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Maldives: Raajje Television forced to suspend regular broadcasts (08.02.2018)


President Kenyatta’s true passion project is on: Oppression and beat people into Submission!

Even if two of the four TV Stations are back on, that being NTV of Nation Media Group (NMG) and KTN. We know still that Citizens TV Kenya are off and Inooroo TV is still in a blackout. That means the NTV and KTN was down for a week, 7 days and the journalists of NTV was able to strike a deal. While Opposition MPs was taken like thieves in the night by the Police. While they could make amends with the Police. This shows that are special grounds and we can start to speculate what sort of offerings, the KTN and NTV made to Kenyatta.

This all happen as the 26th January 2018, when there reports that Kenyatta had a meeting with the biggest media houses threatening them if they broadcast anything of the Opposition Swearing-In on the 30th January 2018. Clearly, he meant those words. Since the 7 day blockade after CS. Fred Matiangi declared on the 31st January 2018, that the National Super Alliance (NASA) is a criminal gang. Clearly, the government was ready to act and done so swiftly.

On the 1st February 2018 the High Court reinstated the possibility to broadcast even if the Communication Authority didn’t follow the Court Order. Meaning it took a week from being taken down and 4 days from the Court Order before the Government complied. This isn’t a positive thing, even if the media houses has been in bed with the government. It is still a worrying sign of unconstitutional breaches made by the government and President. This is all to distress and oppress dissidents.

Kenyatta have been very silent, except for the day when he threw the media out in the middle of the blackout. Where he sounded very much like his father. Who also where known for telling how the media should act and write. That the Kenyatta presidency of 2018 are pre-occupied with harassing and tormenting the opposition. The Media Houses are casualties because of their role, but the MPs and the leadership of NASA can anticipate to pick-up one by one. There will be a hour, not only to lose privileges, but also lose their freedom.

This here is proof of how the President will act against dissidents, just like ones who demonstrated today got tear-gassed in Nairobi. They are attacked by the Police, because they want to reinstate media. Since they believe in the values of freedom of the press, maybe not everything the stations do or their narratives. Still, the idea of closing them down over a Swearing-In. Show’s how little space there is left in Kenya.

We can now expect that he wants the state into submission, since the state themselves doesn’t need to follow court orders or anything else. The state of Kenyatta can break laws and misuse resources. The Kenyatta and KANU government will do whatever it can beat the message into the heads and expect submission. If that isn’t happening and if your in the way of the mission. Than know that Kenyatta will find you with the security agencies and take you hostage. Through the Police and Flying Squad, who all will take them down. When they questions, belittles or leaks vital damaging information. Even if they are just trying to follow protocol and constitution. Then, the state will make sure to silence the ones who do.

That is why the state has gotten so used to extra-judicial killings and also high-profile deaths with no investigation and answers in sight. That is how Kenyatta is and at what extent. It is just a matter of time, when the state kills someone who they shouldn’t and start a fire they cannot control. They are playing with fire, but sooner or later their reckless acts will haunt them. Peace.

Opinion: Tomi Lahren is trolling and defending Trump by any means now!

If you have followed the Right Wing media in the United States, the key persons would be Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or Alex Jones. But a person who is now as significant and whose a Fox News Contributor on the Sean Hannity Show is Tomi Lahren. She has gone from being a rising star on The Blaze which is run by Glenn Beck. After being fired for her pro-life admissions on the View, she became a slogan-queen on a Great American Alliance. From there she has become a part of Sean Hannity’s show. Therefore, the nonsense of her still matters. Because she is on the biggest news commentary show of the Right Wing and the Republican Party.

The Fox News are initially state TV at this point, where the Presidents agenda and wanting to defend him no matter what he do. Even stand by his conspiracies and his vicious attacks, even if there are no evidence or no basis for the matter. Like Tomi Lahren was during the Government Shutdown, blaming the Democrats for the shutdown. Tomi just did what the Republicans did too, hit that Narrative, even as the House of Representatives, Senate and the Presidency was run by Republican’s. It cannot be Democrats direct fault. Secondly, the negotiations had been hectic and the White House was running in circles. Therefore, even Senate leader Mitch McConnell wondered what Trump wanted. This proves that the stories portrayed from the State TV and Fox was fictitious.

