Ethiopia: Statement by Abibatou Wane-Fall, United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator a.i for Ethiopia on the misuse of aid assistance in Ethiopia (09.06.2023)

Ethiopia: FDRE Government Communication Service – Response to Allegations by HRW (06.06.2023)

Ethiopia: Abiy will not care about your plights or inevitable death…

““Just glass breaking – noise, water spilling – noise. [This] is not needed. A review is required. It is necessary to look at things in a very simple way now that we can do many things. It is not possible to react to everything. It is not appropriate to respond to everything. When you grow up, you ask for help. It is said that ‘still water has depth’. When we mean a review, it shows our ability to do it, not our exhaustion. Some, it needs to be ignored. “field is needed”” – Prime Minister Abiy.Ahmed Ali (04.06.2023)

If you ever wondered what arrogance looks like or sounds like… you don’t have to go far or wide to find it. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali spells it out himself. The quote that is mentioned is taken from the address that the PM held to the Prosperity Party – Central Committee. As he spoke about the current affairs in the Republic.

It is telling how he values people and see himself. This man has gotten to much power and prestige. His ego is bigger than Mount Everest. The PM is high as a kite and think of himself as the almighty. A sort of deity walking among mere mortals. Because, just imagine someone saying these things and thinking nothing of it.

The PM is practically saying that the violence, the state sponsored violence and conflicts are just “shattered glass” and a little spilling of water. It is making it seem so trivial. When we know about the conflicts, the violence and the massacres. The “medemer” terror is a normalized affair and been going on for years now. That’s why the PM can be so nonchalant about it all.

We know the PM has intelligence and knowledge about what is going on. He knows what is happening in Tigray, Amhara or in Oromia. The PM gets the reports and memos from the authorities. Therefore, if someone has the access and knowledge it is him. That’s why it happens on his orders and from his close associates. It is a coordinated effort and done in the spirit of the PM.

This is why reading this quote and seeing the viral tape is infuriating. Knowing the plight, the suffering and the consequences of it all. It is just compelling and telling. This is the dark and sinister time in Ethiopia. PM Abiy is following the footsteps of the Dirg/Derg and the butcher of Addis, Megistu. That’s tragic, but where we are in 2023.

PM Abiy came in as a “peacemaker” and a “reformer”, but will go out as a tyrant and a warlord. Certainly not the legacy he wants to leave behind. Nevertheless, his remains will possibly be laid in the shade of one of the trees planted in this generation.

Alas, the PM just tells the world and his citizens that he don’t care about their struggle and lack of help. That’s because he got to choose and see what he can do. He got to review every case and then act upon request. This is how he operates now or thinks. We know the PM has erratic behaviour and quickly changes alliances. Therefore, Abiy today is at war with Amhara, but tomorrow they could be brothers-in-arms again. That’s if the PM gets his way and the Amhara don’t want to retaliate or revenge the lost.

The PM is just showing his cold heart and cynical approach to life. For a man in his office and with the power he posses. That isn’t what a Republic needs or should have. Abiy is to calculated and self-serving that he will let the Republic burn to be King. The PM is so self-centred and narcissistic that it’s the only thing he can do.

The Prosperity Party and allies should be concerned, because their name and reputation is going to be tainted. The PP and Abiy is already tainted by the actions in Oromia, Tigray and now Amhara. The actions in Ogaden and other regions deserves to spread about too. Not like the PM has only chosed certain parts of the Republic. No, this man serves injustice everywhere and at any given time.

PM Abiy will not care or be bothered by the impunity and injustice his serving the public on a regular basis. He just don’t care and won’t even bat an eye. The PM will just say it’s spilled water and call it a night. Peace.

Ethiopia: Eskinder Nega will soon feel the wrath of God…

Even though Eskinder Nega, the leader and coordinator of the armed group, tried to hide from the area, mainly the defense army and the Amhara region security forces are carrying out a coordinated operation to arrest them. In a press release sent by the Security and Security Joint Force, Eskinder Nega, who has been working under the cover of a political party called Balderas, mentioned that he was trying to create chaos and chaos in Addis Ababa when he couldn’t achieve his goal by ensuring the superiority of ideas” (A statement given by the joint security and security force, 03.06.2023).

