Pastor “Mama” Janet Returns: London calling …

Today, I wanted to talk to you about “excellence” in the work we do. I wanted to call our topic for discussion “Made in England”. What does that mean you may ask? That means: the products that were / are manufactured in England which were and are still labelled “Made in England.” People in the countries so far away from England would look for those products that would have been imported to those global markets” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

This is just happening as there is a will to only sell Nile Perch fished in Lake Victoria to Europe. As that is happening. The First Lady and Minister of Education returns with another sermon. Pastor Janet Museveni cannot contain herself and must be fisherman herself apparently. So, here we go…

So what am I saying here? I am saying that it is wise and it helps to learn from one’s early life that mediocrity is expensive and burdensome because sometimes people think that it’s smart to cut costs by using less materials than is necessary. Whatever you are doing or making, whether it is furniture, or building a house, or constructing a road, if you finish that product and sell it and in a very short time it breaks down or gets spoilt, that is the last one you will ever sell because people will say it is fake, a sham and they will regret having bought it” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

Here we see here wisdom, as it is and on full display. There is no deep meaning here. Just that everyone is supposed to deliver excellence and not mediocrity. Which is very ironic, as her ministry and her government is the proof of mediocrity. To many cooks and not enough chefs. There is to many in the kitchen and nobody performing. Since, everyone is awaiting to be delegated and getting letter of approval from the His Excellency. Therefore, she is the wrong messenger for this. Mrs. Museveni should also investigate Dott Services and all the Chinese companies building roads, since they are shoddy, and their work isn’t excellence. Still, the father of the home is accepting them.

Finally, I want to add that this principle of excellence does not only work in what you produce or what you do alone, it also works in life, generally speaking. It works in the values you espouse as a person. Values of truth, kindness, patience, trustworthiness, honesty, etc. which ensure that you are a person who only says what they mean and always means what they say. This means people can trust you because you stand by what you say. You are kind to other people, and you don’t bribe people to get what you want, you are patient with your workmates when they are not the best, and you help them on their way to change until they also overcome mediocrity. That way you are excellent as a person and your work also speaks for itself. So you are a good workmate and as a rule, you will prosper” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

It is like she never seen the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their work ethic. She speaks of nice ideals, but her own cabinet, ministers and party members cannot all hold these norms dear. The NRM and the husband of Janet doesn’t follow these words. That’s why her aspirations doesn’t make sense. If she was working for a church and a congregation … that had made sense. Alas that is not the case.

Janet, have you seen and heard the stories of bribes involving your husband? Haven’t you heard corruption scandals in-connection with family members and high ranking officials within the NRM party? So, shouldn’t this lesson be heard and told at home before you go to the general public? The idea is a good one, but not a believable. Unless, you want to be a false prophet?

In conclusion, if we have a critical number of our people or skilled workers striving to be excellent workers, then whatever we produce will sell itself just like “Made in England”. Uganda will stand out in Africa because our cities will be beautiful, our roads will be excellent, our students will be excellent students of purpose and we will prosper. Our God will be glorified! How about that!” (Janet Museveni, 25.10.2021).

Yes, people should strive to deliver good products and excellence. That is all natural, but the state isn’t making the public prosper. Janet and the whole cabinet could make it possible. They could make proper policies and laws, in which the industries and the final products could be seen as excellence. However, the state is more into taxation and regulating the business than making things better. Which is ironic when the minister praises excellence.

If Janet wants things to become excellent. She needs to address the hubby and get him to direct all the national parastatals, commissions and state owned enterprises. Yoweri could easily direct some ministers and commissions his way. Just like he does with UNRA and hires some shabby Chinese Road firms and Dott Services. He could maybe get the someone else to actually hire someone good this time. Peace.

The NRM are preparing to scrap bail permanently

Cabinet queues behind President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as they heed to his call for the lifting of the right to bail. Lawyers want wider public consultation on the same & strengthening of investigations by the security agencies rather than scraping off the right to bail” (Red Pepper Uganda, 16.10.2021).

The National Resistance Movement and President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni is all out and against the opportunity for bail before release of criminals in the Republic. This is clearly a plan to reform and again change the 1995 Constitution. However, this is setting a dangerous precedence, which could inflict harm on the ones enacting it.