That is the trouble I have with Tomi Lahren, her reality and the messages she sends often make no sense. She speaks of freedom of speech on her behalf and for the republicans. Republicans can march and can speak out, they can stand and use all methods to spread their message. However, when Beyonce or Colin Kaepernick did what they did for their causes. Then it was wrong, because Blue Lives Matter, not only Black Lives Matter. BLM has even called all sorts of things by Tomi, but she has not said similar about White Supremacists or addressed the Charlottesville attacks. That is because it is the right group who did violence, while peaceful protest done by leftist is wrong. Just like the Woman’s marches on the One Year Anniversary of Trump Presidency was also catching heat from Lahren. Because, if these was Tea-Party Woman, it would be cool, but since they addressed the womanizer-in-charge, the President and the #MeToo issue. To make their own messages and try to empower themselves in a time of harassment in working places. That has to be taken care of and warnings of misconduct should be taken serious. Instead, Lahren was mocking it and said these woman should do something else. Well, did she think her rights to her own body and allowing her to abort if she wants came without marches in America? Lahren needs to read a book on Woman’s Right in the US.

That means in general that she is demeaning the Freedom of Speech and of liberty. That only the narrative and stories, which matters, that is why it is tiring and that Lahren has gotten this prime-time spot and that Hannity has given her this slice of TV. A this point there is little difference between her and White House Counselor Kellyann Conway or White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. All of them is spinning the same narratives, it just their titles and their positions. They are using the words, but all defending Trump by all means. Making his hypocritical acts and words into poetry. They are trying to make vomit into Shakespeare and hope people sees the same.

Fox News is state TV and its known. If you didn’t know. Now you do. To see how she makes everything leftist and using her voice to address people. Instead of building people up or using her voice for something positive. Since she actually has a stage. Lahren is using it to blame people for the Tide Pod Challenge and blaming the parents. Tomi could have listen and asked how this trend became a thing. But using it to make parents sensing the up-coming elections.

It is like, she can pin-point at anyone outside her camp. Blame them and throw trash at them. But if his master and the MAGA crowd is the trolls, the terrorists or the ones who creates the problem. She still deflects and blame the left. It is like no matter what President Trump does or have done. It is fine, but if Obama or Clinton did the same it would be full war. If Obama had paid porn-star and cheated on his wife. Lahren would have gone of the wires. Since Trump was having relations with Stormy Daniels. The RNC and the Republican Party hasn’t addressed this. All others has to fall on their swords when they do something like this or impeached, but Trump is the Holy Grail.

Tomi Lahren could have spread a positive message, she could have done that even inside the Right Wing. Not all there are hating on minorities, not everyone is playing games with people’s lives. Many do and many uses immigration and using taxes to take control. Like the RNC has done and proven how they uses meaningful government programs with humanity as bargain chips for a border-wall and other pledges of Trump. This is something Lahren knows, but still she defends it by all means.

Her last words are usually strong and fierce, but not facts. They are defending a narrative that isn’t building a United Republic. Instead, it is continuing to spread vile content. Is that the legacy and the words you will be remembered for? Is your fame and fortunes based on hatred and misuse of patriotism for one man and his selfish political position. Trump uses people and will use Fox News. He will use Sean Hannity and Alex Jones, they will be seen as cup-cakes and fear-mongers as they are. Even Tucker Carlson are looking more foolish as the days goes by. In the same box and inside the same sphere of influence is Lahren.

You could have used your position for something more fruitful. Not necessary a progressive aspect, but used it. So it made sense, not speaking of right wing agenda, family values and then defending cheating President. Not defending patriotism, but saying to the ones defending the real values smearing them with hatred. It so backwards into the future. However, we from the outside of America sees it. But you in the bubble cannot grasp it.

Lahren and the State TV has to look into their mirror and wonder if they become cyber- and broadcasting bullies with high-paid salaries sanctioned by Rupert Murdoch. We can wonder if that is the reason for the existence of the Fox TV Channel. The Broadcasting is becoming InfoWars and Breitbart, but with better lightning. Is that the memo we can take for this day and age?

Lahren, was this your destiny to defend a scrupulous man, which happen to be the President. Is that your motivation and aspiration. You have no true ethical and moral backbone, whatever he does or says, you will a story to defend it? Is that who you are?

So you will be blind to facts and science itself, to any common sense, as long as it fits the President? That is good to know, because if he back peddles, if he back-flips or even raises eyebrows for the Republican’s we will know. Because back in the day, he used to pay Democratic Politicians and use them for building his buildings. Therefore, his moral authority is non-existent, that is known for the rest of us. But not you.

