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The North Korean Embassy of Jakarta (DPRK) Letter to the Commonwealth of Australia – “Open Letter to Parliaments of Different Countries” (28.09.2017)


Opinion: President Museveni wants to go Total Recall!

OPINION POLL: Museveni asks voters to recall indisciplined MPs. Should indisciplined MPs be recalled?” (New Vision, 05.10.2017).

The man who always strive for power and control is at it again. As the days are soon numbered for any provisions stopping him for being the Executive, the President for life. It is soon numbered and gone with the wind. The basics and understandings of his office is soon thrown out the window, in the projections of life presidency. Why should he care about service delivery? When he get to stay in office no matter what he do, but he can put orders and get people worked-up over small things, like now he wants the suspended Opposition MPs recalled! What does that mean? Let me spell it out for you.

The Constitution of 1995, article 84 states this:

“(1)       Subject to the provisions of this article, the electorate of any constituency and of any interest group referred to in article 78 of this Constitution have the right to recall their member of Parliament before the expiry of the term of Parliament.

(2)       A member of Parliament may be recalled from that office on any of the following grounds—

(a)       physical or mental incapacity rendering that member incapable of performing the functions of the office; (b)       misconduct or misbehaviour likely to bring hatred, ridicule, contempt or disrepute to the office; or (c)       persistent deserting of the electorate without reasonable cause.

(3) The recall of a member of Parliament shall be initiated by a petition in writing setting out the grounds relied on and signed by at least two-thirds of the registered voters of the constituency or of the interest group referred to in clause (l) of this article, and shall be delivered to the Speaker.

(4)       On receipt of the petition referred to in clause (3) of this article, the Speaker shall, within seven days require the Electoral Commission to conduct a public inquiry into the matters alleged in the petition and the Electoral Commission shall expeditiously conduct the necessary inquiry and report its findings to the Speaker.

(5)       The Speaker shall—

(a)       declare the seat vacant, if the Electoral Commission reports that it is satisfied from the inquiry, with the genuineness of the petition; or (b) declare immediately that the petition was unjustified, if the commission reports that it is not satisfied with the genuineness of the petition.

(6)     Subject to the provisions of clauses (2), (3), (4) and (5) of this article, Parliament shall, by law prescribe the procedure to be followed for the recall of a member of Parliament” (The Constitution 1995).

That the President wants to use this legal gymnastics now shows his weakness and mind control. That he wants the locals to get rid of the Members of Parliament and subscribe new. To secure the whole Parliament for him, so that he can rig in favorable MPs who actually does his bidding. Clearly, he don’t want the MPs to go through the medical and mental capacity of the individual MPs. They will quickly be able to point back at him for his soon advanced age (learned that term from Botswana government, sue me).

The misbehavior that they did in Parliament has already been sanctioned, they have even served time in various correctional facilities, to pull this off, should be a feat, even for Museveni who has used all sort of tools and even taken away the people’s favorite in Kampala, the Lord Mayor in last term. Now he wants to do the same, but in larger scale. He wants the MPs recalled on the manner they acted in Parliament. Even if it was either self-defense after a breach of Parliamentary codes, to let strangers in clear the Plenary Session. Secondly, to sing the National Anthem in the National Assembly, that should not be crime, because what is a crime then. Third, if wearing red ribbons and red hats is such a big issue, maybe yellow suits also be illegal for disrespecting the world of fashion.

President Museveni must really rig this if he wants the Constituencies and citizens of the sub-counties and districts to register their dissatisfaction with the 25 suspended MPs, and the 35 MPs that was on Police Force list of misbehaviors of 28th September 2017. Clearly, he wants mobilization for his cause, by any means. Not only pay every MP 20 Million Shillings in Consultation Fees, but also spread the message. I will use the Constitution against you, if you do not let me change for my benefit.

That the Electoral Commission and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga will comply with the Petition and request is natural. Since the Electoral Commission is his favorite lap dog and Kadaga is the one who follows his orders, even speaks like him defending her recent actions. So if Museveni get a strong enough petition to recall a Member of Parliament. He will do it and the Electoral Commission and Kadaga will comply, the will declare the MP unfit for his role and dismiss the elections done in 2016 on these grounds.