What is striking here that one key principal of law is abolished by doing this. The state is practically implicating a person and saying they are guilty before trial. They are not innocent before proven guilty. The state can pin and put on charges on political prisoners and activists, which fits the penal code. Where the application for bail after per review of a judge isn’t needed. Alas, meaning the person is seen as a criminal and felon before even tested in the judiciary system. That is neglect of rule of law and injustice.

This is an deliberate act and a sinister one at it. The NRM and the President will with this have yet another legal tool to keep people indefinitely behind bars. As they can be charged with serious crimes of murder, manslaughter or treason. While being behind bars and not able to challenge it in the free world. They will be behind bars and not have access to attorneys or help. That will help the government to silence dissidents and the ones who are vocal against it.

We should be worried about it. The Constitution has been revised after wishes from the President before. That has been directly for selfish reasons and for his own benefit. Now, it is to prove his power and his whims. The Cabinet has no balls or ability to say “no”. They cannot say this wrong or even not right. These folks doesn’t have the spine, as they are “yes men” for the President. While these people could easily when fallen out of favour with the President be charged and taken to cout. They could suffer the consequences of this law. That wouldn’t be shocking. Neither would it be, if Odrek, Muhoozi or even Salim Selah could be touched by this one. They could all be victims of it and justifiably so.

The NRM is playing with fire. The state is already misusing the penal code and the justice system to crackdown on the opposition. It is already violating the Constitution and keeping people detained without trial, sentencing and tortured in ungazetted safe-houses. Political prisoners are kept for a year and even longer behind bars without any proof of their alleged crime. They were punished for insulting the Don. That’s all really and now they will have legal intent to keep it that way. This is really at a dire stage. There is no jokes here and only no mercy.

Museveni and the NRM have no heart. This sort of enacted law and change of constitution shows their way of governing. There is no middle-ground or concern, only the vision of man and his every wish. Museveni clearly cannot foresee the future and what this can cause. He can ensure innocent civilians are behind bars without proper procedure. Manufactured charges and they have no remedy to challenge the system. That’s what he wants and it’s tragic.

This is disgusting and disgraceful. Nobody should accept this. The NRM should know better, but clearly they don’t. The Cabinet is filled of cronies and puppets who dances to whatever song Museveni sings. That’s so sad and at this point it’s inevitable.

I just wonder, in his after life and Muhoozi Kainerubaga is behind bars on phony charges. Will he cry river from the clouds or will be giddy? Because, his manner and ways punished his son… that could easily happen as a retribution to all the years of tyranny of the father. Don’t be shocked if these things happen. That is how mankind is and revenge is a powerful sentiment. Never underestimate what people are willing to do after being scorned for years.

I know Museveni doesn’t consider that. His in advanced age and thinks his a demigod. However, he should reconsider this stance. We know that will not happen, but it would be refreshing. Peace.

Opinion: The PFT of Besigye doesn’t seem well-planned…

It is not the first time that Dr. Kizza Besigye and his allies in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have worked alone and without much outside support. However, the establishment of the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) isn’t build on a strong foundation. At least not in concern with other opposition allies.

This week it is clear that Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Democratic Party (DP) isn’t really involved as it was stated in the launch. Where some fractions of the parties was part of it. There was one piece of UPC members and the DP Block. Those have been dismissed by the parties itself.

As well, as the spats and dismissals from the National Unity Platform (NUP) which would be the most important ally at this stage and time. The NUP is the biggest opposition party and has a similar agenda, as the FDC. They are maybe different in the manner of which they operate. Still, the objective and the end-game is about the same. NUP and FDC both works for a peaceful transition from dictator Museveni.

That Besigye have the best intentions and will with the upstart of PFT. I have no doubt in my mind and with his experience of doing this. I know that he wants to succeed and wants to assemble a collective for change. He doesn’t want people to give up and stop the cause. A cause, which he has dedicated his whole career too.

The PFT has been painful from the start. There is usually growing pains of an organization, but this is just hectic from the early beginning. You can wonder how this was communicated and organized. Since everyone in and around is either distancing itself from it or they are minor fractions participating, except for the main party FDC.

This means that except for the FDC. Justice Forum (JEEMA), Social Democratic Party (SDP) and People’s Progressive Party (PPP). There isn’t much great support in the opposition for it. There is no joint effort here and there is nothing pushing it together. Because, the launch made it believe to be bigger.

The JEEMA, SDP and PPP isn’t parties of which has big significance. They are JEEMA and PPP have one MP each and that’s about it. The SDP was part of DP Block and seems like the Michael Mabikke’s briefcase party. Therefore, the strenght of the pressure group or coalition is on thin-ice.

