Opinion: Babalanda don’t know her own party…

Many of us who are leaders have failed to read, let alone internalise the four chore principles of NRM and as a consequence, we have become lazy yet we could do things right. These principles and guidelines by President Museveni as the NRM chairperson is the gospel that leads us. These principles are patriotism, Pan Africanism, economic transformation and democracy” (… ) “We are dealing with unpatriotic leaders. It is a betrayal of the great revolution” (…) “However the President’s office has made headways in spreading the message of patriotism. In this period we have had so many trainings conducted in this direction. I urge you the committee members to embrace patriotism and renounce acts of theft, negligence and violence” – The Minister for Presidency Milly Babalanda (Franklin Draku – ‘Corrupt leaders betraying NRM revolution – minister’ 17.03.2022, Daily Monitor).

We know that these sort of words are often said by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He has spoken of it and lectured about it. This is the sort of typical topics of the President. These sorts of themes are common. So, that the Minister of Presidency is spelling it out isn’t surprising. She said it herself, there been plenty of trainings, conferences and at other venues.

That honourable Babalanda is saying these things aren’t shocking or anything. It is more repeating what Museveni has been saying. While that is fine and dandy, the National Resistance Movement and the regime isn’t directly working for all of these principals. Neither is it working to stop people from thieving, negligence of office or stopping violence. All of these three things are done by the NRM on a regular basis.

The Minister should just look into the cabinet and appointees, which happens to be NRM members. This is all going from the State House to the Local Governments. It is like Bablanda should just look into Muhwezi or anyone else for that matter. There are several of candidates that has been spewing violence and thriving on it. That is going from the top and the fear is what keeping the NRM alive it seems.

This is why Babalanda is saying the right things. However, she is oblivious to this fact. That is very clear or she’s looking sideways. It is funny that she says these things are unpatriotic. While she could deem these things are about her close associates and allies. The ones in her midst who is eating of the plate of the government and who is using their role to enrich themselves. People came into power piss-poor, but leaving this life richer than King Salomon. So, I am just sneezing, as the scandals and the lost funds doesn’t disappear. Neither does the reports of paying ghosts and not following protocol in concern to public tenders. Therefore, the Minister should look into that as well.

We know these sorts of statements are the sort of way of boosting yourself and trying to be vibrant. It is the sort of saying all the rights things, but we know these won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Not like she will push the President or anyone else with a high ranking position. There are plenty who has committed these sins, but never had to atone for them.

That’s why it’s really spicy to call it unpatriotic to do it. Because, that implies the members and high ranking official who does this isn’t in accordance with their patriotic duties. All of us know that those things are bad, but the NRM thrives on it and get loyal leaders to commit to it. Therefore, we know the words of the Minister isn’t really true.

It is a nice sentiment, but it is like throwing stones in a glass-house. Not a good look, but a look it is. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee says it colonialists fault for him torturing civilians today…

Asked to comment on Kakwenza’s, and other critics’ torture allegations, Museveni said that he has confirmed some incidents of torture although he had not yet followed up on the former’s case. “It is true that some people were tortured. I have not confirmed on that one (Kakwenza), but I have confirmed some other cases, and I took it up,” Museveni said. Adding, “You see, part of the problems of Africa is capacity building, we are building armies and security forces. These sometimes come with traditional ideas from the village or they get imported ideas from the former colonialists. For instance, the Police Force which was here during the colonial times; they were using those methods.”” (Jonah Kirabo – ‘Museveni blames Kakwenza’s torture on traditional ideas, colonialism’ 07.03.2022, Nile Post).

We are living in 2022 and the Republic was liberated in 1962. It has been 50 years since the United Kingdom held the Republic of Uganda as it’s protectorate. The “British enclave” which President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni usually refers it too. That’s why it’s astonishing that a man who has held power since 1986. Is blaming the relics of old, as if he couldn’t have changed it or the traditions of the security agencies in the Republic. If that was true… then his really powerless in office.

I have already proven in previous articles through human rights reports, that the National Resistance Army and National Resistance Movement has used torture as a method all through its’ reign. Yes, the NRM has enacted laws that makes it illegal. While the same government keeps institutions, safe-houses and organizations unaccountable for torturing civilians without due process or legal justification.

There is clear indication that the Security Agencies are using torture, keeping citizens incommunicado and kidnapping them. Just like the “Panda Gari’s” did and we in this day and age call them “drones”. While the citizens are kept in dungeons, safe-houses and whatnot where they are tortured with methods that is “Kandooya”, which is still prevalent to this day. Therefore, the President can claim “colonialists” inspired this, but he instead has kept the operation and the means of Amin. That’s the tragedy here… which he claims to have ushered in a new era post Amin and Obote II governments.

