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Ethiopia: ENDF Air Force hit civilian targets in air-strikes over Mekelle

The Ethiopian government conducted two airstrikes on Mekelle today injuring dozens of civilians and killing three. Two rounds of airstrikes on the city of Mekelle today has killed three innocent civilians and injured dozens. The first attack took place at around 9:00 AM landing in a small village in the outskirt of Mekelle; killing three innocent civilians and injuring dozens, according to reports from Ayder Hospital. The second attack was conducted on Adi Haki Market, in the center of the capital, and has so far confirmed the injury of one civilian” (Tigray TV Facebook Page, 18.10.2021).

The Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) have verified with a statement from the FRDE Air Force that they did air-strikes over Mekelle today. Which have even been stated by government friendly news-site Borkena who states: Ethiopian sources on social media, however, indicate that the targets were military training facilities in the outskirts of Mekelle near Mesobe Cement Factory and a military target near Planet Hotel. The Ethiopian Defense Force has not released any statement at this writing” ( – ‘Ethiopian Air Force reportedly attacked military targets in Mekelle’ 18.10.2021).

What we are seeing is that the sources from ENA and Borkena differs with the Tigray TV statement. Therefore, you can wonder if the Federal Government wanting to make the air-strikes less fatal or damage of civilians. In the ENA statement, they claim to have not have hit innocent civilians or civilian targets, alas the Planet Hotel and the Adi Haki Market is that. Therefore, the state is lying with that.

This here proves what the state does and how it implicates things. They claim other sources are “fake” or “lying” but they are not telling the truth either. That’s why the reports are differing. The state says it hit military and terrorist targets, while all other media says it hit civilian ones. Which means the state isn’t telling the whole story. They have lied about everything else in this conflict. So, why should I trust them now?

Planet Hotel have been used by the United Nations Organizations and this happens after the Prime Minister have claimed all “wheat aid” is the source to all the problems of the Republic. Really fitting that he hits the place of which the UN organizes itself in the region of late. The state would know this since they vetting the UN and monitor the Humanitarian organizations operating there. We know they do that and is blocking everything into the region too.

Therefore, this is a continuation. This is done with the ‘final’ offensive is done against the Tigray Defence Force on the fronts in Amhara and Afar region. Alas, this is done to hurt their cause and spirit, maybe even try to force a retreat, which most likely will never happen. The Tripartite Alliance doesn’t have the manpower or the strategic foresight to make that happen. If they did….

Then the conflict wouldn’t have lasted this long and been so deadly for the Federal Government armies and Special Forces, which have been depleted over the last few months. This air-strike is just ensure more suffering on the Tigray region and hit it’s capital. They used this air-strike at civilian targets and this is the second market the ENDF Air Force have hit just during this calendar year. Peace.

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Ethiopia: Abiy blames the “wheat aid” for a majority of the problems his facing right now

If we prevent wheat aid from entering Ethiopia, 70% of our problems will be solved. Ethiopia main problem is aid wheat. Together with aid wheat diseases and many other problems comes with. Stopping aid wheat means resolving most of our problems. After stopping aid wheat, we can create touristic areas. For example, can build a cafeterias in this place like we saw earlier today. Tourists go to Cape Town and South France. In our case. It’s sitting idle” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (October 2021).

A nation in the midst of high inflation, lack of financial stability and lacking of food security. The Prime Minister and Head of State Abiy Ahmed Ali blames the “wheat aid” or humanitarian food assistance in general of the majority of the problems of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE).

That is really infuriating to blame aid for the issues of the Republic. This is pointing the finger at the United Nations Organizations trying to help out citizens in dire need. There is a lack of concern for the man-made starvation or famine in Tigray region. It is also drought, locusts attack and concern for food security in other regions too. However, the de-facto blockade of humanitarian aid to Tigray is the ones creating headlines and where people are starving.

There is also need for food assistance in Amhara, Afar, Oromia and possibly in Ogaden as well. Therefore, the nation is in the midst of dire humanitarian assistance and “wheat aid”. That is the nature of things in combination of the destructive war-economy and inflation. The state is creating the lack of produce and imports. They have rather spent this on arms and ammunition, than securing the ones starving and in need.

