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Opinion: DP Ruto’s dreadful week!

The more humble and obedient to God a man is, the more wise and at peace he will be in all that he does.”Thomas à Kempis

Deputy President William Ruto has a special kind of talent. To malign himself and to say utter nonsense. Where he wants to be looked as the next President, but instead he looks like the politician, that doesn’t want blame and just wants glory.

With that in mind, this week has been glorious. The biggest boo-boo of his was saying that the Universities had the wrong focus and bad career courses. Where the office work and other non-use of classes. Some part might be true, but as the one who are on top of the Food-Chain. It doesn’t look or sound wise either. As his government are running these Universities and these places of Higher Learnings. They can priorities and also allocate funds for the needed subjects. So, if the DP sees other courses as viable, he should administrate that through the channels of government and even in Cabinet Meeting with the CS for Education. However, alas, that wasn’t the case.

Because it is so easy to blast the Universities and not take the blame yourself. Not look into the mirror and question your own self and what you have been doing in power. Where you have wrecked the economy and become a bondage of debt to foreign powers. That will constrain the future generations, because of the Hustlers own lavish spending on themselves and their businesses. If, that would have come into the equation, than he would have showed some humility, because he has been in-charged and has steered the government agenda. But not in ways that has created jobs or economic growth, that can hire the educated personnel. That should be priority from the state, but it is easier to say a course is useless, than building policies and government programs that actually makes a difference.

In the same regard, he has not taken into account the aspect of the public donations to churches. That he is seemingly doing every week. That he gives millions upon millions shillings in public. While his mere salary couldn’t really have coped with it. But his rising businesses and whatever back-room deals he has. Surely ensures the growing wealth he has gotten and the resources at his disposal. As any man, he can give and donate to good causes. That is fine and dandy, but the perception that he does to flaunt his wealth and buy credibility also comes into question.

That DP Ruto is a former walking preacher and now is the infamous HUSTLER. Who doesn’t have the personal insight or views of the message he spreading is worrying. Because it is the actions of a man, whose supposed to be an example. Instead, he is acting more of a glorified self-serving individual, instead of elected official. Who has amazed grandeur of wealth and uses that to get recognition in all sorts of churches.

If he had given in silence without the fanfare, if he had given with humility and without the press. It would have been cooler. It would have shown true dedication to the causes. Instead, it seems more self-serving and more an indication of his own public perception. Which a gift shouldn’t be about, but be about the ones needing the donation.

That is why the DP had done two giant miss-steps this week. First of the Universities speech, which he should have taken some of the blame himself, as his government haven’t made society and businesses prepared for the graduates and their courses. Secondly, not managing the Universities and their courses through the Cabinet Meetings with the CS of Eduction. Thirdly, vastly underestimating the message he sends with public donations. Fourthly, the arrogant handling of both cases without any significant doubt or recognition of why people are reacting to it. Peace.


DPP’s Press Statement on Investigations into Allegations of Mismanagement of Funds during the 2016 Rio Olympics Summer Games (13.10.2018)

Opinion: There is a 33 Percentage chance that DP Ruto was hurt by that IPSOS Survey!

The constant, perennial and unending headlines and opinion polls about me is sponsored by our competitors because they cannot match our development records” – Deputy President William Ruto

There are certain leaders that are afraid of their shadow, one of them is now apparently, Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto. Whose been by a Game Changers Survey by IPSOS saying that he is the most corrupt politician in the Republic with a 33 percentage margin.

What the same survey showed there was lack of believe that the corrupt legislators or politicians would be put behind bars as well, the total was only 17 %. That shows, they have reasonable answers for the survey, as the likeliness of that to happen is small anyway. However, I will be commenting on the numbers and the answers after from DP Ruto.

That because he is really defensive and hurt by the people’s feedback. He calls it work to hurt him. If he had delivered a development record, there would be stadiums and lack of growing corruption. That is what has surged, the growing debt, austerity measures from the IMF and growing corruption together. That is a record I wouldn’t smile about, but cry, because I did this to own people. The people I represent.

DP Ruto should consider what he has done in office, has his wealth has sky-rocketed, he has gotten more assets, companies and land. Ruto knows this and the Kenyans knows this too. The Game Changers Survey shows that people are clear whose the most corrupt in their eyes.