The journalist and politician Eskinder Nega, the now militia and rebel leader of Amhara Popular Front have now arrived at his end-game. That is being done because of the fall-out between the Federal Government and the Amhara allies, which was weapon-brothers in the war in Tigray. After the fall-out and plans to reform the Regional Special Forces into the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). The full out conflict between the parties happened and we are now seeing the effects of it.

The Amhara leaders and nationalists are now fighting. They have gotten together, the para-military “Fano” who participated in the Tigray-War and is still stationed with brigades in Western Tigray. In addition, the Amhara Regional Special Forces have also gone together with “Fano” to create the Amhara Popular Front. The new enemy of the state and a military movement to address the misgivings of the current regime.

The leader is Eskinder Nega, a war-hawk and a nationalist himself. He wanted to retaliate and do a scorched earth tactic on the Tigray region. The man has called for prolonging the war and ensure a total defeat of the Tigrayan leadership. That has been done since the “Operation Law Enforcement” in November 2020.

However, now that the state is doing the same in Amhara. The politician and former journalist decided to take up arms himself. He has now become the leader and the head of an ethnic militia, which is fighting for the rights of Amhara.

When the individual realized that this was not successful, he created an organization called Amhara People’s Front Shimelis Simachew, Seummehon Wertaw and Menberu Kasse and a few other extremist forces of the region, he was working together with the armed forces of the region to recruit, organize and give them the name of the armed forces. The press release that said that the front will be coordinated by a person called Dawit W/Giorgis, who is leading the front both in the country and abroad, has also shown that the joint peace and security forces have been trying to push the people into an unrelenting war” (A statement given by the joint security and security force, 03.06.2023).

We can await the House of Federation and the Prime Minister Abiy coming out with brutal statements. That is clear here… just like he did against the TPLF and OLF. We have seen it before and the likelihood of being called a “terrorist” is very near for Nega. The leadership of the Amhara Popular Front should expect so too. Because, they are fighting a war and doing so on their own merit. Therefore, the regime which is used to use brutal force will have all the reasons to do so. They have called war just to consolidate power and could easily do so again.

This time around… the leaders and the ones with influence is taking up arms. That is a game-changer. It just shows what people is willing to do to get ahead. There isn’t becoming more peaceful in Republic. No, it is become more hectic and chaotic. The ones who was allies of the PM is turning on him and his turning on them too. While his making “temporary” reliefs for his previous enemies. Therefore, things are not moving ahead, but continuing a war-path. Just battlefields and enemies of other kinds. It is just a never ending cycle of violence and the PM is thriving on it.

Nega is following others before him. His not making himself into a villain and a nightmare of the state. The man is doing it for personal gains and belief in the cause. That is done for the greatness of Amhara. It isn’t a kept secret, but just the way it is. They are fighting for self-control and less imposed restrictions of the regional state. The same fashion that the Federal Government wanted to impose itself and hold “elections” in Tigray. Abiy wants his men and his allies on the throne in Bahir Dar or Gondar. He don’t want people who defy or resist him. That’s why there is bloodshed. Just one man, yet again consolidating power. It is that simple and the citizens are the ones carrying the burden.

Nega will only be deemed a hero if APF achieves its goals and objectives. However, the same forces couldn’t defeat the Tigray Defence Forces or complete the “Operation Law Enforcement”. That’s why I doubt these will be able to silence the guns quickly or end the war in a snap of finger. To achieve that… the ENDF or the APF have to do the impossible and I cannot see that coming. This will be prolonged effort and possible along the lines of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The APF might have to settle in for the long run and become infamous. Nevertheless, don’t expect a quick fix, but expect the “medemer terror” to be re-occurrent issue in Amhara region. That is bound to happen and it has already started. Peace.

