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Opinion: The key ingredients to why burials have become political

There are usually some components in play when things change. There are certain stimuli or even ingredients that changes the flavour. It could be to much salt, pepper or even chilli. Even the idea of putting some sugar or milk like liquid in the sauce and the whole flavour profile changes.

The same way the political landscape changes. It does so over time. The main reason is that the state, the authorities and the ones in-charge are making other ways of gathering or assembling possible. There are reasons why the main big speeches and meeting places for opposition leaders in the republic is at burials or vigils of deceased activists and forefathers of political dynasties. That’s because the state barres them from gathering with consultation meetings, rallies or even celebrate their anniversaries. Even opening up local offices and spaces for building up the party can be shut-down by the authorities. There is no political event of the opposition without the police, the soldiers or other outfits to silent them.

What is even more striking is that the activists, the youth and the ones that gather around these consultations, meetings and such. Are the ones that is taken down and out. The police, LDUs, Crime Preventers and whatnot has assaulted, arrested, detained and killed civilians in the mercy to stop opposition leaders from “inciting violence”. Instead they are using violence to disperse and stop the public to assemble.

Because of this, the politicians, if they want to have any place to speak to strangers. They are not allowed to rally, meetings or even operate as a party. They use the Public Order and Management Act (POMA) and the Penal Code. Where there are pieces of legislations that is used to stop and measure the opposition. However, the same legislation seems to never be used to the governing party nor its associates. That is why they operate like a “normal party”, even if they have the sole-candidacy sickness, which has given the whole party a Stockholm syndrome as hostages under one man and his vision.

With all of this in mind. It is not strange, that the oppositions are using their best speeches, their best political work at burials and funerals. As this is the one moment, which the police force will not attend and block. The authorities will not throw tear-gas and close of a church or public space, as the casket and undertakers in attendance.

It is easy to understand this and why it turns this way. This is because of the state and their actions. That makes it the only path to generate support and attendance without fear of repercussions. That is why opposition leaders uses those gatherings for this. Because they can and they will.

It is not fair that it is this way, but as long as the path is made while walking along it. There will more functions used like this. Expect weddings and others to become it as well. Since, there is so narrow avenues and limited space. That is why burials and funerals are the place of political messages get across. It is not intended like that, but the orders from high above demands that. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Police Investigating Murder by Shooting in Nansana (26.02.2020)

One funeral become[s] another one[two]

Yesterday, it was the People Power supporter Ritah Nabukenya. Today its People Power supporter Daniel Kyenye. This story continues and this is depressing. What is the worst about this is that it’s not new from the authorities. The state has done this before elections before and does it again It is just a new label on the opposition, but the same citizens taken out for standing behind another banner than the one of the government. They are not on the bus, they participate in the politics of the opposition and they loose their lives doing so. Surely, what the NRA historicals went for the Bush for… right? Didn’t think. This blood is on your hands. Just like all the rest of the lives taken since you took power.

Yesterday it was conflicting stories on how she was knocked down. The Police Force claims it was collision between two motorcycles, while the People Power says it was a Police vehicle trailing her and did the knocking, which killed her.

Today, the Local Defence Unit (LDU) had a trigger happy fellow who dispersed the crowds in Nansana. They killed Daniel Kyenye there. It was after LDUs and Police Force did what they could to scatter the crowds after the funeral. Today, it is also reported one more too, but not named or identified yet. Also a third person fighting the life at a hospital.

This is all happening in association with gatherings where the People Power Movement are appearing. As the security organizations are attacking and using extensive force to control the affairs. They do that with force, with all will and use all means. Tear-gas, live-bullets and shed no tears of the lost. They make up stories and pin blame on everyone around them. That is what they do and known for doing so.

Its sad that it has come to this. That the authorities are using these means to attack. Silence and get rid of dissidents. This is just citizens affiliated with the new pressure group. Just like people lost their lives for associating them with Go Forward before the 2016 General Elections.

This is just tragic. Loosing their lives for being participate in politics. This is injustice and impunity in action. Lives are worthless to the authorities. They certainly doesn’t act like they value it or care for them. Instead, it is easy to get rid of them. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Additional Statement surrounding the Fatal Accident involving Two Bodaboda Motorcycles (25.02.2020)

Opinion: When the innocent dies like Ritah … there will be no answers.