Museveni promised a “fundamental change” but only difference was a bus and a “heroic” tale of 27 guns of the NRA. The rest is just hogwash and sold out ideals on the alter of massive wealth for the inner-circle of the President. The rest is hanging and getting breadcrumbs of the initial promises of old. The pledges and promises haven’t been kept and the governing is more of the same. While dissidents, activists and political opponents are meeting the grave reality of harassment, torture and legal jeopardy, as they try to stand tall in a battle of the political space. Therefore, NRM and Museveni haven’t achieved or made it possible to be better.

The Museveni era and reign will be remembered for the amount of pain, suffering and hurt it has caused. The damaged lives, the loss of limbs and the suffering that certain parts of the Republic has. While others been living lavish in Kololo or elsewhere. Because, they was part of the elite and the clientele that served the President wisely.

The rest is getting the blunt and unforgiving force. They can all be taken away, swiftly and eruptly without any forewarning or warrants on their heads. No, the state can just take them and punish them for their political stance or their opinion online. It is enough justification to go after someone and take them down. Since they offended the Don or his avenging Son.

That’s why it’s hard to believe that this is the fault of others. When the system is built by the means of His Excellency and he has never disbanded these efforts. Peace.

Opinion: Muhwezi thanksgiving party of command loyalty

“I will reward all the MPs [who] refused to sign the censure motion by attending public functions in their constituencies in a big way whenever I am invited.” Minister for Security, Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi said during a thanksgiving ceremony in Kisoro District on Saturday” (NTV Uganda, 01.03.2022).

If the National Resistance Movement (NRM) or the NRM MPs of the 11th Parliament see it as a victory that Minister for Security, Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi didn’t get a majority vote or enough signatures to be censured. However, at this point of time it was a fools errand. Because, there was no way possible to achieve it. Unless, the NRM Caucus suddenly wanted to sack a cabinet member.

The only way the NRM would get rid of a Minister or a high-ranking official is if Museveni says so. If he deems someone unfit or doesn’t fit his plans he will axe them. The other way is to find another outpost, lead a government parastatal or make them a Presidential Advisor. Therefore, we know it has to be decided in the State House.

The censure of Muhwezi is a righteous one, as it is an reaction to the growing number of torture cases and prominent ones of those. While the state takes no accountability or acts transparent of the modus operandi of the state agencies, which happens to be under Muhwezi. He knows this and the NRM knows that as well. They are just “condoning” it and sending their “prayers” while hoping the people forget about it quickly.

In a place of accountability and transparency, a minister of Muhwezi would see an another day in office. He wouldn’t get accepted to the office either. The Maj. Gen. would be unfit and deemed as a corrupt zealot not fit for office. However, as a crony and loyal cadre of the President he is perfect. Jimmy Jim would never offend or act unrighteous towards the President. He would carry the water and take the blunt scrutiny, but in the end… that would all blow over and call it a day.

Muhwezi would have been fired for hiring a “ghost” company for a security deal with the ministry, which was done early in his term. A usual minister elsewhere … would have been sacked and destroyed over such a wasteful enterprise. However, in the Republic his walking around like his Teflon. He can get away with murder and sell the misfortunes of others like it’s a sweet treat.

That his giving away money as it is his thanksgiving … a party of envelopes and yellow cadres lining up to get their shillings. The silver coins of oppression and salvage of the suffering of others. The blood money of which is payment to overlook and forget about the plights of the citizens. That money will wither and should be seen as a condemnation of their souls. As they are selling their hearts over a few shillings. They are trading their integrity … and it’s evident that these MPs can be bought.

It is a den filled of thieves who accept the merciless prosecution and brutal treatment without due process of fellow civilians. That’s who these people are and they should be remembered for that. The acceptance of the coins is proof that they are willingly accepting the cause and the use of torture. Since they are eating of the hands of the people who are ordering it on the daily. Peace.

Opinion: The UPDF spokesperson wants to silence the torture debate

I call on Ugandans to go slow on the torture debate. I am personally going slow about it. I’m studying the circumstances to make an informed opinion on the torture. But personally I do not condone torture, we have some elements in the opposition who simply want to score political mileage by discrediting our president Museveni. They want to show him as a bad leader to the outside world” – Uganda People’s Defence Forces Spokesperson Lt. Felix Kulayigye

This shows how insincere the army and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is as the state doesn’t want to be transparent and be held accountable for their actions. The UPDF spokesperson wants to silence and not talk about the torture cases. They want it gone away and in the dark like the ungazetted safe-houses.