Ethiopia: ENAT, AEUP and EPRP calls the government out…

Even though Biltsigna Party has taken power claiming it has won the election, it is now facing hardship because of irresponsible and irresponsible decisions of the party. Who is the Ethiopian who hasn’t been affected by this? Mass killings, displacement, migration, crying and crying has become the daily news of our poor people. When Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed took power, “killing is losing… “Whatever they say, the thing that is happening in practice is contrary to what they say, the “government” is displacing, persecuting and killing rather than protecting the citizens. They are proving the government that they lead is losing. Especially the destructive act that is being committed on Orthodox Tewahdo and Muslim communities by violating religious values shows how difficult and complicated it is for Ethiopia in the future” (A joint press release from ENAT party, EPRP and AEUP – ‘A country is led by law and order not by force!’ 03.06.2023).

The Three Parties Coordination, which are ENAT (Mother) Party, All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) are now all condemning and calling the Prosperity Party out. They have done it before and their stern words are remarkable. It shows how different things are viewed and what perspective that is outside the corridors of power.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is all about consolidating power and holding a grip on it. He calculates the risks and alliances to further his own cause. When that backfires or doesn’t go his way. He easily orders the guns and causes more conflict. That is what his been doing since getting into office and it hasn’t made things any better.

The Three Parties Coordination isn’t wrong in their assessment today. They are just trying to get their voice heard in the middle of the oppression. The Prosperity Party speaks of rule of law, but comes with arms. The Prosperity Party comes with tales of unity, but easily orders war on certain regions of the Republic.

The parties continued with this: “The shameful action taken by the government security forces in Debre Elias Saint Trinity Monastery and the great Anwar Mosque for Juma prayer should be investigated by an independent party. Until then, he should complete the necessary information and pay compensation to the victims. According to the results of the investigation. We demand that those who committed it be brought to justice” (…) “We urge the government to realize that religious institutions are untouchable and give the necessary respect to the mosques and churches that were demolished by the pretext of development and war and pay the necessary compensation” (ENAT, EPRP and AEUP, 03.06.2023).

The three parties are naming the righteous way out after the bloodshed and the attacks on the religious institutions. There is reports of several of mosques being demolished and Muslim clericals who are killed. Just like the authorities and the state enforcement was behind the massacre at Debre Elias Saint Trinity Monastery. Therefore, the three parties are only doing the right call.

However, saying those things and issuing these sorts of statement only show their defiance. It will not be accommodated or listened too. The state and the leaders will call it “unpatriotic” and lack of “unity” which is the reason for this sentiment. The three parties should be on the barricades behind the government and their actions. Not blame them or ask for investigations into their activity. No, that is the actions of people who are criminal or conspire against the state.

That is what the Prosperity Party does and what sort of way Abiy is playing the political game. Sooner or later these parties will lose everything if they continue to pursuit the righteous things. Because, that is working against the power-hungry Prime Minister and his associates. The ones doing that can easily end up in a firing line or behind bars. Peace.

Ethiopia: Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) – A press release given by Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO) regarding the demolition of private houses and religious institutions and killing of innocent people in Sheger city (31.05.2023)

“You can’t make the law to be respected by following an illegal procedure”

Following the establishment of Sheger city in Oromia region after a few months, a large number of individual houses and religious institutions houses are being demolished. Because of this, thousands of houses and villages have been completely demolished and tens of thousands of residents have been displaced and left homeless on the streets. Even though their numbers are different, mosques, churches and Protestant churches have been demolished by destructive forces in a way that violates religious rights and disrespects the believers.

The city administration states that this demolition of houses and religious institutions is focused only on land encroachment and houses of religious institutions built illegally, it is the master plan of the city and law enforcement. However, based on complaints from residents, Ethiopian human rights organizations report and our party’s own evaluation, the demolition of houses and religious institutions in Sheger city is not legal, based on wrong policy, is not current, does not include alternative solutions, and is being carried out in a favorable way and many thousands of citizens. We have realized that it is an illegal act that exposed chaos.

This demolition of private houses and religious institutions has not been done enough research and analysis and it has led to the demolition of private and religious institutions built legally and illegally. Besides this, without the necessary and sufficient discussion with the leaders of the community and religious institutions, it is being carried out without the necessary and adequate discussion as per the law, and without giving the necessary prior warning. It has been understood from the complaints from the residents and the information coming out from the human rights organizations that the demolition of private houses and religious institutions is fair, corrupt and corrupt.

