Bobi Wine’s car shot at in Jinja

Breaking: Bobiwine’ car shot at,bullets aimed at Zaake in co drivers sit,car tyre shot,Bobiwine survives narrowly. Jinja. “Museveni wants to kill me”– Bobiwine cries out to the world” (Red Paper Daily, 01.12.2020).

Today, there could have bene a direct assassination of the Member of Parliament Francis Zaake, as he sat beside the driver of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. This happened in Jinja, as the National Unity Platform continued to pass through the Republic and campaign. Which have been met with hostility from security personnel. These have assaulted the convoy and they have directed their weapons at the public.

The 1st of December 2020 have already been tragic in concern to the NUP campaign and the NUP convoy. As the bodyguard ASP Kato and Dan Magic is hospitalized. Therefore, today has been bloody enough and the state has served so much injustice already.

However, the state amped up and as the convoy continued to the next district. The law enforcement was ready and aiming about the car of Bobi Wine. They aimed so closely that they could have killed Zaake. That says how far these guys are taking it. To incite violence and use force against the opposition. When it is this easy to aim and shoot at a car, which you know a Presidential Candidate and his associates are sitting in. Just mere luck and grace saved their lives.

This here isn’t campaigning anymore, but being ambushed by law enforcement. The NUP campaign is met with bullets, tear-gas and violent law enforcement. If this continues, then someone close to Bobi Wine will die, like his driver did in the Arua By-Election. That could easily happen again and even Bobi Wine could be hurt as well. It is just mere luck that nobody died today.

That its mere luck that no one is dying during campaign … Yesterday people did die on the road, as the Police have blamed the supporters for this. Not taking any accountability themselves. Therefore, they will surely make excuses for the pain and suffering put on the campaign today.

The authorities cannot continue like this. Sooner or later more people will suffer. More people will be hurt and it could easily be fatal. As the authorities are using means, which easily could bring fatalities.

Just like Bobi Wine’s message: Our lives are in danger! After blocking us in Kayunga, on the way to Jinja, they blocked the main road & diverted us to a remote road. As if to set us into a ‘kill spot’, they shot the tyres of my car and directly into our windscreen, narrowly missing Hon Zaake and my driver” (Bobi Wine, 01.12.2020).

So, this shouldn’t be happening. This isn’t campaigning. This is sending message, that if you continues. We can kill you and get rid of you. If you can easily move like this and shoot at the car, which a Presidential Candidate was riding in. They cannot defend it … this is despicable and disgusting. Mere luck that nobody was hurt or got a fatal shot. That shouldn’t be a thing, but clearly it is. Peace.

The Bloody Security Operatives attacks Bobi Wine’s Convoy in Kayunga district

ASP Kato, the head of Bobi Wine‘s security detail that was given to him by the Electoral Commision has been shot at and terribly hurt. He might have actually lost his eye. Sir Dan Magic too is in bad shape after being hit by a teargas canister” (Andrew Natumanya, 01.12.2020).

Several people have been injured and rushed to Nazigo Health Centre lll hospital in Kayunga District after security operatives fired bullets and teargas to disperse supporters of NUP presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine” (Caroline Katusiime, 01.12.2020).

These two reports are saying everything. The National Unity Platform (NUP) Convoy of Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was attacked again. The Police and Law Enforcement coming armed and with tear-gas to violently disperse the public that gathers around the convoy. This is happening again and again. Just yesterday, the Police was killing five people and they blamed the supporters driving dirty.

Today, I wonder what excuse the police and the authorities will have for this. As they have hit one of their own. Who is there to defend and secure the Presidential Candidate. They have also hit Dan Magic as well. There is apparently no new low for this regime in concern with Bobi Wine.

They are willing to take out everyone around him. Even his security detail, which he got when he started his campaign. That is how violent the state officers are and reckless behaviour, which is costing people lives and also injuring a lot more. This is done so steadily, that more of skirmishes, than of actually campaigning.

The NUP and Bobi Wine is danger by continuing. The state doesn’t care about the loss of lives, the injuries of the people or the destruction to stop this convoy from campaigning. They are directly ambushed and attacked. They are the targets and the public is the one tasting the medicine of the government, who have ordered this officers and armed security personnel to be there.

This here is insane. As the campaign of Bobi Wine was in such trouble all through November and Desember seemsd to be more of the same. This is tragic and this is the message the state is sending. Impunity and injustice is cool as long as it happens to the opposition or dissidents of the state. Peace.

Opinion: Is waving at Bobi Wine “illegal” now?

