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Opinion: Boris new Brexit proposal is a unicornification of the Irish border!

It’s like a border nightmare, a fictional approach, which will not stick. This is the sort of proposal, a pick-and-mix. Which plenty of Europeans said wouldn’t happen with the Brexit. Still the United Kingdom and their leaders, thought of themselves as so special, unique and wise. That they would get the deal they wanted and Brussels would comply? How dumb is London?

Right now Merry Poppin’s, the whole shining Tories and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on crash-course on fundamental principals. Not that the “Back-Stop” is an original idea, but it makes some sense. Even if the Tories, DUP and other ones are disagreeing. Because, the trading has be done a certain way and especially considering the circumstances in Ireland/Northern Ireland.

The UK is blatantly playing second fiddle and hoping nobody catching them in lie or in the act of mischief. Because, the proposal and the explanatory note to the letter send to Jean-Claude Juncker is specifically saying this: “The introduction of a zone of regulatory compliance across Northern Ireland and the EU would remove the need for regulatory checks and related infrastructure at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, while enabling the UK and EU to maintain their own distinct customs regimes” (HM Government, 02.10.2019).

This is a unicorn of magnificent proportions, the sort of epic monster whose appearance only get overshadowed by Helen Mirren or Sean Connery trying to be poetic on the telly. In the mean while, we know this will not stick.

His trying to have mechanisms, whatever they maybe, but as long as they are not called the “back-stop”, which is in the Withdrawal Agreement. It is so special kind of failure, the ideals of whacking the same empty plastic-bottle and thinking sooner or later it something will come out of this. However, it will not.

The EU will not be fooled by this, their legal team will not accept this and this horseradish and nincompoops will only agree to this. The ones whose blind-sided by smear and total utter rubbish 24/7.

We all can see this, Europe sees this and thinks, does the Tories think their own population is this stupid? Do the Tories think Dublin and Belfast is so naive?

Because, that is how it seems. As it states later in the note: “To support this system of controls at the boundary of the zone, traders moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland would need to notify the relevant authorities before entering Northern Ireland, in order to provide the necessary information to undertake the appropriate checks, and, where appropriate, prevent the entry of products prohibited or restricted by EU rules. At its boundary with other third countries, the EU currently captures much of this information through the application of the Union Customs Code” (HM Government, 02.10.2019).

Still, they want to trade, sell and move goods, but notifying is enough. But what happens if a driver, or company forgets to notify and cross the borders, wouldn’t that be smuggling without following the codes? Wouldn’t be problematic. From a government filled with questionable characters at best, they should consider that all people aren’t truthful in their declarations. That is why most passengers with illegal amount of goods on airports, tends to pass “nothing to declare”.

Don’t they think that this will happen here to? Or is Boris suddenly heart-warming, caring individual who actually wants to make life easy? Nah, I don’t believe that stick.

Let’s be clear, this sort of unicornification of the withdrawal is foolish. It is a Narnia, a Shia without the Elves or the Hobbits. But surely they do got some unicorns for sale. Especially from the Tories, they are in stock and ready for trade. Even before the next Premier League Transfer Window, maybe Everton will buy that one.

Who knows?

This got to stop and its only a few days left to 31st October 2019. The clock is ticking and this is only getting dumber by the minute. Peace.

Brexit: Statement from Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) – (02.10.2019)

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