Opinion: Redwan Hussein told the “silent” truth about the TPLF…

“As you are all aware, the TPLF was labelled as a terrorist organisation not because of ideological differences, a political programme, the TPLF’s possession of weapons, or the fact that it held elections. The TPLF was labelled a terrorist organisation not merely to make our defence forces feel more at ease in continuing the fight. To continue the war, we do not need to label TPLF as a terrorist group; we can already declare war on the basis of the constitution and military establishment’s decree. The defence is now fighting many armed groups in several parts of Ethiopia, including Gambella and Benshangul. However we have not labelled these armed groups as terrorist. Until recently, Only OLF and TPLF have been labelled as terrorists. For some time after the war began, the TPLF was not labelled as a terrorist organisation. The fundamental purpose for labelling the TPLF as terrorist is to control and weaken TPLF’s political and economic power, as well as provide better capacity to our defence and federal police” –Minister, National Security Advisor to the PM of FDRE, Redwan Hussein (22.03.2023).

There was some of us that questioned the timing and the adjusted labelling of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Just as the House of Federation ceased and revoked the designated terrorist organisation label of the party. The National Security Advisor to the Prime Miniser, Redwan Hussein told the blatant truth.

I am not shocked or confused. It was as I expected, because this war wasn’t a constitutional one or a “law enforcement” operation, which they claimed when they invaded the Tigray region in November 2020. No, it was to settle old grudges and consolidate power after the revitalized EPRDF became the Prosperity Party. The PM felt betrayed that the TPLF wouldn’t become part of the PP. That’s why the PP needed reasons to invade and annihilate the TPLF. Making them a terrorist organization was giving them more reasons to destroy, kill and possible commit to genocide in the Tigray region. They were fighting the TPLF and the evils of the region in this war.

The terrorist label was also to give reasons and boost the moral of the soldiers. It was also to get more legal justification for the war and the invasion of the region. That is what the National Security Advisor said. We are seeing it was a political gambit and done to justify the war. It wasn’t on the basis of how the political party operated or activities it was a part of. No, it was all done to strengthen the invasion and the war-machine itself.

This just shows what the “Medemer Terror” is all about. It just shows what the Prosperity Party is willing to do to succeed. They are willing to name-call and designate people or parties as terrorists, just to get ahead and justify a brutal or bloody war. That’s what the PP is up too. This is what the ruling regime of Abiy is doing and has done.

If you believe this people or their spin. They were willing to lie and define the “enemies” as “terrorist” just because they could and had the legal instruments to do so. Not, because the party or the TPLF fit the criteria. No, it was only done to boost their own moral and create more reasons to get rid of them.

That really saying something and I would never think anyone would state this. I thought it was this way, but Redwan Hussein just verified what we already knew. The PP just wanted selfish reasons to annihilate the TPLF. Because, the TPLF dared to rebel or renegade against the merger or consolidation of power of the EPRDF to the PP. That’s all it was and the “terrorist” label was just pinned on them to give the FDRE more weapons or more power to execute a brutal war. Peace.

Ethiopia: Ezema says the TPLF got rectified too early…

“It is only possible to solve problems through discussion and resolution if the parties with different opinions are willing wholeheartedly and there is confidence that the government’s power will not be taken by force. The TPLF did not want to accept these facts and declared war, on the contrary, Ezema firmly believes that the survival of our country is the priority, so both the party and its members stood by the side of their country and made sacrifices. We take great national pride in doing this. Today’s decision-making process is not timely and correct, and it does not bring lasting peace, relief and acceptance to the entire Ethiopian people” (Ezema, 22.03.2023).

No one should be shocked or in awe over the Press Release from Ezema party yesterday. Where the Ezema Party explain its position and how it dislikes the House of Federation revocation of terrorist organization status of the TPLF.