The UPDF and NRM just wants to dismiss and downplay the severity of the torturing which is happening in the Republic. We know the Human Rights Reports on Torture has shown an extent of it and what the government don’t want out in public. As the UPDF Spokesperson feels this is destroying the image of Museveni.

Well, Museveni don’t need the help of the opposition to destroy his image. That his doing perfectly well… on his own and doesn’t need any help. The President and his Modus Operandi is destroying it on the regular. If people have to flee into exile, activists lingering in jail without charges or due process, safe-houses and various of security agencies delivering injustice towards the citizens. This is the destructive manner of which Museveni name is tarnished.

He cannot help himself and the UPDF spokesperson is in the wrong. Yes, the opposition will use this for political mileage. That is true, but they are doing it for the reasons of injustice and impunity of the authorities. The Security Agencies shouldn’t torture in the first place … and it has been done from the on-set of the NRA takeover in 1986. Therefore, the spokesperson should know better and we know the state haven’t changed it’s stripes.

Museveni is a bad leader and uses torture as a means to strike fear and intimidate. The President uses all the security agencies to kidnap, keeping people incommunicado and torture civilians without any due process by the courts of law. There is no equal before the law, because the civilians and dissidents are without charges or sentenced treated as criminals in these instances. Therefore, the Museveni will be remembered for this.

UPDF spokesperson cannot deny it and the reality is that the NRM haven’t fundamentally changed things, as it using the same means as its predecessors. That’s why they don’t want people to talk about it. The acts of vile force on innocent civilians should never be accepted and the outcries are righteous.

The security agencies shouldn’t do these things and the laws blocking it mute or silent ones, which isn’t in effect or used. Since, there is no real consequences to the ones ordering it and the ones actually doing it is a secret as well. The victim cannot know who they are and often these are plain clothed men who beats and uses torture techniques, which secures their faces from not being shown to the victim. Therefore, the state and the ones doing it’s bidding can get away with it.

These sorts of stories shall not be forgotten. There is unknown amount of people who has been tortured, kept in the dungeons or safe-houses, as the agencies are able to get away with these practice and it has no real consequence for the ones on top. That is the brutal truth and President Museveni name will forever be associated with this. Just like the NRA has tarnished the name of Obote and Amin for their crimes in their time. It is his turn now. Peace.

Opinion: Tayebwa’s own fault-line

Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa’s letter dated 10th February 2022 on the censure of Security Minister Jim Muhwezi is a failure and an epic blow of a defence of it’s own. We know that Tayebwa is using all means to defend the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the majority party in Parliament.

First reason of the Chief Whip is that it’s politically motivated. Well, if things aren’t politically motivated in Parliament. I don’t know where else the Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga should act politically. Secondly, the Chief Whip knows the reason and that’s because of how the state operates in concerns with the usage of torture. The LoP does this as answer towards the inaction and continues usage of it towards citizens, opposition and dissidents in general. When calling it politically motivated, it is degrading the urgency of the censure in the first place.

When he continues that the Government doesn’t have torture as a policy. We still doesn’t see any stoppage of the usage of it. Neither is there any actions towards the safe-houses and the security agencies, which is involved in the torturing of people. The government haven’t gone after the ones ordering or ensuring the act to happen. It is just downplaying and disregarding it, which he does in his letter to NRM MPs of the 11th Parliament.

In the last paragraph of the first page, he calls the censure a planned way to keep Muhwezi relevant in the media and a “blackmailing our government”. Which is very striking… The LoP is doing his job and what his supposed to do. His supposed to test, prove and challenge the government on what it does. His not a puppeteer only dancing to the songs of the NRM. However, that is the only thing Tayebwa knows and that’s evident.

On the beginning on the second page, Tayebwa says something very revealing and shows his sentiments: “As the NRM family in the House, an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us”. He is speaking with similar way as the President. This just shows the NRA Way and it’s evident. As the NRM should as a governing party be held accountable for their actions, but the Chief Whip cannot manage or muster the courage to do that.

Yes, I never believed in the censure of Muhwezi from Mpuuga, but not because the intention isn’t good, but because it is. However, Mpuuga will not win this and I don’t think that’s the way it will go out anyway. As Tayebwa and the NRM has no plans to listen or understand the grievances of the opposition. That’s because Tayebwa and his party takes this way to personal. When they are the ones who are torturing and doing injustice on the regular to civilians without any proper court judgment or even charging they are violating their rights. Therefore, Tayebwa is forgetting this piece of information and reality of which too many people have lived through.

Tayebwa should be better, but I think that’s to much to ask. His one of them and it’s very evident. He wants to die on a hill of impunity and injustice, instead of trying to be sincere. Because, he knows if these things was tested or investigated properly. It would be earth shattering and the extent of the usage of it would tarnish the whole party and government. They cannot muster the courage to be upright about themselves. This is why this is a personal attack on the party and the whole family.

