A look into the answers from ChatGPT about this blog…

A typical story on the blog might cover a recent political event or development in Uganda or elsewhere in Africa, such as an election, a protest, or a government policy announcement. The blog may provide background information on the issue, as well as analysis of its potential impact on society and politics. In addition, the blog often covers issues related to human rights, corruption, and social justice, particularly as they relate to Uganda and other African countries. These stories may profile individual activists, politicians, or community leaders who are working to address these issues, and provide analysis of the broader social and political context in which they are operating” (ChatGPT, 25.03.2023).

Today, I dared to try and test the Artificial Intelligence and ChatBot – ChatGPT, which has been a feature and a hot topic. I fixated it on my own blog and the perspectives of it. It was done very similar and easy questions. Because, I wanted a simple scope.

To be honest, the ChatGPT surprised me… and made me laugh to. The first part, which got me cracking was the “author” or the “individual” behind it was a Simon Peter Esaku. That is what the ChatGPT said, which isn’t true. I won’t state who I am and I never have, but I can with an easy assessment say that it’s not the case. Me and Simon Peter Esaku is to very different people.

When I asked about the content on the page and what themes that was prevalent the ChatGPT was on point. What was extra cool was when I asked about the structure of the blog posts and such. It came up with this:

A typical post on Minbane.wordpress.com might have the following characteristics:

Title: A descriptive title that hints at the content of the article.

Introduction: A brief introduction that sets up the topic of the post and provides some context for the reader.

Body: The main body of the post, which will usually cover a specific political issue or event in Uganda or Africa. The post may include analysis, commentary, or news reporting on the issue, as well as quotes from relevant sources such as government officials, activists, or experts.

Conclusion: A concluding section that summarizes the key points of the post and offers some closing thoughts or opinions.

References: Links or citations to relevant sources, such as news articles, reports, or other blog posts, which the author used to research and write the post” (ChatGPT, 25.03.2023).

This just shows how the ChatGPT is digesting the information and how it collects the data. When it is so accurate on this instance. I felt it was describing my typical blog post or articles to a T. It was really intriguing. To some extent, this was spot-on.

The ChatGPT said I used “strong language” on my blog. So, I asked by what it meant and here was the response:

For example, in some posts, the author may use language that is critical of the government or political leaders, calling them corrupt, inept, or oppressive. The author may also use language that is forceful or emotional to express their support for social justice issues, such as human rights or democracy” (ChatGPT, 25.03.2023).

Well, you can’t write cute tales about oppression, human rights violations and direct injustice in general. When you describe these matters and gives a push-back. You can’t use soft words and be diplomatic about it. Because, when you are calling a government out about it. You just have to settle the record straight and that will be done with fierce words.

I also asked the ChatGPT why the blog is critical of the Ugandan Government and the answer was very neat:

Based on the content of Minbane.wordpress.com, the blog appears to be critical of the Ugandan government due to concerns over issues such as corruption, human rights abuses, and a lack of transparency and accountability in governance. For example, the blog has published numerous articles on corruption scandals involving government officials, such as the embezzlement of public funds or the abuse of power for personal gain. The blog has also reported on cases of human rights abuses, such as police brutality, restrictions on freedom of speech, and discrimination against minority groups. In addition, the blog has expressed concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in governance in Uganda, particularly with regards to elections and political decision-making. The blog has criticized the government’s handling of elections, which it argues have been marred by irregularities, and has called for greater transparency in political decision-making processes” (ChatGPT, 25.03.2023).

There is nothing to call out here or state otherwise. This answer was correct and the sentiments of the answer is according to the author. So, the ChatGPT has been good to assess the articles and the blog post in question. It is amazing how it composed it.