Everyone who follows and knows the situation. They should be mad too. Since, the PM and his authorities is the ones that has blocked humanitarian convoys from entering the Tigray region. They are the ones that has made it hard to properly help the ones in need. Therefore, the PM is blaming them and knowingly blocking them too. It is like he wants them to suffer and be in dire straits. This is an deliberate act and we now see his “heart”.

The “Wheat Aid” isn’t the problem of the PM. The problem of the PM is that he tried to consolidate all power by the means of the gun and it’s going terribly wrong. His losing not only international support, but also has less friends internally. Because, his gig is up and the game is weakening. He has no treasury chest or a war-chest to pump-up his chest. That’s why he has to blame the people who are helping people, which is really insulting to everyone with some intelligence.

A man who is a colonel and a doctor like the Prime Minister should know better. However, the “wheat aid” is necessary, as the warfare is prolonging and the lack of care of the agricultural sector. That was proven in Tigray and certainly this has been affected in the other areas, which the conflict has spiralled into.

The PM should be grateful for the “wheat aid” and for the willingness to deliver humanitarian assistance. Because, the need is there and the state haven’t been able to cover the basic needs in the Republic. This is why the PM shouldn’t throw the UN agencies under the bus and neither any of the Humanitarian organizations who facilitate this.

Abiy shouldn’t be dismissive, because this “wheat aid” is saving his citizens. The PM should consider this, but clearly he prefer people dying than saving their lives. That is what we can understand from this. It so cold-heartedly and disgraceful of him. Peace.

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Ethiopia: A Fresh OCHA Report – 5.2 million people in need in the Tigray region

The warfare that has continued since early November 2020 doesn’t stop. As the Tripartite Alliance is attacking the Frontline in Amhara and Afar regions. The Tigray region has been besieged and been under a blockade for about 11 months now. The humanitarian assistance have been close to nothing. The state have made it nearly impossible to reach. Convoys has been blocked and not allowed to enter. This being from the United Nations Organizations and other Humanitarian Organizations as well. Therefore, the OCHA report states very tragic situation and dire needs in the Tigray region.

OCHA reports this:

Some 211 trucks of humanitarian supplies arrived in Tigray last week, up from 80 trucks a week before. Although an improvement, this is still insufficient to meet the needs” (…) “More than 145,000 people received food aid in Tigray (30 September-6 October). Some 870,000 people need to be reached per week to serve 5.2 million people in a six-week cycle” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

What is positive is that there is coming more trucks in, but it’s still far from enough. That shows that the humanitarian assistance is going to slow and never at the levels of the actual needs. This is deliberate from the state who blocks access. There should an outcry when there is over 5 million in needs. In an area, which has a man-made famine and starvation. Where people are dying daily of lack of nutrition and food.

In Tigray, the humanitarian situation continues to be increasingly dire, as the delivery of humanitarian supplies into the region is still heavily restricted via the only route through Afar (Semera-Abala-Mekelle). Checkpoints are in place along the routes many of which conduct thorough searches of the trucks, significantly delaying cargo movements” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

Here we are seeing what the government does and what implications it has. This should be spoken out vividly, as long as the continued conflict prolongs. It shouldn’t be this hard, but proves what the state is willing to do.

The conflict continues to affect civilians in Afar and Amhara regions, leading to displacement, disruption of livelihoods and increased food insecurity. In Amhara, hostilities have led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in North Gonder, Central Gonder, South Wello, South Gonder, and Awi Zones. In Afar, it is also estimated that hundreds of thousands of people are directly affected by the conflict, including many tens of thousands displaced. Assistance is urgently needed to these areas and humanitarian partners are scaling up the humanitarian response in support of the regional authority-led responses” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

Here we are seeing the concern of the spiralling conflict, which is now in Amhara and Afar. The Tripartite Alliance is attacking the Tigray Defence Force there. As the ‘Final’ offensive is happening. This will affect further regions and their stability. It will also cause the more need for humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia. Which reflects the current status in general.

And you know things are bad in Tigray, when things are stated like this:

According to the latest food security analysis, over 400,000 people are suffering from catastrophic hunger levels (IPC 5) and more than 4 million people – 70 per cent of the population – are experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity (IPC 3 or above)” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

A proof that it’s not made up or fake like plenty of supporters of the Prosperity Party claims. These sort of statement proves the starvation, famine and lack of food is dire. There is no time to wait.

