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Opinion: Uncle Roger banned in China…

Well, Nigel Ng or Uncle Roger, the Malaysian comedian have now been cancelled in China. That comes after a video for a show that is about get released on June 4th has sparked controversy in Beijing. No one should be shocked or anything.

This is practically routine in China. The banning and blocking of “unfriendly” content is supreme. The internet and the social media is all monitored. Therefore, it was a miracle it lasted this long for Uncle Roger. A man who speaks, thinks and talks like that in public was bound to fall out with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Sooner or later he would say the “wrong” thing or act a fool. Which would cost him his strips, the ability to promote or even have shows in China. That the Weibo account is now suspended and his losing possibly out on the Chinese market wouldn’t be surprising either. No matter if he cracked jokes on the expense of Taiwan in the same breath as making a mockery of Chinese rules or regulations.

The gig stays the gig. Uncle Roger’s fried rice isn’t for everyone. Neither is Aunty Esther either. Certainly, someone haven’t bought a rice-cooker and low sodium soy-sauce in a dish. Nevertheless, the truth still remains.

Never ever offend Xi Jinping or the CCP, if you want to do business or be able to hold shows in China. That is just a mere fact and Uncle Roger dared to do so. Even if it was satire and easy skits about reality. This is apparently to much for the Chinese authorities to handle.

Yes, some might call these jokes sensitive or “racists”. I have seen that, but jokes tend to go on the narratives or in the manner of generalization. If you want total “culture friendly” jokes… you will not find good satire or fun for that matter. It will be grim, soft and be so censored your heart, mind and spirit will leave your body. Therefore, someone need grow some balls and understand the craft.

There been others wanting him to joke or mock Malaysian politics. Maybe Uncle Roger should and not only sell MSG. However, that is up to him and what he chooses as a person. That the Chinese Authorities does this only shows their heavy hands and how they operate. There is little to no wiggle room for any sort of expression. Except for the expressions fitting the stories of the party.

The CCP and Xi Jinping only looks smaller by doing this. By cancelling him over a small video, which is released before a final release date. This is giving Uncle Roger lots of publicity and talk of China at the same time. It is free publicity for the comedian. While other will wonder why China bothered…

Well, the CCP is censoring and monitoring the web, online and social media with an iron-fist. Now the same hand whopped Uncle Roger. Surely, Nigel Ng will be fine and possibly has calculated that this would happen.

However, no matter how foolish this all is… a joke is a joke and if you cannot stomach a joke. Please, just change the channel. Peace.

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