Kenya: DPP – Measures taken by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 (06.08.2020)

Opinion: Zaake MP will only get served injustice…

There will be no justice in the cases surrounding Francis Zaake MP. To think so is bitterly naive and redundant at this point. The National Unity Platform (NUP) and People Power Movement MP for Mityana will not be served justice or paid costs for the hardship, the torture or the arbitrary arrests done against him.

All the pain he has gone through since Arua By-Election. All the arrests, charges and the twice tortured for being the man he is and the sort of opposition he is. Zaake is getting the blunt and brutal force dropped right in his lap.

Zaake MP the man who couldn’t stand on his feet, but still was able to escape police custody. The man who needed permission to get counsel and visits at a hospital. Needed special care and concern before he got a fit-to-flight and bond to do so. Even has he was struggling after the blunt force and the trauma he had.

That is the sort of treatment and service the state delivers to its own MP. The ones speaking of justice, democracy and freedom. Should clearly look into the cases surrounding this man. The treatment this man is getting and what he has to go through. Just to give neighbours some food, to be an active politician and activist. It clearly costs and the authorities can violate you without any punishment or retribution towards them.

The can break his arm, hit his head and bruise his skin. They can harm a man without any consideration or inkling. These people can just use their means to cause pain and suffering. While he has to beg for justice, go back to the courts who are not willing to apprehend their own, but a man like him. They can produce this man in court, when his nearly stopping from breathing and at a abysmal state. That is fine and dandy, but the ones causing him that state. Will not even attend a trial or be called for. This shows whose the overlords and whose the peasants of this society.

When police officers, law enforcement can skate free after harming and damaging a fellow citizen, a citizen who is an MP and they don’t even have to set foot in a court. While this man had to be produced when his skull was harmed and his bones was healing. That shows the impunity and the lack of justice in the Republic.

How easily they could raid his home, detain him and hurt him. While it will take forever and be nearly impossible to answers for the ills committed. That will be like pulling canine teeth. An affair and troublesome ways to justice.

In the republic of Museveni. Impunity and injustice is awarded, while defiance and civil disobedience against him is punished with furious vengeance. A vengeance that Zaake knows all to well. He has tasted the bittersweet remedy of the power-trip these officers has, as they are following command and orders from “high above”.

That is why Zaake will not get his justice. Especially not for now. They will not do that, because that implies their actions are wrong. That the state did something wrong in ordering and sanctioning it. This will not happen, they rather keep it up in the air and hoping it will be forgotten about. Peace.

Tanzania: Travel Advisory No. 5 proves that you cannot declare COVID-19 away

President Joseph Magufuli declared on Sunday 7th of June 2020 that God had healed the United Republic of Tanzania and that here was no COVID-19 or Coronavirus. That is why I am confused by the message of Travel Advisory of No. 5 of 5th August 2020. These two things doesn’t add up.

We already know that Tanzanian truck drivers bring the virus to Uganda and Kenya. They report on the COVID-19 results on the daily and are screening the border-points for the virus. However, there been no results coming from Tanzania since April. Therefore, the only snippets we know is the little drips of driver passing the border points.

We know that the virus isn’t defeated in Tanzania. Even if the President has proclaimed and declared in June 2020. That is why in August, the warnings are there from the Authorities. The same authorities that has revoked licenses to media houses for spreading the worrying news from foreign embassies. Since, the state will not bring the truth to the public. That would hurt the soul and damage the calm of the President.

A President who has proclaimed and declared that the Republic is without COVID-19. That was done 2 months ago. June has passed and July too. We are in August and it just proves something. That you cannot just wish this thing away. It will linger, especially if you trying to ignore it or not act upon it. Sooner or later it will be an invisible enemy you cannot control.

Yes, we have no numbers, no stats since April, but we do have the travel warning. Which is telling a story the state has avoided for a minute. It is also saying something in contradiction to the President.

Magufuli, the bulldozer and narrow-minded President must be shell-shocked and on the brink of tears when he see the Travel Advisory and why it was unleashed without his stamp of approval. Because, this is undermining his efforts to “contain it” and “pray it away”. Seems like the Holy Father also wants a man to use wisdom and the intellect he bestowed upon men. Not just nonchalant acting like things stops to exists.

The President is failing. If he was succeeding. Then this advisory would have sounded differently. When they saying its decreasing, that means its there and haven’t left. Just not as big as it was, which we cannot know. Why? Because, the President kept that a secret. While he was praying and paying his tithes to the church. Peace.

Work-Out Plan Part II: Museveni’s misguided publicity stunt

“After work last night, I challenged my Bazukulu to an indoor work-out. We did Forty Push-ups. Just like I have always advised, even at your own home, you can stay safe, and remain fit and healthy” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (05.08.2020).

In April 2020 after about a month of lockdown in the Republic. The President after a small waiting period did release a 2-minute tape showing his running skills and his weird push-ups. Which became a running joke and satire. As his ass was so much up, it nearly looked like the old man was training for something else.

Alas, the Point Blank skit is back at it again. He released a new tape, sadly not a Pornhub, but a Work-Out tape part 2. This time it’s a 1,31 minutes long tape, where he runs and take proper push-ups. You still see his wealth and grandeur of his estate. A fancy TV, beautiful blue floors and whatnot. The President got wealth and can prove some sort of health too.

However, this home exercise thing only makes the old man look foolish. It make him look like a joke. Trying to be youthful and of full vigour as his clocking the age of 75 years old. Yes, he can be proud of the ability to move like he does and have the health he do have at that age. Nevertheless, the man is out of bound and out of touch. If he thinks this is the trick to gain support for his overstaying in office.

