Russia: Putin’s mass mobilization can cause an affect he cannot control

The army of the Russian Federation will not be able to create a reserve of high quality. Poor preparation of the conscription infrastructure will not allow the enemy troops to quickly fix fundamental and systemic problems. Mobilization in the Russian Federation has exacerbated social tension: protests, attacks on recruiting stations and acts of vandalism have become more frequent” (ТРУХА⚡️English, 24.09.2022).

This week news and decree of mass mobilization, which had a secret point 7 that by some is said to be the official numbers or the supposed regions of where the recruits was supposed to come from. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already cost more than 56,000 lives and who knows how many Russian soldiers are prisoners of war (POW). There is already so many who is killed in action (KIA) and who is wounded too. Therefore, the Russian forces are stretched and lacking manpower.

That’s why Russian government, Kremlin and the Duma had to issue such a decree. There been words of 300,000 new recruits or mobilized troops, but also up to 3,000,000. However, whatever numbers it might be. They will be ill-trained, lack equipment and time to stop the advances of the Ukrainian army, which is only liberating their own territories.

The new people who are either captured, forced or being promised tokens for service. Certainly is joining the war at a bad time. The Russian army has already struggled with logistics and keeping the lines. The demonstrations and the people fleeing from being called-up. Only shows when the war comes home. There isn’t a will to support it, but the same citizens was fine to support it when other people where dying in it.

That’s why Russians citizens has tried to fly out to places where they don’t need visa. Trying to reach Georgia or other former USSR republic where they are welcomed. Some are stopped and blocked from entry Because, they have “Z” on their cars and shown support of the war, but didn’t want to fight it.

What could be the biggest shocker is for all of the rural soldiers and forced conscripts passing through Moscow. When they are coming from poverty to see the vast wealth of capital. That’s when they might rebel or act in mutiny. Because, they are not seeing this sort of lifestyle or possibilities, which are in Moscow or St. Petersburg. They will be shocked, as they come from peasantry and is expected to be sacrificed for the will of the leaders of Kremlin.

That’s what might happen. There is already reactions and local demonstrations, but nothing that haven’t stopped the acts from happening. Neither has it been such a state that the authorities couldn’t control it. We know the will and lack of moral to sign-up is obvious. When there is reports of police officers following the people who are going house to house to force people to join the army. If the Russians thought this would get people willingly or be war ready. Well, people aren’t like that…

Because of the hardships of the authorities to get people to sign-up and mobilize. There reports of possible nationwide martial-law and closure of borders. Just to stop idle men and people from fleeing abroad. Since there are steady reports of this. Certainly some will go into hiding and will not be at their address. They will certainly be gone “missing” because they don’t want to die in the war. That’s what is happening and it’s obvious.

Certainly, Putin is jaded in his vision. This “Special Operation” has exhausted his armies and the economy is struggling too. In combination of a disillusioned army, lack of preparation and morals. There is no will and people conscripting by force won’t get them “battle-ready” or eager to fight. Instead, it might easily backfire and Gods know what these men are willing to do. No matter what laws and possible punishments pinned on them for rebelling or mutiny can stop it. It is better to be in prison for a decade, than dying a miserable death in a war in Ukraine. Therefore, the Russian civilians who is forced is now getting the war home.

A war that has been there for months and since February 2022. The war that was started in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. Ukraine couldn’t decide to fight or have choice. The Russian civilians had the choice. They could have stood up to the authorities and dared to question it. However, they have been willing to support and look silently by. Eating the propaganda and even worn the “Z”. That’s what they have done, but now it’s their turn to carry weapons for the state. Now the buck stops and they act in indifference.

I don’t have much sympathy, because well.. the war of destruction, annihilation and total disregard for Ukraine has been going on. Kremlin and Duma has been vital in this and the people didn’t mind when the ethnic minorities or the rural poor stood guards on the front-lines of Ukraine. Surely Dagestan and other regions has been depleted of plenty of young men. Who has died and never returns to their villages. Now, the same sort of conscripts are supposed to come from elsewhere and people who did sing the songs of war. Now are frightened that they have to risk their lives in Ukraine. Well… it’s your turn and Putin wants you.

