Sudan: Port Sudan Resistance Committees – The Thirtieth of June March (28.06.2022)

The great sacrifices made by our people since the thirtieth of June 1989 in order to overthrow the dictatorship of the Islamic Front regime cost us hundreds of thousands of martyrs, and the march of our people in the glorious December revolution was nothing but a victory for the will of the Sudanese of all their affiliations, ethnicities and beliefs in order to overthrow the bloody tyrannical regime, restore the hijacked state, reinforce the ideals of the revolution and form a national project that establishes a different reality.

The upcoming Thursday marks the anniversary of the thirtieth of June, which is a significant memory on par with the 19th of December, the 6th, and the 11th of April. It defined the shape of the future governance that the power is in the hands of the people and on this day, the people changed the course of their revolution after opportunists sought to undermine it. Here you are again expressing your demands in clear handwriting on the face of sky since the morning of the coup, and your processions throughout the seven months confirm that the spirit of revolution in you is alive and remaining and that history must be written as you dictate. Your convoys therefore reinforced the lesson that this people will not accept or be silenced by oppression, and that, having realized its ability and proven its strength as a genie freed from its bottle, with its head high and its feet firmly on the ground, will not rest until Al-Bashir’s security committee regime is overthrown completely and assume power immediately without restrictions or conditions.

We further assure you that the moves orchestrated by former regime affiliates to attack the processions are monitored, and they undoubtedly do not frighten the revolutionaries, nor cause us to retreat to escape from what they set out to achieve. And that their efforts to stop the revolutionary tide with the same tried-and-failed methods by severing the means of communication between the revolutionaries will fail, as they’re forgetting the brilliance of our people that accomplished the thirtieth of June 2019march despite the internet shutdown, and our people today will not run out of ways to communicate and coordinate.

The patient, steadfast, and inevitably victorious people of the Red Sea. The resistance committees of Port Sudan invite you to come out and participate in the June 30 march for the sake of Sudan’s freedom, peace and justice, for the fall of the putschists and their supporters… No negotiation, no partnership with and no legitimacy for whom the will of the masses placed in the dustbin of history.

Media Office

June 28, 2022

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Waqf Day Messages (29.06.2022)

Our departure in the millions is the guarantee for a qualitative adjustment of the balance of power and the defeat of the coup

Today and our country is looking forward to a proud day that will constitute a mole on the path of its glorious revolution that does not know submissiveness or defeat.. We advance in the forces of freedom and change with short and specific messages that we put in the June 30 march..

On the day the people’s strength, unity and determination to defeat the coup and make it the last coup, we will bid farewell to tyranny once and for all.

The first message: To the forces of the revolution in the cities and countryside of Sudan:

1- Let us make June 30 ascending to a new threshold in the glorious December revolution scale, to defeat everyone who stands in its way through the widest mass upheaval that shakes the earth and shows the unity of our people and their adherence to completing the path of their revolution without retreat.

2- On June 30, we must all remember the necessity of completing the decisive duty to defeat the coup, which is to build a united civil front for the revolutionary forces ..Let us all hurry to achieve this condition, without which the goals of our people will not be achieved.

3- Close field coordination and raising the slogans that unite our path towards the dawn of salvation and the overthrow of the coup.

4- Barricades, the eyes of the honorable.. Tetris in streets, neighborhoods, and roads is a proven weapon against the security services, processions, sit-ins, and civil disobedience are operations that we will engage in unitedly to escalate peaceful mass action, to defeat the coup and establish full democratic civil authority.

5- June 30 is a day for the unity of the masses in the countryside and cities .. Neither geography nor ethnicities separate us rather, the revolution brings us together towards equal citizenship, freedom, peace and justice.

6- True peace and the protection of civilians lie in defeating the coup. As a result of the coup, the crime rate increased in Darfur and South Kordofan and put the country on the brink of famine ..Victory for the displaced, refugees, the marginalized and the victims will only be achieved by the funeral of the tyrannical coup authority.