They can claim and alleged torture is happening, but it’s been part of the Modus Operandi since they took power in January 1986. It has been a tool and a way of spreading fear in the population to be loyal to the cause and it’s President. Peace.

Opinion: The Movement apologists has an unforgiving job…

Lest we forget.

We shall never forget their sacrifice and their eternal wisdom, which reflects so abundantly when they speak, write or profess their intelligence to the masses. It is unique and we all should aspire to their craft. As these gentlemen and ladies has a job, which we all should be grateful not to have.

The defenders of the National Resistance Movement and the Government of Uganda has a tireless operation to uphold. It has to make corruption into minor mistakes and make torture into a common occurrence. That’s what they do and they cannot faith in humanity, as they cannot dwell on the consequences of their actions. As the wounded, harmed and extra judicial killings has to explained by someone and the apologists are plenty.

The NRM has government spokespersons, media houses and representatives who is all singing the same songs. They are downplaying the severity and mocking the reality. It doesn’t matter, because they are eating and the plights of others doesn’t matter. The NRM has the power by the grips of the guns and by ruling the whole system with an iron-fist.

We know that the State House and inner-circle decrees, orders ensure the daily operations, which doesn’t follow constitutional order or protocol. That’s why we know that the Presidential Directives often supersedes laws and regulations, which just happen to be ascended into law by the same man. That makes it hectic to follow and also ensure the rights of the people.

As the President and his loyal men are all working to keep the system intact. It doesn’t matter at what cost and which sacrifice. As long as the sacrifice isn’t theirs and the ones in close association. Since, the citizens and dissidents has to pay the price. If it is kidnappings, kept incommunicado, tortured and later charged with bogus claims of criminal intent.

That’s why it must be a hectic mess to defend it. Not only stand your ground, but be flexible with the truth. As we know they have to dismiss and disregard the claims, the alleged and even the inevitable truth. Which flexes on their eyes and the facts remains the impunity and violations of human rights happens on the daily.

Yes, the NRM has instated courts and laws, but they are subjectively used, in a manner, which seems to help the elite, but be a bondage to everyone who dissent to the first family. That’s why it’s must be a brilliant attempt to spread the messages on all sorts of platforms. This is why the GCIC, Uganda Media Centre and all other avenues to ensure the people get memo. However, they cannot blindfold them all and neither will everyone trust their messages either.

That’s because in this day and age. They cannot control social media, the way things goes viral and the way to escape the planned news-cycles. As people can release, publish and even film on videos on their own. In such a way, that the state cannot contain or even get a full grasp of all things online. That is why they have to silence loudmouth critics and use computer misuse act and offensive communications as a tool to silence the ones who dares to speak with contempt.

In this manner, we know the double jeopardy, as the President himself is vulgar and has a vicious rhetoric. He isn’t a soft spoken angel of God, neither is his avenging son. However, the ones going after them is violated. While they are eating lavish lunches in the State House and elsewhere on the public’s dime. Therefore, it is unjustified to use these means against others. When you yourself does practically the same.

That’s why you know the Movement apologists has a terrible job. They have defend the use of bullets, massacres and extra judicial killings. They have to defend the rigged elections and the ballooned state, expensive government expenditure without growing domestic revenue. That’s what they have to do and on a daily basis. These folks has defend medical tourism, while blocking dissidents from getting fit-to-fly papers. That’s what they are up to and that’s the brave world of the NRM’s current Kampala.

It’s disgraceful and distasteful, but the mere reality of what they are willing to do. Noting is untouchable and all things can be corrupted. That’s what they believe in and they hope to catch others in their trap. This is the way they move and inevitably someone will fall for their tricks. However, the brutal reality will catch up on these men and ladies. The moment they fall-out with the unceremonious monarchy of Rwakitura farm.

At that time… the apologists will met the same fate, as the people asked to follow laws and regulations, as they are spared no after thought and goes through the painful adventure of the security agencies. They will taste the blood, the harm and be wounded like all the other people before them. Because, they knew this, but looked the other way. However, if they fall-out and becomes critical. They will meet the makers of their careers and it will not be much of habeas corpus for the courts or concern for the 48 hours before taken to court. As they are assessed in the same manner of which the former dissidents where.

These people could have known better, but they think they are supreme. Because, at this very moment … it might be wealth and fancy titles. Tomorrow might be devastation and utter impunity served their way. Peace.

Opinion: Muhwezi will not fall but if he falls [it will be as soft as a feather]

The Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga is now planing to censor the Minister of Security Jim Muhwezi. The idea itself is good and the intent is honest, but the reality is faulty from the on-set.

