Ethiopia: The “criminal” story of Dr. Assefa Adane

Enat Party political sector manager Dr. Assefa Adane after fifty one day imprisonment today May 28/2018 They have been released from prison on a bail of 1000 birr. The investigating police said “I couldn’t find enough information and evidence so I won’t oppose if the court is released on a bail of 1000 birr”. So the court allowed him to be released on a bail. He was released in the evening and returned home” (ENAT, 26.05.2023).

On the 6th April Dr. Assefa Adane who happens to be the Political Sector Manager of the Enat (Mother) Party and the managing director of the Negere Wolakit media. He was kidnapped by the government forces on that day. While the office space which he shared with other media-houses was also raided. The house itself was broken into and looted.

Now after 51 days in custody. The politician and journalist, Dr. Adane is free, but only temporarily. When you have first gotten into the hands of the authorities they can easily access you again. It is really telling when the Court that gave him freedom today said there was no information or evidence in his case. Meaning the authorities arrested him without merit or any proof of any allegation. Just think about that for a second. The authorities arrested a man without evidence, proof or anything, which could show his “criminal intent or criminal activity”. That just shows that its all political and not based in law or done by proper law enforcement.

We can see how the state is operating by looking into this case. He is clearly not alone as the state has suddenly mass-arrests and does so in the name of “law”. While they are not showing or preparing the cases before the arrests. It is all “preventative” arrests and arbitrary as such. Since they are just doing it en-mass and targeting one group or one part of society.

On the day of Dr. Adane’s arrest there was several similar cases and other journalists who was apprehended. Certainly, if you looked into them. You would most likely see similar back-stories and end-game. As the state is going hard and cracking down on certain “dissidents” or “critical voices” but not gathering evidence or proof of criminal intent or behaviour for that matter. No, they are just arresting and hoping people forget them behind bars.

This isn’t new Ethiopia and isn’t new under the rule of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. He has done similar all-across the Republic. Right now the surge of arrests are in tandem with the offensive and efforts to undermine the Amhara region. Just like Abiy has done in Oromia, Tigray and Ogaden in past. Therefore, this isn’t new, but still worthy to reflect over.

Just imagine the boldness and the arrogance to arrest someone with evidence or proof (information) of any criminal conspiracy, act or intent of doing such. That’s what the Ethiopian Authorities did in regards to Dr. Adane. No matter how you regard him as a politician or as a journalist doesn’t matter here. It is the principal and the idea that the state could do this and let him be in prison for 51 days before releasing him. Peace.

Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali – Statement on Africa Day 2023 (25.05.2023)

Ethiopia: Caucus of Opposition Parties (COPs) – Press Statement on Constitutional Amendments Proposed by the Ethiopian Institute of Policy Studies (23.05.2023)

Last week, the Caucus of Opposition Parties (COPs) have heard with dismay and serious concern from media – what appears to be a government sponsored and politically motivated study paper by an Ethiopian government agency called Institute of Policy Studies. To us, the said research is a methodologically flawed wish list of certain quarters, and above all an untimely initiative. And it is unfortunate that such a lopsided paper is presented to the public at this critical juncture of our country’s history where the bloodiest war just ended and we are still in the midst of war in much of Oromia. Such papers are not only misleading, but can also lead our country into more chaos as there is very little consensus regarding constitutional reform both among the country’s political forces and the diverse Ethiopian communities. In this regard, we strongly believe that such a proposal is meaningless before a broader agreement is reached among the country’s major stake holders, which should be backed by genuine and all inclusive national dialogue. It should not be forgotten that it is the “ I can do it alone” that has led the country into the endless crisis it has been wallowing in for decades in which millions lost their lives and millions more have been displaced.

To be sure, it is highly disturbing that the so-called research has been conducted with little regard for scientific objectivity, and as can be read from the methodology used as well as our own observation, it is tailored to serve a hidden political interest of certain circles and at that contains highly deceptive findings. Here, it is important to note that politicizing scientific research for narrow political interest and personal gains can easily jeopardize the foundation of our already precarious stability and the hoped for democratic transition.

