Opinion: Belete Molla is an ally of the PM and not an “opposition”

We don’t accept many legal provisions including the constitution; but only because we will take government position sometime, we will fight to change the laws in peaceful and legal ways to build peaceful bargaining culture”Belete Molla Getahun (2019)

The National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) Chairman Belete Molla Getahun was appointed as a Minister in the new cabinet. There reports that his one out of three who is opposition. I have earlier today covered Dr. Bernahu Nega, Ezema who is also in-coordination with the Prosperity Party. If the “opposition” wasn’t like that. They would be kidnapped, detained or even killed. That is what happens to the real opposition in the Federal Republic.

So, when Molla accepted the role and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. We knew that the Assistant Professor is a Amhara Nationalist. That is the signal of appointing him. When plenty have for so long said the PM needs Amhara support. It is very clear as the previous President of Amhara region became speaker of the Lower House in the House of Federation and the NAMA chairman gets a ministerial post.

What people should worry about is that the NAMA is both expansionist and militant. The NAMA is supportive of the warfare in Tigray Region. The NAMA wants to expand Amhara region in Oromia, Afar and Benishangul-Gumuz. NAMA is claiming Amhara genocide, but supporting the man-made famine and starvation of Tigray region. It is clear that the NAMA is supportive in a way that the PM approves of.

NAMA has written statements against the United Nations Organizations. NAMA has applauded Eritrean participation in the warfare inside Eritrea. Therefore, they fit very well in the cabinet of Abiy. He is getting a token Amhara nationalist and ally.

The international community should know this. He is a nationalist and will not do any good. I doubt he will get the PM to cease the warfare, as the NAMA is in favour of the expansions and going after the TPLF. One of Molla’s long time enemies happens to be the TPLF. Therefore, the Tigray region is fair-game for the people like him. Peace.

Ethiopia: Tigray Independence Party (TIP) – Press Release (18.08.2021)

Ethiopia: Abiy’s message yesterday was loud and clear Part II

Context to the ‘Statement on Current Affairs and a National Call Issued by PMO on 10 August 2021 – THREAD

As terrorist TPLF’s aggressions continue unabated, Federal Government and the people of Ethiopia are being forced to employ all means to defend their communities. The statement pertains to saving a nation from the overt declaration by TPLF to disintegrate the country. The ENDF, Special Forces and Regional Militias have been instructed to halt the destruction by TPLF. The call is to eligible Ethiopians to join ENDF, while others are being called upon to organize at every level and protect their communities from neighborhoods to cities. This call is also to members of the large Diaspora community that Ethiopia has globally, to do their part in continuing the expose the terrorist organization for what it is and to mobilize all forms of support in maintaining the sovereignty and continuity of Ethiopia. Despite the continued international media mischaracterization of the statement alluding that this call is against the Tigray region, such divisive narrative formations point more to irresponsibility of other actors than it does of the intention and spirit of the call” (Office of the Prime Minister, 13.08.2021).

These are the days when the Prime Minister and his war-cry is following backlash. It is just like the man cannot take accountability for his actions and orders. The PM and Prosperity Party should be held accountable and be transparent about it too. It is not like the international media and outlets took it out of context. The warfare has been steady since November 2020. While the PM and PP had a long time quarrel with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The dismissal and blockade of the Tigray region happened long before the November 2020. The central government had already retaliated and tried to use commandos to annihilate TPLF leadership. However, that was stopped in the nick-of-time. That was happening because the TPLF didn’t become one “wing” or “regional state party” like other previous parties who became the PP. That hurt the pride of Abiy and he sought out military means instead of using dialogue or mediation between the parties. Just like he does now and has done over the last year.

The call from the Prime Minister on the 10th August 2021 was clear. It was no ifs or buts about the issue. The PM statement to the general public wasn’t a peaceful text, but a cry for help. A message to ask everyone to follow the call and take to arms. Let everyone who has a pulse of eligible age to conscript either for the army, regional special forces or militias even. That is with intention, as the state needs all troops and guns it can to be able to win at this point.

The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) together with allies is advancing. The state is losing grounds not only in Tigray, but in Amhara, Afar and in Oromia as well. It is not like the TDF is the only enemy of the state. There are other Liberation Movements who goes against the PP and the PM. That’s why the PM and PP has failed the state and it’s citizens. This battle for supreme power and total control has backfired.

