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Philippines: Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) – “This Is How Liberty Dies…” (05.05.2020)

Opinion: The ABS-CBN closure is political retribution and nothing else

The ABS-CBN sent a few questionable and harsh ads towards the President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 campaign for his election. This is certainly the reason why the termination of license of the franchise and the gag-order earlier in the year was put on the media company. As this company has the ability to put pressure on the hard-headed Presidents of its time. That is why the last time it happen it was in 1972. A record Duterte should compete with, but clearly he wants too.

This is a battle and method of retaliation of the President and his team. As this is silencing a open critic. Just like they did with Leila De Lima and Antonio Trilanes. The state has also been fierce against the independent media house Rappler too. So, its not like ABS-CBN is getting a new treatment.

It might be a temporary set-back as a way of the President to prove that you don’t mess with him. That is why I call it a retaliation, because the Senate is the final place for consideration of the license of the Franchise. Even if the National Telecommunication Commission put the cease and desist order on the media house.

What we do know, is for the ones claiming that the owners are not paying taxes. The government as late as February 2020 said they were no liabilities and no arrears. The company has paid its taxes and paid its employees. Therefore, the thought of using as an argument for the closure is futile. Unless, your docile and believe anything.

ABS-CBN only gets this, because it dared to challenge Duterte and aired certain ads. This is his way of firing back and showing flex. Not that its any good. It only shows that he doesn’t have the heart or the ability to strike back with sense. The President doesn’t have the arguments or the ads to address his opposition. Instead, he uses his office and his power together with comrades to close it for a while. Just to show the owners, the journalists, that they should all be like 24 Oras on the GMA Network, because they will never sound the whistle at any government.

That’s why we are here today. We are in our 1972 moment. Where a President and his team uses their office to silence critics and by all means. Rappler was the owner structure and ABS-CBN its the franchise and its license. I am sure the government friendly press will never get into these issues. The ones who doesn’t air critical ads and content, which challenge the President in any form. But if you do, you better lawyer up and have your tools ready. Because, its going to get rocky and the road to redemption is long.

ABS-CBN is getting the full Duterte treatment. The full fury and furious intervention, maybe he will beg for forgiveness later. If he cares about the 11,000 people in limbo. However, that is not so important, as long as the President can signal that he doesn’t accept critical ads. ABS-CBN better follow the Duterte line, if not they will walk the plank. Peace.

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Opinion: No one cares about French Montana

Well, this is not one of my usual one. Its been while since I discussed music. However, I need this in the midst of a pandemic. In the middle of quarantine and home-office. This week there been an influx of Youtube clips discussing French Montana after he challenged Kendrick Lamar. Which is a at best a hot-garbage. Why?

Well, first and foremost, who really deep in their hearts cares for French Montana’s music? A very limited scope of people. His the leach on other people’s tracks and without features he wouldn’t be listened too. His the knock-off Pitbull and Flo-Rida. To be that in 2020 and call out Kendrick is just obnoxious.

Frenchie French should chill. Take the Bad Boy Records Royalties, pray to the almighty lord over the blessings of P. Diddy aka Diddy or Puff Daddy’s connections so that he can public music and get royalties. Because French Montana doesn’t have the ability nor the skills to even compose a memorable song. He needs a feature to pull it off and save the day.

There is so little to say about French Montana. His is irrelevant if it wasn’t for Drake, Sway Lee and whoever letting him jump on tracks. The only reason I have ever listen to him is because his a feature on Pusha T records back-in-the-day and so on. Not because I wanted to listen to French Montana, because who wants to do that?

Unless, your mind is out of whack or high as a kite. There is very little grasp. No wordplay, lot’s of gimmicks and very little flair. Even Waka Flacka Flame has more of stage presence and finesse on a track like a modern day DMX without his ability to rhyme. Still, you remember Waka and you would even remember Lil Jon. However, remember French on something? Would be rare and I cannot even say one song I can remember him as a sole artist.

