Ethiopia: Update on the Tripartite Alliance Offensive in Tigray

Lieutenant General Tadesse Werede, the Commander-in Chief of the Tigray Defense Forces confirmed Eritrean forces are in Sheraro, northwestern Tigray, where the rebels said they were resisting a major offensive that Ethiopia and Eritrean troops launched last month on the region. In a statement Thursday, Tigray forces accused the air force of neighboring Eritrea of striking Adi Daero and killing “a number of civilians.” Eritrean forces are fighting alongside Ethiopia’s military in Tigray” (Garowe Online, 01.10.2022).

The last few weeks has been brutal to the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF). The Tripartite Alliance, which consist of ENDF, EDF and Amhara nationalists haven’t advanced or gotten any progress in the Tigray region. Even with the superiority in the air and with the usage of drones. The armies aren’t able to pushback or hurt the defensive lines of the Tigray Defence Force (TDF).

The leadership in Addis Ababa and Asmara are both blaming Mekelle for everything. They are busy vilifying the TDF and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). That’s being done in government media and in official press releases. No one should be shocked by that, the Prosperity Party and PFDJ (Higdef) have before the November 2020 start of the conflict gone after Tigray. Therefore, no one should be shocked or in awe by this, but that’s status quo propaganda for it’s objectives; which is to undermine and consolidate all power in the Republic. Also settle old grudges and use the TPLF history to bite it ass, by acting and creating Biafra situation in the Tigray region, which PP High Ranking Officials even has said on TV for everyone to hear. The Tripartite Alliance isn’t worried about the mass-deaths, massacres, the famine or the lack of humanitarian aid. The same government that is going after the WFP or anyone else helping the people suffering, by supporting and directing a blockade against it.

In this regard… The Herald is even pushing this sort of narrative through The Ethiopian Current Fact Check, which could only be a sideshow of the FDRE Government Communication Service, because they sound like twins and are coordinating the information. Nevertheless, we are just supposed to trust them… when the FDRE, Prime Minister and everyone else has lied about most of the things associated with the conflict. They even lied about the reason for invading Tigray in the first place and lied about refugees, wheat aid and the list goes on.

So here is the latest from the FDRE:

This group is additionally using properties under the United Nations and other humanitarian aid institutions for transportation and storage of weapons caches. Recently, the Ethiopian Air Force has taken action targeting the locations of military equipment and arsenals of the TPLF in Adi Daero, Tigray region. And as expected, fallacious claims have been made by TPLF supporters that civilians have been targeted in this operation. Nonetheless, Ethiopian National Defense Forces ensure that military assets are isolated from civilians before taking action” (Ethiopian Press Agency/The Ethiopian Herald – Update on Current Issues!!, 30.09.2022).

It is really striking that the FDRE is claiming this and that the TPLF or TDF is using humanitarian aid or logistical support for their war-effort. As it is not videos of the ENDF doing military training with a UN vehicle and transports to the front was done with UN vehicles too. That’s why this is what we call projecting and blaming the other party for what you are doing yourself.

We know how the FDRE claimed the Mai Kadra didn’t really happen or the involvement of EDF wasn’t part of the warfare to begin with. So, when the FDRE is saying they only attacked military targets. We can take that with a grain of salt. Just like it has bombed markets and other public grounds in cities, towns and such since the beginning of the war. No one should think that the Tripartite Alliance is valuing life or such. If they did… they would let people starve, lack medicines, electricity and even water. However, that’s something they have done for months and with pride. That’s why this sort of messaging is insincere and shouldn’t be taken as fact. They would later pin the deaths on the TDF and not take accountability. That’s what they do… and we all know that by now. Peace.

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Happy celebration of the cross!

Semune Meskel, the Agaw people and Zaguye administration made new military weapons to the last wing of the society. This chain started for the first time in the history of East Africa. A secure, perfect peaceful administration of Agaw and the people of East Africa have high diplomatic and political freedom. Agawgna, Gezna Demera in public, Christian faith. Literature skill new The Agew Zaguye administration, where the power of the language of the foreground has increased, has become the center of the world, political, social and economic, is the new era of the people of Agew.