The demise of Ritah Nabukenya is another tragic story. As the People Power activist died as she planned to go to the venue of Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Kampala. The Police Force has one story of her crashing on her boda-boda with another boda-boda. While People Power claimed one of their own patrol vehicle knocked the activist down. The last story isn’t new, as this has happen before when convoys of opposition leaders has passed in a metropolitan area. However, the authorities are dismissing that today.

There is also some reports that the Police Vehicle was following her on the motorcycle and stumbled on her twice. Before leaving her. Then, someone else took her from Rubaga division of Kampala to Mulago Hospital where they pronounced her dead. Therefore, it is a tragic affair no matter what.

This is yet another dying in unfortunate circumstances, because the person chooses side politically and plans to be part of political meetings. This is not the first nor the last People Power associate who will go down like this. Because, into campaign season, the dissidents usually get harsh treatment from the authorities. Yet another proof of that today with another innocent civilian taken out.

This time it was Ritah. Tomorrow might be someone else. We will not get the answers nor the verdict on this one. Just like there was never any follow-up on Ziggy Wine either. This is just another citizen dead, who the security agencies didn’t care for. Peace.

Kampala Metropolitan Police: Statement surrounding the Unfortunate deat of Nabukenya Ritah (24.02.2020)

Opinion: Bobi Wine will never meet all the requirements [to hold rallies or consultations]

Police have said Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine has not fulfilled all conditions to allow him consult voters about his presidential aspirations” (MAMA Bukedea FM, 24.02.2020).

Today, the Police Force have blocked his second round of Presidential Consultations, which the Presidential Aspirant have notified the authorities with earlier in the month. So, it was anticipated that the Police Force would block it. Which they have done and now seeing his not meeting all their condition.

I am sure they have to measure his dick-size, his voice-over on the microphones and possible if he has a fitted suit for the occasion. Because, there are just add-ons and add-ons, which seems to be taken out of nowhere. Like, I am sure they have to have a Presidential Envoy with a doctor, nurse, secretary and moving toilet like His Excellency. Maybe then the Presidential Aspirant is allowed to hold consultation meetings.

It is hard to take the authorities serious, when other candidates doesn’t get this treatment. Neither, does they ever do this to any National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate out there. Even when its months ahead of any Election Road Map from the Electoral Commission. Therefore, this is selective judgment.

Surely, Bobi Wine can forget to follow the rules, because the goal-post switches every day. Soon he has to beg CP Fred Enaga and IGP Okoth-Ochola to be allowed to meet people. It doesn’t matter if his allowed in the Constitution, neither if he has notified the authorities. There will always be an excuse. There is not toilets, there is not space for sniffer-dogs or whales to swim.

This is just targeted the big opposition leader, whose trying to collect people around him and also make his manifesto or campaign material with consultation. Mugisha Muntu, DP folks and others can do what they feel (except for the FDC( People’s Government affiliates). While People Power Movement and Bobi Wine cannot even stumble anywhere without tear-gear, havoc and blocked venues.

It is impossible for Bobi Wine to meet all the requirements of the state to hold public meetings nor consultations. Because, there is no will to allow him. They will find something or make something wrong. He just have to fart on Nile Avenue and the Black Mambas will show-up out of nowhere. That is just the way it is. Because, the state is willingly to do so. Not that its fair, justified or legally right. It is just misusing laws for their favour and not righteous at all.

The President and his “Yes Men” might grab their balls, grin and laugh at the State House. However, they are sore losers who cannot compete. They got to hold a tight grip of the state and lack tolerance for other views than the one vision of the “high above”. The President, if he thinks this is winning formula. His wrong, he might win with it, but he looks like dumb-fuck who only is savvy of oppressing dissidents, not speaking a sincere word out of his mouth.

What value does your liberation of 1986 have? When a fellow born in 1982 cannot even go outside his house or even try to campaign. What value does your 1995 constitution have when only one person can do stuff and the rest of the citizens have to beg to do so?

That is what we can ask now. Since the state doesn’t care. The Police Force is more online of political dissidents, than murderous gangs, hoodlums or actual criminals. They are more sophisticated in blocking public meetings, than catching thieves. Which should be there job. So, kudos to the President for his years of mismanagement. Peace.

Opinion: It isn’t really about Bobi Wine…

At this point of time, we can establish one fact. That it isn’t really about Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine nor his pressure group, the People Power Movement (PPM). No, it is all about the President and his fellow loyal authorities. That is what its all about.