It is not like it’s a big unite and brigade. Yes, they are collective, but not a sort of unifying you would need. The PFT is weak because of this. When the DP and UPC also reacts like they do. Then you know that the PFT wasn’t launched in order to have them sufficiently participating in it. Like there wasn’t meetings, consultations or even gatherings to make it happen. Therefore, it wasn’t only NUP who ditched out of it. Nearly nobody joined and the ones who did… well … they have to move mountains with their bare hands.

The PFT needs a boost and Besigye needs to consult with the others. That is if it has a mission and goal to be strong functioning unit of the opposition. Clearly, there has been an aftermath that the PFT didn’t want. This is just jaded and not how it supposed to look. Peace.

Opinion: The Movement Aspirants states a bitter fact [about the ‘Art of Peer Pressure’]

Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement who contested and failed in the previous party primary elections have formed an association to stop future ‘sham elections. The association dubbed Action for Transformation and Sustainable Development also seeks to help members recover from the loss and strategize for the 2026 election” (Gerald Matembu – ‘NRM losers form Association to stop electoral malpractice’ 13.10.2021, Nile Post).

We are used too that National Resistant Movement aspirants or members who loses their primaries stands as “independents”. That is very common with this party and is common at the last elections. The NRM Electoral Commission haven’t been able to handle or had the manpower to secure it either. Neither does the party suspend or sends letter of expulsion to the former aspirants either. Therefore, today’s new association is really inspiring.

This must be insulting to the Chairman, the NRM Central Executive Committee and the NRM EC. All of the heads who vouch for the system and has created it this way. The President and every single Minister must feel insulted. They have all been elected through the system.

These are the new stock of NRM Rebels and that’s not the ‘Correct Line’. With that in mind, we can wonder what is the next step? What will they do? How will they plea or have their cases heard?

Not like Secretary General Richard Todwong will have a listen. He is a loyal cadre of the President and cannot handle this. This man will not accept the scrutiny or allegations. The former SG Justine Kasule-Lumumba was hostile towards to the NRM EC Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi. The internal elections has been an issue, but not properly resolved.

What is striking is that this is happening after NRM Primaries was held with voting in line. They were standing behind the candidate they did prefer. Now the aspirants are saying this isn’t fair. Which is striking, since this was changed between the 2015 and 2020 after wishes of the President. They are saying his voting system isn’t fair. That must infuriate him when he gets the call or the memo.

We were plenty of outsiders saying this and called it the ‘Art of Peer Pressure’ as it was a clear signal of popularity and not a secret ballot. This was clear from the get-go, but the aspirants accept this school-yard way of challenging the polls. So, in their regards its a bit late. They can hope for a better way of running it next time. However, that is all up to the President and the NRM CEC. Peace.

Project Muhoozi: The Lieutenant General was aspiring all along

““Further, you need to investigate the very serious claims that the same actors are organizing elements of former Wembley under one police officer Ayegasire Nixon to assassinate people who disagree with this so-called family project of holding onto power in perpetuity,” “Muhoozi Project” (…) “indeed intelligence has picked some clandestine actions by this reckless and rather naïve actors to have some youth recruited as rebels and then frame some members of security services and key politicians perceived as anti-establishment.” The “Muhoozi project”” (General David Sejusa aka Tinye aka Tinyefuza letter to Director of ISO, Col Ronnie Balya, 29.03.2013).

We are now in October 2021 and the controversial letter was published by Red Pepper in May 2013. It has gone over 8 years since the first publication put it into print. Several of newspapers was under siege and also radio stations. They were investigated, as the letter wasn’t supposed to go public and secondly, the Internal Security Organization Director never got the letter was it claimed.

This here unleashed a secret and a narrative that was new. Because, there never been open discussion about succession from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. That was an insult and treason to do. If you aimed above your pay-grade or appointed office. You could expect to be sacked, loose your position and be vilified. That has happen to several of leaders within the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Therefore, the letter revealed not only a plan to assassinate several of people, but that there was a scheme to promote Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga.

That was supposed to be a secret and not talked about. He had already been favourably promoted and was leading the Special Forces Command. However, he wasn’t the sort of sought after leader. The army commander was only someone because of his birthright. His the son of the President got off easy and now they are preparing him for the Presidency. Just because his the son and the people are supposed to be carried away.