As responsible citizens, we urge those who are promoting such a divisive political agenda to stop it so as to save our country from the potential harm it could cause and a perilous road to destruction. And, we also strongly suggest that scientific research is conducted with a necessary transparency and objectivity where the results can be validated through a broad Consultative process. Therefore, COP urge our policymakers to take a closer look at this research paper, investigate the matter thoroughly, and take corrective measures to prevent any further spread of misinformation. We think, it is only by doing so that we can uphold the principles of democracy and make informed decisions for the betterment of our country and its various peoples.

Regarding a possible constitutional reform, we want to remind all the concerned parties that under the existing Ethiopian situation, genuine national dialogue and a broad-based agreement is reached among the country’s political forces on the way the future Ethiopian government is structured as well the political system thereof is organized take precedence over yet another hasty measures and reckless moves by few political parties that may have serious consequences for the country and its various peoples.

Taking this opportunity, the Caucus also ask the ruling party and its government structures to ensure ‘the right to self-determination of the nations, nationalities and the peoples of Ethiopia’ as per the provisions in the existing constitution when treating the demands of the various peoples of the country such as the Wolaita’s quest for referendum to save the people from unnecessary conflict and bloodshed.

Caucus of Opposition Parties (COPs)

May 23, 2023

Addis Ababa

Opinion: Abiy has a new enemy in the Amhara Popular Front (APF)

This weekend there was a launch of a new militia or a new “movement” which is coined the Amhara Popular Front. That one is consisting of Amhara Regional Special Force and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano”. Both was to be disbanded or become a part of the National Army, the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). However, with the revelation of the new militia… it will not happen anytime soon.

Now, the Amhara with their allies or backers are going into uncharted territories. The ENDF and the authorities are already bound in conflict in Amhara region. As the Amhara militants and nationalists wouldn’t back down. That is the same folks and sentiments that been used by the “no more” crowd and the ones defending the war to end the TPLF, once and for all.

The leader of the APF is a familiar fellow. A man who defended and wanted the war to last longer in the North. This man being the journalist and activist, former Balderas leader Eskinder Nega. He will run the APF and be the known character running it. A man has been detained and has been charged for serious crimes before. Now his becoming a rebel and a militia leader. That is new from the former politician, journalist and activist.

This is why Prime Minister Abiy who is already fighting battles in Oromia against the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). A PM who hasn’t silenced the guns in Tigray region. Neither has the authorities left or stopped being brutal in the Ogaden region. No, the Prosperity Party and the way it moves forward is with the gun…

So, the PM isn’t really seeking peace, but seeking total humiliation and resounding surrender. Nevertheless, there is plenty of groups who fights and wants to see his demise. In 2023 there various Liberation Front co-exist and with different reach in the regions. However, he certainly haven’t delivered or given them any reason to back down. The National Commission for Dialogue or whatever is only for the show and confetti. It isn’t there to do anything substantial or sustainable for the near future.

That’s why it’s obvious that Abiy has failed in his plans for peace and unity in Ethiopia. When the likes of Nega is now calling for “war”. Now the Amhara is amping it up. They are having their own regional Defence Force. Just like Tigray had the TDF. Now the APF is their own version of it and they don’t even have a viable “origin story” for it either. That just came about because the government wanted to reign in the guns and control the arms. In such a manner to reform the army and law enforcement. Therefore, the grievances isn’t about the mandate or political capital. No, it is about the justification to bear arms and be militant.

The Amhara cannot accept that the ENDF has the control and has the final say. That’s why they are calling Abiy a dictator now. They didn’t call him that when he quelled demonstrations or killed in Oromia. They didn’t call him that when he went after dissidents in the Ogaden. These folks was cheering on the army and the para-military as they invaded, destroyed and annexed territories of the Tigray. Now they calling quits and rebels against the government, because the centre is losing power and ability to hold arms. That’s the sinister part here.

The ENDF and the PP has reacted to it all, but a bit to late. They let it feaster and grow with time, because it benefited the war in Tigray. Now that has partly ceased, but remaining Amhara and Eritrean forces are still occupying Tigrayan territories. The finalization of the conflict is in parts over. While the tripartite alliance needs to lick their wounds and move-on.

Alas, there is the problem. That where the likes of Nega comes in. Who wants to annihilate and get rid of a mortal enemy. They are not willing to give peace a chance. These believe the only way to win is to get rid of and silence TPLF for ever. That’s why these are betrayed and the PP gave them weapons to do so. The PP gave them training and ammunition, which are now in play against the ENDF.