He should maybe be more transparent of his growing estates, his village project, his hotels, his newspapers and growing empire in general. As the former walking preacher is suddenly richer, than God. That should put the imagination on most of the public. Since the money-train started to pour-in as quickly as he gotten into power and became the side-kick of Uhuru Kenyatta. Before that, he didn’t own that much and therefore, he was lucky to switch from Odinga to Kenyatta for political and economical gain.

Ruto cannot think everyone is blind and not seeing this. That he can fetch the word and blow it back. Since his family isn’t of a political dynasty, neither of blue-blood or old elites whose owned the Republic. Therefore, the rise of wealth has been extravagant in all ways.

DP Ruto should suck it in and wonder if people wasn’t more skeptical as he can donate millions every weekend, while his salary isn’t close to the donations. Therefore, people know he has the hand in the cookie-jar and wonder how much he is eating. This was his time to eat and plans to continue. He just want people to blind to it.

That is not how it works. With the perks, comes the jerks and time for him to go public and ask for forgiveness for his thieving. Not just go church and lie for what it is worth. Peace.

Opinion: Why do DP Ruto admire Museveni? – Does he know who he supports?

I am a great supporter of Museveni. Much as Museveni is the president in Uganda, his heart is in the region. His experience is invaluable” (…) “Museveni is our father in the region. He’s very clear on matters of East Africa. I hope Museveni, Uhuru, and other regional leaders can provide us with that opportunity of a Political Federation of EAC” – Deputy President William Ruto at the Young Achievers Awards in Kampala, 18.08.2018).

I am just amazed, that this is happening in the days of detentions, arrests, torture and scandal of epic proportions. That the Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto is professing his admiration and fandom over such a tyrant. That Ruto is saying he is a great supporter of Museveni now. Just show how political savvy the man is, but also how little he cares for human rights, justice and rule of law. Not that its shocking, as he himself has attacked the courts, had no problems using the police and army against the public after the Fresh Presidential Election in 2017. Therefore, Ruto has shown his lack of compassion already.

Ruto is the hustler, the land-grabber and the wealth creator for himself. That is why he has village for himself, a farm and dozens of properties. That is why he owns a newspaper, television and whatnot of corporations. Who needs to run businesses, when you can take it all as a politician. That is why he is in government and not in the private sector. Because where else would he gets such vast wealth and so quick.

That is maybe why he looks up to Museveni, who went from being a poor-man with very little, until stealing the kingdom and taking the republic as hostage. Now he can torture, kill and arrest the civilians, the MPs and the ones who are trespassing on his road. Ruto should know this, he should be able to follow the political landscape of Uganda. As it is just across from Busia. We can wonder if he has turned a blind eye, and doesn’t care about the oppression there. Because that just happens to Ugandans and in his eyes, they are not his electorate. So why care?

You can wonder if DP Ruto wants the same militarism, the same junta government and the same lack of tolerance for other views. That is what is happening across the borders. Museveni is showing again and again, how he uses the Special Force Command or the Presidential Guards for a political bargain. Just like he did last year within Parliament. To get his will and his way, to become President and tyrant for life. That is the reality.

So it is weird, but also a worry, that DP Ruto praises this, because if William would get power in Kenya, would he use the same force and the same will to take control of Eldoret and Nairobi? As Museveni has done in Arua and Kampala?

I don’t know where he stands on all matter. But what I do know, is that DP Ruto is conning and will use any opportunity for a political gain. To say otherwise, is to be oblivious to his kind and character. The former walking pastor, the now hustler, will use all tricks in the books to gain advantage. I can wonder why he does this or if this for the long-con. Whatever it is, it is not the time or place to place his support for Museveni. He is showing his misuse of power and hurt towards his own citizens.

DP Ruto should know better, but maybe he has a dream of becoming a dictator and tyrant himself. Peace.

#WeKnowYourSalary: Its about revealing the misuse of their role as a Public Officials!

If you thought the revelations in Kenya on the Social Media was about showing the sky-rocketing pockets and the super-soaked wealth of the highest ranking officials in the Country. Your wrong, this isn’t to show how they went from being petty civil servants, preachers and whatnots a decade ago. No, this is to show how murky the grounds and how they have swindled the state. To become extravagant and wealthy.

