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A look into TPLF’s Second Press Release since signing the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement

Today, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) published their second Press Release on the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement of the 2nd November 2022. The party released already one Press Release on the 4th November and now the second one on the 12th November 2022. This is following questioning of the reasons and arguments for signing it.

The new Press Release continues where the last stopped. Nothing is shocking or out of the ordinary here. The TPLF is defending their reasons and the cause of the CoH Agreement. While they still have to work with and find support from within. That is it how it seems and after 10 days… there is still no silence of the guns, the humanitarian aide hasn’t entered the region and neither is there any goodwill from the Federal Government. So, the TPLF really has to wonder if this was really the trick or they was outplayed by the Tripartite Alliance by signing it.

They have called the Press Release: “Let us strengthen our unity and strive for better struggle!” and the first thing it says is: “People of Tigray, secure peace; Respect the Constitution; I will not surrender my right to self-determination.” He has been subjected to betrayal, oppression and injustice that history should not forgive. These forces of destruction have been conducting open military invasion with the aim of eradicating the people of Tigray from the face of the earth.
However, this is apart from the right, popular and just goal and iron unity. The people of Tigray, who had no military capacity, fought for their existence without being defeated by the coalition forces He has been carrying them. The forces of destruction that were determined to destroy it completely caused countless destruction and devastation to Tigray and its people but thanks to the hard fighting and persistent resistance, the dream of these forces did not come true to the extent they wanted
” (TPLF, 12.11.2022).

We know the Tripartite Alliance have used all means since the November 2020 invasion. They have blocked humanitarian aide, utilities, communications and ensured the region has been hit with a man-made famine. This has been done deliberately to hit the region and weaken their war-effort. That’s why the agreement is questioned and the timing of it too. The TPLF is right about the annihilation and the planned destruction of the region. That is right about it…. but still asking for unity after signing the agreement. This should have been on offer and in talks across the region before doing so. Hard to ask for unity when your signing of your cause to someone who hasn’t been sincere or honest ever. That’s why the hostilities still lingers on and there hasn’t been a stop of the warfare from allies of the Federal Government.

The TPLF continues: “Despite the basic fact, we are seeing those who are rushing to accuse the Tigray government without saying that our reaching this agreement will endanger the will of our people. Therefore, our people at home and abroad should not be confused by this urgent and unreasonable conclusion and should not be intimidated by our peaceful negotiations. Because the Tigray government has no other starting point and destination than fulfilling the basic needs of its people” (TPLF, 12.11.2022).

It is natural that people question the reasons for the agreement… especially when the people has seen what the Tripartite Alliance has done and the rhetoric used by them. They came in “Operation Law Enforcement” but we know there was other things at play. Old grievances and consolidation of power, which was another reason for the war. The Prosperity Party and allies in Asmara and Bahir Dar wanted to settle old scores. So, the basic needs are far from met and there is little to show that the Cessation of Hostilities will bring it.

The TPLF Press Release ends with: “The victory of the people of Tigray is inevitable as long as we strengthen our unity and organize our capacities until our goal is achieved.
Our welfare and safety in our arms!!
Tigray wins!!”
(TPLF, 12.11.2022).

The TPLF is asking a lot of it’s people, especially when there is yet nothing to show for it. Yes, the TPLF has a paper, but what worth does it have when one of the allies are still active in the region. The people are still feeling the war and isn’t getting the changes of peace. That is only in ink and therefore, the TPLF should explain this and why they trust the Federal Government on this. The Federal Government has done it to buy time and also ensure they have less international pressure. They might even get more funding from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. That’s why people like me thinks it’s trick.

Unless, the goodwill and things are changing rapidly. There is a need to see that. It’s hard to ask for unity. When there is no signs or reports, which shows a true cessation of hostilities. There is neither a promise of ceasing the blockades of the Region. That’s why time will tell… if there will be any difference, but the Federal Government has to show that its sincere. If not… it was all a lie and the TPLF played along to it. That would be tragic, because the Tripartite Alliance has to show they are done with the war and open the borders for humanitarian assistance… Peace.

Ethiopia: TIP disowns TPLF’s Peace Agreement

There are interesting reactions to the 2nd November Cessation of Hostilities Agreement between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The Eritrean Press has already asked for the Amhara Regional Government to accept the Peace Agreement.

Today, one of the opposition parties within the Tigray region, the Tigray Independence Party (TIP) has issued a lengthy press release. That press release is very interesting and shows some of the sentiments from within the Tigray region. The TIP has released joint press releases with other Tigray parties during the war. However, this one is released on its own and without the support of the other Tigray opposition parties. Meaning, they are doing this on their own and without consensus. This is their beliefs and what they are seeing. Still, it’s insights and a view that shouldn’t be lost in space.

Read this part first:

Again, the peace proposal signed in document does not answer the cause of the struggle for which you paid a bitter price. We believe that it contains a dangerous conspiracy aimed at disrupting your national struggle in the long run. As the document says, there is still no situation on the ground that invites you to accept it as a worst but no alternative. After the signing of the agreement, the historical and legal territory of Tigray is still occupied by the invaders. Our people living under the control of these brutal invaders are still victims of ethnic cleansing and inhuman acts. The hoped-for unlimited humanitarian aid has also become a stench of water. In short, as a party of freedom; The signed peace bill; It is a dangerous opportunity following the political and diplomatic losses caused by the traitorous TPLF, which is the burden of our struggle. The military victory achieved by the people and the Tigray Defense Forces at a bitter price; We have entered into such a crippling agreement because the TPLF group has conspired to hijack our struggle to be the fulfillment of its lost ideology and greedy and narrow interests. The TPLF group has taken a dry stance to continue its ideology that the civilized world hates at the expense of the people and army of Tigray. Our struggle has lost diplomacy and politics and has reached a forced agreement” (Tigray Independence Party, 10.11.2022).