I asked what the ChatGPT what the blog thought of Museveni…. Here is the answer:

Some of the specific criticisms of Museveni that have been expressed on the blog include allegations of corruption and human rights abuses, concerns over his handling of elections and political opposition, and criticisms of his economic policies and development strategies. The blog has also been critical of Museveni’s attempts to extend his rule beyond his current term, and has called for greater accountability and transparency in Ugandan politics. Overall, it appears that Minbane.wordpress.com views Museveni’s leadership as problematic, and is critical of many of the policies and actions of his government” (ChatGPT, 25.03.2023).

I cannot say this is wrong by any stretch of the imagination. Though it is funny to see it described that way. I have been direct and told straight facts about the reign of Museveni. All from term-limits, usage of impunity, injustice and his oppressive behaviour against the opposition. Therefore, the words of ChatGPT is interesting and this is how someone could describe it.

When asking what is controversial about the blog. This sentence was the most special: “One of the most controversial aspects of the blog is its strong language and criticism of the Ugandan government and President Yoweri Museveni in particular.” (ChatGPT, 25.03.2023).

Well, like stated before… you cannot act or speak softly of certain aspects of life. When the authorities and the state is using draconian means, use violence and have oppressive strategies against it’s dissidents. You have to call it out and sometimes your emotions make you more harsh or more brutal in your words. Still, the sentiment used in these instances has been for the greater good.

Which also the ChatGPT explains as well:

This critical stance has led to accusations of bias and partiality by some readers, particularly those who support the Ugandan government. However, the blog has defended its approach as a necessary means of holding those in power accountable and promoting transparency and democracy in Uganda” (ChatGPT, 25.03.2023).

This is particularly funny to me, because I have gotten most pushback by NRM friendly fellows or Stan’s of Museveni. They have piled on me, but never explained their stance and only disregarded my reasoning without any proper justification of doing so. Therefore, it has been easy for me to defend and come clean. While I feel they haven’t taken the challenge or tried to consider the opposition in this regard. If they had… they would have addressed the grievances and actually listen to the plights of the dissidents. Instead of using more injustice and impunity.

I could really just continue and continue, because the answers are really unique for me. It was fun to dive into this… and see what it said. Though, I can state the ChatGPT was wrong about the identity of the writer and author of the blog.

While I find it striking how it was able to analyse the content and the structures of the articles. That is really amazing. I was impressed by this… and found it very interesting. I hope someone with more technical insight and ability can look into the way the ChatGPT is able to collect this. Since it has to do that and then quickly describe it. I’m impressed by that. Peace.

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Opinion: This Amourath situation needs to be taken seriously…

An E-Girl is still a woman. Yes, she has a platform and been selling an idea and been able to profit on her beauty. That isn’t a strange piece of information in 2022. A lady who has the looks and the finesse can get situated. This is how many has looked at the Twitch streamer Amourath who has an army of “simps” and followers who has made her bank-account pregnant.

Alas, there is more to the story, apparently, which should be taken seriously. The internet meets the real world. The internet personality has a real life situation, which should be investigated. Amourath’s real name is Kaitilyn Michelle Siragusa who is married to Nick Lee in December 2015.

However, that’s been kept secret by Amourath. In financial sense and commercial sense it makes dollars. The men who can dream of wifey-ing up a lady like her. That’s why they subscribe and look forward to her streams. This is a way and a manner of which is far from new. To sell an idea and trade the body to influence lonely men. That’s why men has called sex-phones and paid for service to e-girls like forever. Therefore, the actions of Amourath makes sense or cents this way.

Nevertheless, what makes it different is the exposing of her husband. Not that she has a husband. That is all natural that a women like her has a partner and a life-partner too. The trouble is the extortion and the abuse. The latest stream where she filmed and told her story… was troubling and shows a sinister side of it all.

Seemingly the husband was the man operating everything behind the scenes. The one who had control of the bank-accounts and the livelihood she has created. She has close to 6 million followers on her Twitch account and have over 400 million views. Only in the latest week she has gotten 90,000 more subscribers. That is telling about how big she is and what sort of stature she has. That’s not talking about the profits from OnlyFans. Amourath is a self-serving business and a well known name.