The Consultation meetings of Bobi Wine has been squashed and stopped, his concerts has been blocked and stopped. Everything he touches, except for meetings in his garden and on his plot is stopped. He can only act in- and around his own building. Everything else is stopped.

As a Presidential Candidate, as a newcomer trying to comply and follow directives is impossible. Because, the goal-posts switches, not only has he to follow Presidential Elections Act and Public Order Management Act, but also the Electoral Commission Elections Road Map in coordination with the Police Force. All of this is blended together in a mix, which is a distasteful arrogance of the state to stifle his and their efforts of actually ensure a steady campaign ahead of 2021.

I wonder, why doesn’t any other candidate go through this mess? Why isn’t it this hard for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their candidates to hold rallies for Jim Muhwezi or Sam Kuteesa’s daughter? Why are they off the hook?

Well, it is because it’s not about them. It is about the President and his lack of popularity. Bobi Wine has a popularity and a swagger, which the President cannot replicate. A sort of political finesse, which he doesn’t have. Even if he appoints every single from the ghetto and pays them off. He will still not have the flair nor the ability to gain support like Bobi Wine.

That’s why these hardships for the PPM and Bobi Wine. Is initially all about the President and the President’s Men. Who are all fighting to show their support of the President and his cause. They are making it impossible for Bobi Wine to do his bidding and his consultations. Because, that serves the State House and the Kitchen Cabinet. It all makes sense.

It is not like the President could win in a free and fair election. If so, he would be gone a long time ago. He has to trick the stats, rig the ballot boxes and have all his appointed buddies in every single government body to ensure V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. Because, it is not like he would win it by his message, nor his track-record in office.

So, the struggles of the PPM and Bobi Wine isn’t really about them. It is about the President and the orders from “high above”. Bobi Wine and team can comply all they want, but it won’t amount to anything. Only prolong the agony and shed more tears, as the time is spoiled ahead of the 2021 elections.

An election where the results are already cooked, ready made and soon served. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine needs to serenade the authorities before he gets a go sign

What we learned today from CP Fred Enaga Presser on the People Power Movement and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine newly scheduled consultations as a Presidential Candidate ahead of 2021 elections, which is bound to happen in about a weeks time. Now, the Police Force are asking for more. Even as the People Power Movement have notified and delivered their paperwork on locations in time.

Still, CP Enaga said the PPM could just give a letter and go. Well, has the officer read the Public Order Management Act of 2013 himself. Which states: “5. Notice of public meeting. (1) An organizer shall give notice in writing signing by the organiser or his or her agent to the authorised officer of the intention to hold a public meeting, at least three days but not more than fifteen days before the proposed date of the public meeting” (POMA, 2013).

This is very clear, Mr. Officer, that as along as the organizer and their agent has informed the Police within three days ahead of an public meeting. They are kosher and good. That is after the laws, which the Police Force is supposed to enforce. There doesn’t state or any stipulation that the People Power Movement have to kneel, go into any police station in the Republic and ask directly for permission to hold any public meetings. There are no law saying that at this point. The law is clear, even as vindictive and monitoring it is.

This laws gives the police possibility to manoeuvrer and enforce their control over an building and make the owners stop it from happening. Which it has been able to do before, to block venues and close the people from gathering at these places. The POMA is giving the space the Police needs to do this without having any wire-tap, any direct spyware or any other expensive equipment to collect data on the opposition. The POMA gives way for that.

That is why the Police Force is moving the Goal Post. When the Spokesperson for the Police is saying a letter of intent isn’t enough. They have already held extra meetings, which neither decreed, stipulated nor put forward in law. If not, than the UPF and the NRM needs to invent invisible laws.

I’m sure CP Enaga and ACP Namaye wouldn’t mind a free concert on ‘One Love Beach’ with the Firebase Crew and all the associates of Bobi Wine. Maybe then he would be allowed to hold some meetings. If not, at least he got to perform and was allowed to do that for a little minute. But don’t expect this to happen.

I expect more blocked venues, more tear-gas, more arrests and lack of political space for Bobi Wine. Because, the Police Force has other rules for him. There is no way in hell he can comply, if he does A, they will ask for B; and if he does B, they will ask for C.

