A Brief Look into the LoP Response to the State of Nation Address of 2023…

Just as yesterday, I went through the speech, the State of the Nation address of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. It would only be fair that I do the same to the Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga MP, and his retort to it. Not that I expect much or will be flabbergasted anymore. We have seen it all before and it is going in circles. I just hope there is more meat and less bones. That’s what I hoped for when I started to read the response.

The LoP dropped a huge document as a response, but I will bluntly just gaze at it and take the juiciest parts. In the same manner, as I did with the State of Nation Address. It wouldn’t be fair if digested it differently. Even if I have given more space to Museveni than the Opposition in this regard. That’s because Museveni is the Head of State and is the President. It is within these reasons why he gets more spotlight and questions of his actions. Then the LoP who is doing the same…

Last year the LoP dropped over 20 pages to address the SONA or State of the Nation of 2022. This year it was 2 pages drop and about the public wastage of COVID-19 tests and such. It wasn’t dwelling into the subject matters or the ideals of the speech. No, it was just looking at the blunt cost of the National Address and in that regard.

It is an understatement to say this is relaxed and the least effort. Maybe after last years response. He felt it was underwhelming and giving less feedback. Therefore, he could just address one simple point now and that’s the continues COVID-19 testing for public events at Kololo, like the SONA. However, that is a mute-point at this stage and not that interesting.

Secondly, the LoP didn’t dwell into the speech or even comment on the claims in it. Yes, the LoP and the Shadow Cabinet did boycott the proceedings. Nevertheless, just like I wasn’t at Kololo, the LoP could get access to the speech and retort to it like he should. Not just await the next plenary session and then maybe utter some words.

The LoP is within his rights and he should complain about the costs of 3 billion shillings for every event or the presiding activities of the President at Kololo. That is within reason… though I would expect so much more of his response to the SONA.

From an Opposition Standpoint, the whole two pages are disappointing. The ideals of the boycott and reasons for it should be so much grander. There are plenty of reasons not to show up or protest the government actions towards its dissidents. However, the reasoning and the response is lacklustre.

I’m disappointed in Mpuuga. He knows how this game goes and is a seasoned politician. This is forfeiting his role and not standing up for the principals. It just glazing it and making a mockery of it.

There was plenty of meat in the speech to make a feast on. That’s if he cared or was concerned about it. The LoP could have addressed it properly and not only talked about COVID-19 testing to attend the SONA. That is just the practical attendance and not even the objective of scrutinizing the speech itself. Even I did much more and I wasn’t even trying… Peace.

Opinion: Electoral Reforms are pointless under the current regime…

“I reminded the meeting that we live under a military dictatorship that disregards the rule of law, undermines state institutions, and maintains power through family rule. Gatherings like this one are only tolerated because the regime does not perceive them as a serious threat to its ultimate goal of retaining power. I added that in terms of democracy, Uganda has regressed to 1973, with a more cunning and strategic version of Idi Amin now in control. Thus, discussions on democracy and reforms may occur, but they will likely remain confined to conference rooms and not translate into tangible change until we recognize that our primary duty is to remove the Museveni dictatorship” (Bobi Wine, 01.06.2023).

The push for Electoral Reforms by a Joint Opposition is without merits under the current regime. The elections and the polls are only done to legitimize its rule and the ballot will not have any value. The ballots and the elections are only done to make belief of a democracy, which isn’t there. A way of looking smart and brilliant, but behind the façade the truth is there.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is clear in his stern message. After listening to the speech on YouTube. It was surely obvious the sentiment and the powerful words that was used. Everyone should know by now and there shouldn’t be any doubts either.

Bobi Wine and the Opposition should know by heart that they have “no say or ability” to change things. Even if they change the Electoral Laws… would the NRM and Museveni comply?

They do whatever it takes to retain power and grab it. The laws, the constitutional order or anything else comes second. The misuse of power and oppressive mechanisms are used to silence critics or get rid of dissidents. Therefore, the opposition is within rights to question the legitimacy of the proceedings.