This is how key public officials in both the counties, in the ministries and as parliamentarians are using their positions, their knowledge of trade and also creating tenders to secure wealth for themselves and their close-knit family. This is how someone working as procurement manager and also as MCA suddenly has a palace, dozens of cars and owning plenty of land. Just mere a year ago, he couldn’t even splash out on the pub on a round of beers. Now he can buy the bar and build a garage for his SUVs. That is what this is about.

Because this is about how the likes of Deputy President William Ruto can own a mansion complex, dozens of houses, a car-park, choppers and earning measly millions. This is about how the family of Kenyatta can own more and more businesses, while the state is lacking funds. This is how other Cabinet Secretaries goes from being poor to suddenly become billionaires. They are all suddenly well fortunate and able to build houses made of dreams. They can own cars that only are in magazines, they can own local hotels, farms, industry and even media if they have enough cash. This is people that is supposed to represent the people and serve them.

Not take from them and later charge them, not only take the taxes, but they are also eating of the profits in the private sectors. Nothing is holy. The Cabinet Secretaries, the President and DP knows this, the local government politicians knows this. The people deserve to know how the ones humble fellow human beings becomes richer than God. They become so wealthy, they can take the bank on a trip to Dubai and rent Lexus in Las Vegas. This being brothers who couldn’t even afford to share a chicken as students.

That is why this is important. To show the disgrace this officials are, how they are eating of the public and have no scrutiny. How they are emptying the state reserves and taking the public for granted. That is why they run for office. Not to represent anyone, but to pocket the taxpayers money, use the position in the state and also get corporate deals with the state. All of this to enrich themselves on the office, not to serve the community. That is just something they say to look good. But when the measures and the end of the day is shown, the bills and the tab will be on the state, while the public see very little, but the official will have the cake, the coffee and the bride. While the public will have the bread-crumbs. Peace.

Bitter-Sweet Sugar: Cartels total control and inaction of Jubilee – Contaminated imports for profits!

We can wonder and think, who in their right mind orders contaminated agricultural products, rebrand it and sell it on the open with a clear conscious. That is what should bugle us right now. That the Kenyan Authorities together with the Sugar Cartels are accepting this and profiting on it. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have ordered, imported and tried to sell it on the market to the consumers. That is what is up and happen as the minor stops of it. The people should be worried about the authorities and what they are exposed too on the daily basis. When they cannot even trust the white sugar they are consuming.

The Kenyan people should worry, that the illegal imports through Kismaayo of Somalia, the illegal cartels of Mombasa and other places are highly-connected has pocketed key figures of industry, ports and in the ministries. If it wasn’t so, they would have had more trouble with the law. They wouldn’t just take a load of contaminated sugar, they would have ceased more and banned this trade. However, the government are doing little except tough talk. Even Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i is supposed to die over this, but he will not stand-by his side-dish. So I doubt it.

It is like the Jubilee knows about the ill they are getting in, thinking of the profits and of the friendly owners of the millers. Without thinking about the citizens who possible consuming it and how it might hurt them. If it is contaminated, it might damage the body and even cause fatal ills for someone. Then someone dies over something as petty as illegal and deadly sugar. Has that even been considered? Wouldn’t that been an avoidable tragedy?

That the government, the agencies and the authorities in general haven’t delivered is obvious, while this is not only hurting the average citizen. Who could be worried about going to the market and supermarket to pick a kilo of sugar. But also the farmers who produce for the millers. They don’t know if the millers and the authorities is helping to sell second-level or third-level products from afar. While rebranding it with their labels, like the ones that comes from the local producers. Then the public will loose trust with the millers who makes this sugar.

This here is the proof of how not to run, how not to delegate and not to use the oversight role as government, as they are misusing power, being in bed with the cartels and not giving a fig about the population. Because if they know they are illegally importing through Mombasa and Kismaayo, the authorities should stop it and get rid of it. Not let it go, let it be rebranded and made ready for the market. Because then the suppliers, the supermarkets and the consumers all loose on it. Only the Sugar Cartels and the Importers earns on it.