Yes, the opposition does the right thing to go after the Minister of Security in the concerns of the torture of civilians, activists and political dissidents in the republic. That is a righteous affair, but it will not change the fact or the system of which has since it’s inception done this.

To take down Muhwezi would be a victory, but it would be as short-sighted as taking down Henry Tumukunde or Kale Kayihura. Yes, you get rid of some leaders who has used their office for their benefit and straight up being loyal soldiers of the State House. Alas, it seems all good, but the next man will be as vicious as the last.

As long as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) are in power and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni reigns supreme. There will no difference in concern towards torture. Torturing his enemies and dissidents has been Modus Operandi. That’s why going for Muhwezi isn’t solving the issue. It is making one man take some responsibility. However, Tumukunde and Kayihura had to fall over the BodaBoda 2010, but they had no real costs of doing so.

Kayihura is walking around like a free man and Tumukunde hasn’t paid a price as well. Yes, Kayihura was charged but later dropped. Tumukunde did spend some time behind bars, but was later allowed back at the round table. Therefore, there ones who do fall… only does so temporarily and later be back in the good graces.

So, if Muhwezi was to take one for the team. It will only be symbolic and the costs will not be anything substantial.

What is also very profound and real about all of this… is that Muhwezi didn’t invent the system or the modus operandi. No, his just carrying on tradition and doing the bidding, which all his predecessors did. He is just continuing the same methods and security agencies are acting accordingly.

Muhwezi has inherited this one and just following protocol. His not an inventor, entrepreneur or a leader of men. No, his a token soldier of the NRM and a part of the kitchen cabinet. Yes, his useful as a figurehead and a proof that loyalty pays off. However, you don’t have him there out of brilliance or skills of governing. No, then you would have hired an able body who actually could do his job.

Mpuuga is doing the right thing, but it is useless, which is tragic. Not because the 11th Parliament and the Majority MPs will accept the censoring of Muhwezi. Well, its useless, because it doesn’t matter who is the Ministry of Security. That’s because of Lt. Muhoozi Kainerubaga and his father. They are really the heads and the ones running it… and they can do whatever they want. Especially, if someone offend anyone with a working brain-cell within the State House. Then the whole hell will break loose and the tricks of old will return on new flesh.

This shouldn’t shock anyone, but that is the case… Mpuuga could censor anyone with a pulse with the NRM and most likely Museveni would find a knob-head to takeover and the results would be the same. That’s why he has hand-picked fishermen and not people who are in their field or capable of running things.

It is for a reason, so that he can control it and they can catch a check. In the matter of security and the security agencies. If it is UPF, UPDF, ISO, CMI or SFC… you can change the leadership, but the results are most likely becoming the same. As the torturing will not stop and will only cease to buy peace. Just like the newest IGP Okoth Ochola suspended the institution of Nalufenya for a moment, but it returned to relevance later when the blow-back went away. Therefore, the ones believing a change…

Well… Museveni promised you “No Change” and that’s what his giving you on a daily basis. That is the sinister truth in this matter. The blood and suffering will continue. The handlers and big-men is calling it a “mistake” and downplaying the severity of it. That’s what they do and it’s deliberate …

Getting Muhwezi sacked will only give leverage to another NRA historical or trickster of Tumwine fashion. Who knows if Tumukunde could be revived to prominence again… but God knows that the pain and suffering isn’t over.

The torturing will continue as long as the big-men, as the men who decree and orders this isn’t touched. The ones who is in-charge has no price to pay. The only thing happening is musical chairs and the ones tortured is listening to the boring song yet again. They know the hook and the drum-solo. However, the pain and the plight is far from over…

Mpuuga is showing trust in the system and the institution of the Parliament. However, his not battling a system of laws or rule of law. He is fighting a warlord and a tyrant who plays different sort of game. If his trick would work… he would have to weaken the tyrant and he isn’t… only weakening one of his pawns and that one can easily be traded.

Muhwezi will just return. He can go into scandals after scandals. Jim can do whatever he likes and he will return to office. That is just how the things are moving and going after him is futile. Not because it isn’t the right thing, but because this is the system that Museveni has created around him.

That’s why we know Muhwezi will not make a difference and just be a tool of the system. He is inter-changeable, but also useful. Because, he will be loyalty unto death and that’s all Museveni seeks of his comrades. The others haven’t understood that and if you do… he will reward you and even if fail the government. He will offer you another part after it’s all water under the bridge.

The same would happen here and if he was to fall. Then some of the other NRA Historicals could return and with a vengeance… Peace.

Opinion: Minister Mukasa is talking about torture like it is an alleged activity of the state

Torture is not a policy of government nor is it even a method of interrogation. The law on this is very clear. The President has in his own words stated the position and policy of government” – Minister Mukasa (08.02.2022).

