorism” bill is an abuse of the word and degrading the Oromo language and culture.
Whatever word is used this proposal is intentionally designed to obstruct the peaceful resolution to the political crises in the country. Particularly, at this critical time, when internal forces and international bodies such as the US and European Union are trying the peaceful resolution of multi-layer security and political crises that is devastating the country, it is evil act to introduce such damaging law to enhance conflict.
It is obvious that the Ethiopian ruling group is governing the country illegally as its tenure ended on October 05, 2020. Both the Council of Ministers, the Parliament and the whole Government Officials has lost their mandate to rule the country and they have no constitutional and legal rights to declare laws and implement them. Since Ethiopia is already in constitutional crises, this anti-terrorism law, even if approved by the parliament, is illegal as the Parliament itself is illegal to approve laws or to conduct national election.
Also declaring this anti- terrorism law by this unmandated illegal body is a clear sign of the ruling group to continue with further war, conflict, and human rights violations. It would bring significant escalation to explosive political and humanitarian crisis already facing Ethiopia. We would like to note that this anti- terrorism law is a replica of the notorious anti-terrorism proclamation of the 2009 (Proc. 652/2009) that was used by EPRDF to justify repressive practices in the country by delegitimizing political adversaries including OLF, ONLF, Ginbot 7 and misleading the international community in the name of fighting terrorism in the horn of Africa, mainly the Al-Shabab. The 2009 anti-terrorism law was effectively used by the EPRDF to silence dissent, and harass members, leaders, and supporters of political opposition groups. The same strategy is proposed by the current ruling group to legitimize further atrocities. Declaring this horrifying anti -terrorism law again is to justify the already prevalent atrocities and other murderous measures against opposition groups and to intensify the harassment of citizens once more.
We would like to inform the Ethiopian peoples and the international community that this anti -terrorism bill is particularly targeting the Oromia citizens, Benishangul – Gumuz, the Southern Nations and Peoples and the Tigrayan people who are struggling for freedom and democracy. So, we caution the Oromia citizens, other Ethiopian peoples to be vigilant of this danger and demand for peaceful political dialogue rather than war and conflict that had already devastated citizens lives and living. Also, this anti -terrorism bill is another evidence that here will not be safe election, if it exists at all, as weapon of control, as the ruling group is going to use this horrifying law to sabotage the election.
Also, we would like to inform the international communities that the sabotage of this ruling group is a complete denial of peaceful process and indicate that the ruling group chose applying unlawful and fake labelling of opposition groups to hellbent to power as an absolute dictator. Particularly, we ask the AU, UNSC, EU, and all concerned parties to denounce this anti- terrorism law that is intended to avoid oppositions and to block peaceful political dialogue. Also, we demand to put maximum pressure on the ruling group to end its military campaign and work seriously to avert an impending crisis that will be difficult to stop if it continues with war and conflict as the ruling group is planning. Also, we call up on and alert the international community not to turn blind eye again when authoritarian regimes like Ethiopia jump on the anti-terrorism bandwagon to deal with their internal political foes and create huge peace and security problems in the region and to our world.
Finally, we would like to inform the Ethiopian peoples and the international community that the ruling group is creating conflict after conflict both internally and externally to stay in power. But this is significantly damaging the country leading to the final collapse. We believe that this leads to ultimate tragedy and would be the last resort to damage Ethiopia as a country. Therefore, the Ethiopian peoples and the international community must take urgent action before things even get worst.
The OLF always believes that a sustainable and permanent solution to Ethiopia’s complex political problems could only be attained with an all-Inclusive democratic process and participation of all representative political forces for political dialogue. To this effect, OLF is willing to work with all stakeholders in paving the way for political dialogue, consensus building on peaceful resolution of political differences and formation of true democratic country.
Victory to the masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
May 3, 2021
Finfinnee (Addis Ababa)

Opinion: Abiy’s recent move is a mandate to burn two regions to the ground

If you thought the Operation Law Enforcement in Tigray and the crackdown in Oromia could be worse. Expect the Federal Government to come with swift force and use more means. There will no reflection and the tyrant is dancing on people’s graves.

The Council of Ministers and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali statement today of classifying Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Shene (a made-up unit of Oromo Liberation Front/Army (OLF/A). Will be used to deplete, annihilate and deplete the Tigray and Oromia. These regions are already suffering, but now the state have mechanisms to go after anyone “supporting”, “aiding” and whatnot.