7- June 30 is not a discontinuous event, but rather it is part of a process that will continue in the following days, leading to the defeat of the coup and the achievement of the goals of the revolution in full. The action of the revolution will not stop here, but the station of the thirtieth of June will give him fuel to take the journey to victory, and we call on all imams in the country’s mosques to dedicate the Friday sermons that follow the thirtieth of June to support the people and express their just cause.

8- We must persevere in it and confront their brutality with it, for peace is the cave of our revolution and our true strength. Peaceful, peaceful, then peaceful.. and the people of Sudan know better about its paths.

9- There is no truth to all the messages that are being circulated that seek to confuse the unity of the forces of the revolution..

The Forces of Freedom and Change are fully involved in the battle of the thirtieth of June, and we have not and will not hide anything from our people.

The second message: To the Sudanese men and women in the diaspora:

1- Make your voice heard to the outside world by marching and writing letters and memoranda to parliaments, legislative centers and governments everywhere you are, it enhances the ability of our people to move forward on the path of achieving their imminent victory.

2- Regional and international solidarity is a complementary pillar of the victory of the revolution and the defeat of the coup. You played remarkable roles in all stages of resistance to tyranny, and your efforts support the revolutionaries inside in the battles of redemption for the homeland and loyalty to the blood of the martyrs.

The third message: the armed forces and the regular forces:

1- You are from the people and to him you will return, how much you stood by him at crucial turning points in his history before. This noble people sacrificed for lofty ends should not direct weapons at them, your forces have no interest in fighting a battle against its own people, but rather in protecting them from aggression.

2- We have to build a new future for our country based on democratic civilian rule and a single professional and national army that reflects Sudanese diversity and brings our country out of its long-term abyss.

Fourth message: To the regional and international community:

1- The coup forces have used all their stock of violence in firing live bullets, killing, torture, rape and arrests.. Our people are waiting for strong positions from regional and international actors on their side, and push the coup authority to respect the right of our people to demonstrate peacefully and to overthrow the coup.

2- Some people may witness experiences in the neighborhood that they think have resulted in the importance of stability overriding freedom and democracy, but we emphasize that the only entrance to stability in Sudan is democratic civil rule. It is the coups that provoke unrest and open the box of miracles of violence, terrorism, forced displacement, civil wars, and the export of violence and conflict in the region and the world.

3- The Sudan of the coup is inevitably a failure, troubled, and unable to meet the needs of its people, who only provide them with bullets and want. It will affect the security and stability of the region and the world. Our defeat of the coup is the only door for Sudan to integrate and constructively cooperate with the international community.

Finally: Tomorrow is the people’s day, and no voice is louder than the voice of its free will.

Glory to Sudan and its martyrs, and victory to its proud people, who will hear their voice on the horizons and recover their complete and undiminished freedom.

Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change

June 29, 2022

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the 30th of June, 2022 AD (28.06.2022)

Our victorious people;

The land of #السودان free will bring out the weight of its peaceful revolutionary anger in the face of the brutal coup authority on the thirtieth of June 2022 AD, when the streets in the cities, the halal and the Furqan are crowded with human chains on the run, the chant of millions of free throats of the Kandaka revolutionaries and the valiant revolutionaries will shake it, so that the banners of freedom, peace and justice will be covered in the sky of the vast homeland and fluttered with great vigor that blows the clouds of tyranny and totalitarianism inevitably.

The sky of Sudan must be cleared so that the rays of the desired civil and democratic state flood it, bearing the hopes and longings of all free people in a homeland that accommodates all its righteous daughters and sons without discrimination.