Today, the National Unity Platform campaign rallies and convoy have been hard hit. Civilians have been knocked by law enforcement. Campaign venue in Mukono Town was hit by police brutality and tear-gas. The state have taken all precautions and using all means.

They hit 5 civilians in Mukono and they have later died. There has also been issues of usage of live-bullets and we don’t know how many who were fatal from that alone. The whole state is gone rogue and using all means to disperse the crowds around Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

We can see that all gatherings, campaigning and everything that is done is deemed illegal by the state. The NUP cannot go anywhere without the state answering with brute force. The Police Force like the authorities they are. Never taken any accountability, but blames the citizens for dying themselves. They say the Bobi Wine supporters was riding reckless and therefore, their fault that they died.

I have not seen the reporting on the usage of teargas on the people or the reasons for the violent attack of the law enforcement in Mukono Town. Surely, they will claim the supporters was rowdy or find any other superficial argument to disperse them that way. Also, the use of live-bullets, which is the greatest means of being fatal to just show up to an rally.

Just driving in Mukono and the ones waving their hands to Bobi Wine was tasting the bitter taste of tear-gas. He couldn’t even just take a drive and ride through Mukono without some show of force from the authorities. That is the sort of people that is ruling the Republic.

That this is happening. Just show what sort of regime that is in place. As they cannot even care or give way. They only show the bullets, the cannisters of tear-gas and boots on the ground. It is like an impossible mission just to travel across the Republic and greeting his supporters.

When did it become illegal to greet and wave at the Bobi Wine convoy? Is there a direct law saying its wrong? What sort of reason can the Police Force have to throw cannisters of tear-gas at waving citizens?

What is even more tragic is that the state has yet again done more extra judicial killings in Mukono. Which they are blaming the citizens for themselves. Instead of taking responsibility or even finding peaceful measures to disperse the crowds. They are just coming in armed through their teeth awaiting a moment of glory and using their weapons to prove their balls. Since, these law enforcement officers is naked and oblivious that their relatives or kin could be caught in the cross-fire. Since, this is direct assault on citizens and not a gang of criminals.

That is what is striking here. The state doesn’t value life and the ones who dares to participate and acknowledge Bobi Wine. Peace.

Keeping up with Kaguta S2E1: Nobody is untouchable…

Sometimes I wonder if President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ever listens to the words coming out of his mouth. That he doesn’t the ironies and hypocrisy in his own words. A man who for instances claims the opposition leaders are supported by foreigners, but has indulged no proof. The same with the protesters and rioters. A man who has shown no grievances or care with the ones killed. He took his time to this. During the National Address today, he did send his condolences and promised an audit to compensate people. However, I don’t trust that a minute…

Well, Museveni has to intimidate and talk rubbish. He has to show strength and force. However, this man talking about nobody is untouchable. Nevertheless, the old man acts and lives his like that. He is initially speaking of himself. Everyone else can answer in Court, but not his own self. That is never happening and we know that.

The President even warns and comes with stern warning. We can assume that he will answer anyone who oppose or demonstrate. Still, that is not really news. The police and law enforcement have crackdown on every movement, which isn’t the movement itself. So, we can expect the attacks happening.

Some quotes from today!

If Hon Kyagulanyi was arrested, his supporters should have waited for him to go to court like he eventually did. The feeling that Kyagulanyi is untouchable because he is a politician and prompts people to riot must NEVER be repeated” – Museveni (29.11.2020)

Some politicians working with foreigners have been promoting impunity and swearing that they will make Uganda ungovernable. We have been monitoring them through intelligence” – Museveni (29.11.2020).

So those who rush to condemn the Police and Army. Yes, they do mistakes and if they make mistakes I will be the first to condemn them “but what I find disgusting is the dishonesty, especially those who misdirect the young people” – Museveni, 29.11.2020).

Police should audit this phenomenon of ‘stray bullets’. If a bullet goes astray, we should know why it was shot. If 32 of those killed were rioters, it means we have at least 20 people killed by stray bullets” – Museveni, 29.11.2020).

I will not indulged in the big whoop. The apparent reasoning of the old man is hypocrisy. A man who himself used the guns to get to power and let go. The man who himself acts like his untouchable and the “high above”. The man who everyone is supposed to praise and support. His movement, his vision and his party.

The old man is forgetful or selective. That the man who spoke for peasants and said all their avenues was closed. Therefore, he needed to go to war. That man is saying that people shouldn’t demonstrate or riot for their leader. A man who took up guns and went to civil war for his own cause. That is why his a hypocrite. A big giant hypocrite.

Bobi Wine is only signalling the things that is wrong and the double standard of the society. What his doing during campaigns. Is the same the NRM is doing. The President is gathering crowds and they have processions. That is evident by pictures. Even though the speeches of the President is in venues with less people.

