Ethiopia: Terrorism charges on the TPLF leadership [a kick of a dying horse]

Yesterday, the authorities and the Attorney General of Ethiopia finally charged the leadership and Executive Committee of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Earlier this year in May 2021 the House of Federation designated the whole political party as a terrorist organization. Therefore, the charges on the TPLF leadership isn’t shocking.

As reported yesterday:

Addis Ababa July 23/2021 (ENA) The Federal Attorney General announced that it has filed charges against the leader of the Junta, Debretsion Gebremichael, and 61 others. The defendants were members of the Central Committee of TPLF and members of the regional government cabinet who were heavily involved in decision-making, according to the Attorney General” (…) “The charges are based on two criminal charges. The first is the overthrowing of a constitutionally established and legitimate regional government through violence and illegal ways. The second is related to crime to oust the federal government by organizing a special force called Military Commando and attacking the National Defense Force” (Ethiopian News Agency – ‘AG Files Criminal Charges against 62 People, Including Leader of Junta’ 23.07.2021).

We know there is reports of Tigrayan getting arrested for their ethnicity and charged for being “supporters of TPLF”. That is done without any due process or even put in trial in court. The state is going after Tigrayan in Addis Ababa and elsewhere. There been reports of restaurants, shops and such have been closed by the authorities. The Tigrayan citizens been rounded up, kidnapped and taken away without prior notice. Taken to unknown locations and arrested without any crime committed. Therefore, the charges on the TPLF leadership is at least on paper serious. Even if it is done in spite and done because the warfare is epically failing for the Federal Government.

The TPLF and Tigrayan is targeted a a retaliation. The state is targeting them. There is reports of extra judicial killings and punitive injustice towards them. Therefore, the Attorney General is at least doing this by the books. Though the timing and when they are doing it is peculiar. As the state is losing the Operation Law Enforcement and that time they are charging their enemies.

While the state is “weeding” out the Tigrayans elsewhere. That’s the tragedy here and we cannot have any idea at what extent and how bad it is. We are only hearing a little and nothing systematic into it. Reporters are arrested and journalists silenced as well. The ones who dares to report in disfavour of the state is getting into trouble.

This is the final kick of a dying horse. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) is weakened and the same is the allies too. This is a clear attack on the TPLF as the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is conquering the Republic, little by little. That is why this is happening now. Peace.

A look into the Prime Minister Abiy’s Tigrinya Statement

The government’s decision to stop humanity is to make a complaint; to plow and sow our people without passing crusades; and to demonstrate in practice the high esteem of the Tigray People by making urgent humanitarian assistance, but because this power of destruction is not in the interests of the people, but because it is not interested in the people, it is a farmer’s food crop of the year; it is at a crucial time of farming” (Abiy, 24.07.2021)

Today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali suddenly dropped a statement in Tigrinya, the language of Tigray, the region he has been to war with since early November 2020. The warfare is going south for him these day. The Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) is in tatters. The state has needed to send Regional Special Forces and it doesn’t seem to work. There is also reports of the Presidential Republican Guards sent to Afar region and losing as well this week. So, the current advances and strength of the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is to much for the Federal Government to overcome.

The genocidal warfare of the Tripartite Alliance is finally causing more harm than good. The state have deliberately caused this results and now the price is paid outside of the Tigray region borders. As the TDF have launched strategic advances both in Afar region and in Amhara. Where they are advancing and able to further destroy the National Army. The national army is quickly briefed soldiers, short-time trained and barely capable. As regional states are scrapping quotas of “willing” and sending them to the front. This has been reported in Somali Region (Ogaden) and in Benishangul-Gumuz region. So, it is really not doing well and in that spirit.

“If you are circumcised, don’t expect circumcision,” the Tigray people leaves the call for this evil tax; my call to farm in the workplace. Not to be hungry; to ensure that adequate crop assistance is urgently introduced and delivered to the people; and to go and participate in other organs in addition to the government; to distribute procedures for transparency and accountability; and to work relentlessly” (Abiy, 24.07.2021).

The Prime Minister comes with a Tigrinya statement. Where they are in a total blackout. As the state is arresting journalists, blocked phone-lines and electricity. That’s who he is targeting, as the TDF is destroying his armies and prospects of wining this war.