Yes, in recent months he has started to talk about diplomatic relations and pan-Africanism. Where he wants to prove his skills and leadership qualities. As he hold talks with high ranking officials in Somalia and talked with Kenyatta in Nairobi, Kenya. Now, his handlers and social media team is launching his poster for his campaign next term.

We can wonder if someone was assassinated for standing in the way of the project. We can wonder if someone lost their title and ranks. Because, they was vocal against the cause. That is what we should wonder about. Since, the son and his comrades are on the move. They have slowly done it. Muhoozi have even printed hoodies with “Project Muhoozi” on it. While he has claimed to the media that his not seeking the throne. Alas, it seems more likely now.

This sort of move is very special. Not strange considering how many who boosts his ego on the regular on social media. There are so many that blesses his name and his stature. They are making him into a saint and a messiah. Alas, his not a hero and neither popular. That is all a fraud and fake. Just like the polls ahead of the elections showing Yoweri the majority. Therefore, the same will be created for him.

It is really crazy thinking back now. That the General had to go to exile. Newspapers was closed for days and radios too. All for the secrecy of the succession. It is now alive and you can wonder at what cost and to what extent they are willing to take it. Since, the President and his men was willing to take it very far in 2013. Now it’s 2021 and this candidacy is a preparation for 2026. Which is the whole term we are in. However, that says it all. That they are trying to get the mind prepared for him and his “leadership”. Peace.

Besigye was charged for treason for about 1977 days!

Just as I’ve been out on bail since 2019 on the treason case, I wake up to a newspaper article claiming my case has been dropped,” Besigye stated. “I have not been served, neither has any of my lawyers. It appears that the regime wants to propagate their narrative that I work with them,” he added. He has since vowed to seek legal action with his lawyers for malicious prosecution since the state has now retreated from the case” (Emmanuel Businye – ‘Besigye says treason charge is dropped to show him as ‘M7 Agent’ 11.10.2021).

Since the February 2016 General Election in the Republic. Dr. Kizza Besigye, the Presidential Candidate for the main opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Besigye sworn himself in as President on the 11th May 2016. After that he was arrested and airlifted to Moroto prison. Within 48 hours after the arrest and being detained in Moroto. He was charged for treason on the 13th May 2016.

It is not shocking that the charges are dropped in 2021. It took 1977 days. That is prolonging the agony for too long. Besigye also proves how “cold” the case was, as he haven’t had a bail hearing for 2 years as well. It took over 5 years, 4 months and 28 days before it got dropped.

Neither, did the state produce any evidence and witness statements to keep the case alive. The state had the time to do this. However, it was just a ploy to keep Besigye busy with trails and bail-hearings. So, that he couldn’t do proper activism or revolt even against the rigged election. He was stuck fighting the case and the pending court trial, which never really happened.

We know that Besigye is not a Museveni agent. He has worked tirelessly to topple or have a peaceful transition. Nobody has a similar record like Besigye. As an politician and activist he has been arrested countless of times, thousands of charges and detained as well. Therefore, with the treatment and the way his been targeted. It is foolish to think he has been used by the state as a pawn. He and his family wouldn’t have been touched in the way they have. Neither how his allies have been taken out over the years. So, to sell that story now is unbelievable.

It is injustice to keep this case alive for so long. Especially, since it was nothing and had no reasons to charge him with it. The state didn’t even produce anything. That’s why we know it is just a technique to harass and target their dissidents. They are not charging someone, because they endangered the state or its highest ranking officials to coup d’etat it. No, they are just using it as a political weapon to silence the ones who challenge the President politically. Peace.

A look into Mzee’s 59th Independence Speech [a story about parasites and wealth]

Today is either the 35th or the 36th time Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni has held a speech on the 9th October, as the Republic of Uganda is celebrating it’s independence from the United Kingdom. Museveni has always celebrated this day and the National Resistance Movement Day (NRM Day) in Jaunary. These two days usually looks so similar. It is hard to separate them apart. Today, it is no difference…

I will look into the most interesting parts of the speech and comment on it. After that a short final analysis before calling it a night. Just like I always do around here.

So here we go…

All these achievements, are inspite of the corruption of some public officials, including some of the political actors. I congratulate the whistle-blowers who, patriotically, expose these criminals, parasites and traitors to their own people” (Museveni, 09.10.2021).

