Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front – Regarding Abiy Ahmed’s Government’s War of Aggression against the Oromo People (14.04.2022)

Ethiopia: FDRE Government Communication Service – In the past two days, more than 50 trucks carrying food items and fuel departed from Semera heading to Tigray (14.04.2022)

Ethiopia: Amhara National Regional State – Statement on the Joint Investigation Report of Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch (11.04.2022)

Ethiopia: Abiy – How many parts of the Republic do you want to burn?

The Tigray region has been besieged for months, humanitarian assistance weaponized and a man made famine. While parts of Afar region is war-toned. The Western Tigray is burned, looted and a genocidal affair to get annexed by the Amhara region. While Northern Wollo has been destroyed and gotten war-torn as well.

In addition, the Republic has ensured to stifle, silence and got after dissidents with an iron fist in any region. The Ogaden or Somali Region there been no remorse and an absolute will to arrest, detain and keep political prisoners. The same can be said about regions too. There is really no where to find solace or peace.

The last few days… there is a new offensive to annihilate the Oromo Liberation Front/Army in Oromia. As there are several parts of Regional Special Forces, which are used to destroy the OLF/OLA. The most prominent is the usage of Somali RSF and they are the ones that is shown in pictures online.

While the blood is shed in Oromia. There is planned escalations and continuing the conflict in Tigray. As there are reports of troops moving into Afar and plans of invading it from there. That will be done with ENDF and Eritrean Defence Forces. Therefore, the Tripartite Alliance is still alive.

The Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” is practically everywhere too. It has become a vital part of the army and the national ideals, the ethnocentric and Amhara nationalist unit. This is being not only deployed in Western Tigray and part of the campaigns there. It can be launched into other regions on behalf of the Amhara Regional State. That is how they do it to fight the battles of Amhara. This is why the prospects of a greater Amhara and Amhara centric views on the rise. Just like the Tigrayan and the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) was the front of the EPRDF era.

The Prosperity Party which is the unified one-party made out the EPRDF without TPLF has become this. The PP has installed their puppets, their hand-picked leaders and representatives in an election. Which was the perfect selection and with no real opposition. Only the parties that could be seen as branches of the PP or who would work with the PP. That’s why the PP even let some of them become appointed to the cabinet too after the election.

Now, that you know this. It makes sense that the puppets of the regions are fighting the battles of Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar. They are fighting these crusades to get the pure regions. Certainly, just like the same folks has intended to bury and silence the Tigray for eternity. They are now ceasing an opportunity to let the Oromia burn. In such a manner, that gives further prospects of grandeur of the Amhara. The Somali regional President also got to show support and he can later get help to get rid of the ONLF, once and for all too. When the Federal Government is done with TPLF and OLF/OLA.

Everywhere Abiy touches, he burns and destroys. He doesn’t build or create peace. No, everywhere he is ensure death and bloodshed. There is only death and no possible way of peaceful future. It is only more destruction and devastation. It is no rest and everywhere there is dissidents, rebellion or possible revolts. The state will address it with blunt force and no remorse.

The Abiy regime will not bring hope of a better tomorrow. That is proven by the Tigray civil-war and how it has been done. The achievements of the state proves this and they will be remembered for the Medemer Terror. Just like the Derg was known for the Red Terror. Every village, town and zone is getting touched. It will be remembered, because somewhere and someone people know was scorned. The people was touched, hit and hit with plights of the terror of Abiy. That’s what his offering… while promising peace and prosperity. He promises reforms and grandeur, but comes with guns and ammunition. Abiy doesn’t come with dialogue or talks… no… everyone is to follow his orders and bow down to his greatness. If not… they are supposed to follow the directives and his leaders, which is puppets of his will. That’s why as long as this is happening. The destruction will continue and the plights will not be easier to carry.

It will be damages for generations to come. The costs will be enormous and the lack of trust in the Federal Government will linger on. The pains and the lost will be told about in tales. They will be martyrs of the Medemer Terror. That is the reality here. Just like ones that lost their lives for the Red Terror. The ones who fell now and fallen in the campaigns of the government will be remembered like this.

Just like people despised and felt betrayed by the Tigrayan minority and rule. The same fate will befall on the Amhara and the PP. That’s because the path it has chosen. Instead of building a better tomorrow. It has now ensured prolonged agony and hurt. The wars that Abiy wages doesn’t seem to have an end. Neither does the promise of swift endings either. That’s why he has so many names and protocols, but they never succeed. This is because the army and the government his running isn’t capable or have the will of the people to win it. These wars aren’t justified and this is why his slowly losing.

The blood is on his hands and he has nowhere to hide. The military fatigue and the proclamations will not do anything. It will only show his thirst for more and he will continue to he has annihilated anyone who could stand in his past of total supremacy. Peace.

Ethiopia: A new offensive is planned from the Afar region to attack the Tigray Region

“Over 300,000 northern #Afar living under trees, herded by the terrifying sound of artillery.” As of March 8, 43,000 Konnoba Afar fleeing into the last remaining “safe” land are under the threat of dying of thirst.” – Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA, 10.04.2022).

ACT NOW to prevent more bloodshed in Ethiopia. Eritrean general Humed Karkari, and Awel Araba have signed a military agreement on 4/7/2022. They are fully positioned to launch a new offensive against Tigray. In the meantime 6 milion Tigrayans continue to suffer under the humanitarian blockade and the threat of extermination and IDPs in Afar continue to suffer from lack of basic humanitarian support from the government. ACTNOW and save lives” (Afar Federalist Diaspora Coordination Committee, 10.04.2022).

