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Raila Odinga through his advocates writes a demand letter to Nation Media Group (19.08.2019)


Kenya: Executive Office of the President – Head of Public Service – OP/CAB/18/19/10A – Re: Budget Alignment Process for Financial Year FY 19/20 (23.07.2019)

AEOG Statement on ELOG’s Preliminary Report of the Punguza Mizigo Initiative Supporters Verification Exercise (25.07.2019)

Opinion: CS Rotrich is the fall-guy for the Jubilee right now!

If your believing that Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji and the Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti is going to finish the investigation in the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal. As of today, the DPP launched arrests of several of high ranking officials including the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Henry Rotrich. However, I am not convinced they will see this through, because if they do. They will go to the heart of the government and these fellas don’t want to do that!

The Jubilee Government is one of the most corrupt governments in living memory, they have been feeding all sorts of cartels and rigged themselves into power. That is why the whole Press Conference now, seems like a play for the facade and not for the results. Not, that I don’t want the men and woman who are corrupt behind bars. I do, they still the public’s money and eat of the plate of all the citizens without any consequences. In this case, it seems more like all the smoke and no fire.

There is a fire initially, as there are two ghost dams and the state paid for them through a illegal tender process and payouts, which the state cannot establish where it went. Even if there is guesses of the final destination. That is still not touched and won’t be unless there is a miracle. Not like the Finance Minister and all the other parties involved worked on this silence without getting clear guidance and telling the high above about it. That would be foolish to think otherwise, that the Deputy President and President didn’t know. This was well established projects with beneficiaries and had directed overpriced structure to benefit the masterminds on the top.

Therefore, that Haji and other busy bodies, that usually tend to make a stand. Does it again, is to show some flair and tenacity in the spectrum of the world. That the War on Corruption is real and that they will not stop. However, they will stop and suddenly, evidence will vanish, affidavits will be dismissed and the Courts will not have enough to build a case or even prosecute anyone. If we have seen that before? Yes! Will it happen in this case? Most likely. Why? Because, these men is part of elite, the tribe that always win, even when they loose their able to strike a win. That is just what they do.

We can act like it isn’t like this. We can act like this is a victory against corruption. When it really isn’t, yes it has created headlines and even will make a cabinet reshuffle to take the seat of Rotrich. His just the current figure to jump on the sword for the high and mighty excellencies whose not touched or even cared for. Even if there is a big chunk of funds that has vanished from planet earth, taken out from a mysterious account and no-one can trace it. Know, that this fella will not be caught, because his untouchable. Kinoti and Haji wouldn’t face that, because then they will sacked and only get a minor commission job after a year of grace.

So, I am cynical, I don’t expect a blast. I don’t expect all this big-men to eat the charges and get into long legal trouble. Even if the DPP dropped several of counts of crimes and broken statutes, the DPP and the DCI needs to have their bases clear and also the thumbs up from the high above. Because, you cannot bring down men-of-honour without the blessing from the top. No, it has to be coordinated and the ones who is in trouble. Will maybe pay a little, but don’t expect it to scratch the surface. As they don’t want to implicate or deliver any information covering the people in the shadow or even the ones who cannot be touched. No, they will not do that, then they would be afraid of their last breath. That is just the way things are. Not beautiful, but greedy suits going into a dangerous path. Unless, the state screws it all up and looses the connecting dots. Which wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Well, so how about that UNGA then, will that CS answer for his misdeeds too or is Rotrich the only fall guy this week? Peace.

Kenya: Turkana Country Government – Statement on the Council of Governor’s legal push over the Division of Revenue Impasse (16.07.2019)

Opinion: Tuju switching masters, another proof that parties or affiliations doesn’t matter anymore!

Well, ever since the handshake and the start of the Building Bridges Initiative between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta. We have with time, seen how fluid the political parties and the political figures both in the Jubilee Party and the National Super Alliance (NASA). Where we have seen them all trying to configure and make new beginnings.

Today, its more evident, as the most high ranking official of Jubilee, the Secretary General Raphael Tuju, the loyalist and the brain behind lots of campaigns in the Jubilee Party are now starting to work directly for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Odinga himself. This being the man, defending Kenyatta and Ruto at any cost during the Fresh Presidential Elections. Dismissing the judgement of annulling the first elections in 2017 and so on. Therefore, that Tuju does this, is as significant to Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, the NASA Co-Principal taking the Special Envoy to South Sudan.