He would be coward if he did this, but he does not have the grounds to use Article 84, unless he bribes all of the citizens in the sub-counties that they represent to get them to register a valid petition to get rid of them. They misconduct, if it really is that. Clearly, states not to the punishment. Because they have not shown contempt or disrepute of the office they have. Neither have them been deserting the role in Parliament. They have been there and been vocal. If that is illegal to sing the National Anthem, someone please show me that code in reference for future proceedings.

For now, the President wants to go TOTAL RECALL! Will the people of these sub-counties and districts do the same? Should the ones carry guns inside the chambers, also be recalled? The military MPs sending fellow MPs to the hospital, be recalled? Should, the other unruly and unjust MPs who call them drunk, be recalled? I am just asking, because many could fit the bill. Not the one singing during a Plenary Session, but they are not of the loyalist tribe that the President wants. Therefore, in his mind, he should silence them and for good. Peace.

Age Limit: NRM Youth League (NRMYL) – “Extra Ordinary NRM Youth League National Delegates Conference” (03.10.2017)

Opinion: The people has to get out of the Stockholm syndrome and become disobedient to the NRM!

That the Opposition MPs wearing red-suits or coming with public stances on the steps of the Parliament is fine. That is dandy, but not bloody brilliant. If the President have not been, threaten by it in the past. Why would he be now? Why would he entertain foreign envoys and leaders at his various State Houses, while the suspended MPs is trying to lick their wounds! Because he can and he will, he have no need to fear them and why should he?

It is fine to wear a red-ribbon stand in public, gather for a Press Conference, but if it is, only a tightknit of leaders who oppose and the public does not support it in action. The National Resistance Movement will brush it off and spin the wheels of fortunes again. There will be no aftermath, the only thing that will be, is the sealing of life presidency for Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. No heroics, no glory, just the sad realization that the tide has not turned, not yet.

This entitlement does not stop with a few shouts and few hollering, the need for the community and the people to stand. It is about the time; if not the whole population seems like it is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, which has three main characteristics: “The hostages have negative feelings about the police or other authorities. The hostages have positive feelings toward their captor(s).The captors develop positive feelings toward the hostages” (Medical Dictionary – ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ link: http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Stockholm+syndrome).

The hostage being the Ugandan population, who has been captive since early 1986 and is stuck in the limbo of the captors, the NRM and their President. Clearly, the vision and prospects of getting into relationship was with the best of intentions, but with the serving of the times. The proof of the vile attempt of fraud and forged manifestoes should have shown the true colors of the Yellow brigade. However, none of that stopped the strange relationship between the public and the NRM. The hostages has been able to create an environment where the captors have sympathy and positive feelings, even when the hostages are stuck in this situation and cannot get anywhere else.

I know at one point he really got your trust, he created the Constitution, came with a nice-easy delivery sheet called the Ten Point Program, even at some point he even strived to deliver Universal Primary Education (UPE). However, the glories of the past cannot save today’s hardships. Not when schools have no equipment, even roofs that is tight, when roads either a pothole, sinking to ground when it rains. Not like service-delivery has been a key aspect of government the last decade. More paying for family members of the NRM and the President to foreign lands and trading of land for a quick buck. Why else is the National Theater all of sudden for sale?

So when the lifting of the age limit comes, do not be surprised of the different issues opening up. That the NRM will have consultation meetings and have NRM Caucuses where they discuss the tab and the possible arrangement of facilitation funds. Do not be surprised if the President can foot the whole bill, but could not deliver promised sanitary pads or garden hoes. Because when it comes to his well-being and security, there is abundantly with funds, like a mirage and a fountain of cash spent directly from the state reserves. It is as if he can just walk into the vault of Bank of Uganda and spill out the needed sums for the transactions. Do not be shocked and awe, it is the reality and the Stockholm syndrome as made the people entrenched and beneath their normal reactions to this sort of play. That is because they have caught positive feelings and accepted it is not such a bad captor after all. He gives us a shilling and a piece of food now and then, but do not over extend his courtesy call.

If the opposition and the civilians, the citizens who are hostages to the will of the President and they want real change. It has to happen with thought true and eruptions of demonstrations, which hits the markets, stops the cash flow and hurt the basic needs of government. It cannot be some cute arrangement and notification to the authorities, it cannot be some short-term. Once every blue moon and hope that the leadership gets the message. Trust me, it do not!

