Kenya: Cabinet Despatch (16.10.2020)

It should have been “Cabinet Dispatch” right?

Transparency International Kenya: Elected Leaders Remain Inaccesibile to the Public (15.10.2020)

Kenya: The National Treasury and Planning – Press Statement by the Cabinet Secretary National Treasury and Planning on Disbursements of Funds to County Governments (13.10.2020)

Kenya: Twelfth Parliament – Fourth Session – The National Assembly – Press Release – The Petition to the National Assembly by the Law Society of Kenya and United Green Movement with Respect to the Advisory of Dissolution of Parliament (12.10.2020)

Joint press statement: Transparency is the much needed vaccine to save more lives in Kenya (08.10.2020)

Kenya: Government Statement – National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) – (07.10.2020)

Kenya: Jubilee – Statement on Attempted Power Grab at the Party Headquarters (02.10.2020)

Kenya: Joint CSOs Statement – Corruption in the Health Sector is Negatively Affecting Realization of the Right to Health (29.09.2020)

Kenya: Council of Governors (CoG) – Re: Impending Shutdown Occasioned by Lack of Resources (16.09.2020)

Kenya Health Professionals Society (KHPS): Joint Press Statement on COVID 19 in Kenya (01.07.2020)