Before this… he went through the normal speech of numbers, growth and such. What is so striking is how he continues to name-call and demean fellow human beings as insects. That is really disgusting, when you know it’s just pure publicity. Since, there is no real will to combat corruption, nepotism or graft in the Republic. The battle had to be to the heart of government and it would implicate himself as well.

However, we could have achieved more if it was not for the parasites that want to harvest where they have not sown (bamulya-byengedde). When you reflect deeply on the history of this part of the World, you notice the phenomenon of the two actors: the producers of wealth (goods and services) and the parasites – those who want to eat and even prosper, without working” (Museveni, 09.10.2021).

The President forgets to acknowledge that people knows his associate, own history and what he has done in this regard. It is not like his a saint or a hero. No, his a crook like the ones he name-calls and belittles. Mzee isn’t a producer, but someone who is known for kickbacks and keeping deals secretive. He directs who builds roads, business-deals and license-agreements. These are hidden from the public. So, God knows how much his earning and benefiting from the deals. Therefore, he is not the ones who is producing wealth, but leaching of the ones who produces that himself. That’s why he knows that kind very well. It is ironic, but still never stops.

After this he went into a history lecture… I don’t care to comment about that… as his not that interesting as a lecturer and his students would fall a sleep in class. Just like the Ministers in Parliament.

All these interfere with the Wealth creators. It is, therefore, very important for the NRM to continue to crystalize this focus on the Wealth creators – farmers, industrialists, crucial service providers (e.g. medical) and ICT. Those who seek power and influence – Kings, Priests and Politicians etc. should have the sensitivity to ensure that their activities should never interfere with the work of the Wealth creators” (Museveni, 09.10.2021).

It is really special when the President is continuing to promote schemes, which is not benefiting the citizens. Neither is it helping the ones who needs to get out of poverty. It is a trick and he has renamed the same scheme several of times. He speaking of the importance of wealth creators, but society should secure food safety, infrastructure and policies to ensure good conditions to start businesses. However, the President isn’t doing that and it’s only a ploy and getting short-term investments, that goes flat and later runs out of steam. His not building anymore, but trying to find new “get-rich-quick-schemes”. It is really disgusting that he asks for respected leaders in the community to support this drive. As they should warn about the frauds and forgery. That they can come victims of these schemes. Instead, they are supposed to support this sort of drive. That is disingenuous.

As we go on, the difference between Wealth creators and parasites will become clearer. The ranks of the Wealth-creators are going to be swelled by the Parish Development Model and the Emyooga Programmes” (Museveni, 09.10.2021).

Here we go again, the whole speech as gone into full Wealth Creators… and it’s really weird that the prosperity gospel is the new mannerism of the old-man-with-the-hat. His soon he new anchor of the 700 Club instead of Pat Robertson. Where he expect people to go like sheep into these schemes. While here is no proof or evidence that the previous ones was working either. That’s why this is really profound of him to push this narrative so hard.

He ends with:

Let everybody embrace wealth creation and the principles and strategies that support it (Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Social – economic transformation and Democracy) and avoid idleness, dependency and parasitism” (Museveni, 09.10.2021).

Let me remind you… that these quotes are taking from a Independence Day Speech at Kololo in Kampala on the 59th Independence Day. This wasn’t a launch for a government scheme of any sorts. No, he was rambling on about this. Speaking in this manner, demeaning and degraded fellow human beings who isn’t participating in his schemes. That says a lot about his mind-set these days. When he thinks this way and does this with such detail.

This here speech wasn’t any note-worthy or proof of him being a statesman. No, this was just a mockery of a speech. It was tragic and wasn’t even funny. Just a long line of historical pin-points, dots and whirlwind of wealth-creation or the next get-rich scheme. That is just insane, but that’s where Museveni are these days. It much to add… This is not greatness, but depressing. The worst is that this was most likely on all airwaves, TV-stations and all the papers had to write about it. When it was little to nothing. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni have weaponized the judiciary and the authorities [that’s the problem]

The National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) came with promise of peace and liberty for the people. The promises haven’t been kept and the NRM is no different from the previous regimes. The only difference in some parts of the Republic the amounts of extra judicial killings and abuse of process, which is illegally detaining civilians, charging political opponents and even using Military Courts to prosecute political prisoners. Therefore, yesterday’s National Address of His Excellency was really insulting himself and his reign.