If the people want to get rid of Stockholm syndrome and stop the Age Limit bill. They have to act and together, it has to swift and be with force people’s power. Not some sugarcoated manufactured stonewalling, but really big demonstrations, that hurts the economy and hurt the state. At a mere size that the state has enough security forces and details, has not enough intelligence to scatter the demonstrations and see the true spirit from within. The state cannot make everyone criminal, the state cannot arrest every single demonstrator, but it can keep you hostage.

For the moment, that is what the state is doing and if you do not act, it will not bother to give you freedom, liberty or justice. Why bother? You do not care anyway. The NRM and Museveni can take that away and you do not care. You just sit here silently and let it happen. You pay it no mind and want it to be like that. Because that just the way it is.

I believe the time and that the spirit it there, the republic should not accept to taken for granted and used as pawn by the President. However, that is what is at stake and it will not become better anytime soon! Peace.

Age Limit: The Constitution (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2017 (03.10.2017) – The Parliament Library Version

Opinion: There is only dark days ahead, unless something changes rapidly!

I wish I could be more hopeful, have more swagger and be jubilant, but I can’t not in these days and times. There isn’t a dim light of better prospects, unless the winds decides to turn or the forces of good actually moves at light speed. At this moment, this very moment, its dark as night. The night is upon us and the sun is dwelling far beyond the clouds.

The light and hope is dimming down, not that I wish for this, but the energy and the fatigue is there. The prospects of pure civil disobedience isn’t there. Like the lack of care, because the state and the authorities seems to overpower with the Special Forces Command, Uganda People’s Defense Force and even M23. The Police Force is busy taking the leaders and scheming the next charges against innocent leaders, who only try to defend the citizens. While the citizens are listening to radio and TV. Hope that change will fall in their lap. I hate to break it too you, I won’t unless you fight for it.

Museveni and his clan will not give it up, Mobutu would not give it up and Kabila has no plan either. Museveni has stayed longer than Kabila, so just imagine his will to stay. The change of Age Limit in the Constitution at this point, is formalities, which is why he is travelling speaking on land issues. Museveni see this as solved and soon proper fixed. So that the state is properly screwed. No way back, only Musevenism, Militarism and Oppression ahead!

That is why the light isn’t only dim, the only one giving little bit of hope is the dozens of stars that shines lightly on the road ahead. The eternal light that hits the sand-corns and reflects so we don’t walk into the abyss. The NRM has the power, they have the army and the police. They have the state reserves and the resources to crack down on mobilization and demonstrations, but if it is done at a scale and with the people’s power. That could overturn it. Then the people need to show will, show character and organize in a manner that makes civil obedience the only way out.

You can’t be half gangster, you are either a crook or you’re a citizen. The same manner is about standing up to a government. You can’t be half-way demonstrating the oppression and harassment, the belittlement of rights and justice, rule of law for every single citizen. It has to be done with style and fineness. The arrests, detaining and the humiliation of the opposition should be warning, but it seems like society has gotten accustomed with their fate. There isn’t even shock and awe, when Civil-Society Organization are raided and blamed for political interference in internal-matters. It’s just another Monday or Tuesday. No worry, it wouldn’t happen to us.

Neither is the blocking of roads, barricades of the Parliament, soldiers interfering in clearing the Plenary Session. The silence and the misrepresentation inside the National Assembly, shows that the President using guns to sway opinion into the midst of the highest legal assembly. There isn’t anything he will not touch with force and fear. That is the darkness, the bitter fruit of oppression.

This should be the last part of the narrative, it should be last step of harassment and intimidation, but its not, grenades at MPs houses and charges of treason. On-going cases for years upon end, like the Walk-To-Work Cases pending in Kabale for Lukwago and Besigye, that still isn’t settled in court.

Therefore, the darkest hour is here, the only left isn’t detaining MPs or charging the MPs. The end of this is political assassinations! Is that the way it has to go before the light bulbs shatter and so that the people see how dark it really it is outside?

If there will be hope for another morning of glory, another cup of coffee or chai. It is time to wake up and organize, not accept the turn of events. Time to step and bring courage around your people and around your clan. Not accept that the village are taken for granted, that the cash crop are sold on the market in Kampala. That your assets are easily up for grabs and your voice is silenced by the state. Because that benefits Museveni and he knows it!

