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Somalia: The Somali troops in Eritrea continues to haunt Mogadishu…

Villa Somalia spokesperson Abdikarim Ali Kaar says a number of Somali troops in Eritrea are dead. The number was not given, but he did say that their parents are aware of the fatalities. “Some died naturally, and some perished while they were training.” Approximately 5,000 new recruits were sent secretly to Eritrea for military training by former president Farmaajo in 2019. Some of the troops were allegedly deployed into Tigray region to fight alongside Eritrean troops” (Arlaadi Media Network, 02.07.2022).

If you ever thought the truth would never be release. A new administration and a new President makes a huge difference in Somalia. The previous administration signed an agreement with Ethiopia and Eritrea. This alliance could be a reason for the deployment and training of Somali troops in Eritrea. It doesn’t make sense that they just perish and dies in an-mass on training-sites. That seems like a lie and some might have died of natural causes. This could easily happen, but not with thousands of men who was trained soldiers. No, that isn’t it and a cover-up.

We know by the reports of the time and the start of the conflict. There was deployment of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali soldiers inside Eritrean territory. That was done in preparation of the “Law Enforcement Operation” which started in November 2020. Therefore, the belief that they just perished and didn’t return. While there was public outcry and people wanting news about their loved ones. Just shows the truth of what happened. Since soldiers returning in caskets would have been the righteous things to do. However, this was a secret mission and this is why it wasn’t a publicly known enterprise of the then Villa Somalia.

This is why other sources revealed it. Now, the new administration isn’t denying the existence and the deployment of forces to Eritrea. However, they are not reporting or verifying the further use of them within the Tigray region. Which to me seems like the reason for the movement of troops to Eritrea in the first place.

This is why these reports was reported about last year.

UN Expert Report:

In addition to reports of the involvement of Eritrean troops in the Tigray conflict, the Special Rapporteur also received information and reports that Somali soldiers were moved from military training camps in Eritrea to the front line in Tigray, where they accompanied Eritrean troops as they crossed the Ethiopian border. It is also reported that Somali fighters were present around Aksum. The Government of Somalia denied the participation of Somali soldiers in the Tigray conflict” (Situation of human rights in Eritrea – Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea, Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, 12.05.2021).

On the 17th January 2021 this was reported and I wrote about it then:

With that in mind the Somali Guardian have today released a report that 2500 Somali trained soldiers who enlisted to a Qatari Military Service was flown to bases in Eritrea ahead of combat. These soldiers was destined and taken to military camps within Eritrea for the sole purpose of participating in the conflict in Tigray” (Minbane – ‘Ethiopia: Abiy’s Regional Conflict in Tigray’ 17.01.2021).

What I will say in the end… that is a mystery that the remains haven’t been returned to the mourning families. Neither has there any revelation of the agreement and direct arrangement between Mogadishu and Asmara. This is why the “natural death and perished” while training seems like another spin-and-another twist of the involvement of Somali troops in the conflict in Northern Ethiopia or the Tigray region. Time will tell if they release more information and be more honest about it. Now, the cat is out of the bag, but the whole deal is far from released to the public. Peace.

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Opinion: Blaming everything on the TPLF is getting ‘old’

Yes, as the time goes by… the repetition and usage of a scapegoat wears off. That is just a fact. Especially, when the scapegoat and the villain isn’t as powerful or uses it’s forces. The Prosperity Party and the government institutions are finding all ways to vilify and blame the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

I would never say that the TPLF isn’t at fault and never done anything evil. No, that isn’t justified. The TPLF have their wounds, massacres and tarnished reputation over years in power. That isn’t anything to deny or counter, as that should investigated and challenged in the courts of law. Which any sensible government petition, indicts and sentence criminals to a punishment in a correctional facility. Therefore, that should be done and not just blame it for everything without evidence.

With that in mind… the FDRE Government Communication Service has targeted and lied deliberately about the TPLF. That being the closure of Mekelle Airport or the Humanitarian Convoys to enter into Tigray region. Secondly, now they are blaming the TPLF for the execution of Sudanese soldiers from Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). Which is hard to believe, as the Addis Ababa has lied about all details in the conflict in Northern Ethiopia.