Our people are commanding;

We in the Sudanese Congress Party call on all segments of our people and their revolutionary forces, including political parties, professional and labor bodies, and civil society organizations, and every free man seeks his inherent right to a decent life under a civil, democratic state with rational, executive and legislative institutions it seeks to serve him and preserve his life and dignity professionally and impartially. We invite them to go out and actively participate in the marches of the 30th millionth of June 2022 AD according to the directives of the field work committees in the capital and the regions, in connection with the escalating peaceful mass movement seeking to defeat the putschists, opportunists and remnants of the former regime, and the formation of a single professional army that refrains from engaging in politics and government, and to reject violence against defenseless civilians in Darfur and all over Sudan, and to implement the goals of the glorious December revolution of freedom, peace and justice under the leadership of a purely civilian authority, in the largest united popular resistance front, with our full certainty that the hordes of honorable revolutionaries and revolutionaries are ready to continue the peaceful struggle with the same determination and determination until the completion of the connection, and if necessary to continue the march until after the thirtieth of June, our people have become accustomed to fighting the totalitarian regimes tirelessly in remarkable peaceful revolutionary rounds, and he was awarded the Medal of Excellence for bringing it down, and we warn the coup authority against engaging in more violence, crimes against the resistance and noble resistance fighters, and we hold it fully responsible in case it slips into the abyss of that.

There is no way to salvation except by handing over the reins of affairs in the country to a purely civilian transitional authority according to the will of our capable people.

Long live our people free and victorious

Information Secretariat

June 28, 2022 AD

Sudan: Economic Alliance for December Glorious Revolution – No negotiation, no partnership, no bargaining and no legitimacy (27.06.2022)

To the supporters of the Sudanese people

The Economic Alliance for the glorious December Revolution stands in the front rows with the people’s groups with its various revolutionary components, their popular and popular organizations that are steadily stepping towards the horizons of achieving the revolution’s slogans and aims, in order to establish the rules of sustainable democracy, and the pillars of life Pure civility focused on the principles of revolution, freedom, peace and justice, and for the sake of building a national economy Strong and independent, based on the mobilization of self-resources, depleting the energies and human resources that the homeland is abundant, in order to improve the living standards of the people and raise it to the level of international humanitarian and economic standards, and to achieve balanced construction and development, and to promote the national economy for the disadvantage of developed countries

The Economic Alliance for the Glorious December Revolution stands today in the foreground of the strong revolution, holding on to the principles and slogans of peaceful civil resistance that shake the pillars of the treacherous coup and its defeat and all the powers that support it and make way for the progress of the people, demanding retribution for the martyrs and martyrs of the nation. All those who have committed crimes against the Sudanese people and their dignity and looting their resources His goodness and restoration is complete and unadulterated to the people’s treasury and to promote the lives of the people and to build the country.

The coup doubled the suffering of the people and made it impossible to gain the reasons of life and a decent living in a rich country with its benefits, resources and human energy, and the coup d’état became acting in the resources of the country, the treasury of the people and its resources as if it were their own, and the allocations and privileges of the revolutionists and allies They and their followers and their supporters form an unbearable burden on the people through Soaring taxes, unrelenting fees and charges, through an unprecedented rise in inflation and record consumer prices. Access to daily basic commodities is becoming beyond the citizens’ capacity and capacity, and basic services such as health, education, environmental health and public transport are almost impossible. At the level of the total economy, the production sectors have collapsed, the deficit in the balance of payments especially the trade and service balance has increased, the value of the national currency has deteriorated and its purchasing power has become declining day by day as inflation increases, the decline of the production and lung service sectors Sia, all foreign trade indicators decline, the general budget deficit is increasing, and the failure of financial policy in general, and a decline FINANCIAL AND BANKING SECTOR, MONETARY POLICY FAILURE AND DOWNLOADED AT ALL LEVELS TO THE POINT THAT CENTRAL BANK HAS BECOME UNCONTROLABLE.

On the contrary, the coup d’état do not focus on the concerns of the citizen, the economic problems of the country, the issues of development and economic reform, but all of them focus on the continuation of the parasitic dominance of the existing regime, the military and security apparatus of them over 82% of the economic resources of the country D, and continue to control all joints of the economy to benefit the deep state and their allies from Leaders of the armed movements, their followers and supporters, who signed the Juba Agreement, harnessing all security and repressive apparatuses to protect their stay in power and protect their narrow economic interests.