Wilsom Muruli Mukasa, the Minister of Justice amd Constitutional Affairs dropped a statement on torture in the Republic. The Minister is just proving how ridiculous and tedious it is to challenge this in the 11th Parliament. As the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Security Agencies will not looking into the Modus Operandi of the ISO, CMI, SFC, LDUs, UPF or UPDF. Therefore, we know the statement delivered and spoken about by the minister is initially pointless.

What is released in the government statement is nonsense. It is like the pictures, the witness stories and even the court cases are alleged affairs. We are just to believe the high ranking officials and call it a day. That is just over the top stupid and the hardliners of the state should look into themselves. Because, this is getting really dumb and the dumber it becomes… the more foolish is the defences of the state.

All the persons in the custody of the government agencies can and will be accounted for in accordance with the law” (Mukasa, 08.02.2022).

Sometimes I wonder, if these high ranking officials and defenders of the state lives in the same country as the rest of them. If they are just living in such lavish mansions and away from the grim reality for the common folk. That they cannot see, touch or even comprehend what is happening around them.

This is not the first time a high ranking official does this and it is not like the state has a clean slate. The state has a long record of human rights violations and torture is just one of them. Yes, the state has laws, which makes it illegal, but that doesn’t stop it from doing it. Neither does it stop it from having “safe-houses” or the usage of torture as technique to intimidate or strike fear into the population. Because, that is what it has done and its deliberate.

A statement like today… is just making it sound like there is a rule of law. When we know there is one law for the anointed ones and another means to an end towards the dissidents. The state can retaliate and use all force to silence or even mute the ones who are in its way. That’s why extra judicial killings been happening and torturing civilians continuously as well. Therefore, the pointlessness … is just staggering.

The ones believing this are naive. What Mukasa should have said was to open up real investigations and allowing the committee to check all alleged “safe-houses” and detention centres of state. As they should be allowed to see and look into it. That is the reality of this here, because he says the rights things, but that doesn’t make it true…

We know better and seen the victims. We have read the court documents and seen the settlement cases of the state. Which shows the amount of people tortured. In some cases a few thousands who has complained about it to the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), but that is just the top of the ice-berg and who knows how many the state has actually tortured over years.

We only know about the few who has been witnessed and the ones catching the headlines. However, we know there is more and that there are people who are silent after the acts of violence towards them. Peace.

Opinion: Sorry wange, but it’s not happening…

“The leadership of Parliament is asking the opposition in Parliament to rescind their decision of boycotting the parliamentary sittings saying their issues can be well addressed on the floor of Parliament. Solomon Silwanyi, one of the commissioners of Parliament, says the continued absence of opposition in the House will not only affect the people they represent but also there will be no platform for addressing their concerns” (NBS Television, 07.02.2022).

This is naïve. It is utterly disrespectful and distasteful. It is like Solomon Silwanyi (National Resistance Movement), the Member of Parliament representing Bukooli Central haven’t seen what his government does and how it stifles the opposition in the chambers of the Parliament.

Yes, the Opposition gets to speak and participate in Committee’s, but the results are dead on arrival. Just in the previous 10th Parliament, the MPs was barred from entering ungazetted safe houses. They we’re not allowed to investigate or look into the practices of state security agencies. Therefore, Silwanyi MP must things people are stupid or obviously having short memory span.

As we know the Ministry of Defence and Minister of Internal Affairs will not indulge or budge on the matter. These are confidential and will not unleash the harsh realities. There is only drip-drop of information leaked through witnesses and little-to-a-few court cases diving into the matter. Alas, Silwanyi MP should be a bit sincere.

We know Mathias Mpuuga MP could have spoken his peace and so could other opposition MPs. However, it wouldn’t materialize or create anything substantial. That’s why Nalufenya is still active and several other entities, which does similar practices across the Republic. Therefore, the NRM MP isn’t talking the truth and we know it.

It is not like the Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga going to listen to a petition or a motion to cease with these sorts of activists. No, his avenging his father on the regular and so is other men too. They are using the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization (ISO), SIU Kireka and the Special Forces Command (SFC) to silence critics and dissidents all over the Republic.

Therefore, MP Silwanyi. If the previous MPs and Parliamentarians couldn’t investigate or enter buildings, which was alleged “safe-houses” … why do you think speaking in the same chambers now will help the cause? Seriously? Do you think the culprits, the ones ordering or the decreeing these matters will stop?

No, they will continue the human rights violations, the burden of proof will never be delivered, as that is the plan from the on-set. To do the deeds in darkness and not allow anyone to shed lights on the matter. Talks, motions or petitions in Parliament will only get you so far.