Still, the order of things is always in favour of the President. He is saying the opposition is supported again by foreigners and that protesting civilians are criminals and hoodlums. That sort of approach is only undermining and only shielding the efforts from the citizens. Who are using their only avenue for grievances. An avenue that the President is not allowing them too. Only coming with empty pleas of condolences ten days after the fact. Before that he has called it nonsense and wished it away.

President Museveni acts and lives likes his untouchable. That man shouldn’t comment about others. At least, Bobi Wine is more popular and have more of relevance in 2020. Than Museveni had in 1979 and 1980. This is why he needed years in the Bush to win a WAR. Peace.

Opinion: H.E. calling the “Free Bobi Wine” riots…. nonsense

“I was going for a meeting like this, they told me that something (protests) was happening in Kampala and that I should ring there and also stop my campaigns. I said I won’t interrupt my plans with that nonsense. I said they will handle them………I was sure no one can disorganise Uganda because I know we have a strong army” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Kapchorwa in Sebei Sub Region (27.11.2020).

The President sends a clear message to the grand public. That their grievances and their suffering isn’t important part of his plans. They are just nonsense and an interference to his plans. This says a lot about how he values the citizens and the civilians.

When a man in power, who is the commander-in-chief and the head of state can say this about the civilians protesting. You know that he doesn’t see the public as important. They are just useful pawns and underlings to him. These are the peasants that are supposed serve him and acknowledge the big-man. They are not supposed to raise their voice or even question his orders.. Since his the colonial overlord currently reigning over this enclave.

The President who is in-charge of the army and police. The ones taking up weapons, using tear-gas and directly ordering law enforcement on the streets to quell the riots and demonstrations. That man calls the expression and frustration with the system “nonsense”.

The old man with the hat still doesn’t send condolences or any sort of grief to all the families that lost their loved ones during those days. Not, these deaths and extra judicial killings by the state isn’t worth his time. These lives could just die, because they interfered with his plans…

Does this old man hear himself and talk to his handlers before he speaks at all?

This is garbage. This is actually hot-garbage. The sort of infuriating and insulting attitude that only serves his own agenda not the betterment of the Republic. A sort of arrogance, that isn’t worthy of his office. No accountability or acceptance of blame for what went down. Where he doesn’t care about the voices or the reason for why it happened.

Just calling it nonsense. Shows his hubris… which is always important to show. Never show any humility or grace towards the ones who got caught in the cross-fire, hit by a stay-bullet or was directly aimed at during the riots. No, these people are worthy of his time. They are just nonsense anyway and the army can handle them. Because, who needs to have their civil rights and their rights to demonstrate. No…

Civilians and peasants needs to extend their tax-base, earn money to feed the army, but not be shielded from that same army. No, that is nonsense. This army isn’t there to protect the civilians, no it is there to protect the elite and the President. The people should know that and it is clearly evident by how they have acted during the recent days.

It is not the Republic for all the people, but a Republic serving Museveni. Peace.

Bobi Wine blocked in Migyera from accessing the Hotels [forced to be sleeping by the roadside tonight]

“The DPC Nakasongola Patience Namara and a one OC Byaruhanga have blocked Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from accessing a hotel which he earlier booked in Migyera” (Uganda Diaspora Eye, 26.11.2020)

Just as a long and terrible day on the campaign trail is over. The National Unity Platform who has been blocked from entering towns and campaign venues.

There has been reports that the Presidential Candidate and his team tried to get a place at any hotel in Migyera in Nakasongola District. However, the got blocked from doing so.

Just like I wondered yesterday. What laws are stopping Bobi Wine from riding his convoy on the main roads to Hoima. Which laws said he needed to travel on the feeder roads?

Also, what law is stopping him from participating and talking on Spice FM earlier in the day?

Is there a law and any legalities can be reasonable to stop Bobi Wine finding shelter and sleep on the road for the campaigns?

On our way to Kyankwanzi via Hoima, all roads were blocked by police saying they had orders not to allow us through. We decided to spend the night in Migera but DPC Patience Namara and OC Byarugaba ordered all hotels not to host us. We’re now stuck and sleeping by the roadside” (Bobi Wine, 26.11.2020).

I know, the authorities cannot find any law, which is directly making it legal to block the roads for Bobi Wine and his team. Neither, can there be any wisdom in the blocking him for accessing and sleeping in hotels.

I wonder, what sort of law does the DPC and OC have and how can they defend doing this? Since, I doubt there is any sort of justice behind this. This is just more impunity and injustice.

