Opinion: Museveni celebrates mediocrity in Gulu

NRM has done its work well. Talk about it proudly. We had shortages of sugar, soap, beer, sodas, cement and all other essential goods. Today we are talking of surplus of all those and our problem is marketing them. How can you say NRM has done nothing when shops are full of products?(manufactured here)” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Gulu (16.11.2020)

For being a man of so many promises, pledges, programs and development schemes. Him celebrating that there is goods in the shops and filled with localized products. Like that shows the growth, the greatness and the affirm leadership under him. That is just like Mwenda counting cars. It is the same sort of empty, wokoloso “hot-air” argument.

Banage, bambi… I would think a President of 35 years would have more to give. That a man who has run a Republic since 1986 would have more than soap, sugar and cement. If that was the industrial enterprises he would have offered. The man should surely have privatized most businesses, stopped the government control of produce and also industries themselves. This to get foreign investors, but also to get a hand in the pocket in any business deal there is. Therefore, to celebrate that shops has products is just weak tea.

The President could have said that he delivered things, but saying he brought maize flour and rice to the shops isn’t great, but expected. That the shops has air-time, bottled Rwenzori Water and Garden Tea shouldn’t be seen as superior, but that is normal trading. This isn’t something to scream of joy.

To celebrate this … is to celebrate bear-minimum and nothing else. It is like celebrating that people aren’t starving and are able to have nutritious diets. That should also be ensured and that nobody goes hungry. People should have food, shelter and water. Also, the opportunity to work and able to assemble political, religiously and get entertained, if possible. Therefore, to celebrate that there are units of goods in the stores isn’t a sign of a victor.

That is mediocrity. That is just not it. If that is what he says is good governing. He has lost the plot and lost his mind. This is not it. Unless, he wants to skate between the various of state lodges and State Houses to chill. That makes sense, because if his a lazy bugger in his advanced age. I don’t blame him. The man should have been retired already, just like the average civil servant. However, this man thinks his special.

Even if his offerings and his time in office hasn’t delivered. If having a Coke and Pepsi is a sign of what he has achieved. He surely have achieved little to nothing. The man should aim better and should have delivered much greater to the public. Especially considering the years and time he has had. Alas, that hasn’t been the priority, but everything else has been.

The President cannot bash himself in glory over this. That just shows his fatigue and his lack of concern of the people. He is just going through the motions and hope nobody breaks things down.

Well, what else could we expect? It is not like he has built a grand empire or a legacy worth a damn. No, it is all a game of longevity and surviving in power. It is not about delivery and being the best statesman ever. That ship has sailed and he gave up on that. The Self-Styled President for Life wouldn’t share, but prefer to eat all by himself. Peace.

Opinion: Tumwebaze, you don’t want us to look into Sevo

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze stated on social media that we should “….Lets us deeply interrogate electoral promises of every candidate on the basis of logic & reality….” That’s not a joke, but the reality we are living in. A man of the cadres, a man who has been appointed and been a loyal servant of the President is saying this.

Like do the man wants us to undress President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni?

That would be very easy, as the old man with the hat has said everything and nothing. The man has been in the public sphere since late 1970s and been in office since 1986. He was even Vice in the Military Council before the 1980s Elections.

So, since FRONASA, UPM and NRA days there been countless of promises and pledges. The President has promised wealth, security and development in all corners of the Republic. This President has said he would fix everything and ensure greatness. However, that has never appeared. As the state has only delivered patchwork and some sort of achievements, but never to the extent of the promises. This is why the President and the NRM have come with big plans like the 10 Point Programme, but haven’t implemented it. The same with the Uganda National Development Programme I, II and soon the III. Also Vision 2020 and Vision 2040.

Therefore, the President and his pledges are falling short. It seems like these programs and plans are shortlists for hopes that foreign donors and multi-national organizations can foot the bills. So, that the government and President can take the possible glory of achieving it. This is just like the big ceremonies for opening minor roads in urban areas of late, which was funded largely by development program from USAID.

This is why the President and Tumwebaze shouldn’t interrogate other campaigns. When the President and the party have never followed their own pledges. That is throwing stones in a glass house. It is not a good look Frank… really a shoddy and weak tea.