Mr. Africa’s problem is that leaders never leave office. Is that the fundamental change of guards never came and that no one is following the correct line. Mr. Mustard Seed grown into a big ass tree, who will not serve or not deliver hope to the public, but instead empty yields.

The old man can think this second round of Kanye West Work-Out Video will reach the masses, but he will only be ridiculed. This is not the sort of tape you unleash on the masses, if you want to be taken seriously. No, this is the run of the mill, skit to play for friends and take a shot every time he makes a push-up.

Museveni is a dumb-dumb for this one. His neither cool, collected or seems like a fella who should run any public office. Instead, he should get a personal trainer and go to a gym. Maybe become a Hugh Hefner for the ladies of Kampala. Who knows, but this is not the act of a serious politician. That is for sure.

Bosco, Bosiko or Jajja, this is a bad move. Making you look stupid and that is fine by me. However, kudos and keep on pushing. Peace.

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Tanzania: The Lowassa Complex ahead of the polls

There are soon polls and the both CHADEMA and ACT-Wazelendo are preparing their parties to challenge the supremacy of Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and its incumbent President Joseph Magufuli.

The CCM is already entrenching all walks of life, the flow of information, allowing to participate politically, educate and hold press conferences are all after getting a nod from the state. No party can function or work without the authority giving them way. That is the reality in Tanzania under Magufuli’s reign.

No journalists, civil servant or anyone else can publish content without securing permission or at least follow strict guidelines. The restrictive nation ahead of the polls is a gift to the ruling party and their associates.

CHADEMA is coming with their big man, the resolute opposition candidate and voice of reason in Tundu Lissu. Last time around in the previous election, they used the deflector from CCM Edward Lowassa, who has now returned there. He was a marionet and a useful figure, but not someone who could defeat the CCM.

Now, ACT Wazelendo is using similar tools in another high ranking official from the CCM, who has fallen out of love there. Bernard Membe. Who is the Presidential candidate for the party ahead of the elections, instead of Zitto Kabwe. Who have big-shots both in Zanzibar and for the whole Republic with Membe.

Lissu and Membe will be in the same waters as Lowassa. There are no returns in sight, the state and CCM is intertwined and so connected, that only a miracle baby can separate them at this point. The walls are covered with heroics of the CCM and practically, the state and CCM is the same. Therefore, to topple Magufuli, you need the state apparatus to turn on itself and that is impossible.

Membe and Lissu knows this. Kabwe knows this too. They are opposites of the regime, who controls everything, but they only have their voice and their platform. They don’t have the army, the agencies, the institutions or the power to finesse this here game.

Just like Lowassa was a promising person, a high ranking and regarded man. He still could sufficiently be viable to the mechanics of CCM. There was no return to get out of this. There was only out-cries and devastations.

We can just imagine the return of Membe at some point too. When he has made up the grievances with the CCM and paid amends to the ones he needs too.

Lissu is popular and is a rising star, but the state might dim those lights by all means possible. While Membe will trade similar waters to Lowassa and hope for a safe journey home after the polls. It is a gamble for Kabwe, but it was the same for Freeman Mbowe in 2015. That didn’t work out and most likely will not do it in 2020.

Magufuli got this, but not because of his merit or his skills. However, because of how incorporated the CCM is and how its tools are there to destroy its competition. Peace.

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Opinion: VP Chiwenga will be double trouble [as both VP and Minister of Health]

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga have today been appointed to be the Minister of Health by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The President is allowed to do assign the VP as he see fit, however, at the same time the VP should not hold another office or employment. Those are article 99 and 103 of the 2013 Constitution.

So, there is a merit to either case, if the President is allowed to appoint Chiwenga as both VP and Minister or not at all. However, I will not dwell on that. That is something for lawyers and attorneys to discuss.

What is more striking is the guy who would sack every single nurse who was demonstrating in the Republic. There been plenty of doctors, nurses and health workers who has demonstrated, because they were incapacitated. They did not have the funds or the salaries to pay for the added inflation and therefore, lacked livelihood for their work.

Chiwenga is a man who can be for weeks for treatment in China. He could even be gone for months away. The VP has also been airlifted to India, South Korea and China. In 2019 he was 4 months in China. He has travelled back and fourth for review of treatment as well. Therefore, the man knows how to get health care as health care tourist, but not the one who uses the Health Care in his own republic.

So, its weird that the man who in fury can sack all nurses are suddenly in-charge of them and the doctors. The unions who has fought against the incapacitation. The ZHDA, ZINA, SHDA and Apex Council have all written about their grievances, lack of equipment and salaries. As the state are not following up on the issues at the Ministry of Health and for the Health Workers in the Republic.

Chiwenga will be oil and water. He has no fuse or understanding of the troubles of others. They are just to follow chain-of-command. That the President is giving him this role in the midst of global pandemic. Is militarising another ministry by hiring yet another military man to have a top role. Just yesterday, the permanent secretary who was appointed was a former air-force commander or something like that. This is therefore, continuing military involvement everywhere.

VP Chiwenga will not make the Ministry better. Trust me, he will just make it worse and ensure more rampant corruption, fake tenders and secure the will of ZANU-PF. There will be no revolution of the Health Care.

The VP is soon on a plane to China anyway to get treatment for an illness. Not like he will be in a hospital in Harare. Unless, his on his deathbed and cannot get airlifted abroad. Peace.

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