Therefore, the economic alliance for the glorious December revolution raises the flag of radical change and calls on all the brave people to go out in the earthquake of the gathering witnessed and the promised date of June 30, 2022 AD to overthrow the coup and throw it in the garbage of history, united lined up as leaded buildings, and all throats are turning The corners of the earth are shaken and the heights of the heavens are high. The meshim stood up, the bass became red, enough was raged, and the flood reached, and the bracket of patience remained unbroken. There is no way for progress and to build a homeland of freedom, democracy, pure civil rule, sustainable true peace, and complete independent justice not incomplete just as chanted by the masses of the revolutionary people, and an independent national economy based on the mobilization and mobilization of economic and natural resources. Self explosion of human powers in the countryside, cities and all the beats of the country except by overthrowing the nightmare of this coup The dead cheater is on the chest of the people and the homeland, and writing its deserved end, and opening the doors of progress, advancement and upliftment of the homeland and the people to the level of developed countries and peoples.

Glory to the revolutionaries and glory to Sudan

Economic alliance for December glorious revolution

27 June 2022

Sudan: Mayerno Resistance Committees – The Revolutionary Charter for The Establishment of People’s Power (27.06.2022)

We participate and follow with interest the great steps made by the Unified Charter Committee of the Resistance Committees that signed the Revolutionary Charter for People’s Power and the Resistance Committees that signed the Charter for the Establishment of People’s Power.

We view these steps and their outcomes as necessary responsibilities for establishing the political and programmatic unity that will allow us to build the country of our dreams.

Therefore, we affirm our approval of the integration steps and what we have achieved so far.

We are also closely following all attempts by the settlement forces from the military and the parties to stop this radical unity on the basis of false justifications, claiming its elitism, despite the clear press statement that this process aims to find common ground between the two charters and address the differences in order to reach a single proposed version that enables the Sudanese people to discuss and approve it. The principles of the great December revolution and these principles are considered the criterion for accepting or rejecting the charter.

We appeal to all the resistance committees in Sudan to express their opinion on the provisions of the charter and discuss it in every neighborhood, group, village and city, and publish their comments under the below hashtag.

We whisper in the ears of our comrades in the Khartoum Resistance Committees who have reservations that we are equal in rights, duties and sacrifices, and our dream is one, as is our blood. Let us unite.

And we say in a clear voice to all the revolutionaries within the Sudanese parties and institutions that this country is for all of us, and that the elites’ interests do not distract us from defending our own.


Mayerno Resistance Committees

June 27, 2022

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the processions of the 30th of June (26.06.2022)

The revolution has begun…

Slogans echoed by hearts.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution through its successive waves in the course of history and speedy recovery and recovery for the injured and the noble promise of the missing and forcibly disappeared from our heroes revolutionaries.

The masses of our proud people in the locality of Khartoum, the forces of tyranny have been waiting for opportunities, weaving tricks and conspiracies against the resilient will of our people towards Sudan of freedom, peace and justice, the peak of its widespread evil was the October 25 coup, which re-energized the Sudanese men and women to reach the Sudan of the dream.

The vanguards of the Sudanese people are still wrestling and wrestling with the will of tyranny that the coup plotters have possessed since the first moments of the crime of the coup. During the eight months, which made a victorious path of resisting the coup under the slogan of the return of the military to the barracks, the establishment of a complete civil state, and the initiation of the realization of a single professional national army.

The thirtieth of June comes and the will of our people is stronger and our determination has gone ahead and our will is more solid in achieving the goals of the revolution on the outskirts of this great day, we call for the widest mass revival to end the coup and restore the path leading to civil and democratic transformation, realizing the will of the people, and establishing a state of freedom, peace and justice that embraces all.

The masses of our proud people in the locality of Khartoum we invite you, we in the Sudanese Congress Party, in the locality of Khartoum, and we call on all the forces of the revolution to unite and pay attention to the main battle with the forces of darkness and tyranny. A complete popular revival on the thirtieth of June will shake the forces of apostasy and deter the dreams of tyrants.

Sudanese Congress Party

Khartoum locality.

media secretariat

June 26, 2022

Sudan: Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination – Preparation for June 30 (25.06.2022)

The dream is not a solid block, but rather a stairway that is climbed with perseverance and steps, and the journey itself is just as beautiful as reaching the destination.