They are all just figuring out ways to eat, they don’t care if they are opposition or not. They don’t care about policy or about development. This isn’t simple politicking. Now, this is even simpler Math.

This equation is based on one vital component. That being POWER. If it wasn’t for power and prestige. If it wasn’t for the opportunity to get a cut, get some ends. They wouldn’t move like this and give way to principals. That is why Odinga is praising Huduma Namba scheme, working on the Big Four and whatnot. While Kenyatta is grinning even bigger with Odinga, than with his partner in crime Ruto.

Seriously, this is the time and day, when the Jubilee Party and the ODM is merging. They are becoming alike. There is no difference between them, they have various leaders around the Republic. But what is their values if they are just bouncing around and taking key-positions and awaiting their turn to sit in the big-seat?

Its like the initial imprint of it, its out turn to eat. It doesn’t matter how or by what means, but as long as we eat. Were good and we get the food, eat and sleep better afterwards.

The BBI and the handshake made this happen. It has ensured Odinga and ODM, but also peacefully made Kenyatta untouchable. Because, the compromised opposition is in bed with him. That is why there is no issues that Odinga gets Tuju or anyone else to prepare for the next election. Who cares right? They are all the same. There is no difference. They are all just figuring out their next move to eat.

Surely, Musalia Mudavadi feels left out and the same does Moses Wetangula, but they didn’t suck-up to Kenyatta. They didn’t kiss the ring like Kalonzo. If they did, he would have given them an office and paid-them-in-full. Alas, that is not the case.

The man, whose the Secretary without a portfolio in the Cabinet, the man whose the Secretary General of the ruling party, now turned to ODM and NASA. If that isn’t sensational. Nothing is. Because, this shows how fluid the situation and politics is, when someone like Tuju can become the advisor of Odinga and become a strategist of NASA/ODM. Surely, this must be a blow for the ones campaigning for Jubilee in 2022. Peace.

Opinion: Kenyan MPs wants to live lavish on the publics dime!

“For this end Africa needs a new type of citizen, a dedicated, modest, honest and informed man. A man submerges self in service to the nation and mankind. A man who abhors greed and detests vanity. A new type of man whose humility is his strength and whose integrity is his greatness”Kwame Nkrumah

The Kenyans Members of Parliament is showing no bound in the roads of greed. They are so actively finding ways of eating. It is outrages. They are making new ways of showing their only intent for representing the public. To get rich and get rich quick. The MPs want to live lavish and posh on the dime of the public. That is what they are initially doing with these pay raise, the cars and the extreme high rates of allowances to even show up at work.

The MPs seemingly doesn’t care about the plights of the common man, when they are fine dining and eating good. They couldn’t care less about the farmers who cannot afford seedlings or even having markets to sell their produce. When, they are driving in expensive SUVs and can afford imported goods on the daily. They don’t have to mind or even see their constituents before the next general election, as they are living in the highest comfort like an CEO or Executive Director in mansion in Nairobi.

Just look!

“Members of Parliament (MPs) want the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) to reinstate and increase several allowances that the commission scrapped, in an audacious move that could raise their salaries from the current Sh1.1 million to between Sh2.1 million and Sh2.9 million a month. In a memorandum to the SRC seen by the Nation, lawmakers are seeking to have their car grants doubled from the current Sh5 million to Sh10 million, increase their mortgage entitlements, extend their medical cover to more than one spouse and retain huge car maintenance and mileage allowances” (Samwel Owino – ‘Greed at its peak in MPs new demands to enrich themselves’ 09.07.2019, Daily Nation).

This is what the Tuko Pamoja and the Jubilee government excelling in, either graft or greed. They are not civil servants nor public officials, they are eating and scraping the plates. They are offering themselves riches, but not fixing the basic issues for their citizens. They are preoccupied with getting wealthy for a representative position. These people clearly doesn’t care about the well-being of the citizens, when they are giving themselves this wealth and riches for representing their constituents and the Republic.