The PM knows that his house is burning and he got no current team to beat the flames. This because he risked everything and thought his Generals would save his cause. That’s why the PM and his allies ordered the war, as they anticipated a brief and quick war against the TPLF/TDF. They had the brigades and the war-machine circulating around the region before the attack on the Northern Command. The PM and Eritrean President in coordination with the Amhara Regional State leadership was all prepared and could easily send in troops into the region. This is why the PM was so proud and mighty in the end of November 2020. Which was the supposed end of “Law Enforcement Operation”… and he still had to call for arms in August 2021. That says it all about the cause, the effect and the current will to go to war from Addis Ababa. Peace.

Ethiopia: The newest OCHA Situation Reports is showing little to no progress in Tigray region …

The warfare and escalation of conflicts across the Ethiopian republic is costing the civilians and the citizens. As the state is has recently issued for every individual citizen of eligible age to participate and conscript to the army, special forces and even militias to beat the Tigray Defence Force (TDF).

The state is clearly not winning or doing well on the battlefield. The OCHA Ethiopia is showing no signs of betterment, as it is still 5,2 millions in dire need of humanitarian assistance in Tigray Region alone. That is not counting the people internally displaced in Amhara region or in Afar region as well. As there is also army movements within Oromia region by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

What is striking and says a lot about the current time in the region is this: “The situation in Tigray, and the spillover of the conflict to neighboring Afar and Amhara regions, is very dynamic and

unpredictable. While humanitarian access within Tigray has significantly improved, with an estimated 75 per cent of the area now accessible, humanitarian actors are unable to fully capitalize on this due to the limited flow and availability of humanitarian supplies and enablers to support the response” (OCHA, 13.08.2021).

It shows some progress, as the accessible areas is becoming greater. Still, the authorities are making it hectic and worse for the humanitarian organizations. Since the last OCHA situation report, the authorities has already suspended several of organizations from operating the Republic. Therefore, it is not like with accessibility enough within the region. It is also the outside pressure on them before arriving in Tigray.

Which is stated here: “Physical access into Tigray via the only road access through Afar Region (Semera-Abala corridor) is partially restricted due to insecurity, extended delays with clearances by concerned authorities, and intense search procedures at checkpoints” (OCHA, 13.08.2021).

As it stands, the humanitarian organizations are working directly with the Regional Government of Tigray, as it states here: “The de-facto authorities are engaging with partners to rapidly scale up response to address the dire humanitarian needs in the region. However, stock levels are currently low, and there are still huge challenges to bring in supplies from outside the region” (OCHA, 13.08.2021).

This statement will bring fire to the Addis Ababa and the Prosperity Party regime under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. As no one is supposed to associate with the “enemy” which it wants to “weed” out. Therefore, this sort of sentence can bring fire to the flame and the UN Organizations will be targeted by the authorities and their messaging like they have done with the suspended organizations and Amnesty Internation during the conflict.

So, we can easily see there are hurdles and the man-made famine isn’t resolved. The authorities are blocking, checkpoints and excessive searches of the convoys going into Tigray. Plus the parts of regions, which it doesn’t have access to is… because the front-lines of war and constraining communications and barriers to entry there like in Northern Tigray and around the surrounding areas of Tekeze river. Therefore, the total estimations and amount of humanitarian needs are not known.

We just have to wonder how many innocent civilians who has been casualties and touched by the this conflict. As there are so many unknown and armies combatting in it. The Tripartite Alliance and the state have to take responsibility for their invasion and amounts of massacres. In combination with the weaponization of the famine. Which only hurt more livess in the region. Peace.

Ethiopia: The newest OCHA Situation Report on the Tigray region states a dire need for more humanitarian assistance [5.2 million people in dire need!]

According to the latest unendorsed Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis, without urgent and unimpeded food aid, over 400,000 people in Tigray region are projected to face catastrophic food insecurity (IPC 5,Catastrophe); and over 1.8 million people now in Emergency levels of acute food insecurity (IPC 4) in Tigray could slide into starvation” (OCHA, 19.07.2021).

The conflict that started in early November 2020 has now it’s tolls. There been reports of the devastation and destruction of the agricultural sector, as the conflicts continues and warfare persist. The state have blocked access and made very hard to get any humanitarian assistance into the region. That is still an ongoing issue, as the conflict is taking another turn.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs “Ethiopia – Tigray Region Humanitarian Update Situation Report, 19 July 2021” is a vital report on the current state of affairs. As the state will say everything is dandy and they are doing everything needed. While not proving anything and blocking humanitarian access or even convoys to cross into the region. That’s why you know the current affairs are bad.