As it states further:

Food prices skyrocketed in the private markets accompanied with significantly reduced purchasing power among vulnerable households. Civil servants are not receiving salaries and remittances are halted. Humanitarian supplies have been sporadic and insufficient” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

We are just seeing further problems and nothing is getting solved. It is signs of depressing news. There really very little to be hopeful about. Since the state is acting like it is and the lack of willingness to cooperate with the humanitarian organizations in the Republic. It is endangering more lives and people are dying as a cause of it. This is deliberate actions and the world shouldn’t look idly by. It is 5.2 millions who needs help and the Prosperity Party don’t care. Peace.

Ethiopia: Ezema proves its alliance with Prosperity Party

If people still believes Berhanu Nega and the Ezema Party is an opposition Party. I hate to say it too you, but the latest statement defending the ‘Final’ offensive on the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) frontline around Gondar, Dessie or in North Wollo. The Tripartite Alliance has started their offensive in combination on all fronts. Using air-strikes and drones to get advances.

Ezema dropping this statement and being a Minister in the Cabinet. Shows how they are an ally. The Ezema is blaming the TDF and TPLF like the government does for the loss of civilian lives. While not taking into recognition, that the Tripartite Alliance are using air-strikes and that possibly hits civilian targets, which isn’t where the TDF was.

Like Ezema statement says this: “We have lost many members of the zonal administration saying, “We are under control.” The government has repeatedly called for an immediate end to hostilities, but no action has been taken. The area has been closed due to the closure of the roads by the militants due to the closure of the roads with neighboring woredas. Children who hear gunshots are terrified” (Ezema – ‘Attention needs to stop the attacks on innocent people in and around the East!’ 12.10.2021).

Yes, civil-war is an bloody affair. The army and the TDF is responsible for their actions. The Tripartite Alliance is the doing the offensive and using all means to target TDF. Therefore, they are the ones who is trying to send TDF packing out of the areas it has invaded in Amhara and Afar region. Which they did to have the battlefields outside of Tigray and hoping it could help the humanitarian convoys to be able to enter the region. Which the state haven’t done or cared about.

What is striking is that the Ezema feels sorry for the kids at the frontline, but haven’t dropped a statement in concern of the man-made famine or starvation within the Tigray Region. Only in concerned with the Amhara people who is suffering now. Which is tragic and concerning too. As they are innocent people. Just like the innocent people dying and starving within the Tigray region. The kids there also felt the sounds of the terrifying weapons, but the Ezema wasn’t worried about that. We should be worried about that everywhere.

According to information received from the scene, the federal security forces in the area were unable to rescue the civilians due to their small numbers. We find that the frequency and consistency of the attacks indicate that the government has not paid enough attention to the issue” (Ezema – ‘Attention needs to stop the attacks on innocent people in and around the East!’ 12.10.2021).

Here we see the people of Amhara matters, but the people of Tigray doesn’t. Because, the Federal Government is supposed to save them, but not the others. If so, why didn’t Ezema spend time on them? Alas, the Ezema defended and wanted the Eritrean army inside Tigray region. Because, that would save the cause of Ezema and the Prosperity Party. So, now the Tripartite Alliance is listening and doing their ‘Final’ offensive in the same area.

We urge the regional government and the Federal Police Commission to explain why it has not been possible to stop the recurring attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice. Ezema urges that a lasting solution be found so that they can continue their daily lives. We also call for clear and up-to-date information on the steps to be taken” (Ezema – ‘Attention needs to stop the attacks on innocent people in and around the East!’ 12.10.2021).

Here Ezema is defending the ‘Final’ offensive, as that will hopefully be the solution to the TDF invasion here. Alas, the state is the ones that air-strikes and uses drones as well. This is not the way TDF operates. Therefore, the innocent is in the cross-fire, because the Tripartite Alliance sends the army in this way. Still with all of that manpower and soldiers on the ground. The state is not able to save the civilians. That is really defeatist.

Ezema proves its loyalty and fights for the cause of government. Peace.

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