It is not like the state has stopped arresting, kidnapping, keeping opposition activists and leaders incommunicado, torturing and even extra judicially killing to silence them. Therefore, why does the MP believe their words matters now? When everything ill is happening, and nobody is stopping it. It isn’t like these practices has ceased to exist and not been active. They have been there all along since the inception of the NRM.

He can get high on his own supply, but it doesn’t make it more real. When we know what they can do and without any warning or charges towards the individual. They can just take you or kidnap you without any sort of justification. While the MP wants the Opposition MPs to talk even more. Like that will settle the score and make any ramifications, as long as the practices continues in darkness.

That’s why his whole premise is wrong, and the nativity should be challenged. Because, it is not like the army commanders, the first son or anyone involved wants the record in public. They only want some revealed to spread and show their force. However, they don’t want people to really look into it or stop because then their methods of brutality has to stop.

Something we know isn’t part of the plan… and the Opposition will not be able to stop with some talks or committee meetings in Parliament. Peace.

Opinion: The Use of Torture has been the Modus Operandi of the Museveni era

Amnesty Report March 1989 Page 29

In our traditional societies, torture was commonly used and it was not only accepted but, actually, encouraged. Hence, the proverbs like: “Akabwa kaiba kaihura omugoongo gwaako” in Runyankore and “Akabwa kabbi, kasasula mugoongo” in Luganda. In both dialects, it means that “a stealing dog pays with its back”, i.e. by being struck with sticks (enkoni, emiggo) on the back” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘PRESIDENT’S STATEMENT ON TORTURE’ 16.05.2017).

In these days, the recent torture of Kakwenza Rukira is spinning online and going viral. As he has been through the ringer before and what happened in 2021 isn’t the first time his behind bars or tortured for that matter. The writer and activists has been into legal trouble for his writings and publications. Therefore, he knew what was going on and knew how to tell a story afterwards.

However, most of the ones tortured aren’t high profiled individuals or people in the spotlight. No, they are average citizens who happens to be associated or participate in opposition politics. This being part of any sort of organized political work in association with Dr. Kizza Besigye or Roberet Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Heck, there been torture of members of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) and other party activists as well. Though the most notable and in the press is the one in association with Besigye and Bobi Wine.

Nevertheless, the practice has been going on since the inception of power. Museveni and National Resistance Movement (NRM) have used the same techniques and violent oppression of its predecessor. Maybe not in the Argentina House, but they have perfected elsewhere. Where they are using means to an end and torturing civilians on the regular. The numbers that is reported is only a fragment or maybe just an assumed amount of people tortured. As many doesn’t dare to file a complain or is worried that they would be tortured again for doing so. Therefore, the amount of victims to this practices is unknown and the scale is larger what is known. Because, the security agencies and the NRM will not enlighten the public about this. That is very obvious and clear by how they deny the activities and speaking up against it. While they are continuing the practice…

Here is just a few out-takes from various of reports and articles, which describes what the state has been doing since 1986 till this day.

Amnesty 1986-89:

The elimination of torture was a publicly declared aim of the new government and an early move was Uganda’s ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which includes a mechanism for hearing individual complaints at the international level. Although the government has succeeded in greatly reducing the use of torture, there is still abundant evidence that the practice has not been eliminated. As with extrajudicial executions, the problem is greatest in those areas where there is armed conflict, although Amnesty International has also continued to document torture in Kampala, both in NRA barracks and in military intelligence and Internal Security Organization headquarters. The best-known and most widely used method of torture under the NRM government has been “three-piece” tying, or kandooya. This involves tying the victim’s arms together above the elbows, behind the back. It can be used as a method of restraint, but it is described as being extremely painful and so can be used deliberately to cause pain and coerce prisoners into making statements during interrogation. Sometimes prisoners tied kandooya-style are beaten at the same time; sometimes their legs are tied up behind their back as well and they are suspended (this is known as “suitcase” or “briefcase “). Unusually, the government has ·acknowledged the use of kandooya, which for a long time was authorized in the NRA as a method of restraint. The government apparently did not accept that it was used as a deliberate method of torture but was convinced, in early 1987, that it was a form of ill-treatment. An order banning kandooya was issued through the NRA chain of command and it is a measure of army discipline that this ban has been widely obeyed although kandooya is undoubtedly still used, especially in the areas of armed conflict” (Amnesty International – Uganda – The Human Rights Record 1986-1989, P:31, March 1989).