Putin wants the Russian civilians to die needlessly for his own will and prestige. His losing face, so the people has to lose their lives. That’s the difference between this “Tsar” and the peasants. They got to die so he get the honour. The victims and innocent of Ukraine is only a byline in this. That is just a means to an end and the glory of Mother Russia. To take back what was “theirs” and keep the influence of Moscow strong. Nevertheless, the times has changed and the Ukrainian forces are striking back so hard that they got to retreat. It won’t get any better with forced conscript, ill equipped and lacking military experience to be fighting a fierce army who has fought consistently since February on their own territories. Therefore, the gamble of getting people this way will be endangering the cause of Putin.

This isn’t strategical genius, but a gamble. Hoping the numbers will save him more than the skill or their abilities to compete. Hoping the drunk, the sick and poor can do great out of nowhere. That’s a mirage or a dream. When you don’t have well-trained or well-equipped men fighting or people ready for it. You shouldn’t expect victory but a massive defeat. Lot’s of these conscripts might just retreat or even accept being taken as “POW”. Because why shouldn’t they? They are not fighting at will, but by force and by decisions made by others.

It just shows how Putin has failed at his attempt of annexing the whole of Ukraine. He failed and so did his cronies in Moscow. They totally failed and has nothing to show for it. Whatever they do now is fake, fraudulent and self-destructive. This will not amount to anything positive, but only more bloodshed. Peace.

Russia: Former Mongolian President Elbegdorj – Message from Elbegdorj (23.09.2022)

Opinion: Putin’s misadventure will haunt him

The Ukrainian Invasion since February 2022 has shown who the Russian President really is. This conflict is embodying who Vladimir Putin is and what he wants. Putin wanted this and ordered it to happen. He did it because he could and he knew the Russian Federation would follow his command.

That’s what the 3 day war that has become a 210 days has shown who he is. Maybe not in the flattering light he thought he was. Neither is it anything worthy of a Head of State. No, his just another bloodthirsty tyrant and a warlord. That’s who he is and spearheading Russian Imperialism as well.

Putin hasn’t shown a good character or been directing this war wisely. Instead he has oozed arrogance and entitlement. The Ukrainian President, the Ukrainian Republic and their sovereignty was unworthy for him. Ukraine was just supposed to bow down and bend over to his glory. The Russian Forces was just supposed to Kyiv and overthrow the Volodymyr Zelensky government. However, we knew that never happened and instead the momentum is all in the hands of Kyiv now.

That’s why Moscow, Kremlin and the State Duma is doing whatever it can boost the war-effort. The Special Operation was supposed to be a short mission to annex the whole Ukraine. Later it had to retreat from attacking around Kyiv and moved more to Donbass and the South. Now, the South is soon over too and they are losing territories inside Donbass too. The Donbass which was so important. Now that’s the most important and the reason for it all.

While we all know Putin wanted the whole of Ukraine. Putin wanted to takeover Kyiv and install a puppet there. He wanted to show supremacy and wanted to outright silence free-thinking nations in the Moscow sphere. That’s why he went to war and ordered the war against Ukraine. He thought it would be easier after sponsoring insurgency in Donbass and already annexed Crimea. Now, thinks are going wrong and he wants to save face.

Putin isn’t a tactical genius. Neither is the Russian forces that mighty either. They only have had better machinery and air-support than Ukraine ever did. That superiority has been lost over time. The losses of mechanical divisions and technical teams must have hurt the Russians too. Not to mention sending in lesser trained or well prepared soldiers to the fronts. This is only causing more bloodshed and destroying whatever moral that is left. Since, the months of war and no progress. Only more desperate means and that’s why it’s a felony to leave your post or even to desert from the army. Meaning the ones who flee the bloody war can be punished by law.

This war has only shown the sinister side and exposed it more. The ones haven’t followed the Russians forces in Syria, Chechnya or Georgia has seen the brutality before. It isn’t anything new… the total destruction and annihilation, which is a trait of their offensives. Therefore, all of this will be proven now and shown in a manner of which Putin haven’t seen before either. His name will be synonymous with this war. The bloodshed and the murderous acts of his armies will be pinned on him. That was done because of him and his whims.

Putin has achieved none of the strategical, operational or tactical objectives in the war against Ukraine. Instead he has lost even more. The Russian Federation is further being financially punished and being sanctioned. In such a way that the Russians will be hurt for a long time. While NATO has been strengthened, the EU is more unified and Ukraine is closer to Europe than before the invasion. The same with other former Soviet Republics like Georgia and Moldova too. This has all backfired and it’s all because of Putin.