ME: “So Tomi Lahren, will you take this President? Donald J. Trump, Honor him, bow down to him and as long as you can in your professional career. Stand by him and promote his ideas, in good and bad days, promote his disgusting and vicious believes, his attacks on his own institutions and family values. Will you be his propaganda tool?”

Me: If so say “YES”. Tomi Lahren: “Yes”

Me: “And you will be together in the time he is in Office. You can now take the ring and kiss the flag. Your now officially his propaganda tool and useful contributor on State TV. The President will never praise you or hold your hand. But you wash his in good and bad days. We can now all say Amen”. Tomi Lahren: It’s my final thoughts, A-MEN God Bless the President and the United States!”.


CS Fred Matiangi letter the Standard Media – ‘Demand for Correction and Apology’ (24.01.2018)

Communication Authority of Kenya letter to Nation Media Group Limited: ” Re: Transmission of Live Broadcast” (17.11.2017)

SABC: Resignation letter of Managing Director Rachel Kalidass (15.11.2017)

Uganda Communications Commission – Public Notice: “Warning Against Irresponsible Use of Social and Electronic Communication Platforms” (14.09.2017)

Opinion: Musalia Mudavadi never resigned, it was only a propaganda letter from Jubilee!

There are some shady games at play today, there been certain men out printing out and forging letter of a resignation of Amani National Congress (ANC) Musalia Mudavadi as a part of the National Super Alliance (NASA). Clearly, the Jubilee Party went out striking. Even I was unsure about the trick and published the letter without clear knowledge that it was fake. It hit a tailspin and within an hour or so, I had comments and sky-rocketing numbers on the post. That proves the power of publishing news.

So I got took by the fake letter and was wondering, what the hell is going-on in NASA. An hour later pictures pop-up that he was part of a discussions together with the rest of NASA at OKOA. Therefore, the letter seemed fake, but no-one was debunking it. Therefore, it happen for me, when the ANC released their statement and stated it was a fake in circulation.

After this the letter is claimed to be written and created by the Cambridge Analytica, also Alex Chamwanda and Dennis Itumbi. Dennis Itumbi is an adviser within the Office of the President. So he has the capacity and knowledge of pulling of a scheme like this. Also, the hired foreigners could do so, to prove about possible chaos within NASA. Would make it more reasonable to pull strings and make it believable that the NASA could lose in October.

Well, that isn’t the case, even if it was days with Party of National Unity, who went from Jubilee to NASA, than from NASA to Jubilee. They had like a week in opposition before returning back in the arms of Kenyatta. The relic of Kibaki had to go back to Kenyatta. So, it would seem possible that other could leave the coalition, but it is now proven to be hogwash and nonsense. That is good for NASA and good for the strength of the leadership of the coalition.

It is proven my smart eyes that the signature used is the ones of the deceased Marilyn Monroe, and she would have a hard time signing in Kenya, also that she been dead for a few decades. She are more dead than Tupac, and he is celebrated for his anniversary today. Therefore, the use of Monroe’s signature proves the length of fraud and forgery the Jubilee has done.

This proves the length of foolery they do. I went and got hooked by the trick. I admit it and waited for verification, that came from ANC. After that, even more proof of the deception came to the boulevard and into the open. Therefore, worth taking the time to prove. That paper of resignation shall and should be dismissed. Mudavadi was sitting as part of the leadership at the Okoa House today. He is going nowhere, he is not for sale like PNU was. Peace.

Politisk Reklame: SMSer er som Uadressert Reklame, kontroversielt javel, men lovlig!

Idag har Arbeiderpartiet sendt ut 500,000 SMS med beskjed at om man ønsker deres stemmer i valget. Dette har andre partier gjort før. Det er lovlig, men ikke like populært. Like populært som at man legger valgkamp materiell og brosjyrer i postkassene, når de er merket mot all reklame. «Nei takk, til uadressert reklame». Likvel, i følge våre lover og regler så har partiene lov til dette.

