Ghana: Economic Fighters League (EFL) – 5 November Demo: #NanaMustGo and the entire rotten system must fall with him (01.11.2022)

Ghana: Majority Caucus – Statement by the Majority Caucus in Parliament (26.10.2022)

Ghana: New Patriotic Party (NPP) – Press Conference by some Members of Parliament and other related matters (25.10.2022)

Ghana: Economic Fighters League (EFL) – The Youth Shall Govern (29.09.2022)

Ghana: OccupyGhana – Attorney General’s Admits ‘Inordinate Delay’ and ‘Significant Tardiness’ on disallowance and Surcharge Enforcement – OccupyGhana’s Response (29.08.2022)

Ghana: Economic Fighters League (EFL) – The Spirit of the #4thAugustDemo Lives (04.08.2022)

Ghana: New Patriotic Party (NPP) – Statement on Regional Annual Delegates Conference of the Party and Appointment of Other Regional Officers (30.05.2022)

Ghana: National Health Students’ Association of Ghana (NAHSAG) – Government must take Responsibility to solve Brain Drain in the Health Sector from its Root Cause – Health Must be Holistic (21.05.2022)

Ghana: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration – Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey addresses Security Council Meeting on the Nexus between Armed Conflict and Food Insecurity (19.05.2022)

Ghana: Ministry of National Security – Enhancing Security at Public Places (17.05.2022)

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