We can act like it doesn’t matter, but it does. It shows their priority, which is their own stomach before the public. Their title, their wealth and their possible enrichment on public office is direr, than fixing the hospitals, roads and what else that is broken in the Republic. Peace.

Opinion: The Kenyan MPs will now be paid a sleepwalkers allowance!

The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”Mahatma Gandhi

There are some people who has no trouble getting other people to foot their bills. What is ironic is that these same people are asking for the constituents to live in austerity and poverty. While they are living lavish on their tab. The Kenyan MPs already have huge salaries (Shs. 1.2 million), added allowances and expenses covered by being in office. There is no boundaries to where they take the citizens for a ride.

Even before the dust settles on the outrageous Sh250,000 house allowance claimed by each MP, the lawmakers are at it again. This time around, the MPs and senators, totalling 416, have devised a new scheme to fleece taxpayers by claiming a “night” allowance whenever they are in Nairobi to attend parliamentary sessions. Dubbed the “Domestic Subsistence Facilitation”, the new scheme entitles each MP to between Sh18,200 and Sh24,000 per night” (Samwel Owino – ‘MPs set for Sh96,000 in weekly ‘night’ allowance’ 06.07.2019).

What is really unique about this situation, in a republic where half of the citizens only earn around 10,000 shillings per month, the MPs are now profiting up to 24,000 shillings per night to attend parliamentary sessions, which is what they is elected to do. This isn’t some random foreign enterprise or even meeting donors abroad, where usually the MPs will get per diem and allowances, while attending conference and such. No, this is an added pay-off for doing their natural job as they have to by their office.

The MPs and Senators are ensuring themselves more wealth by doing nothing other than going to the office. These honourables are securing the double salary of most Kenyans by just showing up to work. This without considering their ordinary salary nor the others perks of office. Therefore, this is really just greedy guts with no honour of the plea of the commoner. They are just in office and hoping to eat as much as possible.

They are sleepwalkers, they are empty suits only in it to get it and not to serve the public. Because, if they cared about the public, they wouldn’t rob them of these funds and not ensure all public services was working. However, all public services aren’t working and the continues thieving combined with the reckless spending is destroying the economy, but these MPs and Senators apparently doesn’t care.

If they did, they wouldn’t give themselves such an outrages raise on already high salary compared to all their citizens. They are eating like there is no tomorrow and maybe there isn’t, because surely they want to be prepared with bank-accounts the rest of only can dream off. Peace.

The fall of Itumbi: Gone from a propaganda machine to a nuisance!

Well, Dennis Itumbi have been a vital part of the rise of Jubillee. The man who uses his communication technics and savvy ways to intimidate and silence witnesses for the key suspects during the International Criminal Court case against DP William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He was also vital in the run-up to the 2013 Elections, his blogosphere and his team of propaganda unit, which in the end launched the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU). Where he together with Cambridge Analytica used all of his skill-set to publish, write, manufacture and misuse information in a way that hurt the other candidates and peddled the need stories to fit the President and his Deputy.

Now, in 2019, two years after the General Election and Fresh Presidential Elections. These services is not needed. Even last year there was reports of his demise and that he was kicked out of the State House. That the PSCU was disbanded and his office emptied.

This man has already forged dozens of letters for the Jubilee Party and associates, he has already been well-known for carrying out open assaults and disfranchising people whose been troublesome for the regime. Therefore, when he earlier wrote the fake assassination letter aimed at the DP, this was just another day in the office and life Itumbi.

That is what he does and what his known for, he has even used Marilyn Monroe’s signature on a fake NASA Letter to cover-up and create a scam during the elections of 2017. It is not like this is a new venture or enterprise of the drifty fella. No, this is what he does and what has made him indispensable for some individuals at the State House.

We can act like we didn’t know, but this man has done the dirty work for the Jubilee back to 2011, even caught that he was a hired blogger for Jubilee in 2012. Since then risen to the ranks, and is now said to be working in the Office of the DP, as the Secretary for Digital. Surely, a man like the DP would need a man like Itumbi. He could make some clever ways to make him look smart and peddle narratives that makes the Hustler look brilliant. However, with the recent misstep and backfiring approach. The man has been caught and will struggle this time.

That Itumbi is in trouble isn’t new neither, back in the day, he was in trouble for having classified document on Kibaki and the British government will file a case against him in the ICC.