We have seen before that the Opposition and Opposition Leaders has called for Electoral Reforms. The Electoral Reforms that have come in recent years has only benefited the President and his Party. That being the Age Limit or the massive gerrymandering to ensure a superior majority in Parliament.

The elections of 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021 is a testament to this. We have seen different leaders who haven’t only challenged Museveni but has beaten him. Still, he has rigged it and ensured the pyrrhic victory every single time. If it Ssemogerere, Besigye or Bobi Wine winning. They all ended up losing because Museveni said so.

You could change the laws and the Electoral Commission at this very time, and it wouldn’t matter. Just like there been other chairpersons and people in-charge of the EC but it hasn’t really mattered. Just like there been other judges and other people in office in the judiciary, but the results or the verdicts are all the same.

No can be surprised in 2023 that there is no hope for victory against Museveni. There is no chance and especially not in his system. This is all incorporated and organized in his fashion. His words are the law and the others are just his servants. Therefore, believing amendments or repealing of laws would make a difference is naïve. The President would only allow that if it served his purpose or plans.

That’s why his allowing the conference and meetings of the Opposition. His not afraid of this and it’s just keeping them busy. They won’t achieve much and it’s only keeping them pre-occupied. Therefore, why bother right?

Well, the ideals are fine. The citizens should have a say and their votes should matter. However, right now it’s only one man who matters and the rest just must follow. Peace.

Opinion: Would we ever see an Army Commander in the High Command from the North?

It would have been a sign of reconciliation and leaving the grievances of the past, if the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Government of Uganda (GoU) had promoted or made an Army Commander from the Northern Regions. That would have been a message and a resounding one.

I tend to not get emotional or get attached, but there are certain things that would be significant and prove that there is no tribalism or ethnic reasons for the choices made today. Because, right now the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and the High Command is filled with Westerns and the ones aligned to the tribes surrounding the Presidency. That is just a mere fact and nothing can overshadow that. The same with the leadership of the Uganda Police Force (UPF). Yes, northerns has gotten plum-offices and appointed into high offices politically. However, it haven’t happened in the army and it shows.

I don’t know if Museveni hold grudges or deep resentment. This could be personal to him and he only trust his own “kind”. Even if he says he speaks ill of tribalism and sectarianism. Still, he professes to that in certain aspects of life. That’s why only certain areas has high ranking officials and has the option to be promoted into the High Command of the Army or the Ministry of Defence. It will not be someone from Lango, Acholi or the West Nile. Forget if you are from Apac or Pader for that matter. If you are from Gulu, Lira or Arua. Well, you will not get far in the army and can only be a foot-soldier. You will never reach the ranks or be in the mix for prestige. That’s beholden others by blood or by association. If not that they are coming from right areas of the West and can be pleasing to the UPDF.

That’s how it looks like… I can understand if Museveni has some distrust and lack of empathy. However, the prolonged war in the North. Has cost him and the his areas lots of damage. Yes, the UPDF was able to send Lord Resistance Army (LRA) packing and it is now in exile. However, that war happened because of the choices and the distrust between the “south” and the “north”. Which isn’t strange, as the North had the influence and the Presidency until Museveni came along. Obote and Amin was from the North and their commanders came from there as well.

Museveni has in some regards done the same. He trust his own and chosen this path. Why I am wondering now is that it’s years since peace came to the North. The threats are gone and the lives moves on. The High Command and the UPDF wouldn’t be endangered by a Northerner in the ranks. I think it would be a friendly reminder of how things has changed. That the North and the South can fight together and secure the sovereignty of the Republic. It could be the message and not only appoint northern technocrats to run Ministries or be Speakers of the House. No, give them power where it matters and allow them to deploy guns. That would have been a powerful message and been a proof of the non-sectarianism that Museveni professes too.