These 210 days cannot be how Putin envisioned it. Surely he thought after a weeks time he would be sitting in Kyiv and looking fabulous. He and his generals grinning from teeth to teeth. Thinking and considering where to go next. As he envisioned this as the start of a new USSR. Take back the glory days and become a modern Tsar of sorts. However, we are seeing the resilience of the Ukrainians and their armed forces. That is something that Putin underestimated and didn’t consider their will to defend their motherland.

Putin has shown his true character. He has exposed what his willing to do. There is no other way to describe it. The “Z” is now a sign of the invasion and how they are promoting this war. That “Z” will be logo and the story, which reflects who Putin is. Because, he thought the “Z” would bring glory, be a tale of wonders and re-unite the former USSR republics. Instead, it has shown that they are even further apart and his influence is sinking.

Well, the armies and the strength of the Russian war-machine isn’t as grandeur as it was on paper. Instead, it was hectic, chaotic and a mess, which couldn’t pull this one off. Putin will not be remembered in the kindest of light. No, there to much blood and suffering on his reign. Not only the ones dying in this war, but the means for consolidation of power and be supreme has caused plenty of others their lives too. If not they are lingering in jail or trying live safely in exile. That isn’t the act of a beloved statesman. No, that’s the act of a tyrant and he knows that well. Peace.

Russia: The Duma and Kremlin is getting closer to a “total war”… against Ukraine

Defense-industrial complex organizations need to ensure the delivery of the required weapons and equipment to the troops, weapons of destruction as soon as possible” – President Vladimir Putin (20.09.2022).

Today its a lot of news from Moscow, in that order the Kremlin and the State Duma has issued several amendments of law, which was voted before getting three readings in the national assembly. Meaning these amendments are pushed through and that’s because of the situation in concern to the invasion in Ukraine. There now knowledge of retreating Russian forces and huge advances of the Ukrainian forces. That has hurt the Russian forces and cause in Ukraine. Which is only becoming more dire by the day.

The news from Russia is very clear. They will do a full mobilization of new recruits for the war. The days of the “Special Operation” and only liberation of Ukraine or even later Donbass. Is surely getting into an another gear after losing lots of occupied territories of late. The Russian are furthering to push through “referendums” in Donbass and other areas, which the Russian forces only have percentages of the territories in the Oblasts in question.

The Russians are clearly aiming for a “total war” and where the War Economy becomes key. That’s why these laws and the President met with the war-industry. All of these things fits together and is a planned effort. Since, the Russian government cannot upkeep or have enough resources to do things otherwise. This war is costing not only on lives of Russian soldiers and equipments. No, it is costing lives of civilians in Ukraine, destruction of towns and villages, cities are burning and this is done; because the Russian Federation wanted to do it.

Now, the Russian government want more people to take apart and make it illegal to desert the army. A mutiny will become dangerous and retreating could make you a felon. That is a really saying a lot about how dire the war in Ukraine is for Russia at the moment. This is the “strategic genius” of Putin. To practically order “Total War” after over 200 days of a 3 day long war…

Read these news from the government friendly press RIA Novosti!

MOSCOW, September 20 – RIA Novosti. The State Duma at a plenary session on Tuesday approved an amendment, in particular, proposing to introduce the concepts of “mobilization”, “martial law”, “wartime”, “armed conflict” into the Criminal Code of Russia. According to the text of the amendments, in a number of paragraphs of the Criminal Code the words “in conditions of armed conflict or hostilities” are replaced by the words “during the period of mobilization or martial law, in wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or hostilities.” (RIA Novosti – ‘The State Duma approved an amendment to introduce the concept of “mobilization” into the Criminal Code’ 20.09.2022).

MOSCOW, September 20 – RIA Novosti. Amendments were introduced to the State Duma on punishment for non-appearance for military service on conscription or desertion in the form of imprisonment for up to ten years, the authors were, in particular, deputies Valery Piskarev, Leonid Slutsky, as well as Senator Andrey Klishas. “Unauthorized abandonment of a unit or place of service, as well as failure to appear on time without good reason for service for a period of more than one month, committed by a serviceman undergoing military service by conscription or under a contract, during the period of mobilization or martial law, in wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or the conduct of hostilities are punishable by imprisonment for a term of five to ten years,” the text of the amendments says. Citizens who are in the reserve, during their military training, are criminally liable for the commission of crimes under this article, which is established for military personnel undergoing military service under a contract, the amendments emphasize” (RIA Novosti – ‘Amendments were made to the State Duma on imprisonment for failure to appear for military service’ 20.09.2022).

