Opinion: Mzee is spewing rubbish about the 2021 election

“Museveni made the revelations while meeting a section of Kampala NRM Village leaders at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala on Wednesday. Commenting on NRM’s abysmal performance in Kampala in the recent general elections, Museveni claimed the party in power was rigged out. “I had heard about the rigging of elections in Kampala. I heard that even my votes were changed,” Museveni said” (Crispus Mugisha – ‘I was rigged in Kampala, Museveni insists’ 30.03.2023, Nile Post).

The Self-styled President for Life, Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhurwa Museveni said yesterday that he was rigged out of the election in Kampala. An election marred with irregularities and misgivings. That’s why the President and the Electoral Commission suspended social media, blocked the internet and forced people on the VPN, as the polling data was altered and fixed to pre-fix the “victory” of Museveni.

That’s why it’s special that this long after… that Museveni says he was rigged out, because he lost in capital and lost to National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. It is just neat that it happens two years and two months after. Not right away or anything, but now…

Museveni must take people for fools. He most think people are dumb or genuinely stupid. A man who has re-hashed all the sins of his predecessors and ensured longevity as President. The 2021 election wasn’t a genuine on and the “Rigged Report” which was issued after proved just that.

Now Museveni wants to act like he was the supposed winner of the Presidential Election in Kampala. Just to spite and spit in the face of the electorate there. In a city and the constituency, where the NRM has been weak for years. It is a long time coming since any sincere NRM MP or it was a NRM stronghold. This has been captured by the opposition a long time ago…

Museveni is acting like he can use same sort of experience and usage of “rigged” out as he did before. This is not happening now… especially after using all means to “win” and get himself “elected” after every term since 1996. He can act a fool, but it doesn’t make it true.

That’s why the numbers are jaded the way they are… to fit the program and the needs of the President. We know the Electoral Commission is ensuring his victory and only following protocol. Just making the numbers seem legit in parts of the Republic. Because everyone deep down… knows that Museveni wasn’t the guy or the one with momentum in 2021. Neither did he in 2016 or in 2011, but the army and the authorities worked on overtime to seal the” deal”.

So, let us all be legit for a moment. Museveni only trying to forge a narrative that Bobi Wine wasn’t as popular as he really was. His trying to make it seem that way. When we all know what went down and how the state operated. It is just seriously foolish to play this tune now. He is just bitter and sad that his not as beloved in Kampala, as he used to be in the 1980s and early 1990s. These days are gone, and he cannot comprehend that at advanced age…

That’s why he plays it out like this. It doesn’t make it truthful or sincere. Just another time when Museveni wants to rewrite history to fit his narrative. He is used to getting it and Yes-Men serves the dish he wants. Though the reality isn’t as beautiful, and he cannot stomach the truth. Peace.

Serere County By-Election: The son of the late MP pulled the last straw

Just like his father in the 2021 elections, the son won the constituency and will represent the Serere County as the MP. The father won the seat as a National Resistance Movement MP in 2016 and returned winning as an independent in 2021. Patrick Okabe who is late after losing his life in traffic accident in December 2022. His son will now takeover from him and take his office, this being Emmanuel Omoding.

Omoding MP beat the other competition and even when he had a lot stacked against him. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was pushing through their candidate for the second time in three years, Phillip Ocour, who has now lost both to the father and the son in two successive elections. The FDC fielded a former Independent candidate, Emmanuel Eratu who also a bad record. He only gained a hundred more votes or so between these elections. While ANT tried with their big-name and former MP Alice Aloso without doing much better than the FDC. So, the big win was for the independent and the biggest loser was in some regards the NRM.

The NRM was offered to give the son the candidacy. He would have stood on their ticket and represented the NRM. That was on record and the family tried to push it. Just like the NRM pushed the son of late Jacob Oulanyah. This would have been the same, alas the NRM Electoral Commission and other high ranking officials wanted to prove a point. While not taking into consideration the sentiments on the ground and force one of their cadres through the ranks. That’s why Serere didn’t pick Oucour, but elected Omoding instead.

ANT and NUP needs also to evaluate their presence, their campaigns and the plans for this By-Election. Even with the voter intimidation, the arrests and the misuse of power by the authorities. The ANT and NUP needs to look into why it went so bad and with such a prominent candidate. She has already a name and should have faired better than this.

That the FDC failed wasn’t shocking or surprising. Especially when you look into the 2021 election and the one from yesterday. There haven’t been much change, if any. The FDC had a better candidate in Stephen Ochola in 2016. However, I will not speculate why FDC chose Eratu over Eyaru who was their candidate in 2021. Though, they both had about the same standing in the polls. So, something must have happened behind the scenes ahead of the polls and within the party with the nominations.