Safe-Houses” and the Kandoya technique of torturing:

The types of torture being now committed in Ugandan ungazetted illegal detention places (“safe houses”) include kandoya (tying hands and feet behind the victim); suspension from the ceiling while tied kandoya; water torture or “Liverpool” (forcing the victim to lie face up, mouth open, while the spigot is turned on into his mouth); severe beatings with hands, fists, pistols, metal rods, and wooden sticks with nails protruding; death threats, including putting the nozzle of a pistol into the victim’s mouth, showing him fresh graves, dead bodies, or snakes; putting the victim in the back of a vehicle where his captors sit or put their boots on him; abusive language and threats; and kicking with boots all parts of the body. The torture includes the gang rape of females; and mutilating the male genitalia of suspects, through kicking, beating with sticks, puncturing with hypodermic needles, and tying the penis with wire or weights. The male genital torture cases that Human Rights Watch found are far from the only ones: the UHRC ordered the government to pay damages to a man who was tortured for ninety-three days and who “is not a man anymore.” In many cases, victims are refused medical treatment. Some have died as a result of these and other acts“ (…) “Weakened protections and guarantees facilitate the commission of torture. These unacknowledged places of detention are not visited by outsiders nor by government officials charged with inspecting conditions inside detention cells. The government is provided “deniability” by holding the detainees in secret, and this creates a feeling of impunity among security and intelligence officers. The 1995 Ugandan constitution explicitly outlaws the holding of detainees in unacknowledged or “ungazetted” places of detention, that is, those not published in the official gazette. Police stations are gazetted facilities. UPDF barracks and CMI offices are not gazetted facilities. The other “safe houses” where the non-police agencies hold, interrogate, and torture suspects are not gazetted and are illegal also” (Human Rights Watch – ‘State of Pain: Torture in Uganda’, March 2004).

Systematic torture:

The state uses torture to wear people down, both physically and mentally, to extort information, confess to a crime or until they become so instilled with fear that they are no longer considered a threat to the regime. In the last 10 years, the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has lodged more than 7,500 torture complaints” (…) “Victims are sometimes compensated when their cases are heard at the UHRC tribunal, but the perpetrators are hardly ever brought to justice, and they can rarely be identified anyway, since the torture tends to be executed by plain-clothed security operatives” (…) “Brigadier Henry Tumukunde, who was central in establishing the system of safe houses that is still very much in use today. Tumukunde was at one point head of Uganda´s Military Security Organisation, but fell out with the Museveni regime and was sentenced to a spell of house arrest at the Senior Officers´ Mess in Kololo, Kampala. Tumukunde has since worked his way back on good terms with Ugandan authorities” (Wendy Glauser – Human Rights House – ‘Widespread torture in Uganda, in so-called ‘safe houses’ and elsewhere’ May 15 2008).


The practices of torture seemed to have been rationalized. Uganda has since converted the Nalufenya police station into a Guantanamo Bay of sorts. The mere mention by an accused person that he was interviewed from Nalufenya immediately raises a red flag. The mayor for Kamwenge Town Council who had been arrested on allegations of treason was literary butchered as chunks of his flesh were cut off his knees and ankles” (David Baxter Bakibinga – ‘The Role Of Prosecutors In Preventing Torture And Ill-Treatment Of Accused Persons And Proposals For Reform’ 2018).

In May last year, Ugandans were left in shock on seeing the gruesome pictures of Geoffrey Byamukama, the Kamwenge mayor, who had been tortured by the Police over allegations that he had had a hand in the murder of slain former Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi. In the days that followed, more pictures of tortured inmates at the dreaded Nalufenya detention facility trended on social media. Ironically, many of them were later freed by courts due to inadequate evidence to pin the suspects. The facility was recently closed by the new IGP Ochola Okoth. However, Byamukama and others were not the first and may not be the last, for torture remains the most recorded human rights violation in Uganda, with the Police accounting for a majority of the incidents. According to a Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) report released last year, a total of 1,658 torture cases were registered between 2012 and 2016” (New Vision – ‘Day Against Torture’ 2018).

As we see, the usage of torture is prevalent and clear as day. The NRM promised a fundamental change of guards, but is openly using the same means and practices of which the predecessors did. They are doing it at a large scale and thousands of people have been scorn by the regime. It is clear that this tactic and usage of violence against the population is deliberate. As a means to an end and a way of getting people into submission. Getting them into fearing the authorities and the state. As you can easily get into the “panda gari” or kidnapped incommunicado by a drone. Just because you associate or work for a cause, which is deemed as fit by Museveni.

That is the case here and torturing will not stop. Not as long as the security agencies are allowed to do so. Not as long as there is no consequences to the ones ordering, acting and punishing civilian this way. The laws are written, the constitution states what is right, but the government and its agencies are obviously not caring about the written words. As long as they can torment and torture civilians on the regular. Peace.

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