The security of the cross of Christ that is being replaced after the Zaguye administration, the seat of the prince of Agew, Wag_Lasta and the place of Wagshum who are replaced by the rank of “Shum” that is replaced after the Zaguye administration, where the seat of princes and their mesfents were held in central Agew, the residence of Agew, and the Christian areas of Agew, where the foundation of Agew was strong Agew, the foundation of the Agew, the cross of Christ has been revealed again. Demera Meskele Lalibela holiday: the family of Lehulan A platform where other parts of the society exchange with equality, love, freedom and the social questions of the society are heard from Mesfins. It is a renaissance entrance.

However, our people are undermined by the cultural, religious, political and social events that were yesterday and now they can’t freely express their own political ideas. It has reached a point where they are losing their political and citizenship freedom.

While the people of Agew named themselves as the only protector and representative of Ethiopia, they are stabbing Ethiopians in front of each other with foreign invaders. In the name of Ethiopianism, the people of Agaw who made the country unite and pay for the sacrifice of those who came and left for the purpose of not expressing their purpose. The dignity of citizenship, political freedom, social freedom, economy. Freedom, cultural freedom, freedom of language and religion. Those who are destroying the country by handing over the people to strangers and declaring hateful genocide especially the people of Agew who go up and down like the cross of Christ to destroy the footprints and reflections of Agew by Ethiopian fascists who dig many graves of oppression, culture, identity, economic and social development. ኛል።

Our people are struggling to remove this grave of death from its source and to regain its freedom and to continue its existence, mainly by the old administration, without a single political representation and low citizenship attention. By standing up for the new Agew people’s administration by supporting each other under the shadow of Agew, by supporting the poor, displaced and displaced by their homes, and being responsible for the future generation of Agew generation, to have political freedom on national and regional levels, to support the identity of Agew, support each other, help the poor, jailed, displaced, displaced, and property destroyed by oppressors, and be responsible for the future generations of Agew generation. To have political freedom on the national and regional levels of Agew identity and history. Equality and sustainable peace for the environment. Being humble is paying off.

This new Demera and Meskel holiday will be blessed with the fruits of the struggle that our people have paid for years, our freedom front expresses that we will be found in a historical moment in order to achieve the goal set by the brave Agew army and the leaders of our movement.

Our freedom, unity, our culture!

Agew is the source of our civilization, culture and pride!

For all the followers of Christianity, for all the people of Agew, happy celebration of the cross of Christ.

Agew Liberation Front (ANF)

January 16, 2015

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The origins of the war in Tigray in November 2020, like almost all other wars in the world, are political. By politics, we mean the power struggle between political forces when one tries to implement the unlimited desire to dominate the other by force of arms instead of politics. This Tigray war is between the Ethiopian political forces led by Abiy and the TPLF and the Eritrean political force led by Isaiah. All these political forces describe themselves as being forced into the war. Abiy says we should respect the law, TPLF says it is a question of existence, and Isaiah – Game Over! -He says we have no peace until the revolutionary is destroyed. They all try to appear to be truthful to the people they claim to represent.

Leaving the political analysis to politicians, we will try to look at the consequences of the Tigray war in terms of its human, social and economic impact on the peoples of Ethiopia, Tigray and Eritrea.

Human loss

War is destruction, the first and irreplaceable killer of human lives. How many tens of thousands of young people lost their lives in the last first round alone, not counting the second round that erupted in recent days? How many tens of thousands have been maimed?

When a young person dies, his father, mother, brothers, wife, children, and all his relatives in general are hurt. If he had children, they would be orphaned, grow up without a father, and the emotional trauma of his absence would torment them for the rest of their lives. His wife raising young orphans, the sudden heavy burden, the rough life she goes through is unimaginable.

How many parents have not died in grief after telling of the sacrifices of their children in the 1998-2000 border war for independence and Eritrea? How many have lost their endurance in old age?