Alas, we know Museveni won’t budge or do this. He needs token soldiers and loyal commanders. Certainly, he has issues with it and wouldn’t give way. Some say the idea of Gen. Moses Ali is a proof that he has a broad coalition and allies in the North. Well, Gen. Moses Ali was able to get a deal and has been ally of Museveni ever since. Therefore, that isn’t the same as what I am requesting or hoping will happen.

The UPDF and the Ministry of Defence needs representation. These organizations needs to show all parts of the nation and have leaders from across the spectrum. That is needed, especially if Museveni wants to be unifying and speak with a sincere voice. Unless, he just wants to lie and only does so to please donors. I would certainly believe that and it would make sense. Actually, it would make a lot of dollars and pay of the expenditure of his State House.

I know it would be a shocker to see someone from the Great North appointed or promoted to the High Command. However, it would be a sign of goodwill and of change. That it isn’t a battle between the North and the South. No, that it’s a collective and a nation for all. Peace.

Uganda Law Society (ULS): Persistent Unlawful Interference by the Uganda Polcie with Citizens’ Rights to Peacefully Assemble and Demonstrate together (25.04.2023)

Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC): Statement on Police Brutality against Peaceful and Lawful Gatherings (27.04.2023)

Opinion: Bwanika is ready to dip…

“Abed Bwanika threatens to quit NUP if constitutional reforms regulating elected leaders to two terms are not reconsidered. The Kimanya Kabonera MP spit fire on CBS over the weekend where he claimed the reforms will deny the party senior and experienced leaders like himself” (The Kampala Journal, 25.04.2023).

I am neither shocked nor surprised that this comes from Hon. Abed Bwanika. He has become a journeyman of sorts. Bwanika is the former three times Presidential Candidate. A man who has been on the ballot in 2006, 2011 and 2016. Also created a church and a political party. Before joining National Unity Platform (NUP).

Bwanika was the only independent candidate in 2006 but had already launched his People’s Development Party (PDP) by the 2011 elections. A party he ran on its platform until the 2016 elections. In the term after that he joined the DP Block and became a part of the new outfit. That happened in 2019 and he bolted from that and stood on the ballot for NUP in 2021 elections as an MP.

That just shows how swiftly everything changed and how he went from one outfit or party to another. He went from his own and became a part of the DP Block. However, when that didn’t go to plan. Bwanika left and found a safe haven in the NUP.

Now he is issuing grievances and coming with threats of leaving. Surely, if he leaves his just another journeyman and vagabond who flees the party. Another one of them who got hooked on the wave, but now see the reality of the party he entered. A man who couldn’t phantom that the party had principals and ideals to adhere too.

Bwanika has already tried to get into Presidency three times and finally entered office with the NUP. He has gotten the opportunity to be an MP and he got nothing to show from it. As an MP he hasn’t been vocal or caused a commotion. Neither is he causing a stir or even writing motions to get legislation done. Therefore, his just eating and enjoying the perks of the office without doing more work.

I’m not surprised that he was against the idea of two terms for elected officials within the NUP. He could just dip or ditch the party. Nevertheless, a man who was willing to stand three times for the Presidency and fails. He feels obligated to try more than ones in another office. That is just basic human behaviour. It would go against everything inside him to do otherwise.

Bwanika wants to represent and be a high ranking official. He finally has entered Parliament and with this party constitution. His only allowed to be the MP one more term. That means it is all ending soon and before he really gets to eat. When he has fought tooth and nail since 2006.

We know he can trade his ideals beliefs, because he has in the past sworn an affidavit in support of the elections in 2006 and in defence of Museveni. Therefore, he could easily be swayed again. It just shows how open policy the NUP has when they have allowed these characters to join and get to eat cake.

Bwanika should feel lucky and blessed to be where he is. Because, as a Presidential Candidate he was a joke. Now he finally has a voice and a party to reconcile with. A party that isn’t a briefcase one, but a legit one. That’s why he was able to be elected in the first place. Bwanika should pray to the Gods and be grateful.

Now he does the opposite and proves what sort of journeyman he is. Peace.