The PP has lied about the origin. The PP has lied about how it blocked funding and aid into the Tigray region before the November 2020. The PP has lied about their planned operations to assassinate the TPLF leadership ahead of the conflict. The PP has lied about the infiltration of Tigray Defence Force (TDF) within the refugees fleeing into Sudan. The PP has lied about the lack of fuel and called it a myth created by the TPLF to continue the war. I can go on, but I am just showing how much lies that been spread as fact in this conflict.

When you know this… the ENDF isn’t taking responsibility of the executions of SAF soldiers. They are now “investigating” it, but know that they will never take any sort of serious responsibility for it. Because, the regime of Addis Ababa don’t want to loose face and that’s the gist of it.

Just like it always did disclaim the skirmishes last year into the Al-Fashqa region inside Sudanese territory. Therefore, the recent Press Statement made by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is again blaming TPLF. While not taking into account the knowledge of SAF and the Sudanese who knows who took them as Prisoners of War (POW) and the civilian who was also killed by the authorities in Ethiopia.

So, when the PP and the FDRE Government Communication Service drops their statements, press releases and such. Question the narrative and the reasons for it. Since, they have deliberately acted in disservice and been dishonest in the messaging. Therefore, don’t just listen and take as a truth. That is giving way to a government that easily takes life, creates famine and arrest dissidents.

I’m just asking you to be aware and keeping your head cool. Because, the FDRE and the PP is working for one man and his emperor complex. That should be said and don’t be shocked by that. He wants everyone to fear him and his terror. This is why his time in office should be called the ‘Medemer Terror’. Peace.

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Ethiopia: The PP is lying about the fuel crisis in the Tigray region…

During last week alone 3 fuel tankers carrying 137,913 litres have arrived in Mekelle, cumulatively reaching 920,309 liters of fuel sent to the region. The myth of fuel shortage is a TPLF hidden agenda to enhance mobility of its army in preparation for another round of conflict” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 23.06.2022).

Just as the Prosperity Party of the FDRE Government Communication Service was willing to lie about the closure of Mekelle Airport in the Tigray region. They are willing to lie about the fuel crisis and lack thereof in the Tigray Region. The lack of fuel and not enough of it. Is a reason for why the humanitarian assistance isn’t able to reach across the Tigray region. The vehicles cannot drive across the terrain or the roads to distribute the humanitarian assistance there.

It is really telling that the FDRE Government Communication Service did this today. That is just a sign of escalation and plans for future endeavours. This they have done before and the regime of Addis Ababa has no scruples or concerns about the consequences. As long as their detail and their message is spread across. Because, this is vilifying the victims and that what they pursuit.

Similarly in Tigray, extreme food insecurity is leading some IDPs to resort to eating wild plants to survive. While the arrival of additional humanitarian supplies into Tigray is expected to address some of these gaps, the scale of response is challenged by the lack of fuel to transport the supplies from Mekelle to different parts of the region. At least more than 334,000 liters of fuel (around 7 to 8 fuel tankers) are needed to distribute more than 42,000 MT of relief supplies within the region. Overall, since road convoys movement resumed on 1 April, about 2,500 trucks carrying over 101,000 MT of cargo, of which 86 per cent of the supplies are food and nutrition, have reached Tigray, including 21 fuel tankers. This includes 532 trucks, including 3 fuel tankers, arrived in Tigray during the reporting period” (OCHA, 16.06.2022).

I don’t the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or OCHA would have any interests about lying or making fuel a myth in Tigray. To the contrary they need to be straight and honest for their donor and the international community, which funds the operations of the UN organizations and the humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region. The OCHA has no interests or needs to exaggerate or even make things worse. They are just in the business of addressing the needs and the hurt of the region.

That’s why I have little faith in a government, which has inflicted harm, punished a region collectively and persistent in vilifying the leadership of region. While never acting accountable or being transparent about own actions, which has created and ensured the humanitarian catastrophe of man-made famine and starvations of the Tigray region. That blockade for months on end has created it and they cannot switch the narratives now. Especially, when the OCHA reports, which is the newest one says it so vividly.

FDRE Government Communication Service needs a better writer and narrator. Heck, they need someone who can speak and say the truth. This is government propaganda in the purest form. It is not a myth that the Humanitarian assistance needs more fuel, but a fact, which is as a result of the federal government sponsored blockade. A blockade that has been successful in such a way, that we don’t know how many lives, how many millions who will be touched by it or is barely surviving. Because, we have bare estimations of 9 millions, but that is maybe only on the surface and who knows how bad it really is. Peace.

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