Those who are blind, amputated, or otherwise disabled, who should have carried their families, become the burden of their families, their people and their country.

The human losses of war are very difficult to quantify. His scars for generations are incomparable.

Social loss

War is a blazing fire for everyone it touches! How many families have been displaced and displaced because of this war. How many women have been raped? This violence leaves indelible scars for the rest of their lives, leaving them with physical and psychological wounds, tormenting not only themselves and their families but the whole society, and has irreparable damage.

Because of this war, peoples who have lived together for centuries have become divided, revengeful and killing each other. The racially motivated massacre in a village called Qadra shocked everyone and showed that man can lose his humanity and become a beast.

When this war finally stops, politicians say goodbye, and the lucky survivors return home, how many of them will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

Prolonged war creates unwanted disruption in society. These young people who are dying in this war are losing time to study, work, get married and raise their children. Women who should have been married live unmarried, children who should have been born are not born, and those born do not grow up in families with stable fathers and mothers. All of this combines to create a huge disruption in the community.

Economic loss

As we watch in the media, we see the war in Ukraine turning cities into powder with our own eyes. That is the fruit of war. How many buildings, hospitals, airports, big bridges, factories have been destroyed in the Tigray war? Today the destruction may be in Tigray or other parts of Ethiopia, if it enters Eritrea tomorrow, we have no different fate. How many millions, billions of dollars would this damage be?

You need an immense amount of money to wage war. Modern weapons, fighter jets, drones, rockets, tanks, ammunition, other weapons, provisions, fuel, etc. As third countries, these modern weapons, arms, fuel and so on, we do not produce in our country, so they have to be bought from abroad in dollars (hard currency). It is unthinkable that we will have reserved dollars if we cannot provide basic supplies to our people. So everything will be bought on credit. When will this loan be repaid? Who will pay for it? Once the politicians who started the war are removed, it will ultimately become the burden of the country and the people.

The immense amount of money being spent on the war should have been spent on developing the country and building hospitals, schools, roads, farms, factories, universities, businesses, and other infrastructure. If these infrastructures are not built, students will not have schools, the public will not have access to basic medical services, drinking water and electricity. If infrastructure is destroyed, the economy is destroyed. If the economy collapses, the people plunge into extreme poverty that lasts for generations.

This is only a glimpse of the consequences of war from the sea. We hope that social studies scholars will write about the consequences of this war in detail and teach us.

What should be the public reaction

As mentioned above, this war was fueled by a few power-hungry politicians. These politicians are criminally responsible for the lives of thousands of citizens who are dying in vain. What is our reaction, peoples of Ethiopia, Tigray, and Eritrea? As the saying goes, the people are bearing the brunt of this war. If the loss and destruction is the burden of the people, the people themselves must find solutions without waiting for politicians to change the situation.

First, he must believe that war is not the solution. He should not be deceived by the propaganda of politicians. Like it or not, the people only benefit from living in peace with each other. Hatred is not the solution.

If the people unite, there is no obstacle. “Dir Biabr, binds a lion,” as the Amharic proverb says, a thread that ties, binds a lion. The people of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Tigray, to all political leaders, “Refuse to fight! We will not give our children to death! ENOUGH OF THE PAST!” They must tell them.


Because of the Tigray war, our region has been devastated and our people are on the verge of death and destruction. Our social fabric is being destroyed, our economy is being devastated, and our people are suffering from poverty, misery and persecution. We fear that this war will plant hatred that will last for generations. We are not blessed with wise political leaders who put the interests of their people and country first. The peoples of this region must stop the war that is destroying these poor countries without waiting for politicians to stop it so that their future and the future of their children can be secured! ENOUGH! and what his stage demands. It is not too late for people to talk to people, to find a way of reconciliation and peace. The people must raise their eyes and stop the destruction of their youth. He should hold these politicians accountable for the blood of the thousands who are dying.

Peace to the peoples of Ethiopia, Tigray and Eritrea!

Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR)
September 2022

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