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Opinion: Salah Yakub MP is opening up a Pandora’s Box…

We want to tell Kenyans that the limit on two terms should be relooked. We want it to be changed to an age limit where when one gets to 75 years then he or she cannot contest. We will come up with an amendment Bill to try to change this because we want the requirement to be on age limit and not terms. If a president is doing a good job, then he or she should not be limited by the terms”Salah Yakub MP (05.11.2022)

The revelation that Fufi MP Salah Yakub has been very vocal. He is issuing the case of amending the constitution and stop the possible limitations of a presidency. If Salama Yakub MP got his way, a President got rule for life and could be in office until his last breath. That is opening up a can of worms.

When you abolish or amend a constitution to favour the President. You are not doing that for the will of the people. No, that is done to serve the current President. Everywhere that has happened… it is the incumbent who prolongs its reign. The current President is the one who has gained on the merits of the legal ramifications.

If the term limits are abolished. That means the current President don’t have to step down after 2 terms. This means that the Article 142(b) would be amended or be revised. Because that is the case here. In the 2010 Constitution there is no age requirement currently. So, if there was a change of that. It could give leeway to the current President.

The current President, William Ruto is 55 years old and after two terms he would be 65 years old. With the proposal of the MP he would get a possible 4 terms in office. Meaning an additional 2 terms or 10 years in office. That is if his announced and declared the winner in the up-coming elections.

Certainly, the amended constitution would be in favour of Ruto. That’s why an ally is proposing this and saying it now. This is to prepare the public and the national assembly itself. It is sort of making people used to the idea and later come with the legislation. The Kenya Kwanza Alliance has the majority in the House and the Senate. Therefore, a law could be passed like this and no one should be shocked. We know the Azimio MPs and Senators would be against it.

Nevertheless, this sort of idea is to push a life presidency. There is nothing else to it. It is to launch the idea of a President for Life. That’s the gist and that’s the memo. Peace.

A look into the leaked SGR Agreement

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen releases SGR agreement for public scrutiny. Some key loan terms:

~ Loan amount not exceeding $1.6Bn

~ 2.0% per annum interest

~ 0.25% management fee

~ 20-year tenure with a 7yr grace period

~ preference for the purchase of goods from China” (Kenyan Wallstreet, 06.11.2022).

The SGR Agreement decides that the Kenyan Government has 13 years to repay the loans for the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). This is happening after the 7 year grace period. The agreement was signed off on the 14th May 2014 and 7 years after that is last year May 2021.

There been speculations about this agreement ever since the Jubilee government signed it and accepted it’s terms. It was even at one point, rumours that the Kenyan government had signed off the Mombasa Port operations to the China EXIM Bank.

What it instead says in addition to the terms of the direct financial manner. It says something very interesting…

A key parts of the SGR Agreement is this, as well as the other mentioned terms: “The Borrower undertakes to procure that the Government of Kenya or the relevant authorities of Kenya shall stipulate and issue preferential policies, regulations or approvals in relation to RDF which could be applied in priority to make the repayment of loans in relation to the Project as owning to the Lender, the Long Term Service Agreement and its due performance, the revenues generated from the Project which will be applied in priority to make the repayment of loans in relation to the Project as owing to the Lender (except for the expenditures of operation and management of the Project), the Inlander Container Depot (inland port) established in Nairobi and its mandatory customs clearance, and all other necessary policies or approvals, with an aim to ensuring the due operation of the Project and the repayment of such loans in relation to the Project as owing to the Leader” (SGR Agreement, 2014).

Here the borrower is setting the terms of usage and how the transport policies are set. This is now in print and in public. It now makes perfect sense why the authorities and the government ordered all goods or movement of cargo is directed to the SGR. That is done in accordance with the agreement actually. Because the stipulation is actually there…

Certainly, you can wonder if Beijing or the China Exim Bank is happy with the leakage of the agreement between them and the Kenyan Government. They would most likely be happy to have it under seal and hidden from the public space. Because, now the realities of this agreement is in the public domain.