There are reports of betterment, but that is just patching the hurt temporarily and not something sustainable. That is very clear by the wording and the amount of people still in dire need, which has reached 5.2 million civilians who needs humanitarian aid and their basic needs met. That shows how dire this conflict is and how many who are in the crossfire between the Tigray Defence Forces and the allies of the Federal Government.

OCHA reports:

Inside Tigray, aid workers are now able to access areas previously hard-to-reach, with an estimated 75 per cent of people in need of assistance (4 million out of 5.2 million people in need) now in zones where humanitarian operations can take place, compared to 30 per cent in May. However, stocks are rapidly depleting inside Tigray,as road access to the region has been curtailed over the last weeks. Road access to Tigray is now only possible through Semera, in Afar Region, via Abala, with heavy control by regional and federal authorities. The UN Humanitarian Air Service received, on 5 July, approval from the Government of Ethiopia to recommence flights to Tigray, and final arrangements and operational details are now being worked out to resume the service” (OCHA, 19.07.2021).

All of that just shows how hard the authorities and the Federal Government are acting in concern to the Tigray region. They are just blocking roads and ensuring the humanitarian convoy only gets one way in. Secondly, they also have to rely on “dumbo drops” of humanitarian assistance to the region. That says a lot about the unwillingness to open access and opportunities to directly deliver the assistance in the region.

OCHA continues:

In addition to limited humanitarian assistance, access to basic needs—including health care and water and sanitation—remains severely constrained. Lack of banking system and cash, scarcity of fuel, and limited access to commodities, are affecting the ability of the population to cope. Many rural areas still have no electricity and/or communications. Families remain unable to contact missing or separated loved ones due to the communications blackout in large parts of the region, while services and/or supplies that are reliant on electricity are no longer functioning” (OCHA, 19.07.2021).

This here has been reported, but shows the total blockade and that the state has initiated protocol not only to starve, but hurt anyone. They are ensuring the greater public of Tigray doesn’t have access to the basics. Everyone is targeted and there is no one who isn’t touched by the efforts made by the state. That’s why the state has ordered these measures and seeks to punish everyone.

OCHA says:

Although 80 per cent of people in northern Ethiopia depend on subsistence agriculture, so far very little financial support has been allocated to agricultural interventions that can help at-risk families resume productive activity and produce food for themselves and their communities, according to FAO. The current rainy season (June-September) offers a tight window of opportunity for farmers to get a crop in the ground and reboot local food production, but without funding and speedy supply of agricultural inputs, that opportunity could be missed” (OCHA, 19.07.2021).

I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that the Federal Government will supply or help the agricultural sector of Northern Ethiopia or the Tigray region. They have blocked funding of the Regional State Government for months ahead of the conflict and stopped aid organizations for participating in projects and combatting locusts. The Federal Government blocked other measures from humanitarian organizations as well ahead of the November 2020 conflict. So, don’t expect it to anything now. Now that it doesn’t allow or make it hard to access for UN Humanitarian Organizations to even deliver the food or basic necessities to the 5.2 millions in need.

The Prosperity Party and the Federal Government will not indulge funds for the agricultural sector now and has no interest in doing so. Not at this current stage and time. With frozen bank-accounts and locked out of ordinary communication. Neither, can other organizations fill the void and ensure farmers funding to buy seeds or seedlings for another harvest in the middle of the conflict.

Just like the OCHA stated in the beginning 1.8 million people could face starvation and most of the people needs to agricultural sector going to get feed. That’s why the humanitarian assistance needs to go there and reach in time. So, that this season can save and help out a little in this crisis. As there are plenty of people in need.

There is need for change and making things easier for the humanitarian organizations to reach the people in need. As this is only prolonging the agony and the hurt. The Federal Government is doing this deliberately and its tragic. Because so many lives are touched by this. Peace.

Ethiopia: Abiy’s dangerous rhetoric

Today’s statement is exposing the narratives and the mindset of a government in the middle of war. Who can deliberately state that the government and its allies is getting rid of the “weed” and shielding the “wheat”. That is a way of killing off and demeaning the enemies. This is in the same manner, which a Prosperity Party leader in Oromia said months ago that they needed to clean the sea of the fish.