Tumwebaze should know better, as all big promises comes with all publicity and the flair, but the delivery falls flat. Just like the garden hoes of 2015 and the sanitary pads too. We can await the village radios and TVs. The state couldn’t even finish or properly give food to people staying home during lockdown.

The NRM should look into itself and what they have said an done. They always expect the opposition to be better than them. The state and the NRM expects the opposition to deliver and be totally direct. That they are supposed to balance the budget and be fiscal responsible. When the NRM is driving the economy to a halt and lacking funds to pay salaries for the civil servants.

So, please Tumwebaze clear your own shop before dissecting other people’s campaign. Yes, people should look into the opposition and what they pledges. However, Frank knows perfectly well that he wants to dismiss and disregard the opposition.

Frankie Frank, should chill and this only shows the dire need for change in the Republic. When someone wants to do this to others, but never be accountable for own shortcomings. This is a government who has run the Republic for 35 years. Still, promising the same things as it did when it took power. That shows weakness and not greatness.

The NRM and Museveni is a failure. It is just a matter of how much you want to see … or how much you want to forget. Peace.

The Museveni Paradox: If a miracle happens, then we might see a peaceful transfer of power

The National Resistance Movement and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni promised a fundamental change. It wasn’t a mere change of guards, but a new government built on other ideals and ethos. Which was supposed to be in vast contrast to previous rulers of the Republic. Alas, the President should start a new era on the 26th January 1986.

However, there has been plenty of water under the bridge since late January 1986. There been so many opportunities to make a difference and changes within the Republic. However, the NRM and the President has squandered that. The President could have become a legend, he could have been seen as a liberator and someone who would always ring in a positive light. Nevertheless, that isn’t the case anymore.

The reasons for his bush-war and for his liberation in the 1980s is the same systemic issues lingering with his reign. The electoral rigging and the hectic gerrymandering. The elite from one tribe and the military leadership, which is most of the ethnic group that the President trust and from the same region. All these issues was reasons for the bush-war and he has done the same.

The same is the elitist eating of the public coffers and misuse of grand corruption. Where a small infringed group can access all perks and allowances. While the general public is only getting scraps. The state is all in the vision of the President and his closest allies. This system isn’t for the grand public, but for the chosen ones.

This is why the lingering problems that caused the bush-war is now in effect. Where there is one law for the ruling regime and another one for the opposition. The NRM is the ones who get can away with murder, while the opposition struggles to gather and hold public meetings. This is the reality within the republic.

When someone has this amassed power and can micro-manage from his State House. When he got lodges, farms and estates across the Republic. It is like we know he cannot live the wealth and the accounts behind. The President has so many schemes and therefore, he just needs to stay in power a while longer. Just to ensure he gets to profit from the office a while longer.

The President and his allies has changed the Constitution several of times just to ensure he can run. Abolishing term limits and the age limit. The state has made laws, which favours him and his fellow comrades. This is all the ideal patronage around the Presidency and it just continues to push it to the world.

This is why the President cannot transfer power. He will loose everything, his family will not have a foothold and the possible investigations into his reign might issue some time and even cost his achievements. The President could possibly be transferred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and answer for War-Crimes elsewhere like in the Democratic Republic of Congo or in Rwanda for that matter. This President have been connected and implicated in shady deals elsewhere.

So, with the knowledge of all of this. I have a hard time seeing him stepping down in 2021. It is more likely of another rigged election with fierce use of armed forces and media blackout. Where all opposition is behind bars and his inaugurated with fellow dictator buddies. Because, that is what is awaiting 2021. There will be no fanfare of opposition victory. If 2016 wasn’t a sign of that. Then nothing is…

Museveni will not transfer power. Yoweri has no reason or profits himself to do so. He will lose everything and he cannot afford doing that. No matter how he has destroyed his legacy and how he lied to get to power.

He promised liberation and promised to step down before. However, his still here and has no intention of leaving. If he can he will rule until his last breath. It is not a just act of the old man, but that is all he has. Also, if the public doesn’t love him. He doesn’t care as long as the army, security organizations and the police is obeying his command. As long as he have the guns on his side. The President knows you cannot do anything about it.