Yes, he lied about several of things. We can doubt that the President was sent to prisons during his time as a student and was also in Mozambique to learn guerrilla tactics. This man was in such good favours that Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere wanted President Milton Obote to hire him. That clearly helped him to get the post of Research Assistance in the Office of the President. A post he had until Idi Amin overthrow Obote. So, believing he would be many times in jail is the easiest lie.

What is striking that the President is speaking of victims of murders, killings and extra judicial killings. That the assassins and killers doesn’t deserve police bond or bail. A right everyone has in 1995 Constitution. A Constitution he created and made in his vision back-in-the-day. We know he has revised to the new reality and to his self-styled Presidential for Life. Therefore, changing this would be Modus Operandi.

However, doing this and what the state does. Instead of investigating and using due process in criminal proceedings. In concern to the arrests of opposition MPs. It follows a pattern and it’s pathetic. They arrested before the proceedings are even started. The MPs are targeted and charged, but there was no real investigation in advance. Therefore, the state cannot produce witnesses, affidavits or evidence defending the charges. That’s why the state has put the cart before the horse and it’s deliberate. This is why the MPs are put on bail while the authorities have to figure out who to pin them. Secondly, why they are re-arrested by another parts of the authorities for other charges. To keep them behind bars. While they are working … to find a way and reasons for keeping them detained. This is initially making people guilty before they are innocent. Instead of the principal of being innocent until proven guilty.

That’s why it’s really staggering that he does and uses his time to re-issue the idea of abolishing bail and police bond. The President seems to have no trouble doing this. However, if he pushes for this and it becomes a new regime after him. They might use these laws to target NRM leaders and family members of Museveni. Muhoozi and Odrek could easily be targeted on phony charges, airlifted to Moroto and kept behind bars for months. While the authorities are producing evidence and proof of the alleged intentions to do the crime they are charged with.

President Museveni will now serve injustice in system. Yes, murders and extra judicial killings should be investigated. The ones behind the crimes should be charged and sentenced. This should be all parts of the authorities to participate and ensure justice is served. That done by the due process and with rule of law. However, the ideals and words of Museveni yesterday his the officer, judge and the executioner. His taking the law into his own hands and wants people to be detained and sentenced without proper proceedings. That is just tragic, but shows how he cares about justice.

For a man who promised to deliver “fundamental change” and be different than his predecessors. His clearly copying them all and all of their ills. A piece by piece, as his time is lingering in power. What is striking is that he uses the same methods and means to stay in office. The NRM and the President have no issues weaponizing the judiciary, the authorities and the state to target its opponents. That it has done through the years and its not getting better. This why this is just furthering oppression and crackdown on the ones who differs from His Excellency. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s words matters less and less

The speeches, the national addresses and whatnot of the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency and the President of the Republic, Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni is becoming pointless. To say it accurately “a waste of time”.

A President and his speeches should be poignant and be inspirational. Heck, they should set the norm and the moral statement of how his government is run. Alas, the President should set forward policies, directives and what he aims to do in the present and the future. However, there is pieces of that in his speeches, but also a lot of downtime. It could just be static sounds and whispers of the past. Since it isn’t relevant or fits more a “Point Blank” skit.

President Museveni is making mockery of the Republic and himself. A man who has positioned all power in his hands. A leader who is directing everyone and involving himself in any sort of deal. There is no road, house or land in question without some sort of interference from the President. While he has appointed authorities, commissions and government organizations to do this. Still, his doing their bidding and undermining their initial work. Their mandate is without merit, because he can tell the leader of the organization. That is what you do and what I order you to do. Therefore, all protocol, due diligence or procedure is a troublesome wasteland.

So, why I am writing all of this?

Well, someone has to say it. After all the speeches of the bush-war, the legends of the past and the supposed heroics. Sooner or later,the National Resistance Movement (NRM) which is built around the President. Has to give way and become a relic as well. Not only the stalwart or historicals who is lost and praying for relevance. The same is soon happening to the President. If we are not already there.

The President can’t fake love or appreciation… he can fake polls and elections. He can rig the majority and control the institutions of the Republic. As well, he can do the same to the military and security organizations. As long as these are kept in order and paid. These will be loyal and secure the Presidency. They are not there to secure law and order. Neither is it stationed to secure the territory either. These are soldiers and officers who is more busy with dissident than doing their actual job.

That is why the speeches and statements are becoming static air and not worthy of being on TV, Radio or online for that matter. Everyone is better of cooking a stew or buying airtime for their phones. Than actually spending time listening in and await the prepared articles on the “hot-takes” from it. It is better to read a book or spend time with family. Because, you using your time for something useful.