The Ezema Party has been a vocal supporter of the war in the North. Ezema has been a loud-mouth and didn’t want the war to stop. They wanted to prolong the conflict and continue to assault the region. Maybe the Ezema party wanted to revenge the TPLF over the 2005 election. Because there is old grudges and the party leader of Ezema has all the reasons to be bitter, because he lived in exile until Prosperity Party took away “Ginbot 7” terrorism label as well. Therefore, Dr. Bernehu Nega should understand this better than most. However, he rather wants to be on a warpath.

Just continue to read… from the Press Release:

“We would like to state that the ruling Prosperity Party and the government will be the main ones responsible for the national damage caused by the TPLF. The council did not confirm that the obligations according to the Pretoria agreement were not fulfilled, the TPLF is not responsible for the crime of treason committed against the people and government of Ethiopia, and those who have experienced the brutality of the TPLF’s war of arrogance, especially in Tigray, Amhara and The decision to delete the group from the terrorist list without giving justice to our people in Afar is a judgment that history will not forgive” (Ezema, 22.03.2023).

“It is this organization called TPLF that has made the people of Tigray region to be separated from their fellow Ethiopians and to destroy the country’s economy. To remove a group that has committed such a great crime from the list of terrorists unconditionally. It is an abuse of justice and national sovereignty. Freeing individuals and groups who have committed the crime of treason from terrorism without accountability and trust is a shameful act that cannot be expected from the powers that be in charge of the country” (Ezema, 22.03.2023).

The Ezema continues with the rhetoric and the dogmatic belief that the TPLF started the conflict. A story that Tripartite Alliance has been busy selling. Though the proof of planned troop movement, mechanical divisions, and other deployment around the borders of Tigray proved it was planned of the November 2020. Because no one was supposed to know that and that’s why the attack on the Northern Command just happened out of nowhere. Which is all a lie and something the Tripartite Alliance has been busy selling.

Yes, in this conflict and war, innocent people has lost their lives and plight on third party people. That has happened in the Amhara region and Afar region. Though the biggest pain and suffering has happened in Tigray. Where the battlefields, massacres and the steady conflict has been going on since the start of the “Operation Law Enforcement”. We are just supposed to forget the journey there and how this was all to consolidate power in Addis Ababa. Also, a means to retaliate and revenge old grudges from Bahir Dar and Asmara as well. That’s why Ezema is acting like this and doing it in the name of “Unity”.

If Ezema had gotten its way. The CoHA wouldn’t exist and the peace agreement wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Because the likes of Ezema wanted the war to be prolonged and settle old scores. That is the gist of things with the prior statements during the war from Ezema. They have been all out and defending the war. That’s been their gig, as the part of the government and ally of the Prosperity Party.

Ezema is just showing their spite and will for revenge. They are part of the political sphere, which wanted TPLF to be defunct and non-existent. Peace.

Ethiopia: Salsay Weyane Tigray (SaWeT) and Tigray Independence Party (TIP) – Joint Statement (22.03.2023)

Ethiopia: The TPLF was a “terrorist organization” for 687 days…

“Addis Ababa, March 22, 2023 (FBC) – The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia, in its extraordinary session, has decided with majority voice to remove Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from its terrorism blacklist” (…) “Recalling the conditions that have forced the government to designate TPLF as a terrorist organization such as disobedience to the constitutional order and unlawful elections, its attack on the Northern Command of the ENDF, the Justice Minister said that the group has been contributing to the national efforts for peace. Themotiwos cited a willingness to disarm and demobilize its combatants as the positive steps taken by the TPLF based on the Pretoria Peace Agreement. TPLF’s collaboration for the establishment of transitional administration in Tigray region is also a positive step it has taken to support the peace process, according to Themotiwos” (Fana Broadcasting Corporate – ‘House Removes TPLF From Its Terrorism Blacklist’ 22.03.2023).