These laws and new releases in combination with the meetings with military industries are all connected. That’s because the war in Ukraine is going down the drain. The Hail-Mary in the mix is the “referendums” in the occupied territories. To make it a “people’s choice” to leave Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. We all know this is all a play and only for the master in Kremlin. It isn’t done because Ukraine wants any of or anyone else for that matter. Yes, there are token traitors of the Ukrainian Republic in the territories, but they will feel the pinch when the pendulum swings the other way.

The war has really gone for the worst of late for Russia. There is already news of massacres and mass-graves, which has been found in liberated territories. This wasn’t only a thing in Bucha, but is what the Russian does in the occupied territories. They are not there to liberate, but to violate. This is their mission and certainly they are not trying to make Ukraine liveable. No, they are tarnishing and destroying it. That’s what they are up too. There isn’t anything positive in imperialism and Russian imperialism is as bad as any other. Their arrogance and ignorance of the others are obvious.

The Russians calls Ukrainians brothers, but they have no trouble to rape, torture or kill at will Ukrainians. That’s why the brotherhood isn’t worth the sentiment or the idea even. The Russians aren’t coming in peace, but coming in war.

We should await the memo that the “Special Operation” is over and it’s officially “war”. Like that makes a difference? Other than in the minds of the cronies in Moscow. We all others has seen war and total brutality served on a daily basis in Ukraine. So, to think they are doing anything else is pointless. Peace.

Opinion: Is the CSTO ready to be tested? [In Armenia or Tajikistan]

This week the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is put under pressure. That is happening as the Russian army is under fire and getting hit hard on the front-lines in Ukraine. Russians as the “superpower” of the CSTO and with the losses in Ukraine. Certainly the warfare in Ukraine is weakening not only Russia, but the CSTO itself. That’s why this weeks actions against Member States of CSTO begs to question. Is the CSTO up to it? Or was it a dream turned into a nightmare in Kremlin?

The CSTO has been Moscow controlled and centralized from there to have some sort of military alliance and influence over former Soviet Republics. That’s why the CSTO consist of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. Former Member States are Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. While Serbia is the only state, which is an observer to the CSTO.

Why I am saying CSTO is in trouble?

Well, the recent skirmishes between Azerbaijan and Armenia is the first push. Where the Azerbaijan has attacked Armenia in contested areas. Which has killed unknown amount of soldiers and used artillery on Armenia soil. The Azerbaijan army has even attacked a Russian FSB van in the border region. So, this here shows how volatile things are.

In addition to the acts and skirmishes between Azerbaijan and Armenia. While the Kyrgyzstan’s border force has attacked the Tajikistan as well. That’s two more conflicts involving the member states of the CSTO.

The Armenian state has already invoked or plans to invoke the article of the pact, which says the other member state has to help them out in a conflict. This means the fellow alliance members has to come to Armenia with military aide.

The question here now will be… has Russia or Belarus any real army capacity to offer? Will, the Russians depleted armies and stretched manpower be able to help Armenia in the hour of need?

There is already talk of the very independent Armenia not helping in the war in Ukraine. That the Russians might be reluctant to help them now. Since, the Russian would have needed support, both equipment and brigades in the war in Ukraine. However, there has only been help and support from Minsk.

Tajikistan has offered equipment and ammunition to the Russians for the war in Ukraine. So, that’s another ball-game.

We will see who Moscow will come to support. This is their alliance and counter-pact to the NATO. So, it has to prove it’s value now, as the members are now hurt and their sovereignty is hit by neighbours, which is what Moscow is doing to Kyiv. However, Moscow can be a hypocrite about that, as long as that fits the interests of Kremlin or His Excellency, Putin.

This will surely be a test for the Russian alliance, the CSTO. That is under fire right now. The border skirmishes and clashes are only showing how the Member States needs support. That Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan is attacking their neighbours. There is certainly a lot at play here.

We just have to see how the Kremlin moves now. They have to show their worth. In the moment and time, when their own forces and armies aren’t in a good place either. As the Ukrainian advances are hitting everywhere. The launched Special Operation in Ukraine is certainly backfiring and we can wonder if they have enough resources to boost their allies of the CSTO. Peace.

Opinion: Ukraine will live without Russia

Even through the pitch darkness Ukraine and the civilized world clearly see these terrorist acts.
Deliberate and cynical missile attacks on civilian critical infrastructure. No military targets. Kharkiv and Donetsk regions are de-energized. In Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy regions – partial power supply problems.

