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Getafix of Mbarara: COVIDEX is selling hope in the middle of despair…

Now, it is official and its sold in pharmacies across Kampala, as the pandemic is surging and people are hanging on to whatever they can get to get some remedy and treatment for the coronavirus or COVID-19. This is not shocking, but a sad reality.

There is now a new hack in town. A Mbarara Professor Patrick Ogwang Engeu was has created his own mixture called “COVIDEX”. He is selling this blend and herbal mixture with the belief that it helps and treats the virus.

This isn’t the first of its kind. Only in January 2021 the President and his Presidential Scientific Initiative on Epidemics (PRESIDE) launched the mysterious UBV-01N. However, that one has later never been heard off.

What is striking is the Professor Ogwang Engeu have created other medicine already, but that doesn’t mean he has found the solution now as well. We don’t know the mixture, neither does we know what the dosage entails. It could be a placebo affect and a lie. Water with some colour or whatnot. It is a profitable business selling medicine and the Professor knows that.

By all means, I hope COVIDEX works. However, there been other things before. That has used herbal extractions from plants like Artemesia, Artemesia Annua and Stevia. We don’t know what he is using or have blended together.

We should all be reminded about the miracle drink from Madagascar, CVO – Tambvy who was sold internationally without being properly tested. The same is now happening locally with COVIDEX.

What the Professor is doing?

His selling hope. His selling these medical treatment on the whim and the hope that it works. It might do so, but without proper procedures and without proper testing of the herbal medicine. It is all baseless claims and without proof. We don’t know what it does or doesn’t do.

When there is no proof, no evidence or even what is the main components of the medicine. It is hard to believe that it does anything. There is no proof and nothing that says so. The medicine might work, but the Professor should have ensured it was tested and accepted by the National Drug Authority (NDA). Not just sell it on the open market without any certification or license to sell it.

For now, this is selling a dream, which could end up in a nightmare. This is making yourself a fortune on the gullible and the ones who needs hope in despair. That is tragic. Peace.

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The Exodus from Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area: A COVID-19 Worry!

On the 6th June 2021 President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni issued Presidential Directives for a partial lockdown. Where people are not allowed move between districts, except for the Greater Kampala Metropolitan region. Where schools are now closed for 42 days since yesterday on the 7th June 2021. All transport between the districts will close by 10th June 2021. This means the ones who studying and wants to go home have to leave within mere days after the announcement.

All students from the Universities has to travel from Kampala to the towns and villages up country. They have to leave their lodges and students homes to return home. As they have again to wait for the schools and higher education to open up again.

This is an exodus. The pictures of the last two days from the Old Taxi Park and elsewhere. Shows that people are ram-packed together awaiting to get a seat in a taxi or buses. So, until the 10th June there will be crowds going away from Greater Kampala Region. This means everyone who is living on the gig-economy, students and others will flee the city. They will also leave Waksio, Mukono and other districts in connection to the capital.

There are so many leaving. We should worry about all the possible asymptomatic Covid-19 infected persons who travels from Kampala to the rest of the Republic. The taxi park and other places filled to the brim with people. Who are leaving Kampala. You cannot blame them. They cannot live or study. Everything in their lives are suspended for 42 days in this partial lockdown.

This inter-district lockdown is creating a dangerous precedent. Expect the virus to escalate and spread even further. As people are canned together and going across the Republic. They are awaiting their turn and their ability to return outside the Greater Kampala Metropolitan area.

We really don’t have to be scientist about this. What the state have put into play is endangering their citizens. This is happening after the President have kept several big-events, which is in breach of the Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs) in consideration to the COVID-19 measures. Therefore, the sudden rise of new cases could come from the inauguration of the President and from the Members of Parliament sworn-in as well. Therefore, the President should look into his own actions and now is creating a new possible rise of it.

The people are scared and know the Ministry of Health is lacking. The public knows the state have a limit of beds and respirators. The state doesn’t have what it need to contain it. They are lacking even if the state have borrowed and gotten massive amount of funds from international donors or the International Monetary Fund/ World Bank. This should have covered this, but don’t expect it to be spend on the needed equipment or training of health care workers. Nah, that isn’t happening.

This is why this is so dire and shows the mentality of the state. The public is all on their own and have to fetch hope elsewhere. The state only commands, but gives no direction or have any safety net for them. We should be worried about the crowds and the way they where put together. This folks did their best, but there was nothing prepared. No extra buses, taxis or anything but only Presidential Directives ensuring this exodus.

The Presidential Directive should have had some sort of measures and ideas of the consequences of it. They should have ensured transports, ability to use various parts of Kampala and not just the Old Taxi Park. There should be openings and rented buses as well from the state. As they would know that the students needs to return to up-country and cannot afford to stay in Kampala now.

Again, you see how the state is lacking and not delivering to the needs of its citizens. While possibly making the pandemic worse and where SOPs becomes pointless, as people are going to the same small space to get away from Kampala.

This is sadly insane, but show how little the government care. They can publish and issue Presidential Decrees, but don’t have thought about the implications or how it would be implemented. Which in the end hits the citizens who is touched by these directives. It is tragic and the losers are all the ones who travel and the ones in association with them. We should be worried, because this is ensuring COVID-19 will come to every corner of the republic and possibly make the pandemic worse.

That should worry the Ministry of Health and all other authorities. Because, they are responsible to make this happen and they didn’t prepare for the inter-district lockdown. Peace.

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