Here the TIP Party saying the TPLF accepted an agreement because it was forced to do so. They didn’t sign it of reasons of their own. The TIP Party is stating a lot of things and it’s very clear. The TIP is also mentioning the invaders and their blockade of humanitarian assistance. That has been an issue throughout the war. Still, as the peace agreement is accepted, the invaders are not allowing or letting the humanitarian organizations to enter the region. Meaning the peace agreement haven’t changed the situation on the ground. That’s another reason why the TIP party is feeling betrayed and they feel also the TPLF betrayed the TDF. This is all within reason and we can understand their grievances too. The sacrifices and the costs of defending Tigray has been put to the side on a partial agreement, which haven’t changed anything.

TIP continues:

In the meantime, even if the peace agreement is signed that does not preserve the sacrifices of our troops; It is not because our people and army have underestimated their heroism and been defeated. The loser snatched victory in a war that was not used for the sake of facilitating his narrow interests and corrupt thinking; He betrayed you and your people; It is the TPLF group that is hated by the world and covered in diplomatic losses. Here it is to maintain its existence at the cost of the sacrifices of the army and people of Tigray; He is insulted by the presence of you, the only saviors of our people; He has agreed to disband our army. However, the peace document signed on behalf of the TPLF has been accepted in principle; We do not believe that there is any other option but to wisely use the consequences of the peace proposal that this treacherous TPLF group has dragged to our advantage. Therefore, our party, the Tigray Independence Party, to realize an independent and sovereign state of Tigray through a referendum; We would also like to assure you that we will continue our struggle in a highly wise manner appropriate to the pressing political situation we are facing with the aim of holding accountable for the brutal genocide committed against our people” (Tigray Independence Party, 10.11.2022).

We are seeing the TIP Party continues to go after the TPLF. They are not letting things go and the arguments are even shifting for a referendum. That’s what was in the air before the September elections, which the House of Federation never accepted ahead of the war. TIP really says the TPLF are traitors to the Region and the people of Tigray. That is harsh words, but they are also in opposition. So, they are really showing which side they are on.

It isn’t strange that TIP says the TPLF has betrayed and is treasonous, as the TPLF signed an agreement, which is taking away the victory of the TDF. That is a statement, which I would like to see a reaction from the TPLF itself. Since, the TPLF only has stated it signed the agreement, because they want to uphold constitutional norms. Time will tell who is right here, but the TIP is really not accepting the peace agreement or the actions of the TPLF.

Reading this Press Release, it was clear what the message was and the TIP Party isn’t mincing their words. They are direct about their grievances and what they feel they are losing as a part of it. This is giving way to the invaders and the ones who has issued a genocidal war against the region. That’s how the TIP feels about it. That’s why the TIP is disgusted by the TPLF. Peace.

Ethiopia: The WAR isn’t over in the Tigray region

Farmers are being forgotten!!

Ethiopian and Eritrean troops are roaming around rural kebelees in Chercher, Korem, Alamata, Adwa, Asum and Shire Endasillasie and Ethiopian army are forgetting the farmers saying “you were a milisha, you are a milisha” In other areas as well. Specially the Eritrean army is robbing rural farmers. The looting of cities continues. Doesn’t the peace agreement apply to the civilians farmers of Tigray? Hasn’t the Ethiopian army that said it will protect Tigray from invaders been given the responsibility to protect the lives and properties of Tigray farmers? When is the agreement going to be implemented?” (Stalin Gebreselassie, 06.11.2022).

After the 2nd November 2022 peace agreement between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) the warfare haven’t ceased. Instead it’s actually continuing. There isn’t a silence of the guns. Neither is there any acts of goodwill or trying to appease the citizens of the Tigray region.

There been reports of usage of drones, air-strikes, continued pillage and looting on the front-lines of the Tripartite Alliance. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” are still prolonging the war. The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is continuing to defend these front-lines, which is natural when the invaders are still continuing the warfare.

Following Wednesday’s signed peace deal between the Ethiopian federal government and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front to end hostilities, several reports have emerged of Ethiopian conducted airstrikes against civilians in Tigray. Peace cannot be possible without Ethiopian cooperation. Also alarming is the continued presence of Ethiopian allied Eritrean forces in Tigray, who are reportedly participating in killings and kidnappings of Tigrayan youth. There has been no indication of a swift withdrawal from the region on their part” (Omna Tigray, 05.11.2022).

So, it is now on the fourth day since the Peace Agreement was signed in South Africa. There is no withdrawal of forces. Neither is there any reports of ceasing of hostilities, which was sort of the ideals of the Peace Agreement. Secondly, the communication blockade is continuing. Another factor is the blockade of humanitarian assistance and medicines is continuing as well. There is no goodwill and no sort of changes. Only a paper signed in South Africa.

The Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) is still defending the region. The people is still living in a man-made famine, starvation and dying because of the lack of medicines. The Tigray region isn’t getting the help it needs. The Tripartite Alliance haven’t retreated or withdrawn their armies within the Tigray region. There is no changes and only gotten lots of positive vibes from the International Community. Even the IMF will issue new negotiations to secure funding for debt or loans the FDRE got to pay.

Until, there is signs of goodwill and actual changes on the ground. The war is going on and not stopping. Neither is there any mechanisms or sort of stipulation that is following up on the Peace Agreement. We can wonder, if the Tripartite Alliance or the TPLF will call for a peace-keeping mission or anything like that. That is something we await or see…

Especially, since the war is continuing. People are losing lives, the plight and looting is continuing. The guns aren’t silenced. Even if the ink on the paper is dry. Peace.

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