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Ethiopia: The Prosperity Party plans a selective recruitment process…

The Prosperity Party have launched their strategies ahead. It is an insightful prospect in the months ahead. As the ruling regime have a three month scope ahead, which was released the Finfinne Intercept.

The PP are intending to invite the ministers, state ministers, commissioners and directors. Who are yet to become members of the party. They are also planning recruitment of scholars and those who are primly qualified for senior management. The party plans to have people from all zones, districts (woreda) and wards (kebele).

They are not planning to get the visionaries, but only the people who will follow the future and realize the national prosperity. Where the party is avoiding getting the resilient ones who want to change the world order. That follows the party program and constitution, but not the ones whose willing to chance to change it.

The PP continues that they don’t want to recruit people from the primly ideologically biased from the 60 generations of the oppressed. Where there will be an independent training of the recruits and paper, which will be developed by the Office of Prosperity.

This shows that the PP plans to have the ones that are only working for their cause and not the voices of dissident. The PP doesn’t want the ones whose oppressed. The party doesn’t want the writers and scholars who stand for the oppressed.

The PP is afraid of the educated and the scholars, who becomes members and would expose their misdeeds. For the oppressed and the ones who will tell. The PP just want members who are blind followers and who follows protocol.

This is all clearly another method of the party to ensure they have no dissent. Another step showing the rebranding of PP and the whole government of Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy.

We can take that as a sign of the leadership, as the PP has a significant plan for their recruitment. If this is how its going forward. It is a clear warning of how they will behave and as a one-party state. It is evident that dissidents will suffer and the party will shield the oppression.

That is the sort of behaviour, which is clearly a thing now. I’m just awaiting the time for the PP to denounce this report and say its isn’t what they meant. Because, this is really showing their true character and it’s not looking good. Peace.

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My letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali: Is this what you aimed for?

16th July 2020 Oslo, Norway

Dear Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, His Excellency Abiy Ahmed Ali.

I am writing to you today, because this is something I need to release out of my chest. I personally think this will never reach you. To be honest, you will never read this, but hopefully some of your supporters to get a outsider perspective.

All the devastation, destruction and violence happen of late … has been on your watch Prime Minister. All the fatalities, arrests and police brutality has been all on your clock. This is for you take account for and stand behind.

The deaths of innocent civilians in the hands of the authorities. All the fatalities and destroyed properties by the use of force from the army. This is all on you, Prime Minister. You can try to shift the blame, try to talk of outside forces attacking the Federal Republic. As A Prime Minister using the victims as the perpetrators. Only reflects a bad light and show your trying to spin the assaults, arbitrary arrests and charges on Oromo leaders.

That the state, your lackeys are supportive of making inaccurate messages. While viral clips, proof of usage of force against civilians are leaking. Even killing family members of Hacaalu Hubdeessaa at his funeral after his assassination. That shouldn’t be possible, but it shows to what extent your government does to prove a point. Your killing family members of a man your government was making a plaque for; and at the same time murdering his kin. That shouldn’t be a thing, Mr. Prime Minister.

As a Prime Minister, kin shouldn’t face the consequences of their parents actions. The parents are the leaders who is adjourned in courts awaiting more investigation. While the state army is still present and the broadband is still not 100% active. This is something you know. You are keeping political prisoners from all the Oromo groups. In a way silencing all your critics.

What you as Prime Minister need to address and be honest about your origin. Because, I heard in the past, that you had one parent, which was Amhara and the other Oromo. However, now you claim both is Oromo. So, you have changed your story there and your own parents, which is a gift us usual mortals cannot do.

Nevertheless, the important matter is the violence. The state sponsored murder of people. The arrests on political grounds and not on criminal conspiracy. The use of the state to silence its critics and intimidate its citizens. Mr. Prime Minister there should never be any use of Command Post against citizens. You are taking away people liberties and freedoms on the alter of your will to cling to power.

You came in with promise of reform, pledge to change the system, but in the end your regress to tyranny. Is that what your heart aspire too? To be a tyrant? To be a dictator? A technocrat with a gun? Is that all your good for?

You will not remembered in good faith, you will not be remembered for delivering hope or prosperity. You are only delivering hurt and despair. Mr. Prime Minister, the blood is on your hands. The souls of the deceased are on your spreadsheet. That is the results of your labour. You shall answer for the victims, the families who has lost their loved ones and the ones who got caught in the cross-fire. That is the ones that is on your tab.

Mr. Prime Minister, before I repeat myself too much. Let me be clear. The fatalities, the victims and the ones scorned is all on you. No one else to blame but you. He buck stops with you. You have the power to order the military, the police and the judiciary to hunt people. You can burn shops, villages and farms across the Oromia region. You can destroy and put false claim on its leaders.

However, you cannot hide the truth for to long. The victims will talk, the people will show what you did and their stories will be told. Mr. Prime Minister, by then reports and statements will condemn and launch campaigns against you. You are losing, but what you have already is the trust and hope.

You have shattered the faith that you would make a difference. The only thing for you is to seal your future. The only thing left is for you to save your title. You don’t have the love or care for your own. You can take easily life and blame the victims. That is who you are.

Your a disgrace of a leader. Who selfishly uses the power to undermine own citizens and their rights for own benefits. This is your legacy. Who would have thought that you ended up here?

It seemed so good, but it was too good to be true.