The light feels very far, the prospects are dim, but if the people start to renegade, resist and show civil disobedience, then there is hope. However, right now, the darkest hour. There are very little, but a few renegades, the rest are in submission. They are wandering and letting it go. But you never know when you are the victim. Innocent citizens has died because of this oppressive regime, Sam Mugumya is lingering in jail in Democratic Republic of Congo. For being a voice against the NRM. The next one could be one of us, who knows, but if we are silent.

If we are silent and let the oppressor continue, we are at fault for the darkness for letting the forces of oppression rule and indefinite take total control of our lives. That should be unacceptable, but it cost to fight totalitarian dictatorship. It cost, Francis Mwjikye has spent countless nights in prison before becoming MP. Dr. Kizze Besigye has spent his time in the prisons as well for the cause of liberation. There might be more, but there need men and woman. Who don’t accept being taken for granted and letting the NRM do as they like.

That meaning, serving Museveni and cater to him for life. Uganda isn’t only for MUSEVENI. It is all for UGANDANS. That should be mandatory, but the NRM MPs thinks otherwise. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye: “We live in a country that is controlled by guns since independence no leader has ever handed over power to another peacefully” (03.10.2017)

Fellow Ugandans we are approaching 55 years of Independence, 55 years of Independence for Uganda has found us with the greatest majority people unemployed, poverty, poor health, poor education, people dying of hunger and insecurity increasing.

Why is this?

We live in a country that is controlled by guns since independence no leader has ever handed over power to another peacefully. So we are hostages of those who have guns. Mr. Museveni came to power 32 years old using guns, he has kept power largely using those guns. Now he is in the process of changing our 1995 Constitution, to remove the last check which is the age limit, having removed term limits in 2005. If the age limit is removed then he becomes a life president and this process continues.

What should we do?

Please understand our country is not divided into parties, don’t be confused yellow, blue, FDC, NRM, DP no! Our country is divided into hostage takers and hostages. And then, there are those who help the hostage takers to keep us, hostages, what we need to do now is to start the process of retaking our country, regaining control of the country.

Let us isolate the hostage takers and those who help them. Anytime you have a gathering whatever it is, whether it is the church, school, sports functions, let us identify together and let us isolate those who are helping the system to keep us in this situation.

Demonstrate your support for change, oppose what is going on in trying to change to our Constitution. Clearly, tell whoever is attempting amidst you DON’T TRY, TOGIKWATAKO not this time again.

  1. Starting this Tuesday 3 October 2017, I invite you if you identify with the people of Uganda that have been kept hostage all this time use the colour RED to show that we are together. Tie a ribbon on your body or use RED colour anyway on that day to show that you are with the people.
  2. Secondly, you have been traveling in private means, in your own car, in my car, it is time on Tuesday starting with 3rd October to leave your private means at home, identify with the public by traveling public means. Use a bus, use a taxi, use a boda, use a bicycle.

Again we will try and see who is with us and who is not with us, those who will be in their private vehicles, we will start identifying they are not with us and it is the beginning of isolation of those who are not with us, we shall not cooperate with those hostage takers and the people who help them. We shall not go to their business and help them get richer. We shall not go their meetings when they call meetings, let us isolate the hostage takers and those who help them to keep us hostages.

The struggle is on it starts now, show where you fall starting this Tuesday

Age-Limit Update: More oppression, which means more arrests and blocked MPs, as the bill goes to Committee at the Plenary Session!

There are sometimes you wonder why certain things take so long and why they just have not happen already. Today is not such a day, since it was late last week that the Hon. Raphael Magyezi of Igara West allowed to seek leave to finish his bill. It seems like he was already before the vote last week and prepared with the finished product. Because today, the Member of Parliament is ready for reading. This without the suspended opposition MPs, who either has their house ambushed with grenades, detained on public transports or directly taken from their homes.

There is nothing subtle about this act or bill, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), are dwelling at Sheraton Hotel to deal with the ones who might vote against it. To see if they can list them, so they don’t get their cash-out, like the loyal MPs to the President does get. In addition, that Don Wanyama proclaims that Opposition leaders gathered at City Blue Restaurant at Nakasero, where they was discussing the way forward. These fellow leaders was Mugisha Muntu, Olara Otunnu, Winni Kiiza and Norbert Mao. Who knows what these fellows discussed.

