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Ethiopia: UN Expert Report verifies that Somali soldiers was participating in Tigray

Today, the UN Expert Report of Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker is verifying the stories we told of the regional conflict in Tigray region in Ethiopia. The United Nations Expert Report on Eritrea proves this and their involvement. However, what is striking is that they are saying Somali brigades was participating in the conflict. Which the Somali Government and Ethiopia have worked hard to deny.

The reports which has come out in January 2021 are now proven true. That shows the minds of all the parties. The Somalian training facility and the soldiers was sent to battle in Tigray. This shows a coordinated plan from all parties and that Somali National Army (SNA) was involved in it. That means there was four parties involved in the conflict at one point. It was the Ethiopian Army, Eritrean Army, Amhara Para-Military Group (Fano) and Somali Army as well. Therefore, the trio of Heads of State in the region had agreed upon this. This being Abiy, Afewerki and Farmaajo.

Just look at it here.

UN Expert Report:

In addition to reports of the involvement of Eritrean troops in the Tigray conflict, the Special Rapporteur also received information and reports that Somali soldiers were moved from military training camps in Eritrea to the front line in Tigray, where they accompanied Eritrean troops as they crossed the Ethiopian border. It is also reported that Somali fighters were present around Aksum. The Government of Somalia denied the participation of Somali soldiers in the Tigray conflict” (Situation of human rights in Eritrea – Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea, Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, 12.05.2021).

On the 17th January 2021 this was reported and I wrote about it then:

With that in mind the Somali Guardian have today released a report that 2500 Somali trained soldiers who enlisted to a Qatari Military Service was flown to bases in Eritrea ahead of combat. These soldiers was destined and taken to military camps within Eritrea for the sole purpose of participating in the conflict in Tigray” (Minbane – ‘Ethiopia: Abiy’s Regional Conflict in Tigray’ 17.01.2021).

This is a continuous spiral of the truth coming out eventually. The same happened with the planned efforts of warfare. How things was prepared in Amhara region with mechanical brigades and other allies there. Also, flying in soldiers to Eritrea and targeting the region from two sides before the Northern Command was attacked on the 4th November 2020.

In the same fashion the state have tried to manufacture the “no” Eritrean forces in Tigray. “No” Eritrean forces on Ethiopian soil. To promise them to leave twice. Just like the Prime Minister have said the finalization of the conflict would end in the end of November 2020. However, we are now soon in mid-June 2021. The conflict is worsening. Not only the starvation, the annexation of land for the Amhara and Eritrean there. However, the guerrilla warfare is also getting more deadly. As the state is using chemical warfare as well. This is all a deadly conflict with unsure amount of fatalities. We can just know a little, but the little we know …. is tragic and horrific.

Therefore, in the up-coming months. When the state and Eritrea calls things out as false. Just await a few months and there will records that this is true. Just like the big massacres and others, which have been inflicted on plenty of communities in the region. Know that the Prime Minister support this effort, as he wants to get rid of all the “traitors”. That’s his own words and belief.

So, expect this to get worse, before it gets better. It is a planned annihilation of a region just to consolidate power in Addis Ababa. That’s reality of it all and this will be a forever stain on the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy. The deaths, the massacres, the starvation and all the other war-crimes will haunt his reign. The usage of allies soldiers isn’t making it better, but shows to what extent the PP is going to get rid of their own. They are using all allies to go after one party that fell out of love with the Prime Minster. That’s it and they are returning the favour by ordering all guns after them. Also, the whole general public of the region has to suffer, because the big-men couldn’t humiliate themselves and accept the loses, and move-on.

We know everyone is supposed to bow down and praise Abiy. Even with his sovereignty complex, which is now in question. He speaks so well of his Republic and his nation, but without his allies. The PM wouldn’t be able to wage war in Tigray. Today is just another day. Where the early reports of what is happening is verified. Today, the truth is out. Just like the ones who said Eritrean forces was doing the Ethiopian bidding. They denied that as well, but later had to say it was happening. Now, the Somali brigade was also true. That’s why we should all question the reports and the statements from the parties. As none of these three (Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia) wasn’t telling the truth in this regard. Peace.

Opinion: Abiy continues his dangerous path

Let’s clear/get rid of the domestic traitors first before we deal with the foreign enemies” (…) “Traitors today, just like when Italians invaded us, who do not feel that they have done something or have succeeded unless they sell or attack their mother (country), have been identified as the weaknesses and enemies of Ethiopia’s prosperity” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (06.06.2021).

Yesterday, Prime Minister Abiy came out again with dangerous rhetoric, which only can signify his relentless attitude and will to destroy his opponents. However, this is a clear message and he says this days ahead of the polls.

The ones believing Abiy will be democratic or believe in democratic principles are naive. Sorry, they are not naive, but stupid. His a warlord and a uncrowned king. Who will reign with cruel authority and legitimize his tyranny. They have rebranded the previous coalition and made it into a one party, the Prosperity Party. This party will in general rule as a “one-man” party and run under the orders of the Prime Minister.

Abiy have already shown his willingness to get rid of his opposition. That is just to look at how far the Prime Minister and his allies are burning, starving and killing people in Tigray Region. Just to prove a point against the party, which wouldn’t sign into the decrees of Abiy or PP. That’s why he is willing to annihilate not only the party, but deploying scorched earth strategy there.

This is done while his accepting the skirmishes and raids in Afar region. His allowing the state to show a destructive and horrific acts towards the Somali in the Ogaden region. While he has continued the Command Post and further escalated the terror in Oromia. Where most of his opposition activists or leaders are either behind bars, killed or flogged in the streets. Therefore, the sort of quote from the PM only shows his heart.

Prime Minister Abiy clearly want the ones who defies him silenced. He rather want them dead or behind bars, than actually being able to challenge them head on. The PM will rather call them traitors or terrorists, than actually have any real opposition. This is why he has targeted both TPLF and OLF in the manner, which has in his unelected term.

The bloodshed, the internal conflict and use of force will not stop. Especially, when the PM is promoting this. This is just continuing the ravaging campaigns and prolonging the agony. There will be no silence of the guns, but silence of the defiant among the citizens in the Republic. The ones that dares to speak out or even utter comments, which the PM and his allies deems unfit. They will meet a judgement day and they most likely will not return home.

The rhetoric is only showing his ambition to rule as a tyrant and a warlord. He doesn’t care, as long as his opponents are dying in a ditch. He just want power and he ravish himself in it. The PM doesn’t care as long as he has it. If he uses para-military troops to kill the ones in his way, has the Eritrean army doing his bidding or the national army. As long as his goal is set and the ones in his path is cleared away.

So, this man will not let the violence cease. No, he will increase it. He will use the whole authority, all security agencies and all his allies at his disposal to get rid of the ones he deems unfit. It doesn’t matter if it is justified or not. As long as they are in his way. He just needs to get rid of them. One way or another.

In his mind… they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. It was all his and he is the man of the hour. Everyone else is just a bother and people who haven’t understood his significant right to rule. Peace.