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Tchad: Let us salute Field Marshal Idriss Déby Itno

In N’Djamena, the capital of Tchad the President since 2nd December 1990 have today gotten a new title. From now on he has to be addressed like this:

The Field Marshal (maréchal) of Tchad, Idriss Déby Itno, President of the Republic, the head of state (chef d’État).

For the man who has soon been in power for 30 years. A man who has reigned supreme since December 1990. It should be easy for the President to feel comfortable and secure. His maybe feeling pressure and want to show strength.

In a way to show strength, instead of flexing his bank-account, amount of cars or mansions. The President is instead giving himself a title. A military title to prove his bravery and heroics in office.

It is just like he wants to prove his army credentials. Maybe, if the President wanted to look great he would actually overcome the insurgency in the northern provinces of the Republic and even belittle Boko Haram. However, he has not been able to do that. The volatile situation persist, but the big-man in the capital wants to high ranking official of the army.

He wants to be the Terminator, Rambo, Rocky, John McClane and T’Challa the King of Wakanda. The President also wants to be a sniper, assassin and a ninja.

He now is claiming the title of Field Marshal or Maréchal du Tchad. Maybe his planning to expand his military power. The President maybe wants to win a battle and become the ultimate warrior.

It would maybe help his mind, spirit and mythical ethos if he won in Tekken or any sort of video-game. Make him feel superior and grandiose. That he could be the supreme fighter and say that no one beats him in Street Fighter. Maybe even let him win in Mario Kart to be kind, you know.

The gist is … he made himself a fancy military title to boost his ego and ability to charm the ladies. Who knows why? It must be for some shallow reason. To prove a point or sound more magnificent. However, he is still the same bloke and has the same powers of his office. The only difference is that the poor fellows writing his speeches and the ones addressing him has to add another wording to please His Excellency, the Field Marshal, the Head of State and the President of the Republic of Tchad. It sounds like a word-salad and it is.

In his mind he might sound like a hot-shot, but his still not Charlie Sheen eating fried eggs off a woman’s body. Well, enough nonsense for one day.

Salute the Field Marshal, the President, the Head of State and the for life ruler of Tchad, Idriss Déby Itno. Peace.

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