The 30th of June is approaching, and preparations are in full swing, with arrangements from all committees and coordinations continuing unabated.

Preparation for June 30 entails transforming all aspects of everyday life into invitations for this great day. The individual is a system that may function from waking up to falling asleep to call for the auspicious June 30, in the workplace.. transportation.. social gatherings.. cultural.. sports.. and social media groups. They are all places in which we may work together without becoming weary or bored. As for the field side, the committees’ kennel is filled with arrows and surprises that excite the revolutionaries and frighten the putschists.

Our message to everyone:

1. To the revolutionaries: Let us make the call to go out on the thirtieth of June a daily act in all aspects of life, and to renounce small differences, for the goal is greater, and the trust is the souls of martyrs; we may walk in different paths, but we certainly have one destination and one goal.

2. To the revolutionaries abroad: You have been and are still providing financial, moral and media support, so your role is no less than that of the revolutionaries at home, so make the 30th of June a day to remember for all at your places, and show the world that Sudanese are one body and one soul.

3. To those who are neutral: Know that this is a moral battle, and that in a moral situation there is no place for neutrality, and that the present deterioration, despite its severity, is not the end but the beginning; then you will recognize your wrongdoing and feel guilt and shame.

4. To the security services: Know that throughout history, no tyrant has prevailed over his people, and that regardless of how long the tyranny and the mobilization of the oppressor’s military machine, his destiny is the dustbin of history, and the former government is a close example. Keep in mind that the tyrant is the first to sacrifice his soldiers and blame them for his crimes, as evidenced by Al-Burhan’s recent remarks, and the killers of martyrs now standing before the courts as even greater evidence, so be on the side of your people and family.

5. To the putschists: victory is undoubtedly coming. The coups era in Sudan is over and forever, and nothing will save you from the raging waves of the revolution. Therefore, submit unconditionally and cease engaging in further filth and illegal activity.

The thirtieth of June is not the end of the waves of the revolution, but it is a tsunami that shatters the fortresses of the coup and makes it naked in front of the waves to come. Victory is coming, guarded by the hopes of the people and the souls of the martyrs.

Field Office

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

June 25, 2022

Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees

El Haji Yousif Resistance Committees Association

Sharg Al Nil Coordination

Sudan: Revolutionary Charter for People’s Power – Joint Committee for Public Service Dismissals “Civil Service, Police and Armed Forces” – Joint press statement (23.06.2022)

Mercy, forgiveness and eternity for the martyrs.

To the masses of the Sudanese people:

After reading and deliberating the Revolutionary Pact for People’s Power, issued by the representative resistance committees the states of Sudan, within the joint committee of those dismissed from the public service, represented in their tripartite committee (civil service, police and armed forces), with complete conviction that everything stated in it was consistent with the principles of the glorious December revolution and with the aspirations of our people who always desire freedom and dignity.

Those who were dismissed for the public interest and arbitrarily are the first victims of the rescue and bore the heaviest burden in resisting it and digging the paths of struggle in the homeland and preserving their positions, despite displacement, chases, arrests, ghost houses, killings and what they did not do for three decades. They are the fathers and grandfathers of thousands of revolutionary youth who perfumed the streets with their pure blood carried all their heritage and raised it to great heights.

It was upon him that a joint meeting was held between the Committee of the Revolutionary Pact for the Power of the People and the Joint Committee of the Dismissed, and it was necessary for us together to issue our position and announce it to history and to affirm our alignment with the concerns of our people and their inherent right to freedom, peace, justice and democratic civil rule at this critical juncture in the history of our homeland and our people.

Our support for the People’s Power Revolutionary Charter comes because of its scientific diagnosis and objective treatments of the historical Sudanese crisis, and the emergence of a new era in which the people of Sudan participate in determining the fate of their homeland. And also from blind trust in the resistance committees, our youth, and our people, and their miraculous role and sacrifices that stop death and bullets in their honor.