Prime Minister Abiy is showing a sort of rhetoric and political language who only fits a genocide. Where everyone of one ethnic group is the enemies. The nation can only be unified and cleaned of he “weed” if these are gotten rid off.

That is the initial game here. It isn’t just a nice metaphor, but a destructive language, which intends to dehumanize and allow war-crimes. That’s how the state is allowing ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and use illegal methods to destroy the enemy. That’s why the Prime Minister doesn’t mind blocking humanitarian aid, humanitarian convoys, besieging the Tigray region, blocking electricity, jamming phone-lines and a media blackout in the Tigray region. That’s all fine, because it’s destroying the “weed”.

Everything is fine as long as you shield and secure the wheat. Since you are targeting and stopping the “weed” from growing. The “weed” will destroy the harvest and the quality of wheat. That’s what the Prime Minister is speaking off.

This is with intent and incite, inspire and making people battle-ready. The Prime Minister is calling out for war and annihilation of Tigray. He wants them to burn and suffer, because this way he is securing unity on the cost of one group. As long as one group of people is destroyed and their livelihoods. Than he see a possibility for unity…. which is insane and dangerous.

A man that uses this sort of derogatory words against others. Only shows that he devalues and describes others as “sub-human” and allows their demise. He is defending his rights to assault, kill and massacre the “weed” because that’s what the state needs. This is a worrying sign in itself and that the PM does it so publicly.

He spread this message to the nation on Twitter and it got translated. The language is showing his intent and purpose. The PM and his alliance is going to the core. They are not valuing or caring for the “weed” and working in groups to get rid of the “weed”. That says it all and it’s nothing hopeful in this language.

So, if things turns to genocide or genocidal, they have been told to do so by the Prime Minister. While we know the Tigrayans are being targeted, losing their businesses, abducted and incarcerated without due process. The state is blocking banking services and other measures as well. Therefore, the state has already prepared for this…

The world should be worried when the Prime Minister announces things like this. Today’s statement is a public warning shot and a war-cry. The state is now willing to collectively get rid of the “weed” and that can legitimize a possible genocide. That should worry us all and nobody cannot say they didn’t see it coming.

Prime Minister Abiy words are horrifying and the world should watch out. The rehashed and new recruits have a clear mission and that should worry anyone. Not just winning a war, but annihilate as well. Peace.

Opinion: Abiy’s war-cry!

The enemy we are facing is an enemy which is the cancer of Ethiopia. The junta is probably the only group in history that used its political power to disintegrate its own country. As the saying goes “a familiar devil is not easily dislodged”, so the junta will attempt to cling on desperately” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

Just as all the news of deployment from all the regions of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to reissue the war in the Tigray Region. The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has published his war cry.

The war that he ordered early in November 2020 and “ended” with a “ceasefire” in the end of June. However, that never happened and the state besieged the region. They blocked the roads and region. The Amhara Special Forces and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” was still active. Troops was circling the region and blocking everyone from entering. The Federal Government was also destroying vital infrastructure like bridges to block even humanitarian convoys from entering. Blocking aid agencies from warehouses in Amhara. So, that the humanitarian organizations needed to reroute and drive through Afar Region to get into Tigray region.

That’s why we know today message to galvanize the troops of Ogaden (Somali Region), Sidama, Amhara and Oromia who has been called up. The Special Forces and new recruits to combat the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). That’s why he is coming with this statement to show strength ahead of the battles and continued warfare in the North.

Forces who are afraid of our unity will do everything they deem to be divisive. They conspire to divert our wrath from them toward our own. But we will never do that. The unity we have created now is what destroyed the old conspiracy of the junta and what will destroy the owner of the conspiracy and which will ensure the renaissance of the country they had conspired against” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

Isn’t it ironic that he speaks of unity? A man who is forcing his war on people. A man who has taken everyone for granted and getting the whole republic to fight his war. A leader who is not willing to talk, negotiate or have dialogue. However, he is willing to use all his allies to fight his war. While also dismissing every single dissident or such. That’s why his election is a fraud and the usage of military to get political gains in Tigray. He has only gone to this war to consolidate power, but however… that has backfired. The quick and brief operation, which was supposed end in the end of November 2020 is still on its 8th to 9th month. So, it is hard to build things together, when your constantly works to destroy your political enemies. That’s a road to destruction and the PM should know this, but I doubt he will live to say that. His arrogance and ego will not allow that.

