Age Limit: PM Rugunda uses senility, but it is okay that its the age of an average older care recipient!

When you become senile, you won’t know it.”Bill Cosby

Another day in the Parliamentary Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs in the Parliament, as the discussed Raphael Magyezi Constitutional Amendment Number 2 are under review. This while many stakeholders are coming by, this time, the NRM could actually give some arguments for themselves. Not that they are any good or proper, because we all know the reason for the proposed amendment. Which is to spring to life, a life presidency for the long serving President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. To say otherwise should be treasonous or criminal, because we all know that the ones who doesn’t have positive consultation or helpful meetings with the public are either detained, tear-gassed or having trouble with the law like in Soroti or Lira.

Dr. Ruhakana Ruganda defense of the Constitutional Amendment today:

My opinion is that many things changed both in the NRM and politics. Views change, thinking changes, people’s age changes, and, therefore, it is not a surprise that after 20 year of the constitution, there is consideration and reconsideration of some of these situation” the Prime Minister told the Committee” (…) “Rugunda went on to say that,: “So, I think in this particular issue of age limit, it would be unfair to country to say somebody should not stand for President because he or she is 35 years and below” (…) “Age is not the best determinant for performance. People are able to perform differently. One can make a general statement that one becomes senile at old age, but some start at a young age” (Gyagenda, 2017).

Because of his mention in the end of senile age. I have to bring common knowledge of aging and what it does to your body and need for special care, when coming to advanced age. There for instance numbers from the United States, from the Health in Aging Foundation that says: “The average age of older care recipients is 75 years” (Health in Aging Foundation). That means the Age Limit is set on fixed age paradigm, that is ordinary in the West and also proves the need of more care to average human beings. Even if President Museveni is the only man with a vision in the Republic, he still is just made out of flesh and blood. With his aging and his hectic scheduled for the last three decades must have taken lots of his strength, but also made his body fatigued, since he hasn’t had months upon months end at luxurious hotels in Switzerland like his fellow Cameroonian dictator-buddy President Paul Biya. Therefore, the articles on old-age should be more fitting to paradigm of changing the constitution for this man himself.

Here is some quick brief article on the average age of 75 years:

As people age, they tend to deal with multiple medical conditions. According to the Alliance for Aging Research, the average 75-year old person has three chronic medical conditions and uses five prescription drugs, as well as multiple over-the-counter remedies. For many older people, the incidence of depression, incontinence, and memory loss are a direct threat to their ability to live independently. “Careful management of these conditions by a multi-disciplinary team becomes paramount to maintaining long-term health, vigor, and the capacity for personal growth and independence,” the AAR said in a report critical of current medical staffing ratios” (O’Boyle, 2003).

Therefore, it is strange that the NRM and their government want to open for people with more depressions, incontinence and memory loss. That is clearly neglect of the state and also of a transparent government. Museveni could have been biggest genius the world has ever since, but alas that is not the case. This is self-serving mission for himself and his family, the party is just puppets on the ride of it all.

So what I am hearing, is that the NRM want the average older-care patient as their President, I don’t know if I should be sad or shock and awe. But the latter is to depressing and I am only in 30s. I need to get to 70 years old myself and become generally depressed about the political affairs of the day.

Let’s be clear and know the reality. That the NRM will not open up or let any contest when they are 16 years or 18 years, because Museveni isn’t that age now. But he is soon clocking in 75 years and therefore, they need the sudden change within time. To say something else is lie.

The power lies all in the Executive, in the President, but that doesn’t mean it is rightfully his. Museveni has no plan to go, or leave or even be a farmer in his elderly years. Even if it means he will be travel more abroad for treatment. Since he has not built good health-care system in the republic. Therefore, he will be at the average of an older care recipient. That is what is waiting, not that it is humbling or justified. But there should be someone more sound and with vigor in the Republic, than a person who possible are becoming an older care recipient. This is just to be frank, since the PM Rugunda spelled out the senility bravado earlier today.

What do you think? Peace.


O’Boyle, Richard – ‘When Do You Need a Geriatrician?’ (2003) link:

Gyagenda, Mivule – ‘Rugunda Refutes His Party’s Claims That Article 102(B) Was Smuggled Into Constitution’ (07.11.2017) link:

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