His statement was focused on the farming season and the unilateral ceasefire, which was only a smokescreen to retool and redeploy other forces. That’s why his statement is insincere. The state had besieged the region and thought it could starve it out after months of warfare. That they could break it and leave it behind in a man-made famine.

But if this anti-people returns and enters, working for a hungry people to reach him and thrive instead of humanitarian assistance; this timeless affair leaves Gondor and is scared of further destruction and destruction. Months of public assistance in the storehouses is preventing it from happening in time, understanding that ፈፂሙ is unacceptable, and our people should be encouraged to seek humanitarian assistance without being harmed by starvation” (Abiy, 24.07.2021).

He really goes all out there after all of these months. Using the harsh tactics with all of his allies. It seemed “good just a week ago right?” or “nah”? Well, the truth is that this man caused this pain, suffering and harmed the people of Tigray. Why would they believe that he cares about them? When he ordered the armies and invaded the territory? When he sent soldiers to rape, massacre and besiege the region? Why should they believe him now? Who does he think he is?

This is being said as the TDF is strategically moving along and the gutter presses of state is demonizing them further. While we are supposed to believe from the same state that has lied about every other aspect of the conflict and had their own propaganda machine prepared ahead.

Additionally, unborn children are employed to return to school the size of their education; they are being forced into a state of combat; this lack of humanity has proved publicly that they do not care about ethnicity and global law” (Abiy, 24.07.2021).

He has the nerve to do this… after everything he has done and ordered. There is no heart in this warlord. The warlord who is losing and has more local armies against him. Not only the TDF, but the OLF and the GLF as well. He is not making more friends, but having more enemies because of his policies and warfare. The PM dares speak of humanity, after wanting to “weed” Tigrayans out. After his state has butchered civilians, arrested without procedure and closed their stores. The PM whose state has targeted an ethnic group and destroyed their lives. He wants to speak of global law and lack of humanity! Who is he kidding here? Himself or his naive cronies?

Enough of this madness, someone has stop this mad-man of warlord. He is only brining more pain and suffering. As he force enlisting youths in the regions of “willing”. This war is not over, but the TDF is advancing, as well as the OLF in Oromia. The PM is feeling the pinch and surely becoming paranoid. H

He opened a can of worms in November 2020 and now it comes back to haunt him. Peace.

PS: I translated the statement from Abiy’s Facebook on

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Ethiopia: Gambela Liberation Front – Announcement on Established Gambela Liberation Front (22.07.2021)

We are here to announce the rebellion against Ethiopia’s prosperity party led government. As we are all aware that there’re only two options when it comes to political struggle, either through peaceful means or by way of armed struggle. After exhausting the means through a peaceful struggle, we were left with no option but to take the latter.
The country’s just concluded 6th general elections proved beyond reasonable doubt abiye Ahmed’s illusion of transparency. We took the initiative to participate in the regions political spectrum as a result of the promises made by the current regime to have a genuine free and fair elections. The elections turned out as anticipated, marred by irregularities and malpractices from the get-go. After deliberation and evaluation of the past and current situation of the country as a whole and gambela in particular, we’ve come to a conclusion that only an armed struggle will free our people and constitution from this bondage. And save our constitution undermined.
We therefore ask you our fellow Gambella’s people particularly youths and intellectuals to rise to the challenge of fighting for our rights and freedom that the leadership of the region has taken for granted. The hubris nature of Gambela’s current political establishment has exacerbated the suffering of the state’s population in terms of service delivery and high youth unemployment. Instead of working for what’s best for the region, the current leadership led by Omod and Thankuey are on a destructive path that will take years for Gambela to recover from. We rank last in terms of development and first in corruption in the country. The regions insecurity is way out of hand and the ruling party seem oblivious and detached from reality. Rather than priorities the security of the region from threats such as the constant Murle attacks along the South Sudan border, the leadership has resorted to pleasing their masters at the central government by sending the regions ill equipped special forces to fight our brothers and sisters in Tigray region.
We therefore appeal to you, Gambella people from all walks of life to stand in solidarity with us in fighting for our rights and freedom. It’s about time we bring about genuine change that will usher in true democracy and development that the people of Gambela have been yearning for.
Gambela liberation front has elected the following members as the interim leadership until further notice.
Gatluak Buom Pal – Chairman
Gatluak Pal Tharjiath D/ Chairman
Peter M Okello – Secretary General
May be an image of text that says 'ጋምቤላ ቤላ ነፃነት ግንባር (ጋነግ) GAMBELLA LIBERATION FRONT(GLF) FREEDOM AND EQUALITY'