They are spiking, they are playing and coming with a dangerous product that shouldn’t be consumed by people. It should be used for matters, if not just confiscated and destroyed at arrival. Than ask for reparation of damages and possible breaches of contract, as they we’re not given edible sugar. But dangerous ones, that shouldn’t be produced in the first place. Peace.

The simple reason for the rising prices of UNGA!

If you wonder why suddenly the prices are running high for the UNGA again in Kenya. That is because the state has added taxes, they are trying to collect more money again. This is happening because its months since the elections and the subsidized UNGA is history. Therefore, expect rising prices, the maize and milk cartels want their profits. If they happen to in the pocket of the government at the same time. Is just convenient, even some of the companies earning on the sky-rocketing prices is the President himself and his own companies. I am sure the DP also owns connected businesses that could eat of the this plate too. While the ordinary and poor population will struggle to have ends meet as the government are taxing them even more.

Added Taxes:

Poor households would be more exposed in the amendments with sweeping implications on many sectors, as the State seeks to raise Sh1.75 trillion in the next financial year. Most basic commodities are not taxed to cushion the poor, but the changes that will be proposed in the national budget will end that. “We are looking at exemptions on several products that are widely consumed, but not on VAT such as milk, sugar, maize flour, wheat flour…,” said Benson Korongo, a commissioner of Kenya Revenue Authority” (Michira, 2018).

Prediction of the reaction to the taxes:

Milk and cream, not concentrated nor containing added sugar or other sweetening matter” (…) “Suppliers of the affected supplies will not be able to claim any input tax incurred in making of such supplies. This cost will be borne by the final consumers. Reverting to exemption of these basic commodities a year later after they had been zero-rated will lead to an increase in their prices rendering them less affordable to the ordinary Citizens” (…) “The supply of maize (corn) flour, ordinary bread and cassava flour, wheat or meslin flour and maize flour containing cassava flour by more than 10% in weight” (…) “Reverting to exemption of these basic commodities a year later after they had been zero-rated will lead to an increase in their prices rendering them less affordable to ordinary Citizens” (Ey Global Tax Alert Library, 2018)

It is special when Ernest & Young (EY) whose is known for their advice for potential investors and people who plans for invest in a republic. They have usual advice, which shows the potential and the grips of reality. Their analysis from April are now coming in effect in the end of May, as the local papers like Standard write about it now. But they say it might happen in July.

The state has favorably subsidized it and also imported on its own, that might happen again. But the added tax will hit the public. Make the staple food more expensive, because of added taxes. The shops, the importers, the distribution companies will not take the hit. The hit is always ending up at the consumer, the buyer and not the ones who produce, distribute and sells. That is known and the way we play. Seriously, when the state plans with these taxes to earn over a trillion shillings, nearly two, means they are anticipating selling enough of the needed goods and services connected with the new taxes to actually be sold.

So the prices on the staple is rising, because the Jubilee Government, the President and his party is doing it. This is their orders and their will, it is not the international market or a drought, it is initial planning and what the state does to get more revenue.

Jubilee whose are eating all of the state, needs more revenue to make another NYS Scandal, take more funds from the likes of NHIF and inappropriately use unaccounted funds in the various government bodies. Peace.


EY Global Tax Alert Library – ‘Kenya issues Tax Amendment Bill, 2018’ (April 2018)

Michira, Moses – ‘Red alert: Why the cost of food will go up in july’ (16.05.2018)

Link: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2001280557/why-unga-prices-are-about-to-go-up

Trump’s Trade-War is now hitting East Africa: Because of possible lost trade with Second-Hand Clothes!

Museveni buying shoes in Wandegeya, 02.06.2017.

United States of America is really just cherry-picking the world right now, they are evolving into a beast and not an Uncle Sam. President Donald J. Trump don’t like to have friends, unless they are related or Roger Stone. That is now seen with his recent activity, not that he knows of these countries or these market. That I say, because he has no hotel or haven’t laundered money from there. The countries being hurt by his new policies are Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Places he would never travel to or have consideration about. That is because in his mind, they are shitholes, but as long as they serve as vassal states for the United States. Everything is fine and dandy.

What we are talking about is this:


(1) (A country that) has established, or is making continual progress toward establishing–

(A) a market-based economy that protects private property rights, incorporates an open rules-based trading system, and minimises government interference in the economy through measures such as price controls, subsidies, and government ownership of economic assets” (AGOA – ‘AGOA Country Eligibility’).