The “High Above” and the Self-Styled President for Life will linger-on. It would be revolutionary for him to transfer power. However, I doubt it will ever happen. The only way he will transfer power, if his soul has moved on and gone into second life. Because, at this present moment and as long as his breathing. I don’t see any play that suggest him resigning or give way. Unless, there is a military coup that topples him. Nevertheless, that isn’t a peaceful transfer of power, but continuing the long line of successors coming to power by the gun.

So, you see? Museveni will not leave. He will be there forever, unless a miracle happens, which is no where in sight. That is why its called a miracle too. Since there is no prewarning to those sort of events. Until then, there is no one who has a chance to see peaceful transfer of power. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni will start his campaign with war stories

That the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is starting their Presidential Campaigns in Luweero says everything. This is to remember the Bush-War and the legacy it has left behind. Even if for most of the youths. That was isn’t relevant in 2020, but for the President and his allies it is the reason for their rule.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is starting there for a reason. Just like Lt. Gen. David Tinyefuza have explained the reason for the NRA choice of Luweero. They decided it as a base in the 1980s because of the close proximity and it was easily for rebels to be blended into the population. Therefore, the reason for its existence is it strategic position.

It is rich that he wants to be here, as there was by 1985 estimated that over 300,000 civilians died in the Luweero Triangle and most likely the numbers was much worse. That is why the choice of doing it here is very obnoxious. The NRM has done it before and even dropped ads on television and online with the skulls of Luweero.

While the NRA non-combatants of Luweero have never gotten what they were promised. Neither, has the local government gotten the recognition or the needed government services. The former councillors have complained to Radio Sapientia in June 2020. Therefore, the NRM has the audacity to celebrate it now and calling it’s it Mecca. Nevertheless, the NRM haven’t invested in the region or tried to pay back it’s sacrifice for the cause.

We know this is also a sore point of the NRA/NRM as Olara Otunnu asked for Inquiry and Investigation into the killings of civilians in the Luweero Triangle in 2010. Something the NRM dismissed, Gen. Tinye did that at the time as well.

Like Tinye stated in April 2010: I counted 217 bodies of civilians who had been killed by Obote’s forces in Buhimba, Kasunga the and Busiisi in Hoima alone. The NRM didn’t kill its people and anybody making such remarks should stop” (Tinye, April 2010).

We know there was massive battle between both the NRA and the UNLA. It wasn’t a one-sided battle-zone. This is why, by most certainty that the NRA has caused fatalities of civilians during the Bush-War. To think otherwise is naive. That is the way of propaganda. Where only one party is doing evil, while the other is saints. Meanwhile the truth is in the middle. That both are killing in the midsts of war and in the cross-fire, civilian lives are lost.

If we believed differently, then it would be flying unicorns and spider-monkeys flying about to forget about the current reality we are living in.

The Luweero Triangle is significant for the NRM. Nevertheless, they should also take responsibility and not only cherish the sacrifice of the civilians there. As this could never be repaid and the tab is still open. Since, if it wasn’t for making that a base for the NRA. The Presidency and the NRM wouldn’t had the ability to take power in 1986. This is why the NRM should make the place special. Not only have ceremonies and some small tokens to a chosen few.

Even if this battles are less of relevant for the struggling youths and growing up generations of the Republic. The NRM needs to prove it was worth it. Since, the NRA is indebted to Luweero, which they have never cared about. After they took power, which was 34 years ago. It has only been symbolic gestures, but not shown true responsibility to the region.

This is why the choice of picking Luweero Triangle as the Campaign hot-spot and the start of Presidential Campaigns in 2021. Is to not only tell war-stories again. Try to earn more political capital by the loss of lives in 1980s. This is what is happening and the NRM needs to re-issue this. Because, their track-record in power isn’t that great. That is why it has to go back to the roots and continue to linger on the reasons, which isn’t relevant in 2020.

The trouble for the President isn’t to bring back history, but not repeating it. He is using power with force, ensuring he can reign supreme. Even when people are tired of his reign. The NRM is rigging elections like the ones they toppled. Therefore, the same reasons that was viable in 1980s is now relevant for the opposition and not the other way around. As the same sins that made sense for the NRA is now making sense for Bobi Wine’s and others. Which is why NRM is going back to its roots.

To prove for themselves that their liberation was just. Even when it wasn’t and only for a chosen few. So many are left behind and that has been deliberate. The NRM cannot run away from the legacy and the lack of progress after.