Ethiopia: WFP Sends First Humanitarian Passenger Flight into Tigray, as Famine Edges Closer in the Region (22.07.2021)

The UNHAS flights will operate twice a week, facilitating the regular movement of humanitarian personnel into and out of Tigray.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, July 22, 2021 – The first United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) passenger flight, which is managed by the United Nations World Food Programme, has touched down at Tigray’s Alula Aba Nega International Airport in Mekelle today.

It is the first passenger flight into the region since commercial flights were halted on 24 June and carried more than 30 employees from multiple humanitarian organisations working to deliver urgently needed assistance to conflict-affected communities across Tigray.

“WFP and our fellow emergency responders on the ground in Mekelle are all enormously relieved to see this UNHAS flight arrive today, bringing in colleagues who are all essential in our collective efforts to scale up the humanitarian response and for WFP to reach 2.1 million people with life-saving food assistance,” said Michael Dunford, WFP’s Regional Director for Eastern Africa.

From today, the UNHAS flights will operate twice a week, facilitating the regular movement of humanitarian personnel into and out of Tigray. However, the humanitarian response in the region continues to be challenged by a lack of sufficient food and other humanitarian supplies, limited communication services and no commercial supply chain.

With conflict escalating in surrounding regions, including Afar, the safe and secure passage for convoys to move humanitarian supplies into Tigray remains a primary concern for WFP and the humanitarian community, particularly after a WFP convoy was attacked on the morning of July 18 while attempting to move essential humanitarian cargo into Tigray.

Another WFP-led convoy of over 200 trucks containing food and other essential humanitarian supplies is currently on standby in Semera and expected to depart for Tigray as soon as security clearances are assured.

“Famine is preventable and the power to avert it is in the hands of all parties concerned. WFP is calling for all parties to agree to a ceasefire so the humanitarian response can be rapidly scaled up and all routes can be used urgently to reach those most in need,” added Dunford.

  • Despite the numerous challenges, WFP has managed to deliver food to over 730,000 people in parts of the south and north west in the past month (under Round 2 distributions). This includes 40,000 people in Zana who were reached with food assistance for the first time.
  • WFP hopes to reach an additional 80,000 people in the north west in the coming days. Once this is completed, food stocks are likely to run out.
  • WFP and its nutrition partners are working together to ensure nutrition supplies are reaching the families most in need. In June, WFP reached over 185,000 people with nutrition support but progress in early July was much slower due to security concerns with 30,000 people reached so far. WFP is now delivering nutrition support in areas previously unreached throughout the conflict, including those with high malnutrition rates.
  • There is currently 7,500 metric tons of food inside Tigray stored in WFP’s warehouses in Mekelle and Shire. WFP recently added an additional 13 trucks to its fleet within the region and plans to move in 30 more as soon as it is guaranteed safe and secure passage to do so.
  • WFP is providing logistics capacity to the Joint Emergency Response (JEOP, a consortium of NGOs funded by the United States) by transporting urgently needed food to those communities which haven’t yet been reached, particularly in rural areas in central zone.
  • The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification analysis in June projected that over 400,000 people would be suffering from catastrophic levels of hunger from July onwards. Across Tigray, 4 million people—70 percent of the population— have high levels of acute food insecurity and need emergency assistance.
  • Across Ethiopia, WFP aims to reach 11.9 million people in 2021 with food, nutrition and cash support and delivering activities to boost communities’ self-reliance and capacity in order to be food secure.
  • WFP needs US$176 million to continue to scale up its response in Tigray to save lives and livelihoods to the end of the year. For all activities under its Country Strategic Plan, WFP has a funding shortfall of US$377 million. Additional funding is vital to allow WFP to keep saving and changing lives in Ethiopia.

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