Today is a big day, as the House of Federation (HoF) is vindicating the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). There is yet to end all hostilities in the Tigray region. Neither has the Tripartite Alliance backed down or retreated from the battlefields. The allies of the FDRE are still active in Tigray and all the government services is far from operating…

Therefore, today is mostly symbolic after 687 days since the House of Federation (HoF) designated the party as a terrorist organisation. That’s why there is a significant difference in today and the other day. It just shows how political and convenient it was the ones in office to do so in 2021.

If this is a lesson in how someone can be vilified, become a target and be endangered. The authorities and the state has crucified the TPLF. They have done whatever they could and used this terrorist designation to defend their atrocities and war-crimes in the region. Therefore, today is a vindication to everyone who knew this was bogus from the on-set.

Just read the news from 2021…

“ Addis Ababa July 23/2021 (ENA) The Federal Attorney General announced that it has filed charges against the leader of the Junta, Debretsion Gebremichael, and 61 others. The defendants were members of the Central Committee of TPLF and members of the regional government cabinet who were heavily involved in decision-making, according to the Attorney General” (…) “The charges are based on two criminal charges. The first is the overthrowing of a constitutionally established and legitimate regional government through violence and illegal ways. The second is related to crime to oust the federal government by organizing a special force called Military Commando and attacking the National Defense Force” (Ethiopian News Agency – ‘AG Files Criminal Charges against 62 People, Including Leader of Junta’ 23.07.2021).

“On 5th May, the House of Peoples Representatives, in its 13th regular session, unanimously approved the resolution passed by the Council of Ministers to designate Shene and TPLF as terrorist organizations” (Ethiopian Embassy in London – “TPLF and Shene designated as terrorist organisations” 07.05.2021).

The news of the wind of change must certainly hit the pride of the PFDJ and the Eritrean Forces, which still roams at large in the Tigray region. The same as the Amhara allies and the militant “Fano” who still there too. These two allies of Addis Ababa are certainly in the crossfire here and unhappy with the changes. Because this gives them less reasons to undermine, attack and continue the hostilities in the Tigray region. Alas, we know there is more to this, and this is only done to show goodwill to the TPLF. Certainly, this sort of designation could easily be returned. Since it is the same majority that made them a “terrorist” outfit to begin with.

The House of Federation giveth and taketh away, apparently. Peace.

Ethiopia: Shabait’s shambolic rant against Secretary Blinken…

In a Press Statement yesterday (20th March), US Secretary of State yet again raised unsubstantiated and defamatory accusations against the Eritrean Defense Forces in relation to the two-year conflict in north Ethiopia triggered by the TPLF’s deplorable War of Insurrection and choice” (Shabait, 21.03.2023)

As on the Tripartite Alliance members, the Eritrean Defence Force has been active and a constant presence in Northern Ethiopia. The EDF is known for it’s brutality, destruction and war-crimes committed since November 2020. The war has shown what the EDF is willing to do together with the Tripartite Alliance members. No one should be shocked that the oppressor and the ones issuing these war-crimes won’t state that it did or does so. Because, who wants to incriminate themselves?

Secondly, we know the Shabait, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Asmara is willing to lie about anything. The Shabait is always aiming at their enemies and projecting their crimes onto them. That’s what it has done forever now and it’s getting old…

As it happens, the current cheap demonization campaign is designed to blackmail and intimidate Eritrea and the Federal Ethiopian government through fallacious accusations and keep them hostage while bolstering the TPLF to create further chaos. The ensuing mayhem would then create the pretexts and conditions for illicit and continued meddling and intervention” (Shabait, 21.03.2023).