OFC is against the expansion of illegal land encroachment as a party, and it doesn’t support the construction of illegal houses that didn’t follow the plan of the city leader. What makes the issue worrisome is that the government is not respecting the right to get enough housing and building for the citizens guaranteed by the constitution and international human rights principles clean from corruption and irregular bureaucratic procedures, not fulfilling its government duty and without properly stretching the legal lines.

The land administration policy lacks transparency and is exposed to corruption and malicious process. Even though it is said that land belongs to the people and the government according to the constitution, it is actually the personal use of the ruling party and the owners. We believe that the government has not established fair land management and convenient procedures has forced the citizens to follow irregular roads. Taking legal measures against those who couldn’t get a place to build a house legally and who have entered into illegal activities because of lack of a neck brace is both morally and legally unacceptable. Even more than this, while the government bodies are directly and indirectly involved in the construction of houses of private and religious institutions that are being demolished, we understand that demolishing the houses without taking legal action against these bodies is a legal action to hide one’s own mistake. For this reason, he has created a lot of complaints against the people and is making them to protest against the process. There is enough information that many people have been killed by government forces in different places in Sheger city due to the demolition of houses.

The protest of the Muslim people regarding the demolition of religious institutions in Sheger city has been heard peacefully in Finfine and other parts of the country. However, on Friday May 18, 2015, two innocent people were killed by the armed government security forces breaking into the compound of the mosque while the Muslim people were peacefully protesting in Anwar mosque. This government’s security forces action is unnecessary and disgraced religious institutions and followers of the religion. OFC strongly condemns the killing, physical harm and imprisonment of civilians in connection with the protest held at Anwar Mosque. He expresses his deep sorrow for those who lost their lives and suffered physical injuries and wishes condolences for the families of the deceased and the entire Muslim people.

In relation to this, there is a defamation campaign on the Oromo people by the Prosperity Party government and the illegal actions taken by its institutions. The forces who have been trying to change the shape of the issue for their own political purpose have been noticed. Using this opportunity, there are forces that are making a great and coordinated effort to divide the Oromo people by religion and ethnicity. The aim of these forces is to destroy the unity and brotherhood of the people by spreading conflicts and misunderstandings at every opportunity so we urge the people to follow them.

Finally, to solve the grievances created by the people and to find a lasting solution to the problem, and to reduce the tension created by Taizo with the killing.

1/ Sheger city administration and Oromia regional government should immediately stop demolishing houses of religious institutions and private houses and re-examine the loopholes in the legality and implementation.

2/ Before the situations get worse and cause more danger, we call for a solution with the people and the leaders of religious institutions.

3/ We request that the development and leadership plans of cities including Sheger city should be recorded in a way that respects the people’s human right to find housing and the right to organize religious institutions in a fair manner.

4/ We ask the government to investigate the situation of the innocent people following the protest at Anwar Mosque and the demolition of houses by government bodies in different parts of Sheger city and the government to take legal action on the security forces that did the force, and to give clear explanation to the people.

5/ we call on our people to maintain unity and brotherhood with other nations and nationalities without being confused by the propaganda of divisors.

Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO)

May 23, 2015

Finfine, Oromia

Ethiopia: Oromo Federal Congress (OFC) – Press release from Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO) regarding the study presented by Ethiopian Policy Research Institute on the amendment of the constitution of FDRE (29.05.2023)

“In the name of constitutional amendment, negotiations are being prepared to destroy the federalism system and the country to collapse”


The Ethiopian Policy Research Institute has selected the pillars of the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), including the introduction and emblem of the constitution, federal working language (Article 5), sovereignty of nations, nationalities and peoples (Article 😎, the right to organize and the legality of ethnic parties (Article 5). (Article 46) and Finfinee city administration (Article 49) has stated that it has proven that the articles concerning it need to be amended. The Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO) has also followed this issue and evaluated the research method, currentness, lack of authority to conduct research on the case and the risks that this study might cause. Our organization after listening to the opinion of legal, political, historical and similar experts, and the feelings and needs of our nations, nationalities and peoples, this study takes a stand that it is not acceptable and puts its ideas for solutions as follows.