So, if the stories are true… the husband is clearly out of line and using her for wealth. The work and the labour Amourath does is for his pockets. She has to follow orders and do what he wants. Initially, it’s told that he directed her to do the infamous “pool streams” and other things too. This just shows how manipulative the husband is.

That’s why this needs to be addressed and pin evidence too. This cannot just be the talk of the town. There is a need to address it in a manner of which the husband get disconnected from her. Amourath don’t deserve this and no one does. If she was just another E-Girl doing her thing. I wouldn’t bat an eye. That’s their business and how they want to monetize their lives. However, if she is living in an abusive and dangerous relationship. It needs to be remedies to make it stop and his threats has to end. No one deserves to live in that and it’s not healthy. That’s why I am writing it…

Am not a fan of Amourath and used her as an epitome of E-Girls on Twitch. That’s for a reason, she’s like the biggest and well-known at this point. At that time, we didn’t know what was happening behind the closed doors.

We have seen virtue signalling and things toying around. We have seen people calling “rape” and it was only stories to hurt a career of a man. However, here we need to our mind rights and see for what it is. Amourath had nothing to earn or gain by doing this directly on stream. The “simps” could revoke her status and feel betrayed, by suddenly knowing she is married in secret. That’s why you know there is more to this and she deserves courage, support and help.

She needs shelter and guidance from wise counsel. Not from random people online. Amourath needs to seek help from the outside. If she can get away from the man. Especially, if his acting the way she portrayed yesterday on the stream. That’s when she needs to go to those places where woman runs away from dangerous spouses. The body and the mental state needs healing. That’s what she needs and she needs remedies to get control of her life again. This is if everything she said was true. I cannot assess that, but there are more to this… and we shouldn’t take this one easy.

This is not the time to let it slide. It is the time for Law Enforcement to investigate and look into it. Secondly, she needs to leave and get help. That’s all we can say. I cannot take it lightly on it. I wish it was light-hearted, because of the topic and the platform, which is discussed, now and then. Not like Twitch and E-Girls are separated any-more. However, that isn’t what is the issue today.

No, it is an abusive relationship between spouses. Usually, these details and stories happens behind closed doors. They are not in the open, but this was told for the whole world to see. Now we just have to wait and see what happens next. Peace.

Opinion: Kanye becomes a Right-Wing Social Media site owner [since his now buying Parler!]

And I’ll never let my son have an ego

He’ll be nice to everyone wherever we go

I mean, I might even make him be Republican

So everybody know he love white people” – Kanye West on “New Day” of ‘Watch The Throne’ (2011).

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 17, 2022 – Parlement Technologies announced today that it has entered into an agreement in principle to sell Parler, the world’s pioneering uncancelable free speech platform, to Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). Ye has become the richest Black man in history through music and apparel and is taking a bold stance against his recent censorship from Big Tech, using his far-reaching talents to further lead the fight to create a truly non-cancelable environment. “In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” says Ye” (PR Newswire – ‘Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, to acquire Parler platform’ 17.10.2022).

Kanye Omari West aka Kanye aka Yeezy aka Ye is now officially becoming the owner of Parler or Parlement Technologies. Which is really interesting, as it is founded by Rebekah Mercer. If your not familiar with her?

She has supported Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Campaign in 2016. Also, been a patron of Steve Bannon and Ted Cruz. In addition to the Mercer’s has funded Breitbart. Therefore, Parler is a right-wing social media house and not just a run-of-the-mill corporation. Not to forget, she also partly funded the Cambridge Analytica. This is why you should know what sort of character she is and that’s why it’s important for what Kanye West or Ye is buying.

Ye is buying a sort of 4Chan or Gab. This is just another one of them. Not to forget to mention Truth Social or Gettr for that matter. The Right-Wing media is so scattered and spread out. Now Ye is getting direct ownership of it.