The same allies that was weapon brothers in Tigray will now fight each other. That is the gist of things and shows how things fall apart. It is a tragedy and shows how to sow conflict. The PM seems unable to keep the peace and only strengthen his causes by going to war. That’s why he has offensives and skirmishes on the regular. This is why he targeted and goes after the Amhara too. They are the latest big-victim and now they have a militia for their cause.

The PP and ENDF has a new enemy. Abiy has created a new nationalist militant group, which are created to end him. That is yet another one these and this one is more powerful than others… ironically because he needed it in the previous conflict. They got power, influence and government support for their hand in Tigray. Now the same hands will be used to fight Abiy.

Surely, these battles, these internal wars will only cause more turmoil, less stability and create a vacuum, which none can fulfil. The PP and Abiy can only wish it goes over fast. However, with the previous wars the state haven’t conquered or been able to outsmart the liberation fronts. Therefore, to think so this time. Well, these are trained by the government and know how the army operates. That’s why this Amhara militia will be even more dangerous. They were a hot minute ago apart of a war-pact.

Now the tides have turned and the guns are aimed at the throne. Peace.

Ethiopia: Amhara Popular Front (APF) – Press Release (20.05.2023)

Our origin is the existence of Amhara, our destination is the unity of Ethiopia!

The danger that has been inflicted on the existence of the Amhara people and the unity of Ethiopia has passed on to a serious chapter. The extremist Oromuma politics that is driven by false narrative and blind hatred is making practical moves to create the great Oromia.

The extremist Oromo nationalists who control the Beltsegina Party and lead by Abiy Ahmed are trying to create the “great” Oromia by expanding the genocide they are committing on the Amhara people and overthrowing the regions and taking land. Sidama, Afar, Somali, Benshangol, Gedeo, Gurage, Gamo, Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa are among those who are expected to be victims of this process. Because they believed “Oromia needs a sea gate” they have planned to cut the Somali region into two and jump into the red sea. The fact that the new Oromia is not only clean from other ethnic groups, but they are also dreaming to make it clean from Orthodox religion and existing Islam.

Millions of Amharas have been victims of human rights violations, displacement and mass killing in the Oromia region, even though they have been dispersed in the movement to implement their rights. These are the evidence of how serious the danger that is looming in our country is. If things continue like this, we can say for sure that our future will be worse than the Rwanda genocide.

It has been found that this will be the main obstacle in Ethiopia, especially the external, to reverse the danger that has been declared on the Amhara people (Genocide) that will organize the first chapter of the Amhara people.

The purpose of the front :-

1. Making the Amhara people the first priority of their struggle to protect themselves from genocide.

2. The end of the struggle for the survival of the Amhara people is passing Ethiopia as a country to the next generation.

3. Amending the constitution that is a threat to the existence of Amhara and Ethiopia in a way that guarantees the unity of the Ethiopian people.

4. Establishment of local administrations in places that will be liberated by the people’s struggle and the administration of the prosperity party will be destroyed by the elders of the country, Fano and government officials who joined the struggle of the people.

5. Maintaining the peace, democratic rights and security of the people through the established local administrations.

6. We need to work together with the national and international forces that are working to stop the genocide (genocide) that has been inflicted on the Amhara people.

The Prosperity Party led by Abiy Ahmed has no ability and public base, devoid of knowledge, poisoned by hate, has no respect for humanity and a corrupt organization. The TPLF-led EPRDF regime has strengthened the system in a bad way but it hasn’t changed.

Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – Regarding Peace Talks and the Regime’s Recent Offensives (17.05.2023)

Ethiopia: The FDRE Government Communication Services served the Amhara Nationalist a full “TPLF” treatment…

Large-scale conspiracies were hatched to derail the change from the very beginning, and attacks were carried out to undermine the change and discourage the leadership of the change. Slander campaigns have been launched. The lives of rare leaders and citizens have been taken. Millions of innocent citizens have been displaced from their homes. A war broke out and claimed many lives. It has cost the country and the people a lot. The origin of these crimes stems from the desire to impose the narrow interests of one group on the other, instead of resolving differences peacefully and verbally” (FDRE Government Communication Services – ‘Attempting to achieve political will through violence and chaos is like grasping the gum’ 14.05.2023).