The authorities are really foolish with this. Letting a Presidential Candidate sleep roadside. Block the roads so he can travel across the Republic and also blocking all his engagements. They stops his radio shows and stop his venues.

There is nothing in his way that is allowed. That is evident. They are now doing everything, but arresting him. Peace.

Bobi Wine is besieged at the Double Dream Guest House in Hoima

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has earlier in the day taken the feeder roads from Kibaale District to Hoima. As the Police and Army blocked the main roads. They did this to stop the convoy from passing by the populous areas and seal the National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate. They we’re also blocked from campaigning in Kibaale district earlier in the day too.

So, because of this… the Campaign convoy used much longer time to reach Hoima than anticipated. The authorities blocked him from campaigning in Hoima as well. Outside his hotel in there sparking difficulties. This being at the Dream Hotel in Kinubi village in Hoima district. Where there is reported law enforcement from ISO, SFC, plain-clothed armed men and police officers. All enclosing the hotel. Some speculate in the arrest of Bobi Wine. It is hard to know.

As the cars of Bobi Wine hasn’t been allowed to the enter the hotel and the pictures surfacing from Hoima. Is at night with very little information. Ghetto TV have followed the convoy and shown it live through the day. But who knows if these reports has been chased away from the hotel.

Bobi Wine states:

In Hoima, after the military and police blocked us, they trailed us up to the hotel at which we plan to send the night. Heavily armed military personnel have surrounded the hotel. Some are moving in a numberless military van. Some operatives are non-uniformed yet armed. They’ve assaulted journalists and chased them away from the hotel” (Bobi Wine, 25.11.2020).

There are unverified reports that the hotel rooms have been stormed and knocked by the armed law enforcement of various kind. That they have arrested Bobi Wine. However, that is yet known. The armed law enforcement of all kind of outfits has clearly besieged the place and taken the hideout. We can wonder under what warrant and law. Just like the law that Bobi Wine cannot drive on the main-roads as he campaigns the region.

So, we don’t know the whole situation and what is reason for all of the commotion. Why the army, police officers and other outfits are there. They are clearly interfering and intimidating. The authorities are also said to have blocked all roads around the Double Dream Guest House (Hotel). So, who knows what their plan is… other than shielding and pre-emptive striking at Bobi Wine.

This here is the rules and the game that the regime plays with the opposition. It is no middle-ground. Just impunity and injustice. In a manner, which shows no reason. Only police brutality and taking away the freedom from one man and all of his team. This is not new. Will follow and bring further updates as it comes. Peace.

Opinion: Did AIGP Kasingye have a Freudian slip?

The police is in charge of elections. All other agencies are just assisting. I don’t like the sight of non-uniformed men and women shooting on the streets, but these are still officers if something is spontaneous” – AIGP Asan Kasingye on NBS Television (24.11.2020)

We should not be surprised. The Uganda Police Force has at the Central Investigation Division (CID) has the Electoral and Political Offences Department. They are clearly involved in monitoring the Political players of the Republic. That has been known for years and was perfected under the previous IGP Kale Kayihura.

The UPF isn’t slowing down this campaign season. No, they are turning up the volume and striking even harder ahead of the polls. So, when AIGP Kasingye says on TV that they are in-charge. It is either a moment of flexing or a Freudian slip. Meaning he either tries to boost the role the UPF has or he told the truth.

However, the Police is interfering in political activity to an extent that they monitor and ensure all gatherings. In such a manner, that they deem what is righteous or not. They allow or crack-down whatever they deem fit. They can charge someone with the Penal Codes without any legal proof and do it on the spot. As the investigation happens after the fact and the cases last forever.

AIGP Kasingye knows all this. What is weird is that the Electoral Commission should be in-charge of the election and set the guidelines. It shouldn’t the police, which is there to ensure safety for the citizens and safeguard them. The Police is not a party or a stakeholder in the elections. They are supposed to be non-partisan and not directly involved. Even though in the case here. They are indirectly setting a standard of blocking candidates, arresting activists and creating hardships for opposition candidates. That they do to such a degree that its obnoxious.

As well, as the usage of vile force on civilians, not only tear-gas, but live-bullets, which has taken over 50 people’s lives and over a 100 injured during the “Free Bobi Wine riots”. Therefore, the Police should answer to the extra-judicial killings. As they are only looking for civilians to arrest and not handle anyone of their own. Who became not only the officer, but also the judge and hangman on the spot on the streets of Kampala recently.