Opinion: Mpuuga showing his greed…

Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga is opposed to the provision of term limits for Members of Parliament in the recently amended constitution of National Unity Platform. Hon. Mpuuga says the amendments will deter the development of the youngest political party, which currently needs experienced legislators” (NBS Television, 24.04.2023).

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga is showing his traits. Not that it’s shocking or anything. Nevertheless, it is telling his priorities. Instead of showing the difference between the National Unity Platform (NUP) and National Resistance Movement (NRM).

His a seasoned politician and trying to scheme his way through. Using a tactic of growth and building a party. However, I feel this is a self-serving objective. Especially, considering that his already on his third term as MP and standing for the second party. He has twice Represented Democratic Party and also joined parties with Go Forward. Secondly, he has also switched districts and is now an MP as a part of the NUP. Meaning he has been able to find his way and gain the momentum to be re-elected three times.

Therefore, with that being said. I feel that this statement is being made for his own cause. The LOP isn’t saying this to better the NUP or create a better future. His just afraid he just have one more term and then he has to be left without an office. I am sure Mpuuga could do a good job in the secretariat and be political asset of the party. Alas, that isn’t enough for someone like Mpuuga.

Mpuuga has excelled and reached the “promised land”. His a man of stature and appointed with respect. He has come so far from the Action4Change (A4C9 days and Walk to Work Protests. Mpuuga has gone from being a Uganda Young Democrat (UYD) to A4C to DP to NUP. A man who has changed parties and moved forward.

Now that his a head of the curve. He has a say and a voice. It is by all means that doesn’t want to let go. Mpuuga has risen into prominence and gotten the office, which reflects his struggle to get there. Surely he knows the perks, as he has even had years in office in the Lukiiko as a Minister for a few years. Leadership roles is something that has come natural to him.

However, even if people has trusted him and given him responsibilities. That doesn’t mean it is rightfully his. Neither does it mean he should be an elected official for the rest of his life. Yes, his in his 40s now and has more years before retirement. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean he should serve all those years in Parliament. His already lucky that he was able to be a MP for three terms.

His asking for a possible fourth and also a fifth. Because, it is not enough for him to re-elected on NUP ticket a second time. He believes it is right for him to have more for the “growth” of the party. That’s why this sounds like a selfish expedition. I don’t believe it is in the best interests of the NUP. No, this is said and done for his own pockets. He knows the earning and perks of being an MP. Mpuuga will not give that up easily. Most likely after a second term in the NUP. The current LOP will seek another or run as an Independent in his 50s.

That’s just what I am guess at this point of time. Mpuuga is a seasoned and calculative politician. A man who has been able to manoeuvre and get results. He will do so again and no one should be shocked or surprised by it. Peace.

National Unity Platform (NUP): Statement on Amended Constitution (16.04.2023)

Opinion: The UPF is ill-advised here…

“As the Joint Security Agencies, we have obtained credible about plans by NUP to reactivate their structures, through various mobilisation drives, in cities and major towns, to cause acts of disorder and lawlessness in the country. This development comes at a time when the county has been very peaceful. We therefore, call upon the NUP leadership to avoid such clandestine methods of work and instead use legitimate means to achieve their objectives. We also encourage them to emulate the other political parties like the FDC, NRM and DP, that have continued to work within the provisions of the POMA and in harmony with the police” (Uganda Police Force – ‘POLITICIANS WARNED AGAINST HOLDING KUNGA MOBILISATIONS AND DEMONSTRATIONS’ 12.04.2023).

In the grand scheme of events, I never thought the UPF or the Uganda Police Force would say the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is righteous in their actions. That I cannot phantom or believe in 2023. Not after all the years with Dr. Kizza Besigye and how the UPF has monitored, targeted and the regime enacted the Public Order Management Act (POMA) just because of the FDC!

That’s why reading this today infuriating me. Not only because the Constitutional right to assemble and demonstrate is gone from the opposition. To protest or demonstrate in the Republic is long gone. That is in the wind and the authorities will not allow it. They not allowing opposition candidates at Guild elections to hold Press Conferences either. Neither is the Opposition allowed to hold friend football matches to fundraise for good causes either.