It is so striking read this text from the FDRE Government Communication Services. The national broadcast of message and outlet for direct information from the Federal Government. This is the unit that has informed and been the “vital” source for many. Especially, if you followed the War in Tigray Region and how the FDRE looked at the circumstances. The FDRE Government Communication Services was instrumental and the voice of the regime.

That’s why reading today’s text, knowing how the Prosperity Party moves. It is just compelling. Now the Amhara Nationalists, the “Fano” and the militants who partake in the conflict. The ones who armed themselves and fought in the FDRE war in Tigray. They are now getting the same treatment as the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). The ones who are siding with the Amhara and the ideal of regional state of Amhara. They are clearly in the firing line of the FDRE. Secondly, the Amhara Regional Special Forces Members are also in deep trouble together with the paramilitary men in Fano.

Just read this here…

However, as Ethiopia has entered the process of peaceful transfer of power, there is no hole or power that has not been harmed by the groups that have not been able to win the elections with the superiority of ideas and the desperate groups swearing by ethnic and neighborhood identity to suppress extremist thinking and forcefully bring the government to its knees. In various areas of our country, organized groups with extremist ideas have moved to threaten public peace and security. When these evil forces happen, in the protection of the nation’s rights; At other times, if they act in the name of religious rights; Their aim is to control the power of the government by force, which they could not control by competing with ideas. The way they have designed as a strategy for their evil purpose is to paint one nation as a villain and another as a villain, and by creating a sense of doubt, conflict and mistrust among the people, by eroding our common values. It was observed that apart from the disgraceful actions they are carrying out in practice, they are spreading hateful propaganda that is disgraceful and does not fit the culture, values and ethics of Ethiopians” (FDRE Government Communication Services – ‘Attempting to achieve political will through violence and chaos is like grasping the gum’ 14.05.2023).

We have heard this before from the PP and it’s allies, but not described towards former allies in Amhara. The plot has changed and the Amhara ones who won’t change their stripes or be part of a new ENDF. They are now “evil”… we have heard this before and now it’s turning the other cheek. The leaders who stood by and fought in the war. These has been galvanized by similar text describing Tigrayan people, the region of Tigray and the TPLF. Now the PP and the FDRE is producing the same content, but it is done to make them the “illegal” and “criminal”. The coin has flipped and Amhara is losing. That is obvious…

More than ever, the government should realize that it is impossible to ensure any need or benefit by imposing one’s own evil interests on others by applying force and force to ensure unity, justice and equality by implementing true democratic and national federalism. The government is making great efforts to solve the security problems in the country by strengthening the security structures and building a strong defense army. We has also strengthened the work we started to ensure the security and peace of our people by reorganizing the security agencies of the regions and building a strong national army” (FDRE Government Communication Services – ‘Attempting to achieve political will through violence and chaos is like grasping the gum’ 14.05.2023).

These narratives aren’t new or original. No, this has been done before with the use of “law and “constitution” to bring down on political power and their ambitions. Abiy and PP is using the same means here to destroy, deplete and annihilate a possible threat. The PP has seen the Amhara grown so strong and powerful because of the war. That they had to clip it’s wings.

Now, they are doing so and legitimizing it in the same manner as it did to Tigray. The plot hasn’t really changed, but region has… it is the same deal, but a new victim. The only difference is that Amhara took part and bashed in destroying the Tigray. Now they are having the same fate and they surely didn’t see it coming. Peace.

Ethiopia: TPLF isn’t a legitimate party just yet…

“NEBE has refused to reinstate TPLF as a political party, citing the absence of a legal framework for outlawed parties. The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) was banned by the board for engaging in violence against the federal government. Even though TPLF claims to have resolved the issue through a peace deal in Pretoria, the board denies its reinstatement mentioning that it will consider TPLF’s request for reinstatement if the party follows the procedures outlined in the Political Parties Code of Conduct” (Addis Zeybe, 13.05.2023).

The prolonged agony and conflict in Tigray isn’t over. Even if there are a Cessation of Hostilities Agreement in place. Parts of the Tigray region is still occupied by Eritrean and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” which are undermining the efforts for peace. Alas, in the mix of all this…

The political gambit and the reasoning for deregistering the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is still active. Amidst the war the Authorities and the State did announce the TPLF as a terrorist organization, which affected the status of the party and also took away it’s credibility as a part of the nation. The rulers in Addis and their allies effectively dethroned and detached the TPLF from “society”. In such a manner, that it hasn’t gotten legitimized since…

The Pretoria Agreement has helped and the TPLF is running an Interim Regional Administration (IRA) with a new cabinet. However, NEBE is clearly not buying it and not allowing it. We know the deregistering and the labelling of “terrorist” organization was only done to suit the Federal Government and their warpath.