President Museveni can bash in glory, but that will only be for himself and the few NRA historicals, which is still in his sphere. However, the general public is under his iron-fist and lucky if they are getting a taste. That is the sad reality and shows the blatant disregard of the public. As the NRM thinks they can sell the same story again ahead of 2021. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni gave the world a history lesson instead of explaining his manifesto

Today on the day of the nomination. The President who already had a small speech at the venue of the Electoral Commission (EC). He later held another one as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni launched the Manifesto ahead of the 2021 Elections. Instead of showing pledges, promises and also what he himself has done in power. He went on a rant nearly going back to the big-bang theory.

Just as an example: “I pointed out to the country how the human being, initially only living in Africa until about 100,000 years ago, used his unique characteristics of his big brain, a hand that can shape things by holding and working and his bi-pedalism (walking on two legs), to make tools (stone, hammer, chisel, etc.) and use those tools to do work for purposes of producing or catching food (hunting, fishing, agriculture) and improving his quality of life” (Museveni, 02.11.2020).

Because, what use has the characteristics and the historical factors of human existence? I would expect that the President would talk about his own achievements and grandeur. That he has delivered and brought peace. Not that we as humans has evolved and learned techniques to make life better. That is for the Universities and the Humanities to explain. Not a supposed Presidential Candidate. His supposed to sell another story.

However, the President continues: “This ability of man to discover new technologies, reached a watershed point (a revolutionary boundary point) in the year 1440, when a German man by the names of Johannes Gutenburg, invented a Printing Press. Most of the previous tools were powered by human muscle” (Museveni, 02.11.2020).

It is just like the President wants to go on a historical journey. The President are using his time on events that changed humanity, but not things that he got to offer. This is because he has less of that to offer after all the time in office. Why is he going on lecturing like this.

The history professor continues: “Our chiefs, had misused the 400 years, fighting one another; but the Europeans, had used those 400 years to discover answers to our only reliable defenders: the long-distances of Africa and its jungle, rivers and forests; the mosquitoes and the tsetse flies; and the ferocious-tribesmen, but poorly led by the chiefs, poorly armed and isolated from one another by the same myopic chiefs but also by the difficult terrain” (Museveni, 02.11.2020).

The President continues and continues, lingers on historical pieces and anecdotes, which would make sense if he was lecturing at Makerere, Kyambogo or UCU even. However, the President is supposed to bring a Manifesto launch. Not a speech for a History Society. The Yes-Men says it shows his great sense and reasoning, but for me it’s rambling a long story. Because, he has to talk about other things… than what he and his party done over the years.

When his finally done with the history lesson, one of the minor passage on the manifesto is this: “Once we grasp that the NRM insists on Patriotism to deal with our prosperity and Pan-Africanism to deal with both prosperity and the strategic security of Africa, we cannot forget to remember that that prosperity will not come, until our society undergoes social-economic transformation as alluded to earlier. How will this come about? It will come about as a consequence of everybody going to school, having good health and entering the money economy by the masses invading the enclave economy and entering the four sectors for wealth and for jobs” (Museveni, 02.11.2020).

Where his using the same old stick and things we have heard before. The Prosperity gospel of this President. That apparently never gets old, but only get new versions at every season. He also continued on one of his pet peeves: “Since 1986, the economy has recovered and expanded. The colonial enclave has been restored after the destruction by Idi Amin” (Museveni, 02.11.2020).

That sort of statement is a broken record and been told so many times. It is lingering within the radios that haven’t worked since Ronald Reagan gave Museveni a handshake. While the President has a dream: “The most inclusive effort we are making to change the structure of the Society, is abolishing the culture of subsistence farming” (Museveni, 02.11.2020).

But trust me, the man doesn’t invest properly in the dream and therefore, it will be another of his nightmares. He talk big game, but will not deliver. Just like with all of promises during the lockdown. This one here is no different. Not like he will offer mechanical farming or even ensure the state properly gives subsidies to the farmers. That is a cost the state cannot carry and isn’t interested in doing. That is why this is a dream.

The ironies of his reign came in his final words after the long history lecture and anecdotes of the manifesto. A Manifesto of over 300 pages and still he needed to bring a lesson of human development.