The Shabait continues with their story of attacking TPLF and their credibility. While are supposed to forget the planned efforts, the armies on the border regions ready to assault and invade Tigray region ahead of the attack on the Northern Command. There was reports of troops flying into Asmara and Eritrea from Ethiopia. While stationed mechanic divisions and others in Amhara region, which was there in preparation of the invasion. Therefore, these words are hallow and shows the intentions of Eritrea to bury an old enemy, which was the whole idea of attacking the Tigray region…

Shabait continues: “The devastating war occurred because the TPLF launched premeditated, extensive and coordinated military assaults against Ethiopia’s Northern Command, killing more than 3000 soldiers in its initial blitzkrieg. TPLF’s war plans included massive long-range missile attacks against Eritrea in its initial phase alone, in violation of fundamental tenets of international law. Furthermore, the litany of TPLF’s crimes, including massive and forcible recruitment of tens of thousands of children in its human wave assaults in the Afar and Amhara Regions of Ethiopia, are too many to be recounted here. But they were deliberately downplayed and glossed over as US overarching objective remained salvaging the TPLF under all circumstances” (Shabait, 21.03.2023).

Here they are using the same rhetoric as in the past. The TPLF is the enemy and at fault for everything. They are putting in the spin, as this was a defence and righteous war. While we know the truth is more grim and dark than that. The EDF and the Tripartite Alliance was doing it to consolidate power, and annihilate an old enemy. That was the gist of the plan and the vilification of the region made more reasons to destroy it and go after them with lethal means.

I myself would not downplay the plights of the people of the Afar or Amhara region, which has also been caught in the cross-fire of this war. However, these bullets and battlefields has happened, because of the invading forces attacking the Tigray region. The Regional Government there had to answer back and also be on the offensive. Not only be defending itself. Therefore, this is a quagmire and a fault-line to attack the TPLF for that. When the EDF is responsible for massacres, possible genocide and part-take in a man-made famine with fellow allies. Yes, the ills, killings and plights of the other regions matters, but in the grand scheme of things. The biggest tragedy and the hugest loss happened in the Tigray region and it happened for a reason. This shouldn’t be understated or downplayed, which is what Shabait and others are doing. Just so they can clean their hands of the blood and call it a day…

This here Press Release from Shabait only proves what it is trying to do and the language or rhetoric it is spewing is doing themselves no good. The final nail in the coffin is this one: “Washington must thus extricate itself from duplicitous and cynical acts as well as illicit meddling” (Shabait, 21.03.2023).

It is just so rich and special of Eritrea to speak this way. When they are an invading force and a possible genocidal one. That it doesn’t want to have anyone to interfere or question its activity. We just know the Eritrean Forces wants to be able to do whatever it pleases on Ethiopian and Tigrayan soil. That’s the game plan here and they don’t want accountability or transparency about it. It just like any sort of Eritrean election, which is non-existent at this point. Peace.

Ethiopia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Statement (21.03.2023)

Ethiopia: The TPLF says the Eritrean forces and Fano are still operating in Tigray…

The people and government of Tigray have been subjected to countless injustices and atrocities in recent years simply because they hold the popular belief and principle that “the order should be respected and the right of peoples to self-determination should not be violated”. They have also been struggling with remarkable tenacity and remarkable heroism to fight the unique suffering that has been inflicted on them and they have entered the process of peaceful political struggle in late October” (TPLF, 19.03.2023).

There been many moons and many months since the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement was signed between the FDRE and the TPLF or the Regional Government of Tigray. Now after all this time and speculation. The TPLF is announcing one worrying factor. They are stating that the Amhara region is still part of the conflict and their armies are still in the region. This is happening months after CoHA came into effect. It just shows that the agreement isn’t valuable or off much concern.

The TPLF are dealing with an axis of enemies. They are based in Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar and in Asmara. This Tripartite Alliance got all the goodwill and international credibility by signing the agreement. Nevertheless, they haven’t done much to honour it and they know the international stakeholders doesn’t care either. Therefore, the TPLF signed off to early and it shows by yesterdays press release…

However, as this peace talks process has started its journey in a better direction and we are carrying out the movement to establish the Interim Administration of Tigray, the Ethiopian government should pay special attention and stop the acts of disturbing the peace process The people of Tigray make their appeal. The expression of this weakness is that yesterday, March 10, 2015, an unacceptable demonstration was held in Alamata town. Tragic injustices have also been committed against many civilians. Genocide has been committed in the western and northwestern parts of Tigray since the beginning. The Ethiopian government should fulfill its responsibility to protect the safety of citizens and stop the atrocities committed against the people of West, South and Northwest Tigray regions by the Amhara Regional State administration. To do this, he should work decisively to withdraw the Amhara armed forces from Tigray soil altogether” (…) “We call on the African Union and the international community to take meaningful action to stop the crimes committed by the Amhara armed forces and the Eritrean army against the people of Tigray” (TPLF, 19.03.2023).