The SGR is already a sort of failure and lack of creating revenue. That’s why the SGR haven’t been profitable or had the ability be viable. That’s why the Kenyan Government had to direct all cargo to go through the SGR and to the Navisha or Inland Port in Nairobi. Therefore, this agreement is just showing how bad this deal was.

The one winning here is China and they are getting lots of interests out of it. They are able to get the Kenyan government on their side. The Kenyan Government accepted a huge loan for an expensive railway. A railway that will take forever to be a feasible enterprise. That’s why these terms will be a liability and an expensive expense for the taxpayers in the years to come. While the SGR will not deliver or be able to re-coup the debt. That’s what is tragic here… Peace.

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Kenya: A Pakistani Journalist assassinated by the GSU…

A senior police officer confirmed the shooting and added a comprehensive statement will be released later. “We had an incident of shooting which turned out to be a case of mistaken identity involving a journalist. We will release more information later,” the officer said” (Cyrus Ombati – ‘Pakistani journalist shot dead by police at roadblock in Kajiado’ 24.10.2022, The Star).

This whole story is tragic, a Pakistani civilian was murdered or assassinated in Kenya. That’s the story and the General Service Unit (GSU) is the one behind it. They are the ones that is mentioned. The little military wing of the National Police Service. A military wing of the Police Service. They are highly trained and capable para-military group, which is either in Recce-brigades or part of the Presidential Guard Company. Most likely not the trainees from the Embakasi training school. This was done by professionals. Especially, in the way and manner the car was shot at.

Just read this:

4. The shooting hit the car from all sides. The incident left the car with nine bullet holes on the left side of the windscreen, which is the side the deceased was sitting; two bullet holes on the rear left back screen, one bullet hole on the rear right door, four holes right side of the boot and one front right tyre that had been deflated.

5. The driver, Mr Ahmed, reported finding a gunshot wound on Mr Sharif’s head, which was likely the fatal shot. The bullet penetrated the back of his head and exited the front” (Stanley Ngotho – ‘Shooting of Pakistani Arshad Sharif: 5 things we know so far’ 24.10.2022, Daily Nation).

When you read this and the “mistaken identity” don’t make sense. They shot the vehicle from all sides, as it was coming to a roadblock. There are so many issues with this and needs further independent investigation. The DPP and DCI will most certainly “kill” this gave and ensure it gets cold. Because, the GSU and the ones ordering the bullets don’t want to take accountability. This must come from up high and that’s why the assassination happened in such a mysterious way.

It’s not just me pointing the obvious out:

The police statement on the Arshad Shariff killing has too many gaps. First, if it was a case of a stolen vehicle, the number plates of the stolen car and the one Arshad was are different. They don’t say the make. By the time of the incident, the “abducted” son had been found. The driver was his brother, Khurram Ahmed. They now say the road was blocked “with small stones” and on passing them, there was a shooting by GSU officers. Interestingly, no chase to recover the “stolen” vehicle is reported. We have a problem here. Clarification: I am being told Khurram Ahmed is not the brother as indicated in the OB report. Probably a cousin” (Eliud Kibii, 24.10.2022).

This is why this has to be properly investigated. The National Police Service first statement is already poked holes in. Secondly, I highly doubt he was shot at from all sides, because of “mistaken identity”. That sort of profile and targeted vehicle happens for a reason. The GSU doesn’t spray a vehicle with bullets and aims maliciously like they did without intent. That is just the obvious and an assassination like this happens for a reason. There is ranking officer and “high above” who ordered the hit. It must be something shady behind all of it…

This is an extra judicial killing, which isn’t new in Kenya. Mysterious murders and assassinations has happened with the assailants leaving without a trace. That’s the reality right here. The Pakistani journalist was hit, targeted and assassinated. We just don’t know why and for what reason. We don’t know the motive or the ones who issued it. Certainly, there is more to this. Since the story doesn’t add up. Peace.

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