Do you still think that we are “one people”?
Do you still think that you can frighten us, break us, persuade us to make concessions?
Do you really not understand anything?
You don’t understand who we are? What we stand for? What we’re about?
Read my lips:
Without gas or without you? Without you.
Without electricity or without you? Without you.
Without water or without you? Without you.
Without food or without you? Without you.
Cold, hunger, darkness and thirst are not as terrible and deadly for us as your “friendship and brotherhood”.
But history will put everything in its place.
And we will have gas, light, water and food… and WITHOUT you!
” (Volodymyr Zelensky, 11.09.2022).

Today and the last few days has been obvious that the Ukrainian Defence has been able to gain lost territories. The military advances has been severe and at large a huge break-through in the occupational lines of the Russian army. That’s why the Ukrainian forces has been able to regain vast areas and also take military equipment from the retreating forces.

The latest few days has shown that the Russian army doesn’t have an air superiority and that stops the abilities of the Russian to keep the territories. As the Ukrainian defences has missiles systems and other mechanical divisions that can add pressure on the defensive lines of the Russians. That’s how the Ukrainian army has dissolved and beaten the Russians. Just like Ukrainian army targeted weapons storage and other vital logistical parts of their military operations. Therefore, this has been well planned and execute advance here. While we know the Russians are acting like its a strategic retreat…

This war has certainly turned for the worst for the Russians. This war that was launched in February and was supposed to last only for three days. We are now in September and the huge losses in combination of the costs of warfare will hurt Moscow for long time to come. The invasion of Ukraine has backfired and has united the Europeans further. There is less of allies and people who are behind the “unification” cause of the Kremlin. No, most are in favour of the independent and sovereign nation of Ukraine.

The message from Ukrainian President Zelensky is striking after all these months of defending the nation. The nation that lost Crimea in 2014 and now they are taking back territories in the South and in the Donbass regions. Certainly at a level the Russian never thought would happen and neither could ever envision.

That’s why the written Telegram of Zelensky is so poignant and fierce at the same time. Just like when he was asking for “ammo” and not for “a ride” when the Russians invaded the Republic. He is again standing tall and showing the difference between him and Putin.

The key is “without you” and Kremlin should get that memo. Not that they care and only wants to spin the recent developments in their favour. However, that seems impossible… if it was going accordingly to plan they wouldn’t attack civilian targets and vital infrastructure as they are leaving. That is done in spite and revenge, because the Russian army aren’t able to keep their occupied territories.

Latest additional memo from Ukraine is this:

O.Danilov, Ukrainian National Security Council Secretary: «Things changed. We will not be satisfied with neither the return of Crimea and Donbass nor the reparations for invasion anymore. In alliance with our allies, we want full capitulation and demilitarization of Russia.”” (Fuat, 11.09.2022).

Certainly, the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian nation and the leadership is not accepting halfway or partial surrender anymore. They want the Russians to feel pain and know they fought against the wrong opponent. That is very obvious and clear.

This is being done “without you”. Remember that. Kyiv has answered Moscow and now the next coming days. The realities of this counter-offensive might have dire effects in the leadership of Kremlin too. Peace.

Opinion: King Charles III will struggle to become a unifying figure…

King Charles III has has been preparing for the crown his entire life. He must now figure out how to generate the “public support, a sense of endearment” that characterized the relationship Elizabeth had with the British public, said historian Ed Owens” (The Associated Press, 09.09.2022).

Just as the longest regent and monarch in the history of United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II died. The line of succession moved to her oldest son, King Charles III. That was only natural as the Queen died in advanced age and the new King is already 73 years old.

King Charles III really has less of beloved persona. His not the sort of character that is respected or highly admired. Especially after the fallout with the population over late Princess Diana and marrying the mistress Camilla Parker Bowles. That whole affair will forever linger on and be shady backdrop to the coronation whenever that may be.

First is the funeral arrangements and ensuring protocol is kept. There are a lot of formalities for the new King and he got to do things right. He has had years in the waiting. The King has waited so long that people are even hoping he abdicate and give the reigns to Prince William. However, I wouldn’t count on it.

King Charles III will reign and he will be crowned King. That is just bound to happen. Charles will enjoy this moment and takeover. This is what his whole life has been about. One moment or another, he would get to become King. He will mourn his mother and the loss of the matriarch. Nevertheless, he will find ways of sway influence and be at the centre.

The King might because of his former ties with Jimmy Saville and others get into question about his stances or beliefs. Charles will already be contrasted by the ghost of Diana. That is part of his legacy that he can never ever run away from. This is why her pictures has all been spread on social media after the death of the Queen.