Currently the Parler website isn’t the biggest, in the last three months there been 1.3 million visits and the duration on the page is about 3 minutes. Which is very little if we were to compare with Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for that matter. That we know is the main competition and where it wants to aim at.

Parler isn’t a big company either. It has like 6 employees and 9 connections to it. It was only in September 2022 that the company rebranded itself to be “uncancelable” whatever that means, because we know a leftist on the site would be booted out quickly.

Protect Young Eyes says this about Parler:“Is Parler safe for kids? No it isn’t. The 17+ rating in Apple’s App Store is the right spot. This is a social platform made by adults and 100% for adults. Why? Because the Community decides what stays and goes. I understand that Parler wants to be a refuge for those who are tired of political censorship, but they are trusting human nature to figure out what’s best for humans. Time will tell if this works! In the history of the Internet, this just doesn’t tend to go well (related post: Deep Web, Dark Web Explained)” (Protect Young Eyes – ‘Parler App Reveiw’).

We can expect it to be in this lane. Kanye West or Ye has drifted in this way for so long. The latest controversies are showing it too. His association not only with Trump and Candance Owens. That’s just who he is and buying Parler is just a reflection of that. This is who he has become and it’s evident now.

Now we know that he takes over Mercer’s former social media house. It is really happening after the company has fundraised over $36 million dollars. Therefore, he should expect not only to acquire this, but he has to fund the operation too. Especially, if his a serious owner. This isn’t a quick or simple purchase…

A digital company needs liquidity and continued funds for it’s operations. Especially, if the company is lacking revenue streams or such. With the viability and the amount of users. I have a hard time seeing Parler becoming profitable. Unless, Ye can unleash new crowds on the site. This is something time will tell, but don’t get it confused.

This is and will be a parental advisory page for the right-wing. Ye will not change this. His inheriting Mercer’s page and now his stepping into a new avenue. Peace.

Opinion: Alex Jones is hit where it hurts…

Alex Jones & Infowars’ parent company must pay 14 family members of 8 Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, plus an FBI agent who responded to the scene of the 2012 massacre, which killed 20 first graders and 6 educators, a collective total of $965 MILLION” (Ali Velshi, 12.10.2022).

The Infowars and conspiracy news peddle Alex Jones has finally been fined in the Courts. After years of litigation and lack of accountability for his actions. In the Sandy Hook defamation case, Alex Jones is now owning $965 million or close to a billion dollars. That’s a huge debt to pay and he got to cough up money from now on.

He better hope his followers and that the Republican Party helps him out. His been a part of the rise of Trump and Trumpism. They have been connected and his one of them. Even accepted the gay-frogs and all other crazy stories that Jones has peddled over the years.

The conspiracies around Sandy Hook school-massacre has now backfired. Certainly, there is plenty of other stories and such, which could been seen in similar light. It isn’t like Sandy Hook is one off. No, it is just one of the most notorious ones of his. This is staple and part of his business model.

InfoWars now has to find either a 1 billion dollars or they have to get supporters to fund this. If not his going bankrupt and his media house is over. Alex Jones have created this all by himself and cannot blame others.

Today’s court verdict is important, because Jones got nowhere to hide now. Jones got to be responsible and be able to pay them. This judgement will follow him for the rest of his life. He will not able to run away from it.

We can expect that Jones will beg his audience for funds and buy his vitamins or special packages for dooms-day from the InfoWars merchandize store. Alex Jones now has to answer the families and the victims of Sandy Hook.

Alex Jones cannot just run away from the tab. InfoWars are surely in trouble and all his conspiracies can now be tested in the Courts. I am sure the lizard people will not respond, but others might. Especially, all of the people who has been scorned and mocked by him over the years.

This got to hurt and sting… he needs a new hustle and quickly. Especially, since he has to pay this vast verdict to the families. It got to be detrimental to his business and his livelihood. Peace.

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