We declare our signature on the revolutionary pact for the authority of the people and encourage and contribute to every sincere effort to unify pacts, coordinate joint field work and reach a unified pact that represents the political thought of the revolution achieves the aspirations of our people.

We are determined to move forward in our struggle with all the forces of the real revolution on the ground to extract our full rights in a free and healthy homeland with a civil government under a civilian authority without partnership, and for the army to return to its well-known duties and to disband and demobilize the militias and complete integrating them according to the law, and for the police to return to their duties from a long-standing exile, and to work according to the development that has organized the world around us, and to abide by all international human rights covenants, and to return to the public service with its integrity and impartiality And her professionalism is all under the umbrella of the Three No’s, which has become a chant on all lips (No Negotiations, No Illegal Parternship).

June 23, 2022 AD

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement (22.06.2022)

The past days witnessed a feverish movement from international and regional parties represented in America and Saudi Arabia, and the tripartite mechanism to find solutions for change that guarantees the protection of its interests in Sudan and the region.

And they chose to sit at the negotiating table with the military and bypass the street that rejects direct and indirect negotiations, which the forces of the living revolution, including resistance committees and political and professional forces, expressed with clear messages of regional and international calls.

The partners of the Security Committee continued to walk the path of betrayal and willful disregard for the goals of the revolution and its clear demands, a path they walked before while accepting blood partnership with the military, on the day they closed their eyes and deafened their ears so that they would not see or hear the voice of the rebellious street that they replaced with claims to achieve the slogans of the revolution, except the awareness of the advanced street was not fooled by their open and supportive tricks to stop the revolution at the settlement station with the military, just as attempts to circumvent the direct negotiation that took place under the names of unofficial meetings did not pass by it, and it is an expression of a transcendent view that sees the revolution only as a stage that must end with the end of their vision, which they handed over to the security committee at the home of the Saudi ambassador.

And the settlement experience did not teach them that the street’s insistence on dropping the blood partnership means the impossibility of deceiving it again, even if they emptied everything in their dictionary of names, for the revolutionaries chose their path they walk in it with valor and daring that astonished the world with a clear goal expressed in the charters that were born from the womb of the forces of the living revolution.

June 22, 2022 AD

Sudan: Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination – Preparation for the June 30 Epic (21.06.2022)

The masses of the people of Sudan

May God’s mercy and forgiveness be upon the martyrs of the homeland, speedy recovery for the injured, the safe and sooner return of the missing and those whose fate is unknown

Freedom for us and for all detainees incarcerated unfairly and unjustly behind the cells, and shame, and disgrace for all murderers and the putschists.

We address you today as the days are moving fast towards an epic battle in the course of this revolution, the battle of the people of Sudan against the ruling military junta. On the thirtieth of June, a memory that moves our hearts, emotions and minds to that day when the people of Sudan discovered the greatness of their power in the march of millions in various cities and villages of Sudan, and here we are today facing the challenge of summoning that force in order to knockout to the faltering authority. We are committed to its complete overthrow and rejecting any settlement with it, so that all those who want to enter into a partnership with the putschists know that they will fall with them to the dustbin of history.

We call on all revolutionaries, resistance committees, unions, and political organizations that believe in change to engage in the mobilization for this great battle by conducting processions, vigils, public addresses, and the distribution of paper clips, so that we, like an army of ants, all move and work nonstop from the moment until the morning of the decisive day, for our victory on this day depends on what we will accomplish, the revolution is work, commitment and dedication.

We, in the Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination, announce a media campaign for the June 30 march, which begins with the unification of social media profile display images into one image, alongside the hashtag #June30March.

We urge all revolutionaries to respond and help in the announcement of the millions-march so that the whips of our usual peacefulness inflame the backs of tyrants and turn their fragile authority’s dreams of survival into a never-ending nightmare until its complete overthrow and the establishment of a full civil authority that carries the torch of the process of civil democratic transformation and the state of freedom, peace, and justice.

Victory for the people of Sudan

And the gallows for the killers

Media Office

June 21, 2022

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