The final words was: “We need to budget properly” (Museveni, 02.11.2020). The President is right about that. The man should know about this, but he always ensure his things are covered and that he has contingency funds, also confidential funds to secure funds for what he needs. Therefore, the state cannot fix the roads, schools and whatnot.

The history lesson was a wasted opportunity… the man could have explained his case and shown character. However, he rather wanted to speak about historical achievements of others. Trying to put himself into context of the ones who has been long dead. I don’t know why, but that is maybe his ego thing. Peace.

Opinion: The NRM with another “Rerun”

The National Resistance Movement are launching their 2021-2026 Manifesto. In ordinary fashion they are trying to make a festive occasion and make it sound special. Though, their slogan and their ideas are all rehash of former ones. Even their priorities are rewritten 10 Point Programme to a new generation. Showing that the NRM haven’t fulfilled their mission or the ideas of the Bush-War of the 1980s and we are now in 2020.

That says how far-fetched any pledge, promise or manifesto from this party is. It is a meaningless document. Empty promises to sell dreams, which will only turn to nightmares. Unless, the State House and the President earns on it. It will not happen. That is why previous promised and pledges have been long forgotten and usually only repeated on the campaign trail. In such a manner, which the recycling is more steady than at a landfill.

Alas, the NRM will continue to do this. Instead of writing a certain way. They are speaking of prosperity. Like they are evangelicals coming with the prosperity gospel and their seeds for tithes to earn blessings for the future. The NRM is now sounding alike with their promises. While they are initially pledging the same as they did in the 10 Point Programme. This after being in-charge since 1986.

There are so many issues with governance, institutionalism and in-general the ruling regime should have fixed, but haven’t done it. Still, they are going out with the same sort of recycled ideas. The memo could have been written in Luweero Triangle and sent by bird. It is just rewriting to 2020 and not really much difference.

The 10 Point Programme was a smart move, but the NRM have not lived up to it. This is why they are re-issuing it and doing a rerun of it 2020. They are just continuing the old-school way and by default proving that they have no been successful in office.

The President and NRM have clearly failed when they are prioritising the same thing, as they did back then. Its a sign of weakness and fatigue in office. They have had the time to fix these issues, but clearly never cared or prioritised to do so. If they did… it wouldn’t be a need to have it in the manifesto, yet again.

That just shows what a utter failure the party and the President have been. When they are aiming for the same thing, again and again, but never able to succeed. Peace.

Opinion: Mao is in a losing battle [even before he starts]

The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao seemed a little minute like they were not fielding a Presidential Candidate. This because the Electoral Commission didn’t have the candidate on the list. Just like other parties who was not on the listed to be verified and cleared. This is why it seemed like he wasn’t running.

Mao haven’t looked strong and his politicking ahead of the General Elections 2021. The Democratic Party looks more shallow and more of a side-show, than a well governed machine. This with a Party President in his third term.

The DP has already lost their trying out of DP Block or the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). These two combination have lost out. Mao have tried to become more important and a bigger star. However, it has fallen flat. He has lost his own MPs to both other opposition parties and to the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Now, we have a sudden letter of intent from Mao and the DP Party. After everyone else have been open and vocal. It seems like he has waited as long as possible to unleash it. To make a flash in the pan.

Mao at this point has to battle the same moderates as Muntu. The thing is that Mao never have been directly challenged by a man like Muntu. They are in the same space and with similar behaviour. Mao have been out there on his own more than Muntu. However, Muntu is more respected and credible. Even if he will negotiate and have dialogue into oblivion, instead of actually make a change, which is needed asap.

Mao is neither ruthless or brash. Neither does he has the finesse or the ability to score high. The man has failed in two elections already. First in 2011 and totally abysmal in 2016. Now he returns for the third time and second time Presidential Candidate.

He has not seasoned like wine. Mao haven’t gotten better with the years. To be honest he was better in the early 2010st than he is now. It is like he has lost the spunk and the flair. Mao is running the same game and hoping it will give returns.

However, the main challenger isn’t Muntu, even if he is the man in the same space as Mao. Mao got to challenge Bobi Wine, which he cannot. The People Power Movement and National Unity Platform (NUP) have rocked the opposition. In a manner, which haven’t happen in a while. Besigye had popularity and people behind him. Bobi Wine has the same for this generation.