The only song I remember him on as the hook artist on a Pusha T joint and that says a lot. To be frank MIMS who had one single had more finesse on the one single his known for, than French has his whole career. So, that a guy like French are having the audacity to put himself on the pedestal and above Kendrick is just insulting. Not only to Kendrick, but to the culture.

French is lucky, if he will be remembered at all in the scheme of things. He will be the forgotten feature artist in few years time. The lingering sound-vomit that got lost. The one sort of loosing relevancy like Pitbull and Flo-Rida. Because, they got very little personality and very little versatile. Not like they have a unique character or way of rhyming that stands out. Not like their flows or their choices of beats are special either. They are following trends like sheep and hoping the biggest artists let them on the remix or have a song with them.

French Montana, better pray to the almighty Gods, ask for more favours from P. Diddy and also be graceful. His not a wordsmith, neither a great producer and not a musical genius. His the weird side-kick that needs a bunch of famous friends to hit the charts. It is fine and dandy, but not like he could serve a burning hot lava of bars. Not like French could pull of a banger without someone else being on it. He cannot carry song and ensure it hits the charts. That’s not happening. He needs it and he should know it.

However, self-awareness is a bit much to ask in this case. He has such big words for himself, that he rather drown the words, than trying to salvage something. Kendrick can just spit a feature verse and he can blow up a bad record. While French will nearly tarnish a good record by jumping on it. That also the other difference between these two.

French better chill, take a drink and buzz off. You got nothing and you shouldn’t challenge a King, Take a Snapple and rest. Peace.

Namibia: Press Secretary expresses satisfaction with Namibia retaining top position in Africa and upper tier country status in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index (21.04.2020)

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Opinion: Samson offended the Don

NBS News Anchor Samson Kasumba was arrested last night for seditious activities against the President. Kasumba’s house been raided and his been held at Kira Road Police Station in Kampala. A law that Andrew Mwenda claims was already thrown out by the Constitutional Court. However, the Uganda Legal Information Institute(Ulii.org) says is still active. This being the colonial law of the Penal Code and the articles 39 and 40, which states the matters.

This part of the law is direct. These sort of articles and sections of the law has been used against critics before. That they are malicious and such towards His Excellency and his kin. If it was speaking ill of the “Leopards Anus” or addressing “Project Muhoozi”. They have gotten into trouble. Therefore, Samson is in a long line of people scorn by daring to write-up on them. Used various of laws against them from the Computer Act to whatever, even write some silly poems too.

The Penal Code states:

39. Seditious intention.

(1) A seditious intention shall be an intention—

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the person of the President, the Government as by law established or the Constitution

40. Seditious offences.

(1) (a)


Any person who—

does or attempts to do or makes any preparation to do, or

conspires with any person to do, any act with a seditious intention;

utters any words with a seditious intention;

(c) prints, publishes, sells, offers for sale, distributes or reproduces any seditious publication;

(d) imports any seditious publication, unless he or she has no reason to believe, the proof of which shall lie on him or her, that it is seditious” (Penal Act of 1950).

We can anticipate the authorities postponing the court date. They will hold him for as long as possible. This is done as a message to society. That even a NBS News Anchor can be taken like cattle into custody. That there is no one the Authorities cannot touch. If they dare to insult or insinuate things about the ways the government organize. Than they can end up like Pastor Joseph Kabuleta or anyone else. Even spending months upon end in Luzira like Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

This is not a new way or method of this government. He is just the recent big-fish for the big-men to shallowly call a victory. Fred Enaga and the whole Police Force can come with their ordinary statements and releases. He can be smug and call him a chicken thief. Surely, the statements made on Social Media hurt the pride of the state. However, they must deserve it when one of the major News Anchors of the Republic says it for everyone to see.

Like stated already. His not the first nor the last. The authorities does this, critics are fair game and allowed to challenge. Samson is just another one. He will pay and be a prized possession of the Police Force. They can show a token of loyalty to the “High Above”. Enough BS. Peace.

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