Opinion: The BBI is a hill not worth to die on

The Building Bridges Initiative to National Unity or the BBI is not worth all of this. It is the works of the elites and for the elites. This is a referendum packaged in a massive flamboyant imprint, but the product is flawed. It promise salvation, betterment and greatness, but will only deliver agony.

As the BBI in the current form is only beneficial for the ones running for office. For the next President and his Cabinet Secretaries. This is to ensure more loyalty for the elected officials, but not to change Parliament or the governance for something substantial better.

No, the peace-offering between Kenyatta and Odinga was good. It bought them together and brought peace. They became civil and even acted as kin. The Orange Democratic Movement went from opposition to a blind ally. The Jubilee had suddenly a super majority and no real opposition. As the other parties of the National Super Alliance was left with little to nothing. This whole term the government has practically been run without any real opposition and “yes-men” surrounding him.

They release the Joint Press Release today just to push for it even more. As they are pursuing a possible end-game and a final victory for it. They want it too happen, as they have put all the eggs in this basket. Not like the President or his unofficial Prime Minister haven’t traded all the goods to sell this legislation. The President have seemingly given up all the promises of Jubilee and the Big Four. On the other hand, Odinga bailed on Promised Land and “Canaan” over this.

That is why for these two to come out good from this term. They need this enacted and be a success. Because there is little other to achieve. They need the BBI to work and be their joint venture. Not that it will serve the general public or do any good. However, they will sell it like a saving grace. Though, the ones who has studied it knows it will not do what these two are saying.

Everyone with a little knowledge knows that this one is only bad. Nevertheless, Kenyatta and Odinga needs to go all in. It is not like they have anything else to sell. This is what they have done and worked for over the last three years. Not like the President can show stadiums, a profitable SGR or anything else. He cannot even say his been conclusive on his forever battle with corruption. There is only a lot of disappointments and failures, which he doesn’t want to be associated with.

That is why Kenyatta and Odinga needs the BBI to passed. Even if it is based on a lie and built on a foundation of sand. The house will be torn to piece by a storm and be washed away by the waves. Still, the sand-castle seems so magnificent and speaks volume of the time making it presentable. As soon as the winds changes and the waves start hitting its walls. The sand will not muster strength and hold it up. It will give way and vanish.

The same will happen to all the promises of the BBI. The BBI will only deliver the good results for the next President and his allies. There will be no redemption and good gifts. This will only further the expenses of the state without any proper justification for added domestic revenue. Neither does the mechanisms and the other adjustments really deliver on old promises either. It is just a flamboyant way of getting more power to the Head of State. Making sure the person on top has more control and can rule supreme.

Kenyatta and Odinga has wasted this term on the BBI. If this is how they will be remembered. It is surely a tragic way of Kenyatta to end his second term. Not to mention that Odinga went from standing strong in opposition in two elections to sell his soul on the altar of BBI. He went all in and will not even get proper reforms or changes that his talked about for years. This is just serving the dynasties, cartels and not creating anything tangible.

The BBI is the trick and the hustle. That has broken the Republic, but also shown the ugly side of the political elite. How they think they can fool anyone and get away with murder. Because, this is a homicide and a destruction of the Constitution. Just so someone can get more power. That is the gist of this bill and this legislation. That they are selling like a remedy against bad governance. However, it will not deliver and will not work. Only a fool buys into this thing and believes the stories.

The two bedfellows have to merry and be giddy about it. They know the verdict and the victims of it. They know and we know… that’s why its weird that this is the hill they decided to die on. Peace.

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Opinion: The IMF doesn’t understand the BBI

The proposed constitutional amendments are an outcome of the Building Bridges Initiative, a cross-party endeavor to promote unity through wide-ranging legislative and institutional reforms, including a more broad-based and inclusive executive structure, enhanced judicial accountability, and increased devolution to local governments” (IMF – ‘IMF Country Report No. 21/72’ P: 4, April 2021)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows its ignorance and lack of understanding of what purpose and what means the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) really has. That is evident when they are dropping a footnote like this in the middle of IMF Country Report on Kenya. Where they are planning to loan more money and start a modern twist of Structural Adjustment Program (SAP).

The IMF is clearly still believing in the SAP and its mechanisms. Since the proposed ideals of the strings with the IMF loans is seemingly so. That of privatization of State Owned Enterprises and other measures to cover the deficits. While the government still takes up more loans to cover that.

This with the huge debt burden and rising amounts of loan, which has been steadily issued during the reign of Kenyatta. The IMF isn’t worried that the state is paying huge percentages in interests of the old loans. This is deficit financing and the state is supposed to restructure itself. Meaning, in a state of poverty levels are high. The state is supposed to be able to retain new tax-bases and domestic revenue. When 7 out of 10 is living in poverty. That is really infuriating.

IMF clearly just wants to loan out funds and use that put strings on the nation taking it. They will control both the legislation, budget priorities and how the state operates. The IMF Country Reports states this. That’s why its weird that they are not more focused on the BBI. As that legislation would change the finances, state expenditure and giving more power to the Executive (Head of State).

The IMF should study the texts and the constitutional changes in the BBI. Because, if the Kenyan government changes accordingly to these stipulations. Than the President will have more power and he can do more with his office. The BBI is made for the elites and it seems like IMF is catering to that.

That is why its disappointing. If the IMF cares about legislation and laws. They should dig a bit deeper into the effects and what the BBI possibly affects the state. Not just a minor footnote. Though the IMF only cares about Economic and Financial Mechanisms. That is natural, as these folks is most likely Political Science Majors, but auditors and accountants. Since, they use most part on these implications, but not on caring on about the Constitutional Amendments in the BBI.

The IMF doesn’t even care enough about the growing debt burden by adding more debt to cover the deficit. While expecting the state do several of actions to not only scrap government services, restructure state owned enterprises and create new financial mechanisms. Therefore, the acts of the IMF is not without other “costs”.

We know the state and the government is known for corruption and kickbacks. The President and all of his elites have been eating without any issues during his reign. There been scandals upon scandals. There been one scandal leading to another. It is not like the Kenyan authorities doesn’t have a Judiciary, Police Force and other agencies to look into graft, grand corruption and other white-collar crime. If the state wanted to take it seriously. They could easily cease it and go after the heads who commits it. However, these activities are usually happening as political assassinations and not a criminal investigation. Therefore, the idea of IMF to make more laws will not stop. Then they are naive and foolish.

But then again, it is the same IMF who clearly haven’t dwelled into the BBI properly. If the IMF had looked into the BBI. They wouldn’t have made it into a footnote and made it so unimportant. When all political gambits before the 2022 elections have been invested into it.

That’s why the IMF clearly values their own additions and strings on a loan more than the already legislation, which is into the works. A legislation and constitutional reform, which will not be less costly, but add more additional expenditure on the state. Not only be a “favourable” spread of domestic with the counties of the Republic. That is such a distorted view of what the BBI represents and does.

The IMF, if anyone seriously work there and cares about political science. This is hack-work and hack-job. Where they have either eaten everything served and believed it. If not they have been tricked and not understood it. Lastly, they have understood it, but doesn’t care about the implications it does have. As long as they follow the reforms and adjustments they want to achieve with the granting of the new huge loan their way. Peace.