He can buy the shoes, shine them, iron his suit, clean his SUV and be ready to travel across the Republic. Nevertheless, expect it all to be dirty. Even if he was dressed smart, but looks like rag when the Police is done with him.

Seemingly, Bobi Wine needs to go to every Police Station and serenade the Officers, sing soft tunes of love and harmony before they let him go. Not that it will change anything, because there is no law saying he needs to do it. However, they will say so.

That he needs a sit-down and put every single scenario into paper and be humble before them. Like a little child who went out, even if the parents had given him curfew. The Police have given Bobi Wine curfew, even if there are law directly putting that on him. Peace.

Opinion: Mao’s chasing his own butterfly

I’m on the pursuit of happiness

I know everything that shine ain’t always gold

I’ll be fine once I get it

I’ll be good” (Kid Cudi – ‘Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)’ 15.09.2009).

It sounds like fiction that Democratic Party President Norbert Mao, which is in an internal fracas. A man whose excluded part of his party and is entangled in an internal battle over whose being the Presidential Flag-bearer of the party.

This was the report by NBS Television yesterday:

The antagonistic group against Norbert Mao’s decision to dismiss Sulaiman Kidandala as the National Organizing Secretary, has revealed that the party’s National Council resolved to support Kyagulanyi, a decision that has been rejected by Mao” (NBS Television, 15.02.2020).

Now, today the man writes this on Facebook:

The only way to be happy is to be happy. That is a state of mind within your control whatever you are doing. It doesn’t require a new Ferrari or an extension to your dangly bits. Happiness is not a pursuing, it is a being. The harder you chase it, the further you push it away. It can be likened to chasing a butterfly. The more desperately you charge at it, the more it will elude you. But if you stop trying so hard, lay down on the grass and relax, there is a chance it will just come and land on your shoulder” (Norbert Mao – ‘On Happiness’ 16.02.2020).

It is like the intellectual Mao doesn’t understand the predicament his in. Like he doesn’t get the hardships of what his doing. Instead of acting sincere, his trying to rebuild the party around himself. As he anticipate to be Party President for another term.

Mao shouldn’t act this way within the Internal Party wrangle. Last round he lost hard and went after the butterfly called Amama Mbabazi and the Democratic Alliance (TDA). Before that he ran on his own ticket and didn’t actually succeed on that one either. However, that was first round and total failure in the second. Then thinking he will be a booming star in the third is a bit far-fetched isn’t it?

Mao should wonder why his where his at and why the party is so split. Not only has he let this happen with fractions working directly with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and even becoming cabinet members. While some DP has become part of the People’s Government and working directly with dr. Kizza Besigye. Thirdly, some has associated them with Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and the People Power Movement. Which is now splitting the party.

We can really imagine that Mao could be happy about being second fiddle to Bobi Wine. That someone like him took his way. Even if by the Lords of Mercy would even grant Mao an MP slot in Gulu. He should praise the Gods for that alone. However, his always aimed at the stars and the moons, even if he never had space shuttle to get there.

Now, we are seeing the sounds of happiness from him. Even if we know it is a nightmare. Because, it shows his double standard. Mbabazi was fine and dandy, but Bobi Wine is not. Maybe because he was barred from entering in 2016 and can now in 2021. Nevertheless, it seems strange, as it was not like Mao did magic in 2011. This from the man complaining that Besigye is a serial loser and Mao haven’t even won pop-tarts in his hey-day.

Mao become the DP President and he had been the Guild President at Makerere University, but that doesn’t deem him fit for the Presidency. Neither does he have the popularity to even get there. The party haven’t been built better under him, neither proved it value in the opposition. Unless, you count the amount of times Mao has been sitting on NBS Frontline. Than, you can say his winning. Also, the amount of times the papers publishes his writings.

With all of this in mind. Should Mao be happy? No. He should work like crazy, salvage whatever he can. Because its not like he got the golden goose. Not like he got the loyal standing or stature. Mao might have a few cronies around him and some central leadership backing him blindly. However, this will not save him. As the waves are turning and his importance isn’t all that.

Besigye and Bobi Wine has more going for them. Mao might not like that, but if his running against them. He will look like the knock-off Coca-Cola, looking like coke, but tasting like watered down coca-cola candy with fizz. He might like that, but the public prefer the real deal over the knock-off.

Mao will not be happy about that, but that is the reality. Maybe, he can quote someone else philosophical book and call it a night. Peace.

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