This By-Election is a common tale in the Republic. Even if the NRM sort of lost this one. They are however getting an ally and NRM leaning MP. So, the High Above and the NRM CEC isn’t too worried. They are hoping his as loyal to the causes as his father. That’s why it won’t be much fuzz or create issues in the 11th Parliament.

What is striking is that it all went down this way and the NRM could have had a landslide or a victory even without pulling all the strings. If they had followed the values of nepotism and family affairs, which has become their modus operandi of late. They would have succeeded and the army wouldn’t have to come with pre-ticked ballots or hold polling agents at some of the polling stations at gun-point. The NRM would have won and called it a night.

Nevertheless, hubris and greed in combination with arrogance can be the downfall of anyone. That is just proven last night. Even the high and mighty cannot sustain true electoral performance. This is why the son won and it’s partly glorious. Peace.

Serere County By-Election: Return Form for Transmission of Results (23.02.2023)

Serere County By-Election: The ANT(e) is up during the polls

“As voting continues in the Serere by-election, there is a low voter turn-up and allegations of the arrest of agents. Alice Alaso and Emmanuel Omoding have tasked the Electoral Commission to explain what is going on” (NBS Television, 23.02.2023).

“Senior leaders on our elections team including Hon. Kasule Ismail our Coordinator for Bunyoro Subregion, Hon. Mukaaku Lubega and Mr. Maddo Isaac have been arrested & are now detained at Kateta Police Station Serere County Serere District. We condemn such unlawful acts by Police” (Alliance for National Transformation, 23.02.2023).

“Polls are currently underway in Serere County for a by-election to elect the area’s Member of Parliament. Candidate Alice Alaso Philip Oucor have expressed optimism about their chances of winning the election” (NTV Uganda, 23.02.2023).

This Serere County By-Election has gone silently ahead. There haven’t been much news other than Alliance for National Transformation was endorsed by the National Unity Platform. While the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) fielded its own candidate out of significant differences with the ANT party. That’s why the opposition has two candidates and there is also independents, which are trying to compete with ANT and the NRM candidate here.

There was reports of beefed up support and thousands of law enforcement and soldiers stationed for the by-election. This poll will be between Alice Alaso of ANT and Philip Oucor of NRM. That is the gist of things, and the system is behind Oucor. The only Hail-Mary candidate in this race is the son of the late MP, Emmanuel Omoding.

While there is also reports like these: “A section of voters in the ongoing Serere county by-election  have been left stranded in queues with no voting materials after armed UPDF soldiers allegedly stormed Kamurojo Kakor primary school polling station and ticked over 200 ballot papers” (Daily Monitor, 23.02.2023).

When you have the blatant arrests and intimidation of the soldiers within the polls. When you have the pre-ticked ballots and the other measures by the state. You just know how this is going to end. Before dark and tomorrow comes… the NRM candidate will be proclaimed. Dr. Tanga Odoi have even threaten people not to vote across party lines, as the independent candidate is the son of the late NRM MP. It is just compelling how this is done, and nothing is shocking.

The Ante is up and it’s evident. This by-election is already a war-zone, which is common practice or the norm under Museveni. It is how they have operated in the recent years and the polls are sham to “elect” their own. That’s how the NRM gets a secured mandate and a majority in Parliament. From the on-set there is no way the opposition can win these unless it is a landslide. Because the NRM and its handlers cannot push it then. However, they are pulling all the strings and doing what they can to “win” it again.

ANT has the best candidate here, but that won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Peace.

Opinion: Mpuuga have to prove his worth

As the Leader of the Opposition (LoP) in Parliament, you are having an unforgiving job. Your office is to excel and pushback the government. The spearhead of the opposition and the ones that whip the Opposition MPs against the wrongful and injustice of the current regime. However, that cost and is brutal. That’s why the LoP isn’t an office for everyone.

Mathias Mpuuga is feeling the pressure after the negotiations and the release of the two incarcerated MPs. His name has been put in the mud and tarnished for anyone to see. Mpuuga has been the point of subject and chastised from all sides. He haven’t only been questioned from the ruling regime, but also from within his own inner-circle.

That’s why you know Mpuuga and his prominence is costing. Not like the LoP has a majority or any hold of Parliament. A minority leader swimming in the whims of the Speakers and the National Resistance Movement (NRM). They are the ones steering the ship and his words means practically nothing.