Prime Minister Abiy is showing no remorse or plans to have any credible dialogue with anyone. He is just planning to kill, destroy and make people suffer. There is no supposed peaceful minute or hope in the air. This man is supposed to have people able to make it rain. The man who cannot even silence a weapon or talk to his “enemies”. That sort of man wouldn’t be able to trick the inflation or lacking domestic revenue.

This is the nail in the coffin for any peaceful resolution. The TPLF and their Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is already able to prolong a war that was supposed to end in late November 2020. The TDF is able to fight back against a Tripartite Alliance of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Forces (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Forces (Fano). These are going after TPLF/TDF. Still, they are not able to conquer them. Not even when the region faces starvation, looting, massacres and constant warfare.

The state will also continue its purge on the Oromia. Where the state has already arrested thousands of people. Where the state are using means of “Command Post” and killing civilians on the regular. The state have been relentless to the region. The use of making “Shene” as a terrorist organisation is clearly targetting the queerro and everyone else. They are just making things up and calling the dead “terrorists” after. Just like the Americans have done after drone strikes all-across Somalia in the recent years. It is the same strategy and everyone they will hunt, detain, torture or kill will be a part of Shene and be a reasonable target by the state.

This is the tyranny of the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy. The man has no heart. He only see himself as the king. Abiy will be a ‘Mad King’ . A tyrant and a liar. A man who was willing to bury the children of the Republic so he could be crowned king. This man wants to speak of elections and credible ones too. While his going to war in huge regions. Creating conflicts and not silencing the guns. These sorts of moves only entrenches the state and gives it means to an end.

Dan Jones writing about another Mad King: “John also earned a reputation as vindictive and even murderous. It was believed that in 1203 he killed his nephew and rival, Arthur of Brittany. One chronicler heard that John had done the deed himself, “after dinner, when he was drunk and possessed by the devil,” and thrown the body into the Seine. In 1208 John fell out with a close associate named William de Braose and pursued his family to destruction, starving to death William’s wife and eldest son in the dungeons of his castle. (William died in exile in France.) John mistreated hostages given to him as security for agreements: The knight William Marshal said he “kept his prisoners in such a horrible manner and in such abject confinement that it seemed an indignity and a disgrace to all those with him.”” (Dan Jones – ‘The Mad King and Magna Carta’ July 2015, Smithsonian Magazine).

This here will not make Ethiopia better, but worse. This is total destruction. It is ensuring the state has the reason to implicate people as “terrorists” without proof or cause. This is using the powers of the state to burn these regions. If you thought the “state of emergencies” of the EPRDF was bad. This will be much worse. The state of affairs is already horrific and the levels of atrocities is just growing. The massacres of Tigray and other regions is just showing the rivers of blood on the watch of this Prime Minister. His willing to let people die without any proper trial or justification. People are dying because he ordered it and his sleeping without any remorse.

Prime Minister Abiy shows his true character here. The Council of Ministers are just giving him and the state a go ahead to bury anyone who opposes it. Dissidents and activists against the Prosperity Party will not breathe. The ones who stands up to the regime in Finfinne will not get any mercy. There is only death and bloodshed ahead. It has already been so pain and suffering during this term, but he will not enforce things who are worse. That¨s because he has legality to do so. The injustice and impunity, the state can serve that to these regions and the bodies can be claimed to be “terrorists” after the fact.

Abiy has his wish and gotten a “go ahead” for extra judicial killings. Which is already happening at a worrying scale. Now he just have a label and can call them “terrorists”. That is the tragic timeline we are living in.

That people believed this man would create peace was foolish. The ones believing this man would create better dialogue and talks between parties. They were clearly wrong. Abiy will not only kill, destroy and annihilate anyone in his way. This will now happen at a large scale and anyone who they distrust. Will be in legal jeopardy and even silenced indefinitely.

Don’t be shocked if the times of “Command Post” and “State of Emergency” looks like child’s play. Because, this Prime Minister doesn’t value liberty, freedom or justice. No, this Prime Minister only wants to be remembered as a ‘Mad King’. That is who is his and the bloodbath he ordered on his watch. Peace.

Ethiopia: Office of the Prime Minister – Categorizing “Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)” and “Shene” as Terrorist Organisations (01.05.2021)