Among the reasons why the study is fundamentally acceptable:

1/OFCO believes that the person that conducted this study has a big mistake in the research method (Methodology) First of all, the representation and coverage of the samples taken for the study is very problematic and puts the results of the study in doubt. To understand the problem of 120 million citizens, the opinion of only 1,123 people was received and only 1 person was made to represent 106,687 people and the opinion of 0.0001% of the people was found to understand the problem of the 120 million citizens. It has been found that the result of the study reduces the trustworthiness to zero.

2/ We have understood that the opinions expressed in the name of research on the articles of the constitution that are said to be improved are not the results of free and scientific research, they are recorded to make you believe the desired results. Especially when we look at the fact that this institution has chosen the articles of the constitution that are said to be improved, the way the questions prepared for the research are recorded and the way the samples of the research are collected, we have understood that this organization is not a free policy research institution but rather a political organization that tries to support its own biased views. Of the constitution that has 106 articles, why only the articles that are the pillars of the federal system were chosen for research? A country where 86% of its population is rural and 79% of the population is urban. This proves that the population of the cities that are collected does not represent the whole country. So this study is not meant to solve problems but to widen conflict and to reflect one group’s wish list so OFCO will not accept the study or the result. Based on this study, it will oppose the idea proposed to amend the constitution because it is wrong.

3/AFCO believes this study is not timely. Our country has been facing a huge political crisis for the past ten years. We believe that Awudami has fought and is still fighting for the past five years; the basis of the civil war is the result of the wrong political line of the Prosperity Party and the efforts to weaken the federal system of the regions to limit the right to self-government. OFCO understands that even talking about constitutional amendment will open a way for the wars that have started to stop and spread. As we learn from the experience of other countries, without stopping civil wars, without identifying the issues that push for the improvement of the constitution, OFCO believes that it is wrong to approach the constitution in a way that looks like it is a mistake to improve the constitution by the interest of one group or party.

4/ We believe that there are problems with the above mentioned research method that reduce the acceptance of this study, the results of the study are full of errors and do not reflect the reality on the ground. Especially from Amhara and Sidama regions, the results presented by pretending that respondents who are included in the study do not support the federal system contradicts the reality. Also:-.

4.1/ While the Amhara forces are currently fighting for their rights by participating in the election and being embraced by the parliament, others are saying that they will not support ethnic group in the name of Fano and by establishing an organization called Amhara People’s Front, it is a shame to say they will not support Ethnic organization.

4.2/ It is far from the truth to say that the people of Sidama have supported the idea that they have been fighting to govern themselves in their own region for years and opposing the right that they respected in referendum two years ago. To understand this, we say it is enough to look at the Sidama Federalist Party’s statement opposing the results.

5/ According to OFCO, this policy research institution which is part of the executive does not have trust from Ethiopian nations, it does not have the ability or responsibility to study or touch the constitution that was found by the blood and bones of the people. The constitutional amendment is not acceptable, even though the concerned body has discussed and agreed upon, this institution opposes any move to amend the constitution based on the research conducted by this institution.

6/ The issues and articles that have been studied saying they need constitutional amendments are the pillars of our federal system. Therefore, making them change based on this study is not only an ordinary constitutional amendment but also changing the constitution from the foundation. Therefore, we will not allow any attempt to change the constitution from its foundation in the name of amending the constitution.

7/ Overall, this study is a way of widening conflict and denying the rights of nations and nationalities that they got after a long struggle, the United Nations Charter, the International Civil and Political Rights Convention, the African Union Charter and Article 13 of the Constitution, and the government budget to suppress the political views of one group in our country. He’s not going to have it.

At the end of the day, OFC doesn’t believe that the constitution should not be amended. However, he believes that there are many things that need to be done before the amendment is made. For our country to get out of many problems like this:-

1/We call on the Ethiopian government forces and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLF-ONS) that are currently fighting and continue the peace negotiations.

2/ OFCO strongly demands that a comprehensive national consultation be held in an honest and free body, and that the issues that cause conflict and war be resolved and to establish lasting peace.

3/ While amending the constitution is necessary, the OFCO calls for a constitutional amendment based on specific issues, based on articles 104 and 105 of the constitution, to establish a special commission for constitutional amendments based on the constitutional amendments and to turn our face towards sustainable peace and comprehensive development.

Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO)

May 21, 2015

Finfine, Oromia.

Ethiopia: Is celebrating Ginbot 20 over or what? [Has it become “salute the ENDF day”?]

Today is May 28th and every year I have lived there been an anniversary celebrating Ginbot or Genbot 20, when the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) ousted the Derg regime on the 28th May 1991. However, today it is mostly “radio silence” and a bunch of nothingness.

There is no statements from High Ranking Officials. Neither is there any proof of state functions or celebrations. It is the “national day” and a “victory day” that seems to be forgotten. Yes, people say this day was forced down the necks and the people of the last victor, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). A day of Weyane to celebrate the victory and the start of ethnic federalism and a new constitutional order. However, was that it?

The Prosperity Party (PP) will not continue the tradition and celebrate the end of Derg, which had been ruling the nation between 1974 to 1991. After that the EPRDF and the TPLF in-charge of the political coalition took power.

The current Prime Minister forged out of the old EPRDF a one state party – the Prosperity Party out of most of the coalition parties ahead of the 2020 election in 2019. This means the EPDRF, which had been in existence since 1998 ceased to exist and therefore the TPLF was on the outside. We know how the PM acted on this and went to war to annihilate it. However, that isn’t the story of today.

Today is about another past and how it can seem to get forgotten. The one tale of one dictatorship which ended and some say another type took over. Yes, the Derg, the Marxist rulers lost power in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, TPLF did their bid and they continued with dictatorial practices, which are now perfected by the PP. Therefore, the plights and suffering is never ending.

That is why the EPRDF and the TPLF ended the “red terror” and unleashed their own. Now the next generation is working steadily, which is serving the “medemer terror” on the public. This is maybe why people aren’t celebrating victory or the tanks that was on the streets of Addis Ababa in 1991. The years of suffering under the TPLF is hard enough to swallow and the leaders of that time have never answered for their injustice. Therefore, the people don’t seem to feel or see a reason to celebrate it.

I can see online some celebration of the day, but not considering how big it used to be. There is no real fanfare or gravitas. No, the PP and the TPLF seems to have ditched the day. It isn’t strange if the Tigray region or TPLF is licking wounds or just have enough with getting back-up. As the TPLF and the Tigray is still hurting after the brutal war fought against it.

PP are trying to create a new history and legacy surrounding Abiy. It wouldn’t be fitting to use the heroics of others. That would undermine the “greatness” of the new generational leader. He cannot take the greatness of Meles Zenawi or anyone else. Abiy needs to show his own path and achievements. Therefore, he is not in the realm of seeking the glory of the EPRDF.

The PP can force people to the streets to salute the Ethiopian National Defence Force on this here day. However, we are seeing the PP is using Ginbot 20 to demonstrate in support of the army and the security forces. The PP isn’t celebrating the end of a tyrant and the butcher of Addis, Haile Mariam Mengistu is a footnote in regards too it.

The current regime and Prime Minister can easily write statements, press releases and proudly proclaim things. Nevertheless, today on the Ginbot 20… it is static radio silence and nothing unleashed on the public. Not even a FDRE Government Communication Service vibes.

This year is 32 years since the EPRDF and their rebels stormed Addis Ababa. It is over three decades ago now. That is a long time and one generation can easily forget what the predecessors went through to get there. The EPRDF fought for 17 years to in power and takeover from Derg regime. Therefore, their multi-ethnic federalism was a big game-changer in Ethiopia. It wasn’t perfect, but at least to some extent better then the Derg.

Now the PP is re-inventing the EPRDF in their “one-party” state bonanza. Where the PP is coming with their forces, armies and serving plights to the civilians. Abiy was given the reigns in August 2018 and consolidated power in 2019. While getting “re-elected” in 2021 and swearing himself for his full first term (or his second one). Therefore, this is only the beginning of his reign. Abiy is just beginning in some aspects, even if he already is showing what sort of nation he will achieve.

Certainly, his not a man of the EPRDF and not a man who holds the history of victory high. Since, he isn’t even acknowledging it. That is saying something on the 32nd Anniversary of it. The PM could have and so could others in government. Instead we are reading slogans, praise and glory on the ENDF. This is what the day means or is used for under his rule.