The predecessors of this role has also paid a price for their acknowledgement of this. The way and manner which they pragmatically took part of the proceedings and let go of their defiant ways. Mafabi, Oguttu or Kiiza has all been there and tasted the mud. They have all taken their stride and lost out.

Mpuuga is in a position where he cannot win. No one can win in this office. There is nothing to gain. The only thing you can do is to renegade and inspire the masses. That’s the only thing an LoP can achieve. There is no legislative or possible political framework that can be implemented. The NRM is running the show and the State House has the Parliament by the balls. Not like the Parliament is acting without consensus of the “high above”. No, they are just carrying his water and doing his bidding.

So, in the grand scheme of things, Mpuuga got nothing and it’s deliberate. Just like the predecessors had nothing either. The LoP is a figurehead of a office, which could have a meaning and purpose. However, in the state of affairs it’s only a money-grab and a salute of a honorary title.

Mpuuga can only use this office to leverage public support and be vocal MP against the oppression. He can only stand on the barricades and be in the trenches with fellow allies. Because, he cannot sustain or have any sort of capacity to deliver anything substantial in Parliament. That is rigged against him and the whole opposition. They have no voice and no opportunity to sufficiently win. He and his fellow comrades are bound to lose and that is done by default.

That’s why Mpuuga needs to humble himself and possible atone for the lost time. The arrogance and entitlement is doing him no good. The only favour he has is with the masses, the ones who voted in the National Unity Platform (NUP) and gave him a role in Parliament. They are the ones that given him a chance and he can shine for them. However, will he ever or is he interested in doing so?

We know Mpuuga has fought and been beaten. We know Mpuuga has been active and been a vocal opposition since the Action for Change (A4C) days. So, we know he got it in him. He has been in Parliament now for years and he has to show some finesse. We know he won’t win, but that isn’t the goal anyway. The goal is to undress the king and show his new clothes. It isn’t to implement or directly reform, because that’s impossible. That’s why he got to undermine and make a mockery out of the rulers. That is his job and currently we are not seeing that from him. Peace.

Chapter Four: A Day to Honor the Life and Legacy of St. Janani Luwum (16.02.2023)

The Dead Silence: The Two MPs are temporarily free…

“According to one source, the Chief Justice may have knowingly or unknowingly been preparing the public for possible release of Mr Ssewanyana and Mr Ssegirinya. Another source said the Leader of Opposition was in court in person yesterday because he likely had prior information the legislators would be granted bail. Mr Mpuuga last evening denied any clandestine engagements, or bargains. Highly-placed sources said the protracted negotiations culminated in a senior government executive meeting the accused lawmakers last month. Insiders said the state has information against MPs Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya regarding their alleged dealings with overseas Ugandan-born cardiologist Aggrey Kiyingi reported to be their financier” (Tabu Butagira & Anthony Wesaka – ‘How MPs Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana walked to freedom’ 14.02.2023, Daily Monitor).

Yesterday, the news of the release of Ssewanyana MP and Ssegirinya MP from Kigo Prison. They have been in prison since September 2021 which means they have spent 18 months in arrest. Their case has been stalled, stopped and never produced anything substantial. While keeping them in prison.

They are the epitome of political prisoners and that was the case from the on-set. Since the charges and the case, itself was fabricated to implicate them in sinister crimes. These two was supposed to be behind the murder spree in the Greater Masaka region, which to this day haven’t been resolved. These murders are left cold and no answer to who is behind the killings there. Only that these was used as an excuse to arrest and detain the two opposition MPs.

That’s why they have started and claimed now that the Ugandan-Australian Doctor Aggrey Kiyingi, the failed Presidential Candidate and opposition figure are behind them. That just shows the incompetence and lack of basic knowledge. When they are doing whatever to create conspiracy and tales to keep the arrested. Instead, of knowingly investigate the matter and track down the ones that did the murders. Because that is the forgotten story in this shady political quagmire created by the state.

The MPs have been incarcerated for no apparent reason. That’s why the state could negotiate their release or bail. While on bail they would still have to report and be called in for the Courts. The case isn’t closed or seized from existing. The charges and the case are still pending. Just that they are released from prison. Which means the state can still prosecute them and find means to stifle their liberty.

We have seen how the state is using old cases from all across the Republic to stop campaigning or even participate in political activity of opposition leaders. This being Besigye or Lukwago called in for year old cases in up-country. The same can easily happen to the two MPs. If the case stands, and they got to answer a summons. These two just must appear and answer for it. Even if there are no new affidavit, evidence or anything substantially produced for the matter. They still must comply and be subjects to the courts. That’s just how the game is rigged against them.