We are seeing the TPLF have faith and believes in the small steps to betterment. While they should be cautious, but not ridiculous. For one simple reason, they traded off a lot by signing the agreement and the pay-off has come in favour of Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar. It has not favoured Mekelle or Asmara. Which is very ironic, but true.

Eritrean Defence Forces are still on Tigrayan soil. That has been reported and now it is also reported that the Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” is still there. Meaning the invading forces still are occupying and destroying the region. The war isn’t over when the invaders are still active. It has ceased the major operations, but the gist of it is still going on. This has become a silent conflict and the brewing of it could spark something even worse. It is a flame hidden in the ashes. When the ashes get enough oxygen it will spark. That’s what is going in and people should be worried. Especially when TPLF is calling it out after all this time.

It should worry people and the bloodshed is continuing. The invaders haven’t retreated or stopped. No, they are only doing it in silence…. And in darkness, and that’s why it’s concerning. Peace.

Ethiopia: Tigrai Universities Scholars Association (TUSA) – Open Letter – Call for immediate actions (17.03.2023)

Ethiopia: Prosperity Party’s hallow promises…

Another year, another pledge, this time the ruling regime and the consolidated party of the Prosperity Party released a Press Release yesterday from Executive Committee. This is in a way of showing progress and means to an end. We have seen what the Prosperity Party is willing to do and how it’s ushering in violence across the Republic. The PP cannot shield itself from criticism or questions about its actions. When it has waged war and caused conflict in several of regions of the Republic.

The PP Executive Committee starts with this:

Ethiopia is on a bridge where our country is crossing to a great chapter. Some are struggling to bring it back from the bridge. Others are trying to break the bridge and throw it down a cliff. And her fighter children are struggling to make her walk on the bridge without much time. Prosperity has chosen the third. A bridge will not be as strong as the past road. But it is necessary to cross the cliff. Staying on the bridge for a long time is dangerous. It is important to cross quickly and reach the stable ground. This is what the transition period we are in tells us. The goal of the transition is not to stay there but to transition to a prosperous Ethiopia” (Prosperity Party, 18.03.2023).

This is a way of the party in power to play the game of buying time – calling their reign a transition and enable to them to “give way” so they will resolve the issues later. They are at the same time blaming others and claiming they are the ones that has understood how they need to cross the bridge. Not like the other ones, the ones taking the dangerous bridge or throwing it off a cliff. No, the PP party can lead this transition to a “prosperous” nation.

Alas, that’s where the fault line begins, because we have seen what they have been up for the last few years. It doesn’t help with a metaphor, when they are the ones making it either dangerous to cross or they are the ones destroying the bridges. They can act a fool, but we have seen what the PP party has been up to…

It is really rich that the PP says this:

The executive committee has assessed that the problem of administering freedom that is seen in the area of administrations, media, religious institutions, political parties and activists should be addressed immediately. Free governance means respecting the law, without hurting others, destroying the country and causing conflict, and being able to use your rights. Destroying the law, violating the rights of others, provoking conflict and hatred. But it can’t be freedom. And crime must be held accountable by the law. Therefore, there are signs that administering freedom in our country is becoming a challenge. We are losing the freedom that we got because of the crime committed in the name of freedom. The executive committee calls on government institutions, political parties, media, justice institutions, religious institutions, scholars and elders to do what is required of you” (Prosperity Party, 18.03.2023).