That is why Mao got nothing to give. His a lucky loser here. He will play, but will only loose. A nice mantle and fun games, but the cards he has is only good enough for bluff. As a Presidential Candidate in 2021 he can never win.

Mao could become someone in Gulu, even an MP representing Gulu. Nevertheless, he aims at the throne. A place where he got nothing to entertain and nothing to offer. Other than being a man who fights for the same secure space as Muntu.

Mao wants to be more. He wants to be the educated and wise brother. The former Guild President wants to be the elite and the modern nobility of the Republic. However, he got nothing to gain or to win. This is a losing battle, even before it starting.

It’s a tragicomedy and the main act is Norbert Mao himself. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni wants to be a legend

There are so many things unanswered with this man. A man who has ruled supreme since 1986. For some reasons, there are plenty of things who are hidden and kept away. Which makes people speculate and question.

The man I am questioning is President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. There must be a reason why his academic credentials isn’t released and why his other certificates are released for the grander public. As he should be able to prove what any other bloke or person has to do. If they want to run for office. He might think his special, but laws are made for everyone, which means they are valid for him as well.

I think that President Museveni wants to a be a legend. He wants to have a cult and myth around his origins. The man wants to make it special and be like the Gods. That is why his the King of Kings (Ssabagabe) of the Nkore or Ankole Kingdom.

It is a ego thing. Not that its strange he has an ego. This is why he went to war and claimed all the ill things about the 1980 election. Why he petitioned the polls and went to the bush. Because, he believed he was the only man with a vision. That he was so special and unique. He was the most brilliant and had the character to reign supreme.

In the same regard, he wants his roots to grand. The man wants to be from the best and make it look like that. Even if that isn’t true. He wants to be legendary. The President wants the public to know. That his majestic, the greatest and the father of the nation. Even when that isn’t the case.

Why do I say all of that? Well, it seems like he has made himself a moniker or a nickname like artists do. The paperwork that is in public has stated that he has other names than Museveni. Which means “Son of a man of the Seventh”. He took the middle name from his step-father Amos Kaguta. Therefore, his original names are vastly different and not as mystical.

Before he was Museveni he was Yoseri. To be more precise he was Yoseri Tubuhaburwa. Other names he has had was Yoweri Kayibanda aka Rutabasirwa. So, none of these names are as rare as Museveni.

The name change in combination with the change of birthdates and birthplace. Proves even more how he wants to be a legend. A man that cannot be traced and can re-create his origin. A man who can become whatever he feels like and entertain various of stories of his life. With that sort of play, he can be a king, instead of being a immigrant and a peasant. The man who came from poverty, became a man of Uganda Research Bureau, went to war and never returned.

That’s why his ego is like this. He wants to be extraordinary and exceptional. The President cannot be like a commoner. The man got to be out of the ordinary.

He can act like he is all of that, but that doesn’t make it more true. Just like he wants to be the King of Kings. The man above and the “high above”. The only man with a vision, which isn’t true either.

The delusion is real. The reality can hit someone right in the face. However, this man has been allowed to build this character and this life history. Even if there are no solid facts or truths to it. That is why his the son of seventh, instead of a Kayibanda. Maybe, he feels more significant with the name Museveni.

Still, the truth will come out one day. These sort of metamorphosis doesn’t last forever. Peace.

Opinion: Rwabwogo isn’t wrong… [about the NRM and Museveni]

The NRM party that I identify with, we are most likely building democracy around an individual. If you remove Museveni, NRM party will struggle”Sylvia Rwabwogo (Anthony Wesaka . ‘NRM party will struggle without Museveni, says MP Rwabwogo’ 30.09.2020).

That the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are interconnected has been from the start. Just like the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) was tied with Museveni. The NRM is the same…

There would be no NRM, if there was no Museveni and vice-versa. They are both connected. We all know this. The National Resistance Movement is his child, the political party made out of the National Resistance Army (NRA). This is all well-known.

The whole party is built around and his vision. The NRM is Museveni and Museveni is NRM. We are many who has said that. They are calling it a mass-party, the party of the public, but there is lack of membership cards and it’s just supposed to be all citizens are naturally members of the party. There is also this idea that you can scratch away the citizens who are members of opposition parties and equate the rest as NRM members. That shows how they are making the citizens members of the party.