So, trust me… they are temporarily free. They will face the courts again and the case is pending. They are out on bail and not exonerated or acquitted from the case. No, they are just out of the pen, but the state can easily access them again.

This is just the beginning and we have seen what the state has done for 18 months. They will not let this one slide. The state got them where they want them. These two will not feel much relief or peace. Because the state intends to make them suffer. Not because they have done anything, but for a simple reason: To make an example of out of them and show the detractors what could happen to them. Peace.

Uganda: Ministry of Foreign Affairs letter to OHCHR (03.02.2023)

Opinion: The “We Fought Tribe” is losing relevancy

This years “Tarehe Sita” seems to be downplayed and disregarded. Not that… it’s shocking or sincerely surprising. Since the reality on the ground is changing. The ones who fought and was part of the bush-war is dying, if not already dead. The few who is left behind is either defiant or betrayed. Except the few who is in the elite and the families who are benefiting from the 1980s war.

The National Resistance Army (NRA) and Museveni came with a promise. It came with pledges and words of fundamental change. We know by now that this has been thwarted and the goalpost have been changed as well. The reasons to go to war and the reason for resisting the ruling government are now gone.

The same ills, impunity and totalitarian government is served by the current regime. There is no fundamental change, when “drones” are taking civilians, civilians are charged in military courts and extra judicial killings are explained away. That’s what is happening, and the liberation of the NRA is long gone.

You know Museveni wants it to be his legendary tale, when he describes it like this:

“Congratulations all Ugandans on the occasion of the 42ndAnniversary   of   Tarehe   Sita.   To   inform   the Bazukulu, the 6thof February, 1981, at 0800 hours (Saa mbiri z’asubuhi), is when the 43 of us, but with 27 rifles, attacked the huge garrison of the Kabaamba Military Training  School  with  the  aim  of  regaining some of the 9,000 rifles, Fronasa had handed to the joint  force  created  after  the  defeat  of  the  Idi  Amin regime.   This   united   force   had   been   given   the designation of the UNLA” (Museveni, 06.02.2023).

We know that he wants it to sound prestigious and legendary. The mighty fell to a chosen few. Even when he boosted of a big personal army in FRONASA and as a part of the overthrow of Amin. Hard to imagine that these troops disappeared and went away that quickly after 1979. However, tales must be exaggerated and boasted with time. Just so it sounds supreme and glorious.

Just to put this into perspective:

“On December 23, 1978, rebel Museveni and his merry band of rebels (under the conductorship of Julius Nyerere) embarked on massive recruitment. Soon, Museveni had 200 fighters culled from Ugandan workers in Karagwe District, Tanzania. As he swept into Uganda, Museveni recruited more than 8,000 troops and that’s when Museveni’s Front for National Salvation (Fronasa) teamed up with Tanzanian forces to “liberate” Mbarara on January 28, 1979” (Phillip Matogo – ‘NRA’s 27 guns and tall poppy syndrome’ 02.05.2021, Daily Monitor).

The numbers speak for themselves, and the myth is created to make Museveni seem above it all. Because, if the numbers are better and larger army. The “Tarehe Sita” story makes it seems like an underdog beat the big dog. Instead, the reality might be more boring or more of the ordinary, which isn’t what Museveni wants people to believe. It is also easier to lie, when most of the “we fought tribe” is deceased and no one can counter his origin story. Alas, the records and the past tales will haunt him. Since, we all know that Yoweri cannot be silent or stop talking…

The ironies of the complaints of previous government from Museveni:

“Why such growth in such a short time?  It was on account of the following reasons:

(1) People being desperately   fed   up   with   the brutality and non-accountability of the old armies ─ UA, UNLA;

(2) UPC blocking the democratic process of genuine and constructive debate that we warned them about many times but never paid heed to our warnings:

(3) The collapse of the economy ─no consumer goods, no wealth creation, magendo, kibaanda, kusamula” (Museveni, 06.02.2023).

Again, Museveni don’t have enough insight or understanding of his own making. The words that his expressing here about the past leadership, the ones he toppled. They can be used against him. The same reasons that he gave to take down Amin or Obote. Can now be used against him and rightfully so. The same traits, the impunity and lack of good governance is all what he does. The same security threats, the same societal issues and bottle-necks haven’t been resolved. Instead, he has amplified it for his own personal gain. That’s why the security organizations are taking away people’s liberties, rights to assemble and be active citizens. Because, if they are… they are easily targets and get’s into legal trouble. That’s just the acts of his government.

