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The COVID-19 Crisis Group: Statement on the Response to the COVID-19 situation in Kenya (03.04.2020)

The African National Congress Condemns the Unwarranted Intensified Attack by the Trump Administration against the People of Venezuela and their Democratically Elected Government (02.04.2020)

EFF Statement on the Financial Sector’s Deliberate Sabotage of the Lockdown (02.04.2020)

Kenya: The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund (30.03.2020)

Kenya Human Rights Commission: Protection of Labour Rights and the World of Work in the wake of COVID-19 (30.03.2020)

Kenya Tuitakayo: Curfew Grossly Mismanaged (28.03.2020)

EFF Statement on the Decision by Rating Agency Moody’s Investors Services to Downgrade South to ‘Junk Status’ (28.03.2020)

Defenders Coalition: Call to Uphold Human Rights and Classify Human Rights Monitoring and Oversight by Constitutional Agencies as Essential Service Providers (27.03.2020)

Kenya: Ministry of Health letter to Council of Governors (COG) – Re: Suspension of all Elective Surgical Procedures in Your Facility (26.03.2020)

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR): The Law Enforcement Agencies Must Adhere to the Basic Checklist on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (27.03.2020)

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