Abiy is distancing himself and dancing himself away from the achievements of the EPRDF. Even if he wouldn’t have been there or gotten into office without it. Abiy couldn’t have gotten through the ranks and in the position to become the PM without the reforms of the EPRDF. Therefore, it is weird that he isn’t celebrating it or making a statement.

Well, Abiy is the man behind the “medemer terror” and he has unleashed a vindictive way of politics. Which is a far stretch from what the EPRDF tried to do. Yes the EPRDF and the TPLF who ran it did their sins and grievances. The TPLF and the EPRDF has to atone for their misgivings and plight. However, Abiy should do the same and answer for his usage of force. The current regime is using war, conflict and extra judicial killings to furthering his cause. The current regime has no trouble using vile means to get ahead. Therefore, he is replicating the ills of the Derg and is doing it proudly. He don’t mind massacres, starvation and mass-arrests, if it benefits the throne. That’s what Abiy does and will be remembered for.

The EPRDF toppled the Butcher of Addis Ababa. I wonder who will and what it will take to get rid of Abiy. Abiy won’t back down and he will assassinate anyone in his way. He will use all tools at his disposal and silence his critics. The ones who dissent or stands up against him will met lethal means and could easily vanish. Therefore, Abiy isn’t a man who forgives or offers shelter to others. No, he tricks you into trusting him and later he might back-stab you. The ones who deals with him should be careful.

It is just tragic that this has come to this. The legacy and the memory of it is going away. The Ginbot 20 is watered down. That’s done by default by the PP and Abiy. They want to signal that an era is over and they are new big-men in town. Peace.

Ethiopia: The “criminal” story of Dr. Assefa Adane

Enat Party political sector manager Dr. Assefa Adane after fifty one day imprisonment today May 28/2018 They have been released from prison on a bail of 1000 birr. The investigating police said “I couldn’t find enough information and evidence so I won’t oppose if the court is released on a bail of 1000 birr”. So the court allowed him to be released on a bail. He was released in the evening and returned home” (ENAT, 26.05.2023).

On the 6th April Dr. Assefa Adane who happens to be the Political Sector Manager of the Enat (Mother) Party and the managing director of the Negere Wolakit media. He was kidnapped by the government forces on that day. While the office space which he shared with other media-houses was also raided. The house itself was broken into and looted.

Now after 51 days in custody. The politician and journalist, Dr. Adane is free, but only temporarily. When you have first gotten into the hands of the authorities they can easily access you again. It is really telling when the Court that gave him freedom today said there was no information or evidence in his case. Meaning the authorities arrested him without merit or any proof of any allegation. Just think about that for a second. The authorities arrested a man without evidence, proof or anything, which could show his “criminal intent or criminal activity”. That just shows that its all political and not based in law or done by proper law enforcement.

We can see how the state is operating by looking into this case. He is clearly not alone as the state has suddenly mass-arrests and does so in the name of “law”. While they are not showing or preparing the cases before the arrests. It is all “preventative” arrests and arbitrary as such. Since they are just doing it en-mass and targeting one group or one part of society.

On the day of Dr. Adane’s arrest there was several similar cases and other journalists who was apprehended. Certainly, if you looked into them. You would most likely see similar back-stories and end-game. As the state is going hard and cracking down on certain “dissidents” or “critical voices” but not gathering evidence or proof of criminal intent or behaviour for that matter. No, they are just arresting and hoping people forget them behind bars.

This isn’t new Ethiopia and isn’t new under the rule of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. He has done similar all-across the Republic. Right now the surge of arrests are in tandem with the offensive and efforts to undermine the Amhara region. Just like Abiy has done in Oromia, Tigray and Ogaden in past. Therefore, this isn’t new, but still worthy to reflect over.

Just imagine the boldness and the arrogance to arrest someone with evidence or proof (information) of any criminal conspiracy, act or intent of doing such. That’s what the Ethiopian Authorities did in regards to Dr. Adane. No matter how you regard him as a politician or as a journalist doesn’t matter here. It is the principal and the idea that the state could do this and let him be in prison for 51 days before releasing him. Peace.

Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali – Statement on Africa Day 2023 (25.05.2023)

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