For å sette dette i historisk perspektiv så har Fremskrittspartiet gjort det samme:

«Vi har gjort en avtale med katalogselskapet Eniro, og det er de som har solgt oss denne tjenesten, sier Hanssen. De mange førstegangsvelgerne som i dag har mottatt SMS, har gjort dette fordi FrP har kjøpt lister fra Eniro, rettere sagt fra Inform, som er et datterselskap av Eniro. Inform som lever av å selge adresser og kontaktinformasjon, har solgt dette til FrP, og så har de brukt dette videre. Så vidt meg bekjent er det ikke vi som har sendt ut SMS, og vi er nøye med å følge de lover og regler som gjelder her, sier Bård Hammervold i Eniro til DinSide» (Pickard, 2009).

Sånn at når Arbeiderpartiet gjør dette i dag:

«En SMS ble sendt direkte til velgere søndag formiddag med følgende budskap “Hei. Stortingsvalget blir jevnt. Du avgjør om Frp og Høyre fortsetter i regjering. Vil du ha et skifte? Skole og eldre fremfor skattekutt? Stem Arbeiderpartiet!”. Arbeiderpartiet ønsker å nå bredt ut med vår politikk og mobilisere flest mulig til å stemme. I tillegg til markedsføring gjennom annonser og materiell har vi sendt ut brev og SMS direkte til velgergrupper. Kontaktopplysningene er fra Iper Konsumet, som er et register over norske konsumenter. Kontaktinformasjonen er leid for en gangs bruk. Politiske organisasjoner er ikke pliktige til å følge reservasjon mot direkte reklame» (Arbeiderpartiet, 2017)

Slik at både FrP og AP har brukt samme trikset i samme tidsperiode av valgkampen. De har sendt ut SMS med budskap om at man bør stemme på deres parti. Dette kommer rett i lommen på de lister og selskaps telefonlister som de har tilgang på. FrP brukte Eniro og AP bruke Iper Konsument. Begge er like irriterende. Like irriterende som at man kommer på dører, at det legges i postkasser og at det gis på trikken, bussholdeplassen og torv. Hvis du først ikke liker politisk agenda eller parti, så blir det provoserende. Det skjønner jeg, samtidig, ville du følt likt om det var ditt eget parti som sendte SMSer til deg?

Det er slik nå at partiene har lov til å delegere og etablere seg mer i den offentlige sfæren enn før. Dette fordi politisk reklame er helt greit, mens alkohol og tobakk er forbudt. Selv om vi vet hva vi får om vi kjøper Jack Daniels, Hansa Pils, Petterøs Blå eller General Snus. Vi vet hva vi får om vi kjøper dette eller reklameres får, men når vi ser smilene til Siv Jensen , Erna Solberg eller Jonas Gahr Støre på perrongen. Så kan de både selg fulg eller fisk. De kan selge fred eller krig. Ikke lett å vite av å kikke på plakater som er stylet og har et slagord. «Vi kommer i Fred», «Vi bygger verden», «Vi er imot skatter og avgifter» osv.

Derfor, skjønner jeg problematikken rundt SMSene, ikke at den er ny eller veldig kontrovesiell. Skjønner at folk ikke liker dette, like lite som uadressert reklame. Akkurat som en liker like dårlig at man får reklame midt under et ski-renn. Skjønner greia, men verden er full av reklame og politikerne vi har gitt seg selv rettigheter til å gjøre dette. Så lenge det ikke er lovstridig å stå på torv å gi ut valgkamp brosjyrer, sleppe disse i postkassene, fylle reklameplakatene på busser, rutebilstasjoner og ellers. Så vil også partier sende SMSer for å vinne noen flere velgere.

Akkurat som Høyre gjorde den ene dagen, gav en pose Solbær-toddy til forbipasserende når det regnet. I sammen klistred med valgkamp brosjyre. Samme som om man får en rose av AP. Dette er slik partiene driver og holder på. Akkurat som vi var små å raidet standene for å få drops fra de forskjellige partiene, der vi diskutere i flokk om KrF sine hadde bedre smak enn de som Venstre hadde. Slik er det bare og hører med valgkampen.

Selvfølgelig skulle registreringen i Brønnøysund gjeldt denne form for reklame. Slik at når du er registert skulle du være slettet fra lister. Men om man slår på TV så er det reklamer støtt og stadig. Samme form for budskap legges i postkassen. Den er i gatene og ved veiene. Dette fordi partiene har lov. Hvis vi vil ha slutt på dette, så må man få representantene til å stoppe dette. Slik de gjorde for Petterøs og Hansa. Som ikke lenger har reklame for tobakk eller øl. Bare alkoholfri øl er lovlig. Derfor er det mest Cola og Pepsi Max reklamer.