Now those choices done in the House of Federation and within the Authorities are hard to rectify. Certainly, the Office of the Prime Minister could have directed or given reasons to change it. Nevertheless, that isn’t concerning him directly and that’s why he maybe is so reckless.

This is just showing how the Prosperity Party moves and how it takes control. They are fighting tooth and nails to survive a war. After accepting a peace-deal, the authorities are not playing along, but showing resistance to change. Instead of showing goodwill… it is showing defiance.

Seriously, this is just showing how far things are from Mekelle to Addis Ababa. It shows how the authorities are acting high and mighty. When the parties have engaged and are in dialogue. The one party is still acting supreme and humiliating the other. The TPLF risked being mocked and ridiculed. Now it is happening…

The NEBE is doing the service of the PP. This is a way of PP showing who has the power and the TPLF just have to oblige. That is it… Peace.

Opinion: Redwan Hussein told the “silent” truth about the TPLF…

“As you are all aware, the TPLF was labelled as a terrorist organisation not because of ideological differences, a political programme, the TPLF’s possession of weapons, or the fact that it held elections. The TPLF was labelled a terrorist organisation not merely to make our defence forces feel more at ease in continuing the fight. To continue the war, we do not need to label TPLF as a terrorist group; we can already declare war on the basis of the constitution and military establishment’s decree. The defence is now fighting many armed groups in several parts of Ethiopia, including Gambella and Benshangul. However we have not labelled these armed groups as terrorist. Until recently, Only OLF and TPLF have been labelled as terrorists. For some time after the war began, the TPLF was not labelled as a terrorist organisation. The fundamental purpose for labelling the TPLF as terrorist is to control and weaken TPLF’s political and economic power, as well as provide better capacity to our defence and federal police” –Minister, National Security Advisor to the PM of FDRE, Redwan Hussein (22.03.2023).

There was some of us that questioned the timing and the adjusted labelling of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Just as the House of Federation ceased and revoked the designated terrorist organisation label of the party. The National Security Advisor to the Prime Miniser, Redwan Hussein told the blatant truth.

I am not shocked or confused. It was as I expected, because this war wasn’t a constitutional one or a “law enforcement” operation, which they claimed when they invaded the Tigray region in November 2020. No, it was to settle old grudges and consolidate power after the revitalized EPRDF became the Prosperity Party. The PM felt betrayed that the TPLF wouldn’t become part of the PP. That’s why the PP needed reasons to invade and annihilate the TPLF. Making them a terrorist organization was giving them more reasons to destroy, kill and possible commit to genocide in the Tigray region. They were fighting the TPLF and the evils of the region in this war.

The terrorist label was also to give reasons and boost the moral of the soldiers. It was also to get more legal justification for the war and the invasion of the region. That is what the National Security Advisor said. We are seeing it was a political gambit and done to justify the war. It wasn’t on the basis of how the political party operated or activities it was a part of. No, it was all done to strengthen the invasion and the war-machine itself.

This just shows what the “Medemer Terror” is all about. It just shows what the Prosperity Party is willing to do to succeed. They are willing to name-call and designate people or parties as terrorists, just to get ahead and justify a brutal or bloody war. That’s what the PP is up too. This is what the ruling regime of Abiy is doing and has done.

If you believe this people or their spin. They were willing to lie and define the “enemies” as “terrorist” just because they could and had the legal instruments to do so. Not, because the party or the TPLF fit the criteria. No, it was only done to boost their own moral and create more reasons to get rid of them.

That really saying something and I would never think anyone would state this. I thought it was this way, but Redwan Hussein just verified what we already knew. The PP just wanted selfish reasons to annihilate the TPLF. Because, the TPLF dared to rebel or renegade against the merger or consolidation of power of the EPRDF to the PP. That’s all it was and the “terrorist” label was just pinned on them to give the FDRE more weapons or more power to execute a brutal war. Peace.

Ethiopia: Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front/Army (OLF-OLA High Command) – Regarding the Agamasa Massacre Committed by Fano (02.09.2022)

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