He also have to takeover after someone who was smart and wise in her moves. The Queen has been able to get a positive legacy. Even if she was a part and did her bid to continue the colonial legacies of the British Empire. It is not like the United Kingdom can runaway from that past and her name is tarnished in that pain, suffering and plight served upon civilians in the former colonies. That is a legacy that the King should listen to and act upon…

The Commonwealth have to be more than a jolly expedition and a fine way of having CHOGM head of states conferences, now and then. The King need to consider the approach, as there are already growing sentiments of Caribbean islands to leave the Monarchy and become fully independent republics. That has already started and should be a signal to the King.

King Charles III might see even more nations totally leave London and the Colonial history behind. As they see no benefit or positives with the ties to the United Kingdom. It could easily also see foreign currencies change from Queen Elizabeth II to national heroes or things, which makes more sense actually.

The King has to address it all. There is a lot of weight on his shoulders. He has to not only gain sympathy for losing his mother. The King has to ooze of confidence and continuation of traditions. That’s a lot to carry and do it swiftly too.

King Charles III has a massive road ahead. This will not be easy and Paddington will not be enough. He needs something unique and special to overcome this hurdle. As the nation is mourning, but his future is starting now.

The King stays the King, but will he beloved or be a bother? Peace.

Jamaica: Jamaica House – Office of the Prime Minister – Statement from Prime Minister Andrew Holness Following the Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizatbeth II (09.08.2022)

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF): EFF Statement on the Death of Queen Elizabeth (08.09.2022)

Opinion: The Truss cabinet is filled with the ERG

The European Research Group (ERG) is a group within the Parliamentary Conservative Party that provides research and co-ordinates activity – such as public letters on Brexit and informal organisation – for eurosceptic Conservative MPs. Mark Francois took over as chair in February 2020. Previous chairs include Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker and Suella Braverman” ( – ‘What is the European Research Group (ERG)?’, 21.09.2022).

The ERG who was vital part of the hard-Brexit and the ones pushing for a hardline Brexit in consideration to the Brexit. Now has a vital voice in the cabinet of Liz Truss. She has already appointed three former ERG Chairman, which happens to be Suella Braverman, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Chris Heaton-Harris. Truss has also appointed members of ERG like James Cleverly, Therese Coffey, Brandon Lewis, Kit Malthouse and Penny Mordaunt.

One of them is the Secretary of State to Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris. He will have a say and possible continue the defeating arch of revising the Northern Ireland Protocol. Truss is putting a lot of power into the ERG. If you thought this was bad. It is becoming more worse than this…

The other one is Jacod Rees-Mogg has become the Secretary for State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. After seeing the display and contempt of everything this man have done over the years. Rees-Mogg is surely lucky to be entitled to have yet another ministerial post.

The third is Penny Mordaunt been appointed to the Lord President of the Council and the Leader of the Commons. She will surely have leverage and have power. Not like the Chief whip, but it’s saying something when an ERG get this position too.

The fourth is Brandon Lewis who was appointed to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. That’s a powerful office and he could certainly sway legislation here. This is most certainly a win for the ERG.

The fifth appointment is Suella Braverman who is appointed to the Secretary of State of the Home Department. This will have a lot of say in regard to migration, refugees and the border control. She will take off where Priti Patel left off. In the mirror of ERG. We know it won’t be anything better.

The sixth appointment is James Cleverly will be the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. We are seeing the ERG is getting vital positions and this is another one.

The ERG has the Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Northern Ireland. That is ensuring their will in this Cabinet. Truss has secured and given lots of power to the ERG. In such a manner, that the way legislation and policies will be written. Will be in the hardline and anti-Europe spirit.

This is without looking at all the other re-appointments and other well-known figures, which has circulated over the years the Tories has been in power. That was to be expected, plus a few not accepting a new office. Since they will not serve under others than Boris Johnson. Because, Boris is the epitome of leadership…

Well, Truss are now proving that she will not fight for remain or return to membership in the European Union. That is very obvious with the appointments sine last night. Her cabinet is a bastion of ERG.

So, expect the Eurosceptics to have a huge say and will ensure their ideals will reign supreme. Not that’s it shocking, but it’s certainly saying a lot by doing this. We will know if she appoints more. However, when there is already so many of them as a part of the cabinet. We can just know what sort of days that is ahead. There will be continued red-herrings and further bureaucracy, which will harm industry, movement and whatever, which was some of the benefits of being part of the European Common Market or Shengen. Peace.

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