We have a strict plan of why, how, when, where, and what to do. The result will soon be evident to both friend and foe. Our army is ready for a spectacular mission. We will work to remove the weed. But while removing the weed, we will try our best not to damage the wheat. In our country, we weed collectively. And this is what the children of Ethiopia are doing” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

The PM is calling Tigray the “weed” away from the wheat. Deliberately saying they are dangerous and destroying the harvest. That they are the ones damaging the nations. That’s because the TPLF dared to jump out of the Prosperity Party and not being a part of the consolidation of the EPRDF coalition. So, his willing to remove the TDF and TPLF for that reason. It really says something about his mindset.

We can confidently say, the junta will be uprooted in a manner that will ensure it will not bud again. This will happen if we collaborate to remove the invasive weed. In the process, individuals may err; divisive information may be heard. Even though we are united as to our end, there may be arguments about the means. In any case, this will not stop us from achieving our goal. The children of Ethiopia have risen from all four corners to undo the plans of the junta. This itself is a victory. The children of Ethiopia have identified their enemy. And they know what they have to do. And they will do it” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

The Prime Minister shows his warlord tactics … and there is no denying that anymore. His speaking of the mission and the mission is clearly to destroy, loot and total annihilate the Tigray region. To take away land and destroy its power. They are doing whatever they can and it’s not anymore about a constitutional dispute. No, it is about power and settling old grudges.

We now know… and he uses words like “cancer”, “devil” and “weeds” to describe his enemies. It shows what he stands for and who he is. His not a man of peace, but a man of war. Who is willing to use any word to fit his narrative.

Prime Minister Abiy has his war-cry after starting to deploy new recruits, using special forces and new soldiers from every other region. That’s because he didn’t have an army to bring to the table. That’s why he had to call a “ceasefire” to retool and rebuild. To have chance to return to Mekelle. A city that is in his eyes not “important” anymore. Peace.

Ethiopia: The Government of the National State of Tigray – On False Allegations Concerning Child Soldiers Serving in the TDF (17.07.2021)

Ethiopia: The TDF have entered the Afar region

The Tigray Defence Force have now entered a stage where they have crossed the Tigray Region borders. The Afar Regional State Communication Affairs Office has verified that the TDF have entered there.

This is happening while the Federal Government is restructuring it war and recruiting troops for other regions. There is reports that from Ogaden Region alone is sending 4000 Liyu Police towards the National Effort to combat the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and their means of surviving the continued war-effort against them.

There been reports that the Federal Government have also done this Sidama region. Where the Special Forces are called up and the state is calling up youth to fill their quota. Just like the quota in Ogaden. There was a call-up for the Oromia Special Forces as well. This shows that the Prosperity Party is now clearing up every other regional state and having their armies to fight their battle in Tigray.

That’s maybe why the TDF is entering into Afar region. As they are in defence outside its region to secure its own borders. As there is coming new troops from all the others to participate in the conflict.

The Afar Regional State Communication Affairs Office stated this:

The terrorist TPLF has opened war on the people of Afar by expanding its terrorism to Afar. The brave Afar farmers who don’t negotiate with the people of Fanti Rasu zone Yalo Woreda who opened the war with our people” (Afar, 17.07.2021).

This shows that the TDF have entered from the Southern Tigray region into Afar region. That is maybe a strategic move to block and diverge the new recruits from the rest of Ethiopia. This however shows the strength of TDF. We cannot know what sort of casualties or civilian destruction of this. The Afar regional state doesn’t specify that either.

We don’t know at what border points the Federal Government have besieged the region. What we do know is that the World Food Programme used the Afar region to cross into Tigray region to help out the humanitarian efforts to combat the man-made famine. We just have to hope that this doesn’t stop another convoy or make the humanitarian missions more dangerous. As the conflict is spiralling out.

We also know that Oromia Special Forces have been stationed in Afar Region before they we’re participating in the Tigray conflict. Therefore, the TDF entering the region is a way of self-defence at this point. But it shows also the weakness of the Federal Government. As the TDF is able to enter Afar.

There will be more reporting on this, but this shows that Abiy is losing control of the conflict and its now coming closer to home for him. He doesn’t have the army or the strength to compete. Since he TDF is able to get this far as Afar region. Peace.

Ethiopia: Tesfa – Tigray-Eritrea Solidary Forum Statement demanding withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara regional forces from Tigray (17.07.2021)