Hvis vi ikke vil ha det slik, så må det regelendring til, da vil dette bli ulovlig akkurat som andre former for reklame. Det er ikke lenge siden det var forbudt med politisk reklame. Dette ble åpnet for noen år siden og nå ser vi hva dører dette åpner. FrP har brukt denne i 2009, med blandede reaksjoner, det samme har nå AP. Med misnøye. Derfor, om vi ønsker andre former for kampanjer og annen form for politisk dialog og kampanjer. Så må vi ønske å forandre regelverket slik at Partiene ikke har lov. Enten så har alle lov, eller så har ingen.

Har også sett at Partiet De Kristne har sendt ut SMSer. Dette har ikke blitt tatt tak i, disse sendte til de «verdikonservative» i Norge. Jeg fikk selv en SMS fra Valg.no med dette budskapet den 6. September:

«Hei! Dette er en vennlig påminnelse om stortingsvalget 11. september. Demokratiet har bruk for din stemme, så husk å delta i valget! Hilsen valg.no» (Valg.no, 06.09.2017).

Slik at det er mange former og mange som bruker denne formen for å spre informasjon. Da må vi bare ta valg, vi må få representantene til å bestemme for oss og gjøre reelle beslutninger slik at slikt blir det slutt på. Det har vi gjort med andre ting, så hvorfor ikke dette også. Peace.

BTW: Jeg er ikke mot budskapet til AP idag, mer imot metoden, akkurat som jeg imot alle former for politisk reklame. Ser frem til busser og bussholdeplasser uten forfengelige politikere med slagord klistera over hele bybilde. Men det er bare meg.


Arbeiderpartiet – ’Fakta om SMS-utsendelse 10. september’ (10.09.2017) link: https://www.arbeiderpartiet.no/om/presse/fakta-om-sms-utsendelse-10-september/

Pickard, Kristina – ’Slik skal de kapre deg’ (07.09.2009) link: https://www.dinside.no/okonomi/slik-skal-de-kapre-deg/61949629

Opinion: Fox News hired Tomi Lahren, because they needed another person to spin-news for Trump!

Fox News or Fox News Network are ready to become even more vigilant in their approach to news and to the principals of fun-loving non-facts driven President Donald J. Trump news-outlet. This is the reality after Fox News hired Tomi Lahren as a contributor at Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity is already one giant program made for the paradigm of fun-loving Trump. It’s only Fox & Friends that has as big man-crush on Trump. Now the former Super-PAC slogan queen Lahren has gone from the Trump Super-PAC ‘Great America Alliance, which is part of the Great America PAC.

Clearly, he final thoughts on the Blaze for Glenn Beck, which made the Blaze famous on Youtube helped her career. Even if she had to leave because of disgruntled case between former employee and the ethical code of the Blaze. The Conservative Media house couldn’t accept her belief and her Pro-Choice views. So it only took a few months from being fired and suing to become a contributor for Fox News.

As if she wouldn’t end at the Fox, she is like a younger Megyn Kelly, just with less intelligence and with mere facts. Tomi Lahren will continue to be the teleprompter and the angry voice of the right-wing paradigm at Fox. Surely, her parts of Sean Hannity will hit viral and make the show more popular. Especially, as her role will bring another bombshell into the screens.

That facts wouldn’t matter on the show, it is news-spin and state-TV for Trump. Both Hannity and Lahren will continue that. They have concern for the facts, it will be conservative TV fiction, even any HBO fiction show will have touch with reality, than the news and opinions spread by these two. These will surely just be there for the concern of Trump and spread his views on the cable-News channel.

Fox News: “In addition, Lahren will have a signature role on a Fox News digital product currently in development, the network announced. “I am blessed and honored to join the Fox News team. This exciting new step will allow me to give voice to all the America-loving patriots who have had my back since day one. I will remain a solid and passionate advocate for you,” she wrote on Facebook” (Fox News – ‘Tomi Lahren Joins Fox News Channel as a Contributor’ (30.08.2017) link: http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/08/30/tomi-lahren-joins-fox-news-channel-contributor

The bigotry, the racism and the hatred will certainly fit well with the Fox New paradigm, the misuse of information and trying to spin it in favor of the President. This is what Lahren will do and she will be paid-in-full. Peace.

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