Best Regards

Writer of Minbane

Ethiopia: International Ethiopians Solidarity Forum letter to International Criminal Court (15.07.2020)

Ethiopia: Internet back on after 15 days – Now its the time for the leaks

The authorities have finally after 15 days of internet blockade and jamming of the phone lines. Opened both up in the Federal Republic. There are some signs of more usage on the networks. We can now get people back to access and deliver all their stories since 29th June 2020, when singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was assassinated and the authorities answered with arresting the leaders of OMN, OLF and OFC. Also, their family members as well. That is why the numbers of arrest is up to 3500 officially and 5000 unofficially. Also reported that 260 killed and unofficial numbers are around 1,000.

We know about the big-men, about some stories, but most have been kept in the dark. There been ploys for conspiracies. As the government wants to pin blame on the victims and the former oppressors. They been pre-occupied with writing this narrative. Even blame outside forces for this. While putting the whole Republic into black. Ensuring that no news comes out. Arrest journalists, silence there Media Houses and so on. It is a deliberate action. In the meantime also drop a context bid and a press release. Just to soften the stance and steer the conversation.

While, we now need the Oromia region to leak information. They need to drop footage, pictures and stories from the last two weeks. There is a dire need for clarifications and setting the record straight. About the abuses, the destruction and the collective rage of the armed forces. As the soldiers and police officers have attacked, killed and detained thousands.

That is why to get the whole picture. Not just the narrative the Prime Minister and his Prosperity Party wants to portray. As he has arrested all of his enemies in Oromia. He have arrested all opposition there and the leaders of the region. His Yes-Men and loyal public officials are in-charge, but they speaking to please. They will not dare to question the Emperor of Addis Ababa. The leader in Finfinne.

We have only seen footage from Tom Gardner filming of the destruction of Shashamane or Shashamannee in West Arsi Region in Oromia. It looks like a war-zone and total devastation. It looks like a long civil war with depleted houses and businesses in a town at the size of 122,000 citizens.

That is just one clip and leak from what have occurred off late. It seems like government want to go full out war against their citizens. God knows how much more damage they have done. What that has happen in the villages and smaller towns. We got no idea what sort of stories that might be revealed from there. If the government can practically destroy a town to prove a point. God knows what else they would do to its own.

There are also reports that Mohammad Jawar, the founder of OMN and opposition leader have been moved from Ma’ekelawi Prison to an undisclosed location (aka a dungeon). Who knows who of the others have been moved like this. The other leaders of OFC and OLF. They could easily have joined Jawar in this. As their lawyers and families cannot see or hear from the prisoners.

The are reports from Adama city (Nazret) that the youth have been arbitrary arrested and put in concentration camps by the authorities. Where they are kept and not fed food for days.

All of this is why, we need steady leaks. Drops of information and release of what happen. Not to undermine the Prime Minister, but to tell the truth. To show the reality on the ground and report on the actual acts, which was made these last two weeks. There is a need to know and show. So, that the unverified reports become real. It is a dire need to get this out and air out the grievances. Peace.

Ethiopia: Press Releaseon the Tripartite Negotiation on the GERD – The Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (14.07.2020)

Ethiopia: Prime Minister’s Spin Episode Two – The Press Release

The assassination of singer and activist Haacaaluu Hundeessaa on the 29th June 2020. The authorities have used violence, arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial-killings. With this in mind, the Republic and its leadership needs to fix and spin the narrative. Because, the government doesn’t want to be looking like blood hounds and atrocities towards own citizens.

The Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wants to look golden. The Prime Minister wants to look the like the future, the promising and the reformer. Abiy doesn’t want a stain on his record. However, the arrests of both the Tigray and Oromo leadership shows what he does. Not to forget the deaths of 260 people and 3500 arrested. While the unofficial numbers are 1,000 killed and 5,000 arrested.

That is why the man wants to look wonderful, but the reality is sinister. That’s why the government blame either outside forces or the TPLF. The government cannot be to blame, even if they have all the arms, bullets and orders to oppress the public. That is why the state uses Command Post in Addis Ababa and the Oromia Region. With the knowledge of this, it is outrageous that they are trying to spin it.

Like they did in the most recent press release by saying this:

Ethiopia’s transition from an autocratic state to a nascent democracy is underway and is inevitable. The government recognizes that this journey is tumultuous and filled with many obstacles as structures, systems and networks that remained under the grip of authoritarianism are slowly being chiseled away. The critical reform milestones enabled in the past two and half years will continue taking root as the administration remains committed to staying the course. This political will at the highest level is anchored in establishing a just and democratic order that pays heed to equality and respect of fundamental rights and dignity of every citizen. It is anchored in respecting and upholding the Constitution, which guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to life and security of person. It is anchored in ensuring and maintaining the rule of law, as no one is above the law of the land” (OPM, 10.07.2020).

Using the reforms as a shield to enforce injustice and impunity. That is what the Prime Minister and the government does. They claim to stop authoritarianism, but using the means of that to arrest and kill citizens without proper cause. It is really dubious at best. A method of using the law against the public and protestors, but not taking accountability for own actions.

It is hard to see how the Federal Government is respecting the rule of law or constitution, as it so easily can take life and arrest people. It seems like the Prosperity Party is above the law, when they can order these sort of orders on the citizens. While the opposition leaders in Oromo and Tigray is behind bars. The burning of houses and other vicious acts of the government should be addressed. Instead, the state only looks into the citizens who doesn’t have a voice or a outlet to let out grievances. If they do, then they will suffer. Peace.