This is really insightful and shows the true nature of things. The general public rather await for the guidance and the articles with the directives. Then to actually sit down and listen to what he has to say. The President and his handlers should be worried. Since his not seen as relevant. That is not weird considering he has imposed himself in their lives for decades. It is not like his truly elected or popular for ages. That train left long time ago and his acts is differing from his speeches too.

He can in one minute go from hating something to love it. We have seen over the years how the man has twisted and changed his mind. That has always been with the best interest for himself and his own causes. This is why everyone know he does things for selfish reasons and not for the betterment of the state. The belief in that died years ago and the ones who still believes it is naive or stupid.

So, a National Address tomorrow isn’t worthy of anyone’s time. It is better just to drop a statement with new COVID-19 guidelines and not take two hours of airtime on TV and Radio. Everyone knows it’s useless and not valuable use of time.

It is tragic that its like this after 35 years in power. However, this is something he has himself created and as long as you impose yourself on people. At one point or another people will stop to listen. With more and more time. That is evident. Just like I have less people reading stories on Museveni than I did in the past. So, it is just proven how little people care about him and his reign of tyranny. Peace.

Opinion: Awaiting either a private bill or a constitutional amendment to abolish bail

We have been here before… the National Resistance Movement (NRM) have twice altered the 1995 Constitution to favour or personally help the will of the President. Now, the President is on another war-path. As he wants to have all legality to keep people in prison and not free them. Since, he believes killers and the ones doing serious crimes deserves to behind bars without the constitutional right for bail or be temporary freed until trial or sentencing.

This is showing the viciousness of the state. A state that already uses the authorities, security organizations and law enforcement to target and detain the opponents of the state. This state uses Panda Gari’s or “drones” to pick-up, abduct, kidnap and keep civilians incommunicado for days. These people are not produced in court within the 48 hours timeline. Neither is there a trial or proof of guilt for their supposed crimes. Many has been tortured or extra-judicially killed by the authorities. That has happen during the reign of Museveni and how he operates.

Those actions is clearly not sinister enough. The state who already uses the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization (ISO) and Uganda Police Force (UPF) for their own gains. This is done to intimidate and make it impossible for dissidents and activists to organize. They are blocking and finding ways to silence the main opposition too.

That is why the President wants to take away the ability to get bail. The courts are issuing this and they are tending to come with conditions and the “culprit” or alleged criminal has to appear before the courts. This is happening while the investigation and the case is pending. However, when it comes to political active and opposition members. They are arrested for charges, which the state never proves or produce evidence. The state is prolonging the cases and never stopping them. The criminal cases against an opposition can last for many years and never been closed or dismissed. It can take a decade or even longer. Therefore, if the bail goes away. In practically for cases like these. The person charged could be behind bars for a decade without sentencing or proper case work. That is detaining innocent civilians and non-criminal without prejudice. This is making the citizen guilty before proven innocent. That isn’t rule of law, but lawlessness.

If the NRM does this… they do that to please their master and his whims. It will be a practical issue and assure the President that he can punish his enemies without any court order or a sentence. He can keep them detained and they don’t have the right to be released pending trial and sentencing. The state doesn’t need to produce evidence or witnesses to build cases. That is the evil side of this.

It wouldn’t be shocking, if the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Kahinda Otafiire or a private bill from a loyal cadre within the NRM caucus. They would do that to abolish the article 23(6) or amend it. The NRM did that with the term limits and the age limit as well. So, this wouldn’t shock anyone if they did.

However, the previous articles was directly about the Presidency and his office. This can be a legal jeopardy for citizens in general. Taking away bail means the citizens looses their rights and if they are arrested. Nobody can bail them out or pay bond to get them out. That is injustice and shows what the regime is willing to do.

Yes, the regime and the President is already serving the public injustice with the “drones” and ungazetted safe-houses. The state is already misusing it’s power by re-arresting people released on bail. Taking them to a new prison and a new incarceration facility elsewhere. While they are adding new charges or pinning it on the citizen. That is what the state is doing towards two NUP MPs these days and these tricks has been used before.

So, am awaiting two types of legislation delivered in Parliament. That is done to secure the ambition of the President. Either the Minister coming with his testing of the popularity of it or a private bill to do it in favour of the will of the President. Because, the NRM and Museveni is willing to alter the Constitution and this is the manner the state does it. Peace.