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Opinion: If you pick the NDC or NPP will it make a difference? Or more of the same?

Which kind country be this? Chale I conf

Sometimes I for dey move away, maybe a month

More or less, more yawa

Less people power

Same shit, Ghana, Naija, man tire

Stuck in traffic I dey hate delay

Big man get the motorcade, big Benz and the Escalade

Hustle just dey escalate

But March 6, we go celebrate

Every year be the same cock and bull

Propaganda you dey push no dey pull

E dey pain, people tire for this matter

Everyday for thief man, one day for master” (M.Anifest feature verse on Burna Boy’s – “Another Story” (2019).

I’m sure someone will state it will be different. Especially the ones who are working directly either for the Nationwide Democratic Congress or New Patriotic Party. These folks will be on the barricades. At this point I don’t blame them. They have eaten the fruits of the Fourth Republic and of the vision of Jerry Rawlings. That is all natural. These two parties has held their terms and benefited from it.

That Akufo-Addo wants a second term is all natural. Just as Mahama wants to return to power as well. However, will it make a difference for the general public? I have feeling it will make vast difference from somebody else. Which I will explain after two vital extracts of what people has said about the subject.

While the NDC says it is a social-democratic party, the NPP says it is a centre-right party that encourages property owning by individuals and companies – “the party of business” the NPP cares to add. In reality, however, there is not much difference between the two parties by way of policy. In fact, they are so much alike in terms of that, that voters do not have much to choose between the two” (Africa Business Magazine – ‘The benefits of living in uninteresting times’ 20.03.2013).

A dozen candidates are operating for president however solely two are critical contenders: Former president John Mahama (pictured prime proper) of the Nationwide Democratic Congress (NDC) and the incumbent, President Nana Akufo-Addo (pictured prime left) of the New Patriotic Celebration (NPP). Akufo-Addo and Mahama have each solely served as president for a single time period, though each have additionally been energetic in high-level politics for greater than twenty years” (Michael Oti – ‘Opinion: Ghana′s election — between a crocodile and an alligator | Africa | DW’ 05.12.2020).

I think this election matters for the patronage of the Presidential Candidates, their connections and the ones earning well right now. Because Mahama knows the perks of the office and what powers it gives. The same knows Akufo-Addo. He is there already and would like to enjoy this another term.

It is not like neither of these two gentlemen had revolutionized anything in office. They have just prolonged the duopoly and settled the peace. The NDC and NPP is more of the same. It is just that the corporations, the clientele and patrons change with the parties. That is why no matter which of these two becomes President. There will be scandals and will be lost funds. It will be some bad tenders and Minister’s who has misused their office. That’s what happens with time.

Mahama has had his scandals in his term and so has Akufo-Addo in his term now. However, that will not change after the 7th December 2020. It might become a change of President and party. Nevertheless, the results for the citizens and the peasants won’t be significant. Only that they participated in another democratic election. Where the duopoly continues to amass control and have all power at their fingertips.

Just like M.Anifest said:

E dey pain, people tire for this matter

Everyday for thief man, one day for master”

People work hard and does their duty, but doesn’t see changes. Hard to see the difference between the thief and the master. If there is a difference between the NDC or NPP. So, if this prolong much longer. Then more people will start to find an alternative. However, for now the stalemate between is uninspiring, but peaceful and shows how politicians should act during campaigns. Peace.