So, it isn’t like the UPF or the authorities are allowing the opposition to move or operate. The UPF who is blocking radio stations, venues, conferences, and whatnot for years. The UPF who isn’t allowing the opposition to pray or even participate at events. The same UPF is now saying they are the good ones. They must be kidding me and think we are stupid.

It is amazing that the UPF is lecturing the National Unity Platform (NUP) this way. When nothing they are doing is allowed. Nothing that they think of or even considers doing. They are only allowed within the premises of the Headquarters and after that it’s a free-for-all. Therefore, putting them in the same line as the ruling party NRM is exhausting. The NRM can hold rallies, galivanting across the republic and not consider even to petition the UPF. They just show up and can even hold demonstrations for “favourable” causes. Therefore, who is the UPF trying to fool?

We know the tear-gas, the arrests, and the well-known police brutality. We know how the UPF operates and how it will raid the offices of the NUP or FDC. The way and manner of pre-emptive house-arrests of leaders, if not take them away and keep them incommunicado for a while too. That’s what the UPF does, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens now too. It is just the way the authorities and the UPF acts. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee is spewing rubbish about the 2021 election

“Museveni made the revelations while meeting a section of Kampala NRM Village leaders at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala on Wednesday. Commenting on NRM’s abysmal performance in Kampala in the recent general elections, Museveni claimed the party in power was rigged out. “I had heard about the rigging of elections in Kampala. I heard that even my votes were changed,” Museveni said” (Crispus Mugisha – ‘I was rigged in Kampala, Museveni insists’ 30.03.2023, Nile Post).

The Self-styled President for Life, Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhurwa Museveni said yesterday that he was rigged out of the election in Kampala. An election marred with irregularities and misgivings. That’s why the President and the Electoral Commission suspended social media, blocked the internet and forced people on the VPN, as the polling data was altered and fixed to pre-fix the “victory” of Museveni.

That’s why it’s special that this long after… that Museveni says he was rigged out, because he lost in capital and lost to National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. It is just neat that it happens two years and two months after. Not right away or anything, but now…

Museveni must take people for fools. He most think people are dumb or genuinely stupid. A man who has re-hashed all the sins of his predecessors and ensured longevity as President. The 2021 election wasn’t a genuine on and the “Rigged Report” which was issued after proved just that.

Now Museveni wants to act like he was the supposed winner of the Presidential Election in Kampala. Just to spite and spit in the face of the electorate there. In a city and the constituency, where the NRM has been weak for years. It is a long time coming since any sincere NRM MP or it was a NRM stronghold. This has been captured by the opposition a long time ago…

Museveni is acting like he can use same sort of experience and usage of “rigged” out as he did before. This is not happening now… especially after using all means to “win” and get himself “elected” after every term since 1996. He can act a fool, but it doesn’t make it true.

That’s why the numbers are jaded the way they are… to fit the program and the needs of the President. We know the Electoral Commission is ensuring his victory and only following protocol. Just making the numbers seem legit in parts of the Republic. Because everyone deep down… knows that Museveni wasn’t the guy or the one with momentum in 2021. Neither did he in 2016 or in 2011, but the army and the authorities worked on overtime to seal the” deal”.

So, let us all be legit for a moment. Museveni only trying to forge a narrative that Bobi Wine wasn’t as popular as he really was. His trying to make it seem that way. When we all know what went down and how the state operated. It is just seriously foolish to play this tune now. He is just bitter and sad that his not as beloved in Kampala, as he used to be in the 1980s and early 1990s. These days are gone, and he cannot comprehend that at advanced age…

That’s why he plays it out like this. It doesn’t make it truthful or sincere. Just another time when Museveni wants to rewrite history to fit his narrative. He is used to getting it and Yes-Men serves the dish he wants. Though the reality isn’t as beautiful, and he cannot stomach the truth. Peace.

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