That’s why the tales of the Bush-War and the “We Fought Tribe” is becoming irrelevant. The reasons for the war and the toppling of Obote has been forgotten. The leaders, the elites and the President have himself become the same dictator he claimed his predecessors was. Museveni have become everything he fought against. He is blocking the democratic process, the possible peaceful transition and isn’t creating a feasible economy. If the President did… he wouldn’t be where he is today. Peace.

Opinion: Nabbanja’s Faultline


Well, after reading the depressing statement “on alleged abductions” from Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja. We can clearly estimate and assess that the government is cleaning their hands or taking a blind eye to the fact. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their allies are not clever enough or wise to bring forth a proper statement. Neither able to articulate or make their statement believable. However, then again, the President appointed fishermen and not brilliant technocrats.

Like the PM stated in her statement:

“To say that Government abducts people, Rt. Hon. Speaker, is to impute that the Government leads someone away by force or fraudulent persuasion. Rt Hon Speaker, Government cannot rule out the fact that the word “abduction” is being maliciously used by the opposition for purposes of blackmailing us, and we highly condemn this act. The opposition are deliberately referring to arrests as abductions. An arrest done by a Police officer cannot in any way turn into an abduction. Rt. Hon. Speaker, I want to categorically state that Government arrests suspected criminals and has not abducted or does not abduct anybody” (Nabbanja, 02.02.2023).

With these sorts of words in early February 2023 makes it unbelievable. The person who says and print it cannot believe it herself. These words are just obnoxious and sincerely troublesome. It is saying that the opposition is “crying wolf” and stating it doesn’t happen. However, there are enough reports and enough people pleading for their loved ones. Who has been taken away, arbitrary arrested, abducted, kept incommunicado and later arraigned in courts after the fact. Therefore, the PM hope people are naïve or stupid. I don’t know which, but one of them is what she’s aiming for.

Without a doubt, the PM explained the nature of the “drones” by default too:

“Indeed, due to the evolving nature of crime to sophisticated levels owing to technological advancement, sometimes the Government may be compelled to effect arrests using plain clothed oflicers and vehicles with civilian registration number plates and other unconventional methods of arrest to keep pace with the ever changing criminal tactics” (Nabbanja, 02.02.2023).

While she claims this is ways to capture and arrest sophisticated criminals. We know these tactics and means to an end is to take in opposition, activists and other people who defies the government. That is an deliberate act by the security organizations and the “drones” are used frequently. The news of abductions and arbitrary arrests are common placed. That’s because of how these state security organizations are operating without fear or consequences. They are doing it and with the blessings of the “high above”. Which is why some civilians are arraigned in military courts to answer for their “alleged crimes” too. It’s a scheme to deter and silence critics. The PM is clear about the activity but claims the victims’ fault for being “criminals” without any facts or evidence of any criminal acts. That just proves the fault-lines of the PM.

The PM ends with some utter baffling response:

“Sharing information on the particulars of an arrest, that is to say who has been arrested, from where, by who and how, will go a long way to not only assist the Government to explain the whereabouts of the arrested persons but also determine whether the arrest was conducted by authorised persons or whether indeed it is a kidnap by criminal elements. Like I stated earlier, the leader of Opposition has not positively responded to the Rt. Hon Deputy Speaker’s request to furnish Government with adequate details/particulars of persons allegedly abducted such as Village of residence, place of work, next of kin, telephone contact, police reference of reports of missing persons, among others yet they are very important for investigation purposes. This has made it difficult for our security teams to trace for these persons” Nabbanja, 02.02.2023).

This is like the right thing to say, but the PM knows better. That’s if she wanted to be sincere. However, we know that she is a part of the problem and a figure head of the state. Which is why she’s undermining and acting “holier than thou”. The PM is just showing how the state neglects the victims of abduction and acts like it got the laws on its side. That the mere gist of the whole statement. She is denying and acting surprised that the Opposition is coming with lists of missing people. Like it never appeared and didn’t really happen. If it did happen, then they were sophisticated “criminals” to begin with. Therefore, we know the malice and the malicious attempts of cleaning the slate for own personal benefits.

We can with certainty say that the Government and the NRM will not take responsibility. It will act like it never happened. They will state the Constitution and the laws, but not say that it acts beyond that. Which is something we already knows, because we heard the stories and read the pleas of the families who has abducted family members. Therefore, the impunity and saga is far from over.

This is the liberty and freedom, the fundamental change Museveni promised in the 1980s. No, I was wrong. He said the opposite, but he stays in power by taking away liberty from the ones who stands in his way. Peace.

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