We know all of this is hurting the pride and honour of the DP, as K24 TV presented the trial today: “UPDATE: MPs ‘allied to DP Ruto’ present at Milimani Law Courts where Dennis Itumbi is arraigned. Some of the lawmakers present are: Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu), Oscar Sudi (Kapseret), Didmus Barasa (Kimilili), Caleb Kositany (Soy), among others. Itumbi is accused of circulating alarming information in regard to the Ruto ‘assassination’ plot” (K24 TV, 04.07.2019).

We know that Itumbi is losing and his ways is exposed, that his propaganda and his techniques is the reason why his charged and will be behind bars. That Itumbi has misused the power given to him and haven’t changed ways from the time in campaign-mode. Itumbi thought that loyalty amongst the highest ranking officials would be there. However, he now see that he was just a useful pawn on the chess-set and that the kings will not save him.

That Itumbi have forged before,  that he has spread lies before and that his ways has been dangerous is all true. Itumbi have risked it all and seemingly got nothing for it. The man in the digital sphere, who had a vital part in the PSCU and is now behind bars awaiting further investigations. That’s where it ended for him.

He is now an nuisance, a relic of the past, one that Kenyatta want to get rid off and got the perfect excuse as well. One that Itumbi created himself, therefore, his own demise was his own making. Even if it was ordered by the DP to gain possible sympathy. Because, this is what he does and what been his trademark.

His been faking it and hoping that he would make it. In the end, his being whipped with the same force, as his words and stories against opposition figures. He is getting caught in the same web and has no way out. Peace.

Kalonzo switched sides officially, again!

Well, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, the Wiper Democratic Movement leader and Co-Principal of the NASA/CORD has totally switched sides. He has followed ODM Leader and the Handshake of Raila Odinga. Therefore, his not alone betraying the fellow collaborates of opposition. No no, he is just pursuing his best interests in the landscape of Building Bridges Initiative and finding his envelopes in this political game.

The ones that currently haven’t been so lucky is Moses Wetan’gula and Musalia Mudavadi, but they are maybe getting appointed elsewhere. If they start praising the master and current day President, like Kalonzo have done of late. The whole NASA Project have been traded for favourable deals with the Jubilee, that is why Odinga is so entitled and so close to the President all the time. Even more talkative than the DP Ruto.

Well, Kalonzo have done this in the past, he has been a minister under KANU rule, while President Arap Moi was presiding, he joined NARC Coalition when Kibaki, became his Vice-President was ruling and now in the second term of Uhuru, his accepted the appointment of Special Envoy to the South Sudan on behalf of Kenya. That means, he changes flags and alliance to whenever he benefits. Kalonzo practically stands for nothing else, than whoever pays him and is the king. That is maybe why he wouldn’t participate in the swearing-in of Odinga or jeopardize cordial friendship with Uhuru, because if he did, he would risk losing a possible meal-ticket. That is how it seems today.

Kalonzo is the epitome of the ones eating of the plate, the ones configuring and manoeuvring in the shadows to find new ways of earning money. He wants to be bigger and be on his own self. Kalonzo wanted to be the NASA Presidential Candidate, but couldn’t manage that. Neither, could anyone else of the Co-Principals, they would not defy the elites or the ones having the upper-hand. Because if they did, they knew it would be twice as hard to find a meal-ticket later.

Now, Kalonzo have found it, just like Odinga has. They are both eating and having supper on the public dime. Even as they are supposed to be opposition and fighting the Jubilee. Still, they are all smiles and close associates of the Jubilee. Both are acting and being humble in front of the President. They are both using their time to find possible funds for themselves.

Odinga has the BBI and handshake, as well, as the African Union Development gig, now Kalonzo have his as a Special Envoy to South Sudan. This is the pay-off for being loyal and taking up the President. That is why Kenyatta are giving him this, as he wants his fellow former opposition in close proximity and knows that giving them a little, than they will be more loyal than anyone on his team.

Kalonzo have jumped ships before, I anticipated in February 2018 that he would change and finesse himself a new position. Now in June 2019 it is official. The WPM is now aligned with the Jubilee, not by a pact, but by appointment. Peace.

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