That Kasingye says this. It reflects what they are thinking and how they operate. This has been their modus operandi for years. Even if the Public Order Management Act (POMA) was wing-clipped in court. The UPF still uses this and these techniques to stop gatherings and assembly of political operatives. They are involved and doing this to shut down the operations of dissidents and opposition of the regime. It is so clear as day and it’s not a joke. It is so deliberate and conning. That their badge and their supposed service is mockery.

This isn’t policing… it is oppression and impunity. The law isn’t a guideline or the ones biding the Police. It is their orders and the command from “high above”. They are allowed to act like mob serving judgement to the ones who isn’t made. That is how it seems these days. There is no honour among these men in uniform. They have license to kill and can serve these orders with no condemnation or retribution. While the rioters and civilians on the streets got no one defending them. Since, the ones supposed to defend are the ones who actually carry arms and aims at them.

So, the ones who thought it would get better without Kayihura. Well, the next man is more of the same and less subtle about it too. IGP Okoth-Ochola doesn’t care and isn’t concerned. He operates and makes the Police Force work likes this. Because that serves the purpose from “on high”.

Now, we just have to wait and see when the Police Officers will count the ballots and announce the results in 2021. Since they are in-charge and the EC Commissioner can just cool his head and drink a brew. Because, the police will serve the verdict anyway. Peace.

The Bad Man from Kamwokya is shocking the Movement

It is about that time. Everything is pinning this way. Just like things was pinning in the right directions with Dr. Paul Ssemogerere in 1996 and Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2011 or in 2016. These two seemed to be on rise and have the power to finesse the political game of the Republic. To ensure the system got cracked enough so that the President and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) would lose the elections. However, the extensive rigging and control of all authorities ensured that the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni never let go. The same will happen in 2021.

However, there is a difference. A new generation is entering the battle of peaceful transition. It isn’t the NRA Historicals who are on the battlefield or going for the polls. No, its the sons and daughters of the ghettos, the youths and the marginalized in society. Finally has the spirit and have leaders to look up too. Not only the Presidential Candidate of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, but others who are fielded for his party too. It is the party of elites or status-quo. It is for change.

Besigye has been close and have amplified the masses. The man is an inspiration and shown how to galvanize his position. In such a manner that Bobi Wine is following that. Bobi Wine is using the knowledge and the some of the tricks of Besigye. That is just a mere fact. It is not an insult to Besigye, but honouring him. As Bobi Wine follows the same struggle and acts to defeat the regime.

The NRM have worked tirelessly to undermine the NUP and Bobi Wine. Not only arresting him and stifling him every step of the way. They have said his just a musician, the Generals saying he could never lead the army and so fourth. The Courts have piled cases on him. The army and police is monitoring his every move and making it hard for him to actually campaign. The NUP candidates and activists are arrested at night. They are taken away and without warrants ahead of rallies and just to intimidate the party.

Therefore, the NRM knows all of this. They are systemically working to distress and discontinue the campaign of Bobi Wine. The state and the authorities are working so closely that they only show their true heart. It is to silence and stop Bobi Wine.

The old man with the hat wants the Bad Man from Kamwokya to move-on. The President wants the NUP to give up and give way. They are blocking roads and arresting people associated with the party. The NRM thinks this method will hold water, but it only implicates the impunity and the lack of democratic credentials with the regime. If it was truly democratic, the NUP and others shouldn’t have trouble to party work and mobilize the masses during campaigns. Alas, that is the case… and what they do with such manner that anyone shouldn’t be shocked.

Bobi Wine is challenging the President and his cronies in manner they are not used too. He speaks and acts in ways, which isn’t a typical of a politician. That is why his a man of the people. A man voicing their concerns and what the regime isn’t offering. The tiredness and prolonged stalemate, which is only hurting the state of affairs.

Bobi Wine won’t get there easily. He knows that and he has already paid a huge price challenging the Presidency. There will more pain and suffering. As the state doesn’t intend to make it happen or give anyone else the mantle. There is no plan of peaceful transition of power. This is election is just an rubber-stamp exercise for the President to continue his reign.

The President knows and the Bad Man from Kamwokya knows this. The whole population knows this as well. It is a repetition of the same old story. However, Bobi Wine is still stirring up more energy and will. That might be a turning point. Because, the ballots will be rigged, the system is rigged and nothing on the horizon says otherwise. However, we don’t know how the public will react to be taken for granted again. If it will be more riots, demonstrations and other means of defiance against the state. Nevertheless, that is just mere speculation into the future.

What we do know today is that Bobi Wine has shocked the system. The man continues and as long he continues his mission. He will cause trouble and havoc. Because, the state will not answer with peaceful means, but with force. The only way they know how. Peace.

Global Shapers Community Kampala: Statement Condemning Police Brutality in Uganda (24.11.2020)