General Semeon Gebredingil who manages Eritrea’s internal security, police, immigration and airport security is also now in Addis Ababa. Eritrea not only is making top military decisions in Afar but has infiltrated the federal government of Ethiopia. As long as Eritrea continues to operate in Ethiopia, war will be inevitable and peace impossible” (Afar Federalist Diaspora Coordination Committee, 10.04.2022).

All roads at this moment are going towards Asayita, as the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) is planning a new joint effort to invade and conquer the whole Tigray region. The recent reports are stating so and there been troop movement to the Afar region and the border zones of the Amhara region.

Alas, the secrecy of the planned attack and offensive on Tigray has been out there for awhile. It is just that the voices of Afar region is saying it. The latest release of a few trucks into the Tigray region. Wasn’t really any real humanitarian truce, but instead it was a smokescreen.

Since they are planning a new offensive and has an agreement to do so. The allies are doing it yet again and will do so soon. The people of Afar and the organizations there know it. The ones following the movement of troops. See it, hear it and the war-drums are returning.

The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) have attacked the Afar Region for awhile, but that will also be a front for the Tigray, as they are defending their region. Therefore, it was a strategically move, which has hurt innocent Afar people and hundreds of thousands are internally displaced.

The Tigray region is starving, in a famine and it’s man made. The Afar organizations are even asking to save the millions of Tigrayan people. While they are meeting the blunt force of the TDF, as they are defending their region.

However, we should soon anticipate an announcement and the Prime Minister Abiy in military fatigue. Where he promised to “liberate” and “end the TPLF” once and for all. That is what is coming and with the knowledge of Afar. We should see this happening sooner or later. Because, the Federal Government have prepared together with Eritrea another offensive. Peace.

Ethiopia: A “Final Offensive” have been launched against OLA in Oromia

There are now reports that on the 9th April 2022 that the Federal Government have initiated a “Final Offensive” or a “Final Comprehensive War” against the Oromo Liberation Front/Army (OLF/OLA) in the Oromia Region.

The ones on the Federal side of spectrum is the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Oromia Regional Special Forces, Somali (Ogaden) Regional Special Forces, Sidama Regional Special Forces and Amhara Regional Special Forces. These are the ones that is coordinated and sent to go against the OLF/OLA in Oromia. There are two more forces that is also reported to be involved, these are the Somali Region Para-Military Police “Liyu” and Amhara Para-Military Force “Fano”. Therefore, the Federal Government have really pulled all strings to get enough troops to participate in this here offensive.

There reports of air-raids and also of civilian casualties, especially from the Somali (Ogaden) RSF involvement in the offensive within Oromia. However, the scale and such of atrocities is unknown at the moment. The reports are scattered and hard to come by.

The Federal Government initiative is fighting on several of fronts and the possibilities of civilian casualties is endless. As well, as the lack of concern of them from the Central Government. That’s why the OLF/OLA has risen to prominence in the Prosperity Party era.

The plan of the government is to eliminate the OLF/OLA from Wollega, Guji, Western and North Shoa. Also, it is not enough the Colonel or Prime Minister was wearing military fatigue as he promised the end of OLF/OLA in Oromia. This has been promised before and that was a 15 day campaign. He has doubled the response time, but it won’t make much difference.

The only thing that we can be rest assured with… is that the innocent civilians will be caught in the cross-fire, more devastation will happen and atrocities sponsored by the Federal Government. Because, that is what the PP has to offer. Especially, when it wages war against a region and their opponents there.

Nothing good will come out of this. Only more bloodshed… Peace.

Ethiopia: Tigray External Affairs Office – Statement on the Joint Report of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on Atrocity Crimes Committed in Western Tigray (08.04.2022)

Ethiopia: Tigray External Affairs Office – Statement on the Increasingly Dire Humanitarian Situation (07.04.2022)

Ethiopia: Afar Federalist Diaspora Coordination Committee – Update on Afar (07.04.2022)

There are clear indications that Ethiopia and Eritrea are preparing for yet another bloody offensive on Tigray, while also trapping the people of Afar in the middle.

We have reports that Eritrean military personals including marine major general Humed Karkari, held a meetings with Ethiopian government officials for 3 days in Semera, Afar. The meeting was mainly held in preparation for their upcoming joint military offense on Tigray.

Additionally, the aid trucks that were supposed to reach Tigray and displaced Afaris in Zone 2 continue to be hindered by Abiy Ahmed Ali & puppets in Afar. Only 20 trucks entered Tigray and no additional aid was sent to Afar’s Zone 2 or Tigray. The people continue to suffer. Instead of humanitarian aid, loads of trucks carrying military ammunition are arriving daily to Afar.

This is a clear indication that Abiy Ahmed Ali & Eritrea’s DIA have no intention in working towards peace. Instead they continue to put people in Afar and Tigray in harms way. Abiy Ahmed Ali’s actions and inactions thus far indicate that Ethiopia is simply buying more time to unleash more terror on its citizens. The international community must intervene to stop this mayhem & hold Ethiopia & Eritrea accountable.

Ethiopia: Catholic Eparchy – Adigrat – Tigray – A SOS Call for a Swift Humanitarian Aid Action to Save Millions of People Dying from Merciless Man-made Famine in Tigray (06.04.2022)

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