Museveni has made it like this. That has been his idea. It is historical for him, as he ushered in the Movement System and reluctantly rectified the Multi-Party Democracy. Because, the NRM as it came into power. It wanted everyone to be under their organization and keep it under one house.

That was all part of Museveni’s vision. The NRM will loose steam the moment Museveni is gone. Just like Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) have lost their fire after the loss of Dr. Milton Obote. The same will happen to the NRM.

When your not building institutions, but is building on one personality. Than, you will loose it all when that personality is gone. The NRM will fade when Museveni goes. This is because it was all him.

Some will say this is hogwash, but we all know the gist. The NRM will start to battle over the throne. The NRM will face struggles and the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) will fight for the Presidency. There will be fraction and the sides will take their turns. These will not easily give way, as the man who steered the ship has already left the party.

Museveni is the reason why people are there. He is making sure all of the people are eating out his hand and his feeding them. Museveni is the man, the legend and the hero of the party. The one everyone looks up to and praise. The President knows this and that is why his the sole candidate. The same are plenty of his loyal allies. They are supposed to be automatically supported, because he vouch for them.

This is why the NRM will loose its importance and vitality. The party will not be itself without its founder and visionary. Museveni is the foundation and when they take away that stone. It is bound to fail. It will be bickering and internal squabble, which will cost.

They will not be as strong, as the centre is lost. The one place to always pin and secure the party will not be there.

It was good to hear this from someone from the inside. As it validates what we critics been saying for years.

The day Museveni is gone, the day his not there, the NRM might be history. If not the NRM might end up as powerful and respected as UPC. That wouldn’t be shocking. When you build a party around one man. You can loose it all, when the one man isn’t there. This is why, good governance is to build institutions with procedures and not just follow one man blindly like the NRM has does. Peace.

Mzee is educating about the elements now… [water for now]

“Tryna stay above water, that’s why we shun the navy”Kendrick Lamar on ‘HiiiPower’ of Section80 (2011).

The Self-Styled President for Life, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni today dropped a small lesson on water. One of the 4 Classical Elements. In the next up-coming editions, he might tell about the earth, the wind (air) and the fire. He called today’s piece “Know Your Country”.

Alas, he drops more gems about his own life and family, as that is the knowledge you need to know. Also, to know that the old man has bought more land. As the rich head-of-state never seems to neglect his estates or his ownerships. It just keeps expanding and expanding.

Where the old man speaks of water-levels and the closeness of his interests in that. An old man is supposed to be interested in these things. These sort of futile and local questions, historical records and the amounts of changes over time. As if the youths are caring about this now. They have enough trouble to find ways to eat and get a gig in this gig economy.

It is weird that he drops a piece like this. He could instead focus on how he hasn’t secured water in the tap. How, he hasn’t made it sufficiently and effectively water in the villages and the neighbourhoods of the slums in the cities. However, that would make him look dumb and foolish. After over three decades in power.

His talking about the amount of water in the lakes and the historical flooding’s of it. That is insincerity. If he was a history buff, someone who was holding seminars on historical facts of the Republic. It would have been fine and dandy, but this man is the Commander-In-Chief, the Head of State, the Fountain of Honour and not some random water-boy speaking about inner-workings of the lakes.

Just to be a bit blunt, Merriam-Webster defines water like this:

“the liquid that descends from the clouds as rain, forms streams, lakes, and seas, and is a major constituent of all living matter and that when pure is an odorless, tasteless, very slightly compressible liquid oxide of hydrogen H2O which appears bluish in thick layers, freezes at 0° C and boils at 100° C, has a maximum density at 4° C and a high specific heat, is feebly ionized to hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, and is a poor conductor of electricity and a good solvent” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary – ‘Water’).

So, its weird that he picks that as a topic all of sudden. It’s all water baby. The old man says so. It’s all magic baby. No, I am kidding, but this is foolish. That uses his time and energy behind such a piece. His not even a lecture on WASH principals or the Scientist. He is a know it all and one that thinks he has the vision for everyone. Even if that is untrue. That is why his fuzzed mind, thinks this was a brilliant move too.

Alas, he has dropped knowledge on one of the 4 classical elements. Let’s see what he does next. Peace.