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Ethiopia: Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) – Call for humanitarian assistance from FDRE government and international organisations (UNOCHA, USAID, UNICEF…) and the wider International Community to act to alleviate hunger and save human lives in Oromia, Ethiopia (06.08.2022)

Ethiopia: Government of Tigray – External Affairs Office – Statement on the Joint Visit of the Special Envoys of the EU, the U.S. as well as the United Nations to Mekelle (04.08.2022)

Opinion: The Afar region is a victim of the policy of the besieged Tigray

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that humanitarian truce that was agreed in March- April is holding and has allowed us to bring in humanitarian supplies….[]The bad news is that after 20 months of War, the Amhara and Afar situation is not getting better” – WFP Country representative for Northern Ethiopia, Adrian Van Der Kaap (Yesuf Endris – ‘WFP calls on Int’l organizations to support Amhara, Afar IDPs’ 04.08.2022, Ethiopian Press Agency).

We do need more corridors, we need the humanitarian truce to continue and we expect that it will continue. But, we need to open more coroners. Of course, we need more funds as we burn our money

The humanitarian assistance and the man-made famine, which has been created over the months of blockade. A blockade of not only the most basic humanitarian assistance, which is food and basic necessities. The Tigray region has not had banking services, internet or telecommunication. Therefore, the Tigray has been put in a horrible place of starvation and lack of medicines. That sort of actions makes the international partners rally more for help and get the Federal Government to stop the blockade before it’s too late.

That is something everyone must understand. The policy of doing this to a war-torn region and a battlefront of the state. It is showing what sort of ideology and sort of retribution the state does to the ones that has fallen out of favours. The Tigray region has become a burden and a target of the state. To think otherwise is naive after the start of the conflict and launch of the “Law Enforcement Operation” in November 2020. The months of blockade and the stoppage of humanitarian assistance will hurt for years to come. The amount of damage, pain and suffering is unknown.

With that in mind… the news of people struggling, living with barely nothing and starving in Afar region. Is yet another tragedy happening in Ethiopia. The Afar region is a victim of the state sponsored conflict in the North. The Afar people is being put in between the battlefield and on the front-line of the conflict at the same time. They are middle-men who are seeing the convoys of humanitarian assistance going to Tigray. That is a necessary thing, but they could have seen this coming. The damage is already done and the humanitarian organisations struggling to meet the vast needs in Tigray alone. A sort of game of who is the hurt most and who is bleeding the most this week. Which isn’t fair to anyone and that’s why Afar feels betrayed.

The ones that betrayed Afar isn’t the World Food Programme or any United Nations organisations. No, it is the Prosperity Party that made Tigray suffer to a level, which makes it impossible for the organizations to bring enough to needy elsewhere. They don’t have the manpower, the warehouses with stocks of food or equipment in general. The time laps and the lost periods are now costing. The cash-strapped organizations will be put to a test. When the people of Afar is also feeling the pain of what the Federal Government put into play in Tigray.

No one deserves this and everyone should know that. No one should starve, no have food or shelter. That is a need every human being has. No matter what tribe, religion or creed. People need food and shelter. Afar people needs that and the people of Tigray needs it too.

This is just a proof that the WFP and anyone else who supports humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia. Needs to get more help and donations. There is need for bigger pledges and the bureaucracy of the government has to open up. The game of blocking and stifling the attempts has to be over. Unless, they want this to run rapid and get closer to capital. Because, the more you play this vicious circle. The more people are dying and the more innocent lives lost. More pain and suffering, which could have been avoided. This is a deadly game and it’s been coordinated to a T from the leaders of the Republic. That should be known and the Afar people deserves better. So, does also the people of Tigray. It is just a sinister plot, which has ramifications that we couldn’t see in advance. Because, who knew the Prime Minister and his associates would be this cold and lack of heart for his own citizens. Peace.

Ethiopia: Government of Tigray – External Affairs Office – Statement on the Visit of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia to Addis Ababa (04.08.2022)

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Ethiopia: I doubt the PP will open up to an independent investigations of the atrocities in the Tigray region…


Today, the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UN HRC), European Union Envoys and United States Special Envoys has both asked the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) to open up for the UN HRC Investigation into the atrocities, which has happened in the Tigray since the “Law Enforcement Operation” was launched in November 2020.

Even as the photos are coming with the Special Envoys in Mekelle in the Tigray region. I doubt that UN HRC and the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE) will get total access and freely operate within the Tigray region. They will most likely followed, told where to go and barely get to dig deep. The Tigray region is besieged and there is also a total blockade of internet and communications in general.

The Addis Ababa regime of the Prosperity Party have blocked other investigations and journalists from uncovering the actions of the state. This with the blockade of humanitarian aid and need of basic equipment. So, when a government does that to region months on end. Why would it expose it and show it sinister actions? We know the Ethiopian government wants to keep their citizens and the world in the dark. About the grim actions made by state sponsored violence and bureaucratic hurdles it has put on the population of Tigray.

So, the statements from the UN HRC and EU/US Special Envoys is important, but I don’t think it would get far…

The Commission’s experts – Ms. Kaari Betty Murungi – Chair (Kenya), Mr. Steven Ratner (USA), and Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy (Sri Lanka) – met with government officials, including the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, and other senior officials. They also met with members of the National Dialogue Commission and Inter-Ministerial Task Force, members of the Ethiopia National Human Rights Commission, members of civil society, diplomats, and UN agencies and staff in Ethiopia to discuss the current human rights situation in the country. During its meetings with government officials, the Commission discussed modalities for cooperation, including its interpretation of its mandate, and reiterated its requests for access to areas relevant for its investigation. The Commission hopes that the government will provide it with unhindered access without delay, so that it may visit sites and speak freely and privately with survivors, witnesses, and other persons of interest” (UN Human Rights Council – ‘Members of Human Rights Body Conclude First Mission to Ethiopia’ 02.08.2022,

Accountability is a key foundation for reconciliation. In this vein, the Envoys urged cooperation with, and access to the conflict areas for, the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE) to enable them to conduct a credible investigation” (European Union External Affairs – ‘Ethiopia: EU and US Special Envoys Visit to Mekelle, Tigray’ 02.08.2022,

The statements here is fine and dandy. Nevertheless…

This is all up to the authorities, the bureaucracy and the regime in Addis Ababa. They have to open up and allow access to the investigators. The Prosperity Party have to give them way and let them do as they please. So, that these UN Experts can asses and investigate the matter properly. However, the rulers and the regime in Addis Ababa isn’t open and a government that cares about transparency at this point. That’s why journalists are easily arrested and media houses suspended. The government can easily crush and silence critical voices. They would most likely get reports and stories, which the state want to “mute” or “kill”. Because, it counters the messaging of the government itself. The Prime Minister and his cronies cannot have that and that would humiliate them. As they only came there in the name of “law and order”. Peace.

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