It is special that the US President is using this against these three states on the imports of used-clothes and shoes. That these three republics trying to develop their own textile and clothes industry, to create work and also revamp the economies. That would mean, that people would also earn more money and spend more money. In the end buying foreign produced clothes on the fashion-lines, that usually are branding American and European brands. Therefore, I don’t understand why Trump suddenly acts like this, when Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania wants to secure their industries.

Because, it is not many days ago, since the President himself used rules and provisions to secure the Steel and Aluminum industry on his own soil. So, that the giant United States can control it, but their trading with other can be spoiled, because it doesn’t favor the President. Seems like double-standard to be. It is easy to muffle the poor and the ones with lack budgets, that are in need of donors. They need to stifle the demands of the powerful, but the ones with power can just use the same means themselves. Still, that doesn’t make it right.

That the United States are trying to force their used-clothes on Rwanda. Like they don’t deserve their own clothes industry and to secure better products, local designs and local textiles is insane. Why shouldn’t they strive for that? Why shouldn’t Uganda strive for their own Bata’s? What is wrong with Tanzanian made shoes? Nothing really, that should be supported, especially if the United States wants to think long-term and create better exports. They would earn even more on ordinary trade of clothes, not second-hand that sold bulk and through other channels. But I am sure that Trump has no knowledge of this or even could imagine it.

This is clearly a step of imperialism from United States, since they cannot stomach, that the partners and the ones getting donations through USAID. Isn’t accepting to be a bazaar for their used stuff. The products that is B-Level and already had their day in the sunshine.

Knowingly, how he is America First, the man himself should understand how others wants to build to their own industries, but thinking Trump has that capacity of thinking is overstepping and thinking that he could actually calculate, that others are sovereign too and not only his state. The East African Republic’s shouldn’t be punished for acting in their own interests over second-hand clothes. Neither second hand shoes. That is insulting and infuriating. If it was just charity and done out direct needs. It would make sense, but if your forcing bad products, because of own will for quick-profits and at the same time destroying local industries. I understand why Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda is trying to ban it and stop it. I respect that and stand behind it. Who wants a old T-Shirt, when you can buy a local-made?

If you buy a local-made, it would create a job for the one making it, the one designing it and the one selling, plus the distribution within the state. That is good business and create lots of job. These jobs create other jobs and funnel money in the system. So some of them will buy foreign design and clothes, that might even be American. That is how the United States should think, if they cared about a free-market narrative, but they are now planning to punish Rwanda and others, because they want to build-up own industry.

Trump is creating a trade-war over Second Hand Clothes.

Second Hand Clothes to East Africa!

Washington, DC – The President determined today the eligibility of Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda for trade preference benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). In response to a petition filed by the U.S. used clothing industry in March 2017, the Administration initiated an out-of-cycle review of Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda’s AGOA eligibility regarding their decisions to phase in a ban on imports of used clothing and footwear. The review found that this import ban harms the U.S. used clothing industry and is inconsistent with AGOA beneficiary criteria for countries to eliminate barriers to U.S. trade and investment. Based on the results of the review, the President determined that Rwanda is not making sufficient progress toward the elimination of barriers to U.S. trade and investment, and therefore is out of compliance with eligibility requirements of AGOA. Consequently, the President notified Congress and the Government of Rwanda of his intent to suspend duty-free treatment for all AGOA-eligible apparel products from Rwanda in 60 days” (AGOA – ‘ President Trump Determines Trade Preference Program Eligibility For Rwanda, Tanzania, And Uganda’ 30.03.2018).

This is infuriating and not cool. AGOA should be used as a method to not destroy industry in the developing countries, but add revenue both ways. Now the United States is just using imperialism. Trade-War with East African Countries.

Trump is foolish and also, this is not gaining sympathy and the reasons for this. This isn’t adding and just show how belittling and narrow-minded he is. But that we knew, we just have to see who spanks him. Peace.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Jon Snow letter to Mark Zuckerberg (22.03.2018)

Kenya: Journalists for Justice – “Lies, confusion and psychological warfare are Cambridge Analytica’s tools of trade” (21.03.2018)

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