The PP have fore-longed the issue of freedom or liberty. It has taken the same old EPRDF orders and elevated it. That’s why parties cannot assemble, parties cannot be on the ballot or even the party itself interferes in the religious sphere. The PP party takes everything and involves itself where-ever it can. There is nothing it cannot touch or have a say in. They are limiting the space and only allowing the anointed ones of the government to speak. The rest has to move in silence or be oppressed. So, when the state speaks of being accountable. The state is using a fierce hand and the law as a tool to silence its critics. That is obvious and been so in all the years of the PP. The PP amped everything up from the EPRDF. It just re-issued and re-used the techniques, to take leaders, activists, journalists and whoever who stood in its way. Just so they could reign supreme and have no initial naysayers in public.

The PP Party continues:

The Prosperity Executive Committee has assessed that our country is at a critical stage. We are getting rid of the two years of war. The work we have done to control the illegal armed forces in the area is bearing fruit. We are getting better results in agricultural products. Activities started with job creation are getting results. The challenges we had in diplomacy are getting better. Aid and loans are increasing. Ethiopian economy is one of Africa’s three major economies in sub-Sahara. The projects we started in Gebeta are being completed. We have to overcome the challenges that are thrown from all directions to stop these hopeful beginnings. For this, it is important to strengthen our national unity like steel. We have to make sure that our actions and speech will lead the oppressed people to prosperity. Let’s focus on development, peace and security. It is a must to administer our freedom responsibly. They will make the cost of living and accelerate our development. Taking constructive measures is our homework that can’t be done for tomorrow. Expanding and consolidating our diplomacy is our key action. Making the plan and situation happen at the intended time is to make Ethiopia succeed” (Prosperity Party, 18.03.2023).

The PP party is acting like the conflict of the North is over. PP is saying the war is over. The “Operation Law Enforcement” is now “game over”. Nevertheless, the blockade, the lack of service and no real change on the ground. The Tigray region is far from safe, sound or in any good hands. The troubles of the war is still prevalent and the famine isn’t over either. The possibility of starvation, death and a humanitarian crisis is still on. It isn’t averted and the border regions of Amhara and Afar is already badly hit by the conflict. These are only endangered and lacking the resource to be rebuilt. This is all the play the PP government to consolidate power and gain total control of Mekelle. The price is the thousands of dead civilians, starving people and lack of basic necessities. In combination of a national blockade and military enterprising with fellow allies. Allies who are still in the region and has never left it either. So, the Eritrean armies are still in the Tigray and they haven’t been called “home” either. Just showing how the Addis Ababa – Asmara axis is toying around with Mekelle in 2023.

The ones believing the words of the PP in 2023 is naive. They are at a crossroad. The PP is still challenged in Oromia. It has enemies in the Ogaden and Issa Somali militia in Ogaden/Afar regions. There are plenty of enemies who will haunt the ones in office. The rulers of Ethiopia aren’t in a moment of peace and neither have they done anything fruitful to ensure it either. Only create headlines and praying to the Gods that United States of America opens up trade through AGOA again. Because, the Addis Ababa elite needs the currency and the trade to save themselves in a deficit created by steady conflict. War is expensive and the prestige of doing so has cost the Prime Minister even more. His a warlord and an ally of another one in Eritrea. These two have a pact and it’s obvious that Tigray are the ones that get to suffer the consequence of that.

Nothing in this Press Release from the ruling regime was any good. Just mere boosting the ego of the Prime Minister and trying to sound resourceful. While we know the gist of the ones in-charge. Abiy and his closest allies will not cause or be able to handle peace. They only know how to wage war and conflict. Certainly, they will only accept defeat of their enemies and ensure their demise. That all they are up too and the years they have been in the office proves this. Peace.

Ethiopia: Oromia Global Forum (OGF) – Open Letter – Re: Upcoming Visit to Ethiopia by the US Secretary of State (13.03.2023)

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