Since Dr. Kizza Besigye house was blocked, Robert Kyagulanyi been arrested by the famous police van, Hon. Karuhanga and Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi got detained in the same car. Ingrid Turinawe was arrested again earlier today. Hon. Francis Mwijukye on the way to the Parliament in a taxi, was stopped, but not arrested as they only confiscated his red-ribbon. Lord Mayor of Kampala, Erias Lukwago arrested at his home, like the last time the bill was up for Plenary. Clearly, the Police is busy cracking down on dissidents today.

Robert Kyagulanyi stated this towards the intimidation today:

“GRENADES have for the second time in two days been thrown at my house and exploded. Property damaged and no one hurt! But what kind of country are we now living in? I had decided to ignore the blasts and these threats, but it seems they are now getting real. Let me announce to the whole world that these past days I have been receiving death threats on an almost daily basis. I have also been advised by some friends who know more than I know that I should be very careful what I eat or drink, how I drive and from where, whom I meet, even who touches me while I go to Parliament. Apparently something could be done to me during the kind of scuffle that happened when state agents invaded the Parliamentary chamber! Reason? Opposing the removal of age limits in the Constitution! Anonymous calls targeting not only me but my family as well. I have been told that if I don’t leave that thing a lone, I will just be terminated or disabled. These are cowardly acts which must be condemned by all people of good conscience. We are not involved in war. We are just citizens who are interested in a good country for ourselves and the generations to come. WE SHALL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. Let them know that NOTHING can stop an idea whose time has come. If you kill one me, perhaps a thousand more will rise up. The world is watching!” (Kyagulanyi, 03.10.2017).

Just so show how blunt the Police Force was today about their motives, they even stopped the critical NRM MP Muhammed Nsereko from appearing and he was blocked from being part of the Plenary Session today. Certainly, if they tried to go, the ones on the Uganda Police Force list of 28th September 2017, they would all get into trouble.

While the kingmaker himself has been posing with youths who support his cause:

“In other news: Kick Age Limit Out of the Constitution(KALOC) youths pose for a picture with President Yoweri Museveni” (The Observer, 03.10.2017).

Because there is no money involved or any kinds of tricks into play when these sort of gatherings happens, just like in the recent rallies and recent election, when crowds was bought with money, food and t-shirts. Therefore, they could all bash in the glory of Museveni, as the new coined term – voter tourism became a thing.

No surprise when this happen after the first reading of the bill:

“The Constitution (Amendment) Bill has been tabled & referred to the committee on Legal and Parliamentary affairs” (NTV Uganda, 03.10.2017). “MP Magyezi Tables #AgeLimit Bill in Parliament. This afternoon Hon Raphael Magyezi of Igara West has tabled his Constitution Amendment Bill for first reading. The Bill has been sent to the committee on legal and Parliamentary affairs. The rules of procedure require the committee to consider the bill within 45 days. The Opposition MPs were absent in the house following the suspension of some and the ongoing boycott by others” (Parliament Watch Uganda, 03.10.2017).

In Ordinary lingo:

That means the NRM Caucus together with friendly forces will meet, discuss and find out when and how they will benefit. When they will meet in the State House, to hear the proposal and possible pay out. So that the forking out of cash flow can come in time for the second reading and the votes. The Second reading will either be in the end of this week or early next one. Since this will be landslide and secure funding of new suits and ties to all of them.

So the Police and the authorities is on the tale of the opposition and opposing MPs. They are arch-criminals in the eyes of the state. They are followed and some are even in the line of fire. Meaning they are getting grenades thrown at their houses. There are no stones left untouched for this system at the moment.

This tale of the Age Limit is far from over, there will be more arrest, more intimidation and more propaganda like the ones with the KALOC group suddenly appearing when needed. To show “support” of it. Even if it is real, unless they stomachs are hurting and need some quick cash, just like the NRM MPs. They all must be starving for having the capacity to sell the country to Museveni and in this speed! Peace.

Uganda Police Force: “Re: CCTV Time Stamps taken from the 26th September CCTV Surveillance Situation during the Parliament Session” (28.09.2017)

Age Limit Bill: Raphael